Friday, February 9, 2007

Daily Update

It was a cold dark night. Two and a half hours after sunset. Partially cloudy skys, with a humidity level of around 62%, visibility just over 3 miles. I had just gotten off work. Another busy day in the office of a designer. I was on my way to the Brentwood country club. It was a Thursday evening, and I was on my way to go running. I had planned out this run a little more than I had others. Preparing differently that I had in the past, I felt like a champion. I got there, I stretched, I started. Off to a good start, I noticed someone running not to far in front of me. Now, I hate following people, and people following me, so I decided to be the cool-guy, and sprint right by them, showing off my athletic prowess. I was like a baby tiger. It took about two and a half minutes, but I finally over took the girl(I just passed her, I didn't jump her or anything). I was like the great predator on the massive Serengeti plane. I then felt that I was in charge of the track. She wasn't to far behind, but I was in the lead. the whole time I was thinking how much better I was doing than last time. although the first wall hit me pretty hard, about 1 minute into the run. But I had a target, so I didn't pay any attention to any tiredness. It lasted about nine minutes. Apparently the she-devil-tigress was jealous of my leading capabilities. as soon as I turned the corner onto South Burlingame Av. She accelerated around the corner and took the lead. Not wanting to make a fool of myself, and realizing my own tiredness, I just kept the same pace. Oh ya, did I mention that this was an up hill battle? well, it was. And this he-devil kicked my ass. I realized how tired I was at that point, and even considered walking for a stretch. The only reason I didn't was cause I was very pressed for time, and had to be back to my place at 7:50. It was painful, but I completed the corse. She must have really taken off, in a fit of anger, or she ended early; like getting in a car and driving to the finish line, making me still
the better athleate. :) I didn't see her the rest of the trek. It was indeed odd going from preditor to prey, then back to just running for dignity. So I was like the Zebra who didn't think there was any danger, so I just galloped along not expecting the lioness to jump from the bushes behind me and attack like that! My oh my the lessons we learn.

My only excuse for that performance is cause I decided to give myself a quick warm up session of working out; you know, the usual: push ups, sit ups, and dumbbell curls. I typically do that only on Mon, and Wednesdays, but I was feeling lucky. I compared my efforts to real life. I mean when are you actually going to have to run great distances. For fun?! ya right. The metaphor for this act was if I had just gotten in a fight (workout on arms, stomach, etc) and then having to run for my life, (either from a pursuer, or the cops.) maybe next time I'll re-inact the metaphor of me having to chase someone down THEN fight them. And the time after that will be me hiding where no one can find me(bed).

I'm listening to Chris Isaak right now.

After our Ward's late night temple trip Jeff and I drove thru the Jack n the box Drive thru. I'm not sure why he thought it would be a quick trip. They have NEVER been fast at that place. So he literally starts freaking out 3 min into the wait, and starts wanting to yell at someone. (Don't they know who he is?!) Then when at the window he tried speaking real loud so they might hear, so I had to turn up the Def Lepard Album that was in my car. So my music annoyed him enough to temporarally forget about his stomach. You know how some girls say guys think with their 'other' heads? well Jeffery ,I believe, thinks with his stomach first and foremost.

Their apartment just bought a fridge from a smoker. Of all the free/cheap fridges they've turned down they choose this stinky one. I can't wait to make fun of them some more about it.

I have some sort of meeting on Saturday morning at 8 freaking AM. I feel bad missing another one, but come on! 8 am isn't natural. There wasn't ever meant to be an 8 am! The clocks should go from 1am to 9am at least.

In video game land, I met the Gray Fox. He's the leader of the Thieves Guild. He likes me, cause I'm the best at what I do, in everything. His identity is shrouded in secret. I think I will soon kill him, just to make the game interesting.

I hope to start my painting for Jeremy.

Also on my way to running Kami called again. I was expecting her to desperatly need help agian, but luckily no. Apparently I still have her only spare car key, which may have been forgotten weeks ago. oops.

Hopefully this weekend is exciting.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Daily Update

Plenty of revisions at work. Richard kept me busy at work. Not so high stress, but it needed to be as accurate as possible. I was calculating square footage for a building bordering Beverly Hills. I needed to be accurate because they will be raising the rent for all the medical offices there according to what I come up with. Oh Boy.

I had a breakfast burrito for lunch. It was good. :)

Last night I didn't do that much. In my video game, I have successfully joined what they call the 'thieves guild' and the 'dark brotherhood'. That means that last night, for the thieves guild, I had to sneak into the imperial offices of the guards steal a letter of recommendation for the Chief captain of the Anvil Guard, make a forgery, and then plant the recommendation in the office of the Countess of Anvil. It was hard work. Tonight I will act on behalf of the 'dark brotherhood'
and assassinate the leaders of two different clans and plant evidence that the other group did it. it should be exciting.

I had Captain Crunch for dinner. It was deliscious.

I later went over to Kristen's n' Sara's to watch Beauty and the Geek, and then, my favorite, American Idol. The Beauties weren't wearing that much (Waa-waa-wee-wow! [said like Borat]) and the Idols weren't that good. Which was awesome! Simon was ultra funny. They did a special on all the road travels, where they show the best of the worst, the best of the stalkers and freaks, and the best of the super fans. it was great. I don't know if I will set out to watch next week, cause from here on out it will only be the good auditions. OK, seriously I probably will, but I have high expectations from Simon.

I had a dream last night where I was in a foreign country and my translator wouldn't cooperate, and then all of a sudden I was trying to take his backpack so I could get away from the terrorists. it was weird.

Sirius satellite radio is starting a Frank Sinatra channel.

I'm still waiting for my 'Best of Queen' Album to come in the mail.

I'm thinking ahead to tonight's run around the track, I'm going to try something
different and not fill myself full of carbonated soda. I had only recently started
back on the sauce, and this last time I felt a noticeable difference. I think that's
what brought me down to the Zebra level. And If i continue down that treacherous
road, I might even see myself as the Wildebeest and then if I make it that far, I
can only then foresee the larger game, on the menu. simply horrible.

I'm listening to the News on the radio right now. They are making fun of the
murderous Ted Kennedy drowning his late girlfriend/wife.

USC just had a wonderful recruiting start for next years football players.

Anna Nicole Smith just died.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Daily Update

after work I went to Diddy Reese. those cookies are going to kill me, in a good

I went running. I was like an African Zebra. no more Gazelle. oh man. As I
started on the cooler south side of the golf corse there was quite a bit of fog. at
least I hoped it was fog and not pesticide. The fog at one time was breezing over
the hedge like the destroying angel in The 10 Commandments. And in other spots it
reminded me of the fog in 'The Crawling Eye'. Both of which made me a little
nervous. My legs were soar. Kind of like shin splints. I did notice myself better
at the even pace; faster on the incline, and slower on the declines. A little more
even all together. I noticed the gardeners off in the back 40 smoking 'grass'.

I invited Renee to come with. She penciled me in for running in two weeks. (I
wonder if its like the time she penciled me in for football games?)

The fog was setting in all over the place. As me jeff and evan were headed to Panda
Express it was everywhere. Orange Chicken please. Mmmmmm

Then I hung out at 1609 Veteran. It was boring cause they were watching sports or

I left there early to go downtown to deposit my paycheck. I got home early, but to
bed late.

and my boss was keeping me busy at work.

Becca got her mission call. to New York, Spanish speaking. She threatened to
eventually talk about me with Joe in front of my face, but I assured her that they
wouldn't be able to speak the same Spanish.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Daily Update

Hello Team. I'd just like to point out that because I forgot to yesterday, I need
to mention that the subliminal title of yesterday's ,and even today's update, is
"What I Don't Know" that was determined in the late night conversation with Sister
Labor a few days ago.

Yesterday at work I went with my boss to measure a building. It was interesting. We
measured the layout of a firtilization clinic. As in 'in-vitro'. the secretary had
some weird phonecalls. There are lots of weird medical offices in that building.
The people we're working with at the building had just chosen a stone to clad their
building, OH Boy. One boss said 'Hmmm thats a bit dark', and the other one said,
'It looks like Puke in a rainstorm! Gag!' It was a green/yellow grainte with a
strong linear pattern. Turned vertically the pattern looked like the bark of an old
pine tree, just with Dark greens and yellow tones, peppered with a touch of crimson
red. Because the building is in Beverly Hills, our only chance to save it is if the
city says no to the color. This visit was the reason it was a late day yesterday.

I think My life is getting more boring. Or maybe i'm just depressed, or maybe I
didn't get to eat the breakfast of champions, consisting of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
After work, I went and bought a bunch of movies at Best Buy. They were all 4.99. I
scored big time. (1)

I went to FHE too. All guys and two girls at the beginning. by 8 there were a few
more, but my oh my how the odds have changed. months ago it was just the opposite.
Hilary taught the Cha-Cha. I sat that one out. My feet wern't ment' to move like
that and I think we all know it. When it comes to elegance and grace in a dance, or
whatever else, I don't my name ever comes to mind. (2)

Afterward a bunch of us went to Cafe 50's. I had pancakes. Overall it was OK. The
mystery coupon that I had was a 20% off discount. (3)

After dropping some of the kids off I went over to jeff's place, We ended up having
'guy talk'. It was kind of weird. Our conversation was spurred by minor
curiosities that I was exploring in my head. I'm still just as confused. I was
also scolded for even suggesting that R and J know more about my inner thoughts than
they (the guys) do. (I think they were upset about that). I admitted to them that
there was some stuff that I'd never reveal, but also suggested some stuff to them
that I would never tell anyone else. (except for R and J). But this time it was
differet cause actual names were used. It was a big step for me I think. Then evan
came in. he had a 'shit-eatin grin' on his face. He and mary had been making out
in the car out front for a while. I then thanked evan for taking his hands off her
long enough to grace us with his presence. His rebuttal was weak, and he immediatly
tried to change the subject, to 'why don't you guys date like I do'. REal Lame. And
no matter what any of you think out there in 'daily update land' none of you are
correct in your thinking regarding this paragraph, I can gaurentee it! (4),(5)

I got home and went to bed cause it was really late already. No chance to fight the
battle of mylife. But I did start getting some the the music I had ordered;
Metallica-black album, Van Halen-best of both worlds (this one it turns out had 'VA
Beach Public Library' stickers all over it; although purchacing it thru
used site, I still think its risque to sell your local library's music), and Def
Lepard-rock of ages! I'm slowly building up my well rounded cool guy collection.

I'm currently enjoying the peace and quiet of the office cause the constant noise of
the headphones was bothering me.

I hope I can make it to Jamba Juice for lunch today.

Have a nice day.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Daily Update

Guess what I did all day Saturday. Thats right, 'I fought the battle of my life'. (ie. the demons from the netherworld were over-running the country side. No other heroic person was keeping them in check, besides me. It was the least I could do.) Late Friday Joe invited me to JT's superbowl party. Although tempting, I wasn't able to make it.

As I had predicted Eric got home. I kind of felt bad cause the kitchen was still in shambles. but I soon took care of that. He was filming a Sci-Fi channel movie called Dragonfly I beleive. His character was decapatated. it was grusome. he showed me pictures.

I did the usual, and called thru a bunch of numbers in my phone book, the family in particular.

Then by 4, both jessica and jeff had called, and all being hungry we went to find something to eat at a Thai cafe on westwood blvd. It was pretty good. We were delayed a little bit due to a 26 min. phone call from this chick I know. (1) After Thai, we decided to find a luscious frozen yougart place down the street. They had large helpings. After eating all that, I think I undid all healthy behavior in the last two days.

Mid-ice cream Trisha called needing software from me. Having realized it had been a month or two and I had promised numerous times that I'd try to help her learn how to use her new computer, I decided to rush over there, like the video game hero I often portray, and save the day. She needed something before tomorrow morning, so it was a rush job. So we had to scurry out of there, run home to my place, and then furiously drive over to her house and fix her computer.

Also while mid-ice cream, jessica told us that Renee was moving to Oregon. (what the hell is she thinking?!) We were in shock; and I think I still am. Renee has been with us since the beginning. It is unfortnate to loose friends like this. But it is OVER because of her actions! I am no longer able talk to her, that devil woman. (just kidding renee.) I sent her a text regarding the matter, and she didn't really respond, and it was the same at church, no mention of it. Only
illuding to the matter. Then later at my place Jeff decides to announce it loudly the second he walked in the door. so much for keeping it quiet! [note to self, don't share any secrets or anything I want to keep quiet or on the down-low with jeffery]. (2)

On Sunday I started inviting people over to watch the super bowl. The size of my tv was a key factor. we cooked up some old food from the back of my fridge. it worked out nicely. A bunch of wonderful people came over. And some didn't. TLH obviously got a better offer (agian).

I've been jelling my hair lately, since the haircut at least. its nice. its the sassy raggidy look. An organized messy look, with a touch of sass is what I like to call it. "HEY EVERYBODY, COME AND SEE HOW GOOD i LOOK!"

I'm listening to Bob Marley right now. next on the playlist is Guns n roses and then the beach boys.

Sorry I got this out so late, I had to impress the bosses with diligent work in the morning hours, then we went to visit a building until 3, then my lunch, then this. I think that's it for now :)