Friday, May 18, 2007

Daily Update - May 17

I woke up this morning on time, but I still had a few items to discuss with my pillow. That business took me right up until 8:30am when I had to leave for work. work is so busy. But they love me cause I am so familliar with the 'works-to-hard attitude.' I get there early, and stay late. I put in 95 hours for the last two weeks. Wow, this is a hard life. I barely remember what it was like to stand ouside in the sunshine. Can you imagine what it would be like to be a child forced to labor in a consentration type camp behind a sewing machine, working for nike, or Martha Stewart, or something. That is what my day is like. No fun, no entertainment, no excitment. And I think that they think i'm an intern, cause they are still paying me in salad coupons. I really wish I had a fun job, where I could do all those things, show up late, and leave early. I could do those things if I was a dental Hygenist. Now that would be the life. It would be better than being in Hollywood. Better than being star-struck. :)

I arrived at work with a nice suprise in my in-box. USC decided to sell me football season tickets again, and wonderfully gave me the same seats as last time. Oh ya! I can't wait.

Last night I went to the store to buy a gallon size jar of vitamin C and handsoap. After that I decided to wash my sorrows down with some Panda Express. Mmmm Mmmm Good. The old chinese lady has started recognizing me when I go there. She loves me.

Then I wound up over at Greenfield. It was a 'Lost' watching evening. I brought Jeff and Josh over too, then Trixha came over too. Emily made some fabulous cookies and brownies to complement the evening. We were joining some of the founding members of the 'Lost-Girls': Emily and Marcella. So Lost has never been the most favorite show of most of us 'joiners', and that became pretty apparent when we all started having side conversations that escalated to be more important than the show. Emily became very upset as she was 'forced' to pause the show multiple times. eventually as Maggie entered the picture, she led most of the un-interested parties to the other part of the house. And, as the show ended we all ended up wandering into Maggies room and gossiping about everything. At first we (josh and I) were thinking of rearanging their room, as a 'hello' to Joyce, the new girl. but then we just started going thru her things and then even that got boring, so we were all sprawled out around the room, like around a campfire. It was fun. we talked late into the night, and then the neighbors got mad, cause we were loud.

I was completly wrong about the American Idol vote off. But I still think its rigged. I just checked with my inside source and they say that there was a last second shuffle, to make it more PC, but Blake will be Axed next week, cause the other chick, Jordan Sparks has been set to be winner for a while now. but we'll see.

Last night I also got my Chinese Proverb book from Amazon. I was so excited, cause I only ordered it on sunday night. thats pretty good service. It will be a week or two before I can start spouting these proverbs like an ancient monk from the Himilayas, but it will be good. That, and this will help me in my Man-Box Progress. Its been a few to many weeks since we've collectivly worked on them.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Daily Update - May 16

I went to see 'The Ex' last night. It was a mid-level good. Its no 'Anchorman', or 'Blades of Glory', but worth while. It had a lot of the characters from Arrested Development and a main guy from Scrubs. That movie makes me want to dislike people in wheelchairs.

After that we went for ice cream, and except for the non-stop cOughing, it was fabulous. Mmmmm Peanut Butter and Chocolate, (you probably can't see, but I'm drooling right now due to that last statement).

I got some more of my CD's that I ordered off of Amazon. Now I can rock out with more 'Hair-Bands' from the 80's and 90's!

So in case you're following, I've been preaching that American Idol is rigged. I knew this as soon as Sanjaia was voted off. As proof to see if I'm right or not, I've heard from my sources that Blake Lewis is the one to go this time. If he does go, there is a higher chance of the results being rigged. If not, then I could be full if crap. Either way I think I'm spending to much time on this. The only reason that show is any good is cause of Simon and all the auditions in the

At this very moment I'm listening to helicopters ouside, not for the hospitle, they are getto-birds searching for the latest campus copy-cat shooter. Thats right, Shots fired two blocks from where I work (south-west corner of campus). and I thought I was getting away from all that action when I moved over here from usc! I did my duty as a Samaritan and texted all the people I know who go there, and told them to watch out.

I started my paintings last night. It was a slow start. I needed to get some of the rust out the the painting gears, and dust off the ol 'creative cap' before I start the big ones. there are four that I'll be working on, all at once. Yes, I'm that good. And that's just for starters. Now i just have to dedicate a section of my room for that stuff, otherwise they'll get lost.

Lunch was sponsored by Socko's, the new sandwich shop.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Daily Update - May 15

Poor Jim, Jim is Sick. Jim can caugh, Jim can caugh lots. Caugh Jim Caugh. Jim can't NOT caugh. Caughing keeps jim up at night. Jim can't sleep. Poor, poor jim.

Jim had Family Home Evening. Family Home Evening is good. Family Home Evening here is with friends, not family. Jim has nice friends. Today we went to dinner. Jim likes dinner. Jim likes most food. Food is good. Food is good to jim. Spagetti is food. Spaghetti is good food. Spaghetti is good food for jim. Jim likes Spaghetti. Jim eats Spaghetti, Yumm.

Hanging out with friends is fun. Jim likes friends. Friends are good. Jim has friends. Trisha is jim's friend. Trisha has a car. Her car is new. She lets jim drive her new car. Jim dosen't know why, but he dosen't care. Trasha is trusting. Trisha is good at that. Nice nice Trisha. Jim likes to drive. Jim can drive fast. Trisha dosen't like jim driving fast. Go Jim Go! Drive fast jim, drive fast. Hold on Trisha, Jim can drive fast. Don't cry trisha, Jim is a safe driver. Poor Trisha, Trisha is Sad. Sad sad Trisha. Cars are fun. Cameras are also fun. Trisha's car has a back-up camera on it. Jim also likes back-up cameras on cars. They are fun. Cameras on cars are good ideas. Jim dosen't have to use the 'force' when backing up in Trisha's car. Nice car.

Jim likes after-parties. Jim tries to find after-parties. Jim likes after-parties following FHE. Parties are funny. Trisha is good at partying. Trisha likes hosting parties. Trisha likes having parties after FHE too. Trisha is nice. Nice, nice Trisha. Jeff is a good cook. Jeff likes cake. Trisha likes Chocolate. Josh likes Germans. Together they all like German Chocolate cake. They made German Chocolate Cake. Bake jeff bake. Baking is good. German Chocolate Cake is good. Everyone should like German Chocolate Cake. They all like staying up late too. Jim can't stay up as late as the rest of them. Jim is sick. Jim likes rest. Jim likes to rest in his bed. Jims bed is good. Good good bed. Jim goes to sleep in his bed. Sleep jim Sleep. Good night jim.

The End.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Daily Update

Today Jim is sad. He's acually been sad for a few days. My friend Renee moved away. As I went to her house on Saturday morning it was almost like going to a funeral, just minus the dead bodies. It was her (and jessica) who were the first mormon girls to befrend me in LA. I've left friends plenty of times, but this time I didn't really have a say in the matter (not that I should have or anything). Sure I can try to find another 'Litte Liberal Cannonball' as a replacement, (and a psychologist, and a RSP, and someone who hates the NRA, and someone to tease and
pick up and shake, and someone to wipe bbq-sauce on, and someone to go to the Griddle with, etc...)but those are some tough shoes to fill. A friend suggested that I think of all those tears like the Buddists do, as a 'gift' that cleanses the soul. But then I realize i'm a guy and its not cool to admit stuff like that, and buddhists are short pudgy little trolls who always smile, and hold their hands in weird positions while reciting proverbs. I'm currently trying to drown the thoughts
with loud fast music and prank phone calls.

Friday: 5:30pm
On Friday work was wrapping up quickly, the bosses were already gone, there were only three of us, and we were all itching to leave, its just that when Susan left she said Richard (boss) was going to call later to check in. So we felt guilty leaving, but we eventually did anyway. I was feeling ambitious, so I went for a hair cut at Floyd's Barbershop. It was a good time to go, not to many other people there. It was a dude who ended up cutting my hair. It was fine until the very end, and thats when it got weird. So at Flyod's, they have this vibrating device that they attach to one of their hands and they run their hand over your head and shoulders, a novelty gimmic of sorts. So I was familiar with this part of it, but the part where I got nervous was how far HE took this massage device. (I'd like to remind you that this is a barber shop, not a massage parlor.) I thought twice when his hands were running down my arms, but ignored it as I went back to looking at my new self in the mirror. Seconds later, I had to cringe again when he was moving his hands down my back. I thought it was supposed to just be the shoulders afterall.
But I really felt confused when his vibrating hand divice started running down my chest. LUCKILY his hands stopped at the bottom of my rib cage. For a second I thought he would try to go to the stomach! Now THAT would have been weird. I could tell that he wanted to check out my chiseled abs, and other stunning features. I could feel his eyes undressing me the whole time I was there. After all he did have to unbutton my shirt a little bit to 'get better access to my neck'. I didn't remember it being so extensive the last two times I had been there. After he was done molesting me, I ran out the door and cried all the way to my car. Then from my car to my closet at home. I felt a little violated.

After that I hung out at my place for a minute, and dried my tears, then met up with others. We eventually went over to help Renee pack stuff. Apparently we stayed up pretty late. I don't remember the time at all, cause I fell asleep. It was only the next day that Jessica and the others told me how late it was. [Yes, I said Jessica, cause Jeff's laugh kept her (and probably the nighbors) awake till we all went home. (Jessica was in her apartment bedroom, four floors up, and across the street).]

Sat. 9:00am
Now after a few hours of sleep, I met up with the kids super-early, to help Renee out again. This time Jeff made pancakes though. I was suprisingly awake for the early hour that it was. A bunch of people showed up to help load storage unit with her stuff. I had to leave early, which I felt bad about, but From there I went to 'attempt' to see some show called 'Wicked' with some chick named Catherine. It didn't work though, we lost the 'lottery'. We then went downtown to try to catch another matenee show of a different show, but that didn't work either. Catherine was pretty pissed. So as a last resort to an almost failed afternoon we went to see Spiderman. We showed up 20 minutes late, but we still went in.

Later that night we had Evan and Mary's Engagement/Batchelor/Batchelorette party. It was only decided earlier that day, but we went to see Blades Of Glory at the Fox lot. Jeff made cookies, guys huddled around the table so the girls couldn't get to the treat table. It was kind of boy-scoutish. Then Evan and Mary opended gifts, and talked about 'doing-it'. (I suppose the book I got them fueled that fire, sorry guys). Well that made most people nervous, so they scattered. We did play a game there called 'would you rather do...'. I wasn't sure what everyone else was asking, but my question for Evan was "Would you rather do Matthew McConaughey, or Tobey Maguire?" And I asked Mary "Would you rather do Paris Hilton or Lindsey Lohan?" It was good for a laugh. Apparently everyone else was asking stuff like " evan, would
you rather take out the trash , or do the dishes?" and then they would giggle about it for five minutes. I was simply called upon while talking with other people. I wasn't sure what their limits were, cause I origonally had a whole list of super vulgar questions lined up. Luckily Catherine was there to help talk me out of that.

Sun. 11:30am
I was really hoping that my sore-throat would go away with good night's sleep; it didn't work out cause I still can't speak. All the girls thought it was hot, but I couldn't see what they were saying cause I could barley hear myself.

After church there was an ice cream social. It was ment for the new people of the ward, but it was mostly the veterans that showed up. Jeff was trying to guilt Trisha into meeting all the girls that Jeff didn't know. I think he's trying to turn her into his personal introduction service. Then again, maybe I should too (wink, wink).

After snack time I took a nap. Wow, was it delightfull. I fell asleep to the calming sounds of Guns N Roses, it was their concert live in Tokyo. After a short 2 hour hibernation I went over to Veteran to hang out. It turned into more of an 'Evan-Enduring-Fest'. He's growing more annoying lately. He's taking liberties that I'd NEVER let fly in my appartment. But whatever, he only has a week left of being single right, and he needs the attention.

Monday 8:45am.
Sore throat still, late for work, didn't care. Crossant for breakfast.

I got my Gn'R dvd's this weekend, as well as John Mclean, and One Man Army CD's.

I'm listening to 'Vincent' by Don McLean right now.

Lunch was hosted by the ice cream counter at Rite Aid.