Monday, April 20, 2009

My Baby Dragon

This is my Baby Dragon Abraxas.
I'm not exactly sure about the name Abraxas, but its cool, and its one of the first Dragon names I found that I liked. I'm considering a few other names too, but it has to be one of the coolest names ever, cause he's one of the coolest dragons ever!

And yes, he is a dude. Don't let the thorny eyebrow/lashes throw you off. His whole species is quite deceptive. His eye lashes could bat your arm right off. And if he were to squint at you, you'd see two rows of sharp, war hardened, thorny spines point toward you, and if he were to actually strike at you in that mode... you'd be done for. And the rescue team would have trouble finding enough pieces to identify you, so be careful around him.

If you were to look close, you'd notice his powerful lashing tongue. It sparkles in the light, and its tough as nails, literally. It has to be to tolerate the intense flaming fiery breath. He could also wrap his tongue around you and squeeze you to death, even if you're wearing a shiny suit of metal armor.

Notice his beautiful copper tones on the underside. They shimmer like a bronze torchlight. Oh his fiercely hardened other scales, you can see the green scales sparkle in the light as well. But this sparkle is like the dew on morning grass as the sun rises. But don't let their beauty

Here is what he looks like from behind. And don't be mistaken, just cause you can't see his eyes, doesn't mean he can't 'see' you. His devilishly forked tongue can sense disturbances in the atmosphere, similar to a snake, as well as his concealed ear holes that provide for razor sharp hearing.

Here is a belly shot, in case you want to see what he looks like inside. This of course is after the clay is baked, and most of the foil structure is removed. I'll never get it all out.

Here is my living room work space, where my Baby Dragon was born.

Oh, don't let me forget to include parts 2 and parts 3 of Abraxas. Here is his curling mid-section as it magically leaps from the table surface and then back down again. He feels vulnerable if he is completely exposed above any surface, thats why you see him mostly hidden.

Its difficult to capture his tail on film, but I've done it! It usually sways like a fish-tail, keeping his muscular torso stable, but this time I caught him leaping in and out of the table. And as he usually does, he was swaying and twirling his tale like a whip, or like a streamer. You can see that the scales at the tale are different than that of the regular torso. They are much leaner and a bit longer, but still just as tough, and spiny, and painful if he decides to smack you with his tail. The tip is capped with a dense, bony, pointy, club; emphasized by a few veins of bone yellow at edge.

Here he is dancing in and out of the table. He is so playful.