Friday, December 15, 2006

Daily Update

yesterday went quickly. the day was over before I knew it. I stayed late at work to make up for all the times i show up late. after getting home I sorted thru pictures on my computer. it was mostly boring. then I decided to test my endurance, so I went for a run up around ucla. I mention this because I have proof. while running I ran into Kami. every time I go running thru campus I think to myself what would happen if i started defacing thier property, and if they
really knew where MY loyalties lie, and what would they do. so amidst this inner conversation, I heard someone yell, "jim, what are you doing?" so I turn around and notice Sister Yaden. we talked for about two minutes then I continued on. Another only reason I mention this is because I've told people before that I go running (renee labor) and they laugh at me in disbelief. Then after that I drove to a store called Michaels to get a few items for my christmas presents. I figure I should have done this a while ago so I took the chance now. Then I wound up at Jeff's place. Jeff and Evan were talking about stupid car wreck and lawyer stuff, so I went into Ryan's room to bother him. We talked about -----. It was about that time that someone I know texted me and announced that she needed help eating cookies. Being the gracious volunteer that I am, I told jeff what we were doing and, not wanting to leave Josh out I phoned him, adding a good 15 minutes to our departure time. We finally made it to this girls house, and sampled away. Mmm mmm good. Then after over eating and staying up to late, we left(i.e. I had to drag jeff and josh away cause when they get into hang out mode, it could easily be 4am before they decide to mosy on out of there.)

Thismorning I actually woke up on time, but then didn't get out of bed until 9am. Ohhhh. It was to be a nice day, but 'someone else' had to cancel our lunch appointment. bummer. maybe next week. Their crazy holiday schedule limits our luncheons. but nevermind that. last night I had a wierd dream about me and two kids were on a boat, then it tipped/rolled over for some reason. and I had the choice of saving myself or the two kids. after I was safe, I then went back under the tipped boat to find the children. at that point, in the panic, I then found myself being woken up by my nervous alarm clock. There was a distinct different part of the dream, that I remember being different, but that now has faded from memory.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

daily update

So yesterday I got out of work later than normal (6:30) it
wasn't that upsetting because I had nothing else to to.
after getting home I heated up a champion size plate of
spagetti. Mmm mmmm good. then jeff called and said he
had a dozen extra burgers from In n Out burger. not hungry,
I gave in and went over to his place. Josh and he were watching
the questionable film titled Life Aquatic. very metiocre.
they thought it was funny, I only laughed once or twice, and
got hit/punched when I asked why he wasn't laughing. I
wandered off and chatted with Mr. Plewe about chicks for a few
minutes, after receiving a questionable phone call. then
anticipating the end of the film, I then ushered myself off to
make a guest appearance at someone's house. the only
reason for that appearance was to see if someone else was
there. they were not, so I searched for a reason to excuse

So about then it was the designated time that another chick
I knew was supposed to be home making cookies and candy.
I decided to go over there even though I didn't have my two
backup dancers; cause thats how I roll. I wasn't gonna spend
that much time over there, but that didn't work out. I think
they were offended that I interupted their 'girl talk', so they
started giving me work assignments, mostly to help them
with thier christmas treats. but there were some other duties
that I was afraid of; like: mopping the floor, washing dishes,
washing thier cars, painting the house, chopping wood, and
replacing windows. I felt like cinderella until midnight when
I left I changed into a normal person again.

it was an eventful evening. now I just have to plan this
upcoming evening.