Friday, February 15, 2008

Daily Update

It was Valentines Day. I didn't have anything planned. Was I supposed to? I'm a 'free spirit' after all. I wanted to just go over to 7-11 and get myself something to eat. My refrigerator was virtually empty, and so many other people go to this 'Kwiki Mart' when they need food, so I decided to too. I've run into people before when I go there, and today was no different. I ran into the President of the local Diet Coke Fan club, Ms. Cheryl. What a coincidence. We were both hungry, and looking for food, and nothing appealed to either of us, so we decided to join forces and go out to a full fledged restaurant.

It was some Thai place. There wasn't to long of a wait for us, cause they knew who I was and gave me the proper respect that I deserved. While eating I kept asking questions to her about everything I could think of. It may have gotten a little boring, but I had to keep myself entertained. After a while she then stopped answering the questions and would then would correct my posture, and etiquette. It was kind of funny. I think I broke every rule. I offered to bring her to a movie with me, but she 'Wasn't feeling well' and so I just took her home. Not to long after I started not feeling well, so I went home too. Cupid must have shot me in the stomach with the wrong arrow, or he just punched me there. That little bastard. Next time I see him... He's dead!

So while at home, I chatted with Eric, who told me about his latest TV watching escapades. I now want to watch the show Lost. It has taken an interesting Jim-like turn (that means its cool and like-able) and now I need to see it for myself. Then I continued to work on the little wooden dragon puzzle. Its fun cause its a dragon, and I get to piece it together. You probably won't understand what it is until I show you, but its super cool none-the-less. But YES its another Project I started in my spare time; Chris, Kristen, I don't want to hear about it from you, cause I will finish it! So there!

I also took the chance to paint when Mike was watching TV. I'm working on finishing the Background right now. Particularly the mountains. They area fun thing to hike around it with a paint brush. I'm running out of the fun things to do on this painting I think, and now its getting to be kind of meticulous. I think I'm just over half way done.

Another fascinating thing I've taken notice to, on TV, is that dumb 'who wants to be a Supermodel' show on Bravo. Its funny to watch, similar to all the other dumb reality shows I watch, but this one is great cause They all remind me of Derick Zoolander. At any moment they can start to argue and then challenge each other to a 'Walk-Off'. Then they get super excited about going to the store to get an Orange Mocha Frappachino. Honestly, they could be some of the dumbest people alive. And that makes me feel better about myself.

I'm listening to Queen and GnR right now.

Lunch was sponsored by Jose Bernstein's.

Office Gossip: Peter isn't here again today. I wonder if he's really sick, or if he got 'let-go'. When he left on Tuesday he did sound pretty bad, but you never know.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Daily Update- Valentines Day Edition

Last night right after work I decided to drop by a hockey game. I hat told a few people about my interests, and so the 5 of us jumped in my car and started driving. We eventually felt the urge to get off the road, and then turn the corner, and then go around the block, then we happened to find some sort of Ice Arena. It was like it was drawing us in with a very powerful 'Tractor Beam'. So I followed my small group into this arena and we sat down and started watching the legendary sporting event of Hockey. For the first few minutes the glass was dirty, and the game was scrappy. I noticed with my Eagle Eye that there was another match just starting in/on another rink, so I wandered over there to investigate. As the kids were skating around I notice one of them looks familiar. To my surprise, it was Chris. I smiled as smugly as possible, as he asked me what we were doing there. What a coincidence, to run into him at a place like that. During the game we deliberated and I decided that he has some Canadian, Russian, Croatian, and USA of '88 blood in him (which means hes pretty darn good.) During the showdown some mongoloid Russian Cheap-shotted him and he went down. I was not tolerant of behavior like that, so I started yelling to Chris that he should fight this insufferable menace to the Ice. He didn't though. Unfortunate, cause I was ready to spring to his defense if needed... and yes, from the stands. Its good that he didn't cause he probably didn't want the penalty. And its good that I didn't spring to action, cause I didn't have skates on. (not that it would slow my feet down, but I would use the skate blades as weapons on my hands to scar him permanently all over his body.) So I started yelling things, suggesting that he skate over their ankles a couple of times. After the match was over he let me hold his sweaty gloves, and then I accidentally touched his sweaty (stinky) helmet. It was great fun. Oh, and then I somehow talked Sara into 'loaning' me a dollar for Hot Chocolate, but the stupid machine was broke and didn't take it, so then I had to 'borrow' another dollar from Jessica. It tasted like hot water with a hint of chocolate being in it at one time.

Later when I got home I stayed up talking with Mike. Then he scolded me for staying up to late, then I him. We then watched the Food network as I attempted to add life to my painting. This thing has become like Frankenstein. The more I add this beautiful luminous paint to it, the more it moves on its own, and talks to me, and shows emotion. Its starting to have life now too. Its all about the shadows I tell you. This time I focused on the vegetation on the close hills. It was partly an experimentation with color, because some colors bring life to plants as where other colors bring death and confusion. As I did this the mountainous landscape went from a foreign land to hike in, to a lush hilltop path with places to wanter and hike, and enjoy nature.

After a bit of that my eyes started to close and then I slowly went to bed. I haven't been able to fight the battle of my life lately. I hope the arch villain's minions haven't done to much damage in my honorable absence.

I'm listening to Sublime right now.

Lunch was sponsored by Noah's bagels. (at first they tried to give me a burnt looking bagel. Honestly it looked like a little charcoal briquette. I told them that I would not accept this as I had paid for, and pointed to a normal looking bagel, and added that I thought that it looked like a giant turd, and I don't eat anything that looks like poo. So they made me another one, and it was pleasant to the taste. I think that when I said the word 'turd' I made all the customers in line pretty nervous. it was funny.)

Happy Valentines day everybody. I bought you all Scooby Doo Valentines, but I didn't get them out in time, so you'll bet them next year for sure.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Daily Update

It was the worst and most frustrating trip to Costco EVER! I have nothing but anger toward them right now! and I can tell you for sure, that their manager will get the nastiest/rudest/ and meanest letter written to him/her as soon as I have a free minute. I was only buying two things. It seems kind of strange, but thats all I needed. I of course was the only one in the place with that few of items. When I got to the front there were only 4 check stands open. Having sulked for a few seconds, I found the line with the least amount of items to be checked out in it and rushed to the end of it. So far so good, right? But no. I happened to find the line with the most amount of people (4-5 in all) who didn't speak English or spanish, Didn't have memberships, Didn't have a method of payment, had expired memberships, or they wanted to pay for each of their 20 items separately!!! How can people be so dumb?! It is very difficult but I'm really trying to hold back all the racial anger, in case you can't tell. In all actuality I'm not even sure what race they were, only that they should be put to death because their sheer stupidity! so anyway, other than that, I was in line maybe 10-15 minutes before another checker opened a check stand. Oh, how nice you say... WRONG! The person started taking people from the BACK of the line, and in reverse order! How horrible I tell you. I was 2 people away from the check stand, and had been for a while, and My TWO freaking items were to scary for the person opening the check-out. How could my 'almost most favorite' store betray me like this?! Don't they know who I am?!
It was an angry car ride home. Every driver seemed to be ultra stupid, and it turned more and more violent as I got closer to home. I was about to go 'Road-Rage' on everyone on the whole of Santa Monica, before I swerved down some side street and stopped. I got out and had to go for a walk, just to settle down. When I was out and about, I ran into Cheryl. Wow, what a coincidence. She was just on her way to watch TV at her place so I joined her. Its always funner to watch great shows like American Idol, and Biggest Looser with other people. My complaints and Finger Pointing mean nothing alone. It did settle me down to see them and to think better of myself. Then Ms. Cheryl wasn't feeling well, so I went home to make myself cookies. It was part of the 'Cooling Down' process. Then while I was eating those Sugary cookies, Mike was getting my advice on his Absentee ballot. So I decided to sprinkle my cookies in Red and Blue sugar in his honor. Then he threatened to write ME in on the ballot. So for the best interest of the country, I decided to accept his nomination, so the rest of the night I was announcing my platform on which I might run. Cookies at home are good.
I also took a few minutes to do some painting. Don't worry Josh, I had my pants on this time. It went slow. And when i say slow... I mean v e r y s l o w. every brush stroke was like a reminiscing moment in time, making every brush stroke almost five minutes each. I would remember that I was hiking along a sunny mountain trail as I saw each building for the first time. I would remember what flavor of Gelato I was eating as I sat on each of those rocks as I would people watch. I remembered what food we ate as we sat right on the edge of the water. Every building in this painting leaves you wondering what is around each corner. Each time the brush hit the canvas I would see color and light dancing from building to building, just as it would during Carnival. Each color became alive and wanted to join the party, but I had to tell it NO cause I was trying to reach a goal and dancing color hindered my goal. Pure frustration I tell you.

So this last Monday I forgot to tell you, but Susan was leaving us, so we had a 'going-away' luncheon for her. It was quite funny to see everyone at one table, and to notice all the different habits. It was a nice restaurant here in Westwood. The bosses like nice places. But when we all got our food, only one person didn't weight for everyone else to get there food. Some people would nibble at everything all at once, and lets just say I'm happy I didn't sit next to Peter, who
Collins kept telling everyone how much he loved alcohol too. And being architects, there wasn't a single person at our table who didn't mention something about the room we were in, either the decorations, walls, ceiling, windows, chandeliers, or whatever. Its the curse of an architect. But I will say that I was the only person who climbed up a short wall to pound on the ceiling with my hand to see what it was made of. Then as any fancy I-tallian restaurant would have, for desert they had three small scoops of ice cream in a saucer. Most people would take a nibble, but my buddy Peter was scooping up mouthfuls of ice cream at a time, not caring/realizing that those three golf-ball sized scoops of ice cream were for all 15 of us. Also being fancy Ice Cream, it was melting quickly, so when Pete would sling it from the table to his mouth, it would leave a creamy trail from the saucer to his mouth area. It was pretty amusing to watch him chow down. Then when the cake came his way, he didn't think he needed to use a fork or a spoon, so he started poking at this chocolate cake with his fingers! I don't trust his fingers at all! Danny, who was sitting next to him handed him a spoon and said 'here'. Pete was like, 'mumble mumble mumble, no that ok, I like, ah food" or something like that. and then Danny was like 'NO, seriously use a spoon not your fingers, No one else wants to eat what you've touched!' So Peter used the spoon to cut the cake in half then used his fingers as ram-rods to shove it into his mouth. (Work lunches are nice. They usually last a few hours cause there's so many of us. This days' was from 12:20-2:50.)

I'm listening to... I'm almost afraid to admit it... Don McLean.

Lunch was sponsored by Panda Express and the color Blue.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Daily Update

Did you get a chance to see Danny perform his dark rendition of that poem at 'Open Mic Night'? thats to bad if you didn't. He added so much dark passion and shady overtones. It was very eloquent. Danny gave us a preview Sunday night as we were at Greenfield. I think he had a point to prove. His point was rebellion, and he wanted everyone to know that he was in charge at that moment. I can't remember the name of the poem, but it was dark and sophisticated.

Just before that though, a few of us had the chance to participate in the weekly JJCHE, as mentioned last week. except this time we had a few more guests which would make it JJJJJCCHE, (as in Jeff-Jim-Josh-Jason-Jessica-Chris-Cheryl Home Evening.) We met up at some pizza place. It was fun hanging out with all the kids again.

As I walked outside today during lunch time, I felt the warm sun brush against my face. I saw the quietly foggy air. And I smelled the furiously busy chimneys hard at work, billowing their aroma into the afternoon sky. Ahhh, almost everything that reminds me of visiting LA as a youth. The only thing that was missing was the rows and rows of dirty palm trees, and dirty colorful stucco houses. Some mornings I look for these queues to remind me I'm in LA and not down some 'rabbit hole'.

Work is pretty busy for me lately. Its kind of exciting, although I HATE deadlines.

Lunch was sponsored by Marvin's Diner.

I'm listening to Chris Isaak right now.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Daily Update

On Friday right after work, I rushed over to the paint store to pick up a new shade of Mediterranean-Sea-Green. There weren't that many options, and when I got there, I had forgotten which colors I already had. But I found a beautiful color, so I rushed home

I woke up to myself making Pancakes on Saturday. It was a wonderful thing. I must have subconsciously realized how much of a joy it would be to wake up staring down at pancakes in the frying pan. Mmmm Mmm Good. I wish I would do that for myself every Saturday morning.

Soon after that I realized that I had to rush out the door for a hair appointment. I've been going to this place in Westwood village, right next to where I work. It was recommended to me by Susan. A Filipino lady cuts my hair, and does a pretty good job of it. With her funny accent its hard sometimes to understand her yappy stories, so I've just gotten used to nodding my head and saying, "thats cool." And even more interestingly she remembers me when I come in so I don't have to tell her how to cut my beautiful head of hair.

For almost the rest of the day I spend it either Painting, or playing the battle of my life. I got alot accomplished on both fields. On my computer game playing I haven't been doing a lot of good for the world. Just the usual fighting bad guys, and gaining experience, and money, and stuff like that. On this day it turned out that one of my trainers was in league with the bad guy, so I had to kill him. I then hunted down the main bad guy and then killed him. I killed him, but he's not dead exactly. I'll have to kill him at least one more time before the game is over. I also found a set of Archon's Battle Armor. He was an ancient warrior who's strength and dexterity was unmatched against the evil in the times of old. Now I can be compared with him. There was also a treasure in the game. After finding the 6 treasure clues and defeating numerous assassins, I found the spot. The reward was the most deadly Frying Pan you could imagine. I wielded this Heavy Metal device for only a little while, and although it was fun to smack demons, bandits, and zombies around with it, it did not convey as much damage as the 'Pick Ax Hammer of Death', or my favorite 'Flaming sword of Hatred'.

On the painting I took a walk along a beautiful sunsetting sunny pathway which lead to the mountains through this quaint little town. the rich oranges, and glinting yellow's reflecting off of the red buildings brings warmth to ones heart and soul. I fear that by the end, that it will be to warm of a painting, eventually burning a hole in the wall where it will one day hang. But I don't think that will be a problem. Usually there's a cool Mediterranean breeze through towns like these in the evening.

I'm listening to Patrick and Collins yack about how good they are at Fussball.

Lunch was sponsored by Tanino's. Some fancy I-tallian place. I'll have to fill you all in on how that was tomorrow though.