Friday, November 9, 2007

Daily Update

Last night was terrific fun. I think almost all of you were there, so I don't need that much of a recap, but it was Jessica's birthday. We went to some sassy Mexican place in Beverly Hills. It was pretty expensive for being mexican. It was good food. They took their time serving us so when our food actually did arrive I was pretty hungry. In order to combat my hunger pains, I started taking some of the largest bites I've ever taken in public eating establishments. It took me a few seconds to realize that the food was a LOT spicier than I'm used to! It felt like someone had just hooked up a car battery to my tongue. I hate that feeling. One good thing was that I didn't splash my food on the people sitting next to me. The After-Party was at Jessica's. For a few minutes I think Danny was trying to eat Kami's cat. Then she noticed it and She got mad. So then everyone settled down. Oh, and of course we got Danny to sing his rendition of the birthday song. I even recorded it, and i'll post it soon on the ol Blog-a-roonie. Its a must see.

But, on the way over to Jessica's party I stopped by Borders again, to get Jessica something. (I don't like showing up to a birthday party empty handed) And the lady at the counter has been getting to know me quite well lately. Over the last few days she's gotten nicer and nicer. So yesterday as I whipped through the check out line she was enthralled with: What I was getting, the Wrapping paper I was getting, the bow I was getting, and the fact I was getting it. I explained that it was for a birthday that I didn't know about yesterday (during my Christmas shopping) And she was so willing to help me out. Although she was the only person on the register she offered the use of their gift wrapping station to me, and I even think she wanted to
help me out. Good thing she didn't cause there was a long line. Their security dork was checking me out as I was wrapping my present. So I asked him if he wanted to come and help, or if he was just 'checking out the goods' as I stuck my butt out and slapped my back side in a sassy Maggie-like manner. So he just walked away. After the fact, I realized that I shouldn't have done that cause if was a 'fruit' then there would have been a bigger problem if he got any closer, namely me punching him in the head until he stopped bleeding.

Lunch was sponsored by In N Out.

I'm listening to Guns N Roses right now.

(ok, this was weird. One of the cleaners at my work just asked me, in his thick accent, something about going to a strip-club with him I think. I accidentally responded "no I don't want to see your mom like that". Luckily he didn't understand me. But if he did understand me... I leave everything of mine in Utah to my brothers, and all my possessions in LA to Jeff and Josh. Ok, now he just left the building. I think he just went to his car to get a gun. Thats it, its the end of me. Its been nice knowing y'all. oh wait... no, he just got a squeegee to clean the glass. That was a close one. Does anyone know how to say "you smell bad" in Mexican slang?)

Daily Update

I went running last night. It about took the life out of me. It felt like it had been a month since the last time. We went up to the Australian Outback Track. There were Wallabees everywhere. We had to avoid them cause I think they were carrying some sort of engineered virus. All the 'carriers' looked like high-school aged mutant zombies. Luckily I was bigger than all of them, so they stayed away. I was sleek and cunning as the best Hyena possible. I didn't have a watch to tell me exactly how superb I was, but I was. trust me. My angry claws gripped the pavement
like velcro and would I would speed away like a car tire. On the last lap I tried to use up every last bit of positive energy and sure enough I did. about half way thru the last lap I felt the last drop evaporate off my brow as I quickly slowed to a trickle. I tried to hurry, but I was spend. It was a good feeling on the walk back to my cave.

I felt compelled to stop by Stan's Donuts this morning. I got a 'Chocolate Halloween Delight, and a Coconut Surprise. I don't know why he has out his Halloween supply, but when I took the first bite, I realized why. It was like going back in time a full week. I was still dancing around in the fitting room of the Harry Potter Store. The sprinkles on top of the donut reminded me of Scary houses from Scooby-Doo. And the whole assortment of sprinkles made me think of the Last
time I had Lucky Charms Cereal. The little candy moon's and ghosts were a joy to think about and a pleasure to eat. and the purple and orange sprinkles were just bedazzling. I wonder if I stop by there tomorrow if it will be the same experience. Don't worry, I'll let you know.

Wandering around Westwood was weird today. I kid you not, I saw a real live ninja. I think it was a she, but not sure. its face was covered. I had to laugh at it when it walked by, cause it didn't seem to threatening. I though of pushing it in the street and laughing at it, but I didn't cause It could have been the mysterious 'Lizzard-Face' Ninja. I didn't want to risk it so I continued on with my donut experience. Later I saw a bunch of freaks.

Lunch was sponsored by Jamba Juice.

I'm listening to No Doubt right now.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Daily Update

Not much to update you all on. I've been super busy at work; making me stay late and go to bed early. Yesterday they gave me my own project to work on. I don't know if I like that cause that just means more responsibility for me! What are they thinking? And right before the Holidays too. And on top of that project, some of the others have been telling me that they have more for me to do when I have a free minute. Good Grief Charley Brown.

So last night I went Christmas shopping. I was in line to check out and some of the stuff I was holding made it obvious that it was for the holidays, so the ladies in line and behind the registers were getting really excited about everything I was doing all of a sudden. I figured it was because they were girls and cause I had gifts.

I also went to a movie last night with a friend of mine. At the last second they said "I hope its not to much of a chick flick". "?" I thought, followed by 'What have I done?'. It wasn't after all, but it made me nervous for a second. I don't think I've ever seen one of those...'Chick flicks'. Not that I remember anyway.

Steve my desk neighbor at work has toned down on talking to himself out loud. I wonder if hes OK. He did switch from a Scottish to a British accent when he swears and yells at imaginary people. I wonder if there's an adult version of 'Child Protective Services' that I can call for him.

Lunch was sponsored by The Corner Bakery.

I'm listening to some song titled 'Don't Stop The Music', by Rihanna.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Daily Update

The Move Premier of Beowulf was last night in Westwood. They were setting up all day. At night they had fancy lights and lots of short little Asian kids who would do everything they could do to get in front of me and then block my view by holding crap up or lifting each other up in an awkward manner. After they started taking pictures of themselves, and the flash would go off right in my eyes, I had enough then started making loud mumbling comments and making weird faces in their pictures, but would ignore them when they looked back at me. I saw a few famous people who I barley recognized. Anthony Hopkins was probably the most famous. Then some hot blond chick, then some weird long hair dude, and some tall black guy. Thats who I saw.

At FHE they were having Craft Night. I brought paint for the kids to use, but My part of the adventure only lasted a few minutes before I felt my stomach telling me to leave and to find food. Sorry FHE. Not only that but I have other art projects that I'm trying to finish before I take on more.

After that I went to watch TV at Cheryl's Flat. At first I didn't care what was on, but then after a few seconds I realized that CS was forcing me to watch Dancing with the Stars. There was nothing I could do; I had already started eating, which means I couldn't move from my spot till I was done. OK, just kidding I wasn't forced. I was actually somewhat interested in watching it cause i hadn't seen it this season yet and I can't watch it alone or with dudes cause that could be considered GAY.

Lunch was sponsored by D'Amores Pizza. It was just as delicious as the last time I went.

I'm listening to Depeche Mode right now.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Daily Update

Friday was the return of the welcomed treat of Movie-Night. It was fantastic! We watched the extended version of Lord Of The Rings. We scheduled an earlier start time, but having to run to the store, Jeff and I were still late, and thus a little late on starting. The food was great. I can't wait till we do it again. Before the movie started I had to make a disclaimer about my attitude of Froto and Sam; namely how gay they act together, and that I would be making derogatory comments throughout the movie as to their sexuality. (I felt that I had to warn everyone of this because the last time I decided to speak as two gay characters, during the Harry Potter movies, I was mistakenly mis-understood while I was speaking as Ron and expressing RON's deep romantic love for Harry. Some people tried to accuse ME of having this expressed love but NO, I spoke on behalf of the others, not myself. I was just the middle man.)

On Saturday morning I was rudely awakened by a handful of early morning text messages. I really need to turn my phone off at night, especially on the weekend! But with the early morning start, I had options. In a stroke of genius, I somehow decided to be super productive before the day really got started(around 2pm typically). In the morning I took my car to the shop to get new tires; the first step to getting it registered. While my car was being worked on I walked over to Veteran and convinced Jeff to make Pancakes. While I was on my way over there I was talking on the phone to the Parents, so I was Super-Multi-Tasking.

When I finally got my car back, the driving difference was like going from at cat to a cougar. Still roughly the same shape, the performance became quick, sharp, powerful, and outstanding. I had to drive in lower gears because my car wanted to go as fast as each gear would let it.

I told you all about my exciting new choice to purchase Harry Potter books, right? I think I bought them on Thursday, during work. And already on Saturday afternoon I received my first installment of Harry Books! Unfortunately it was the 5th one and not the first. I proudly displayed this choice book in the middle of my bed for me to gaze at dreamily while I attempted to clean my room. Now all I need to do is clear my bookshelf off from crap so I have a wonderful resting place for them all. Do you also remember that I mentioned the Harry and Hermione Book-Ends that I got from the Harry Potter store (Halloween costume store)? Well, I changed my mind about giving those to one of my unsuspecting siblings, I now need those for my new book collection.

I finally got an Activity Co-Chair. Its Catherine. BUT, I'm still annoyed at the B-Rick for being so damn Slow, thus making our lives more difficult. What's the point of surprising us with callings and releases? They made me promises two months ago and haven't followed through yet. On Sunday I told One of them that I knew they were blowing smoke up my 'A', and I didn't appreciate it. Then later that night Cheryl pointed out that I'm a little to mean to some the bishopric, so if other people are noticing it readily, I better tone it down I guess. I don't think I'm being mean, just forcefully honest in my convictions.

Lunch was sponsored by In N Out.

I'm listening to Smashing Pumpkins right now.