Friday, August 3, 2007

Daily Update

I was thinking of going running, well... for half of a second anyway. Then as I wobbled my way to my apartment from my car, trying to disguise my limp as a strut, I decided to maybe take a day off from that sort of physical activity. If all goes well, I'll make up for it this weekend, AND be healed. But yes, I backed out at the last minute. The idea of pain overtook my thinking, and I metaphorically ran from it.

After that we went to Winchell's for dinner with Josh and Jeff and Allana. The donuts there are definitely better than at Ralph's, and almost on par with Stan's. We unfortunately caught the tail end of the days donut supply. But what else can you expect at 10:30 at night.

I ran over to the movie theater to buy tickets for the Bourne Ultimatium. There was a huge line. I got tickets alright, but only after a small fiasco. On my trip up to the box office Some little annoying kid was asking everyone if his girlfriend was hot, all the prior teenagers answered one way, but then there was me. After having been asked the same question, I sharply answered 'NO' while having a look on my face of just having eaten mud. It surprised everyone of the kids there, but in order to hide my laughter I kept walking with an evil look on my face. As well, At the ticket booth it took a while to explain exactly what movie and at what time I wanted tickets. For some reason the girl at the counter didn't want our group to see the movie at the time I wanted us to. She sold me tickets for an AM showing instead of
the one I wanted. So I had to have a talk with her supervisor to make things right.

In avoidance of cleaning my room I took the chance to shop online late into the night. I don't know if it has anything to do with the Japanese sword practice book I just got, but maybe. I was buying the latest and greatest in Kung-Fu movies. Oh, I can't wait till they arrive.

Work has been super busy. On the way back from lunch I saw a vampire. I was walking right next to him. His K-9 teeth were at least 5 millimeters (or 1/4") longer than the neighboring bicuspids and incisors. He looked evil so I walked a different direction.

Lunch was sponsored by Marvin's, and I was joined by Baby Spice.

I've been nerding-it-up all week listening to Harry Potter every day, all day. You all will probably soon realize this as I'm already planning next week's Updates will be full of magic and spells and exciting creatures.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Daily Update

The first day of August met me with a bit of surprise. Indeed I was awaiting it, but yet, still not prepared for it. Another month down. This morning I woke up at 7:30, like usual I got up just to turned my alarm, then rested my head back on my pillow. Oops. I then opened my eyes at 8:35. I blinked and then in a magical whirlwind when I opened my eyes it was 9:30. Double-oops! I raced off to work. When I got there I pretended nothing happened, but I did have to skip my donut & milk voyage though.

So yesterday I got kind of bored sitting around my place, thinking of starting to clean my room. I called Jeff and he requested I get a phone number for him of an apartment in my neighborhood. I did; then I went over to Veteran. When I got there, they announce that they were going to view an apartment. Oh OK, I went with to give them an extra opinion. When we get outside they then volunteered me to drive them all over, back to the street where I was before. Exactly next door to where Jeff had me go to get him a number. So then I wonder to myself why he had me waist 6 and a half minutes of my evening just to come back over there. But whatever.

The apartment was just below the OK line. Small, dirty, in dis- repair, etc. The apartment was the victim of many 'home additions', fix-it-yourself jobs, and late night experimentations. It was one of the most Frankenstein of any apartment I'd ever seen. Don't get me wrong, it had plenty of potential. But for 4 guys to move in their with all their furniture would have been a small disaster. Jeff didn't see any of the downsides of this place, yet luckily Josh, Scott, and I did. When describing the situation to Plewe later at their place, Josh and I had to correct the description, and paint a 'true-er' picture. I guess that in the whole picture the price and washer/dryer hookup's were the only two pluses of that place. Next
time perhaps.

We intermittently were watching a movie, but had many interruptions. First the apartment, then a late night snack. I don't know what they/we'd do without a Jack in the Box at the end of the street. We slowly made our way down, and at the same time told the Bean Girls to meet us there. We had a lovely dinner with Jess, Kami, and Baby Spice. We stayed there gossiping about everyone and everything. At the end of the night Jeff was quick to offer a reenactment of Jim's 'awkward' silliness that took place yesterday.

After lunch, on my way back to work, I stopped by the eyeglasses store. It was fairly uneventful. But, right outside that store they were filming something. I got carried away while watching them film take after take; then raced back to work.

Lunch was sponsored by jamba juice and 'Stride' chewing gum.

I'm listening to exciting audio books right now of a boy wizard named Harry Potter. Have you heard of him? I think his book will become popular one day. You should check them out, there's a whole series of them. I finished the first one on Tuesday before lunch. I finished the second one this morning. The third one tomorrow sometime.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Daily Update

I met up with kristen and melissa to go running. I didn't know if i was going to be able to finish well, due to the extreme pain in my right hip-joint. A normal pain to me by this point; only trying to slow me down, but it couldn't. It took me about 2 minutes into the run in order to warm up the joints to the point of invincibility. I ran and ran and ran. After the two min. warm up period I then sped up to a more advanced pace. I passed the girls for a minute, earlier in the first leg of the race, or so I thought. By the time I finished the second lap the two Mobster girls were already back at the finish. I figured they either passed me when I was blinking, or they went the long way around the first time (or they had 'mob business' to take care of and in that case I didn't want to know what they were up to) As I finished lap one I imagined that they were either tag-teaming someone and kicking the crap out of them for 'disrespecting' them, or they were ahead of me already, so I decided not to wait, and I continued to the second lap. My goal for today had been to battle my last time, and hopefully win. I was so close to a new track record, but it will have to wait, as I only finished at 17:08 the first time, and 38:36 the second time around. But I'm working on that. The Pervie dude was there, like usual. He still has the plastic like duffel bags on his car roof. I wonder if that's where he stores the bodies.

Immediately after the long and tedious race, I went to the church building to await someone else to show up. While waiting, I chatted with a few of the people there; from everyone to Ryan Plewe to two boy scouts. There was also some round lady that showed up to also speak with the person I was there to see. She cut in line and then talked his ears off, and almost bored me to death while waiting. But it finally became my turn to visit.

After that I went straight over to Greenfield to see if the guys were still watching a movie. I had gotten a call from Josh informing me that it was tonight's goal to watch the movie 'LA Story'. Its a story of the typical L.A., in typical clich'e fashion. Steve Martin is in it. It wasn't as funny as Josh talked it up to be. He's done that a few times to us lately. but whatever. During the movie I 'borrowed' a bottle or root beer from their fridge and then I kept burping really loud. They didn't seem to mind until the end of the night when Jeff kept prying and asking Jessica to reveal 'Angry Pant's' deepest darkest secrets. I was trying to change the subject and then started talking as if I was only with 'the guys', but it turns out there were two girls in the room. Oops, sorry girls.

I went home to clean my room, but took a huge detour to the store so I could buy my own root-beer in bottles. I was happy to do this, until I got to the store. I went to Ralph's up by the ucla campus, where the students make all their early/late/mid-day beer runs. I think they need a special lane open just for the drunk college kids. After I got home I then realized I probably shouldn't have bought all that soda. In a shameful depression I decided to drink my sorrows away with a newly purchased Orange Cream Soda, while making a half-effort attempt to organize my room. It didn't work that well. I get distracted to easy.

I've been listening to the Harry Potter book at work. I finished book one yesterday. It was fun. Since I'm done with the video games, I have to nerd-it-up somehow.

Lunch was sponsored by In N Out

I'm listening to the story of Harry Potter right now, and I have been all day.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Daily Update

I had to excuse myself from work early today (at 5:32. By the time I got to my car it was 5:36). I was meeting my friend to give back his wifes accordion. Yes, it was the friend who I spoke with on Saturday, and that I mentioned yesterday. I cleared my mind of all negative thoughts on the ride over to his office. I arrived at my destination at 5:54pm. I delivered the package by 5:56. We greeted each other briefly by "Hi, how's it going"s being exchanged. I figured it was best to put it all on the table right at the beginning. So I asked how the 'transition' was going, to the 'new' [him]. He said it was weird, but he was getting by. I suggested that it should be easier to live in a place like LA, than a place like 'small-town America' for his situation. We talked about who else knew 'his little secret'. He had only told one other person and that person had told one other. I think he's carefully controlling the spread of his news, which is understandable. He was going to meet up with another gay dude that we know from school (probably to find out how to act as a gay dude). By this time the chick we know, who he works with, came up to us and I then strategically changed the conversation to who she was 'hanging out' with. I was funny. She was embarrassed. At the same time she was 'strategically' trying to find out what I knew of 'his situation' and he just told her that he has divulged all info to me. I reminded her that I was the foremost trafficker of information in the area. His news is still shocking to me, but I've now come to terms with it within my own mind. Our gay friend suggested that he see a therapist, and I told him that most people should see one, and he will definitely need to talk through some issues before to long.

Anyway; on a friendlier note, I also went to FHE at our ward building. We were playing Kickball. Our ward vs the Santa Monica singles ward. There were about 20 players and 50 spectators. I was one of the spectators who felt it was more important to socialize than to show people how to kick a ball. There were a bunch of 'old dude stalker types' that were parading around too. They kept introducing themselves to the people I was talking to. I felt like they were just waiting right behind me, and then poaching upon whoever I wanted to talk to, ie all my friends. In this setting [although annoying] it was tolerable, but if we had been in a bar, I would have thrown a drink on them and had my friends take them out back and 'straighten them out', if you know what I mean. I threw off their game-plan by relocating to different groups of people and when I saw them start to hover behind
me, I would move again. Eventually I lost them in the crowd, but then as I started leaving the field, they all started swarming like vultures. Just despicable.

After they turned the lights out on us at the field, groups started forming for after parties. My group, the cooler kids, went to Cafe 50's. While there we played Yatzee. (they have games there to play.) On my first roll I immediately rolled two 4's and three 6's. A Full-House. When my second roll came, I threw two 5's and
three 3's. Another full house. The next roll I got 3 of a kind, then four of a kind. I was feeling good. I got a couple more decent rolls, but by the end I couldn't roll even one three in three different rolls, the only number I needed. I was really good at rolling Random assortments of numbers, only being able to turn it
into something good once every two or three turns. It went from painful to tragic. Jeff kept yelling at people to hurry their turn up throughout the game. He wanted
to go home I think. Danny, Rick, and Josh kept discussing the odds and probabilities of each number coming up each time. Danny the argumentative lawyer, Rick who does that sort of market analyzation for a living, and Josh who would just try to reason with everyone else. It was entertaining. Allana just sat in the corner and just played along. My final score was 235. Three people got better than me. The night was sustained by the usual pancakes and a Rocky-Road shake. My tummy cheered as I dove into my food.

I'm listening to the Les Miserables soundtrack. That silly Jean Valjean.

Lunch was sponsored by the jamba juice in the ucla union building, and accompanied by some of the kids that work and study there. (it didn't hit the spot like it normally should. I should have gone for a sandwich.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Daily Update

Friday night I was thinking of going to a 'poetry reading' event over at someones house that I was considering going to, but while running errands I spoke with KA, and she and Jill-a-rina they were interested in food, and food sounded a lot better than poetry so it only made sense to find food. I've read poetry before; you've read one poem, you've read them all, right.

Then Saturday Morning came. I was originally going to deliver the accordion to my friend who let me borrow it. I phoned him when I woke up and he said that it was alright to bring it to his work on Monday. Then we just chatted a bit about life, after all it had been a while since we hung out last. Just as we were wrapping up the conversation he added hesitantly, that there was something else to tell me, and that it wasn't the greatest of news. He and his wife were 'breaking up'. That was sad to hear. They were both good kids. I expressed my condolences, but my friend added that there was another part to that statement. I got kind of nervous in the stomach for a second, fearing some horrible news. He added that the weird part was WHY they were 'breaking up'. (mind you they had been married at least 5-6 years, and I've known him for 3 of those). He told me that the reason for it was because he was gay! Now if that wasn't a surprise to me, I don't know what could have been. I was in shock, and i was then stumped for words. It took probably the rest of the day for me to recover from that shock. Besides his family, I was the second person he had told.

In order to recover, in a manly like fashion, I sat down to fight the battle of my life for a few minutes. Killing bad guys with a lightsaber and defending the universe always cheers people up.

I later stopped by Costco to see if they could get me new tires for my car, but it was a Saturday and There was no way I was going to wait the 3 hours. They obviously didn't know who I was, other wise they wouldn't have made me wait at all. I also stopped by the eye-glasses center there to have them up-grade my vision. I can already see at night, and during the day, but now I want to see super far, and near. You know, the whole range. Luckily for me the 12 o'clock hadn't shown up yet, so they fit me in. They must have known who I was. I'm kind of a big deal you know. That and the cute receptionist had the hots for me, (as well as the doctor [a
dude]). After he waved his hands and did a bunch of hocus-pocus he told me that my sight was already in tip-top shape, and didn't need much improving, so he scribbled on some paper, and then handed me the bill.

I was feeling a bit adventurous on Sunday morning. I went for a morning jog. It
was rough on the joints. but I did absolutely outstanding. 16:56 to be exact. One
second better than last time. There were lots of people out and about. And with
the Street fair, I had to go the long way too. It was super hot.

During the day I stopped by Cheryl's house and she gave me all the harry potter
books on CD. I can't wait to find out what happens to Harry.

Sunday night we invited ourselves over to Greenfield to make dinner, and play the
Wii. We played bowling. I hadn't played before. Neither had Jeff or Kristen, but
Kristen was an instant natural at it. She probably plays more video games than I
do, a closet gamer if you will, but just doesn't admit it. Anyway, she coached both
me and Emily, and after she did so we both did much better.

Lunch was sponsored by Socko's

I'm listening to Talk radio, and Audio books right now.

I better go, lots to do :)