Friday, October 26, 2007

Daily Update

Last night everyone was leaving work early. I didn't want to be left out so I slipped out a few minutes early too. It just seems that when I try to slip out a tad bit early, the bosses are always right around the corner. But anyway, I left to go find the Harry Potter store. Yes the Harry Potter store in Santa Monica! Cheryl found if for me on this fancy thing called 'The Internet'. So I went and it was just like any of the stores of Diagon Alley. I was in Awe. Lucky for me one of the HP nerds there asked to help me. I laid it all out on the line telling her everything from Harry Potter nights at Allana's house, to me 'borrowing' Eric's round glasses and acting like a fruit. As I finished helping her imagine my own dream scape I looked back to her and she appeared to think I was a 'retarded freak show'. So I had to bring it back down to earth. But I think this lady secretly liked everything I had to say. Cause I somehow knew that she was just a big Harry Potter nerd too. When we were done outfitting me, you could barley identify the
difference between me and Harry. They even sold me some fantastic Harry and Hermione bookends. Which will be given to one of my unsuspecting siblings for Christmas in the very near future. My costume is absoultly awesome! You'll be hearing about it more in the future, thats for sure!

So after scoring big at that store, Whimsic Alley, I tried to return the previous costume piece I got, but was only confronted with Red Tape, fine print, and the retards at Aahs (who only live for Halloween), a lame-o gift store nearby. I only decided then to not shop their again. And I decided to go there in the morning, not when everyone else was there.

I had practically forgotten about our Halloween Set up at the SM bldg this evening except for Jessica asking me about it. At first I was confused, but after a few minutes of research, I realized that it was I who was completely confused. When there, the girls had in mind what we needed to happen, so a few people showed up and we accomplished great things.

Then I went to watch the Office... and then stayed up to late. I'm not saying staying up is a bad thing... just a situation to be reasoned with. Thats all.

I'm listening to Sheryl Crow right now.

Lunch was sponsored by In N Out.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Daily Update

So two days ago there were some calendar girls who were using our parking lot to distribute their sassy propaganda-like calendars. I didn't notice this until both Collin AND Patric from my office came into work after lunch and excitedly started showing off their new found smut. I had to roll my eyes at both of them; it was like Charley had just found the Golden Ticket. They weren't to shy about it, so a few of the bosses who happened to walk by have asked about the calendars that are just 'laying' out on their desks. Never fear, I filled them in on everything :)

Last night I went Halloween Costume shopping. I was lucky to have a LA Local with me to help guide me through town. thanks Cheryl. I was guided both on the streets as well as in the Westside Mall. All I had to do is tell her what kind of store I was looking for, then she would list off the store names as well as what they stocked as well as rate them on a scale of 1-10. It was great. We ended up having to go to the fabric store too in order to complete the evening's Costume Quest. I didn't find exactly what I wanted, but a little improvising can go a long way.

I started putting my Christmas List together today. So in case any of my family is listening, you'll be receiving both digital and hard-copy of my 8 page Christmas list document in the next few days. I toned it down from last years 13 pages. Along side my list is the list of stuff to get for everyone else. If you feel you need to add any input to this list, and think you've made it on the 'Nice-Enough' list, then you can submit a 'Gift request form' via email. I will then review your application and you will find out if it passed or failed by Christmas morning*. (*=All gifts depend on Jim's current: Budget, Mood, Store sales, and distance you live from LA.)

Also today, 'Scottish Steve' has stopped swearing. Now he's just burping really loud and obnoxiously. And Collin failed to show up again. I hope he's alright, and his house hasn't burned down.

As I was in the costume store today, I overheard two chicks who were looking for something 'a little sluttier'. I don't think I've heard the phrase "I'm sorry sir, that covers me up to much" before.

I'm listening to a Britney Sears remix right now.

Lunch was sponsored by the Corner Bakery. I ran into Silvia there too. It was funny cause on my way down I honestly thought of texting her and Ricky to see if they were available, but opted not to cause they are always Busy.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Daily Update

So last night was supposed to be the last of my busy nights at work for a while. It kept dragging on and on and on. For all the stuff I finished, there kept appearing more stuff that the other guy wanted changed. Good Grief Man, Leave it alone already! Its a complicated process, but its just how its done in my world I guess.

I went to a Birthday dinner at a quaint little restaurant called Bossa Nova. It was supposed to be Brazilian, but it wasn't very ethnic. Jeff and I got the most BBQ Chicken Pizza on the menu. It was good, I mean really GOOD. They were really slow to take our orders, serve us, and with bringing the bill. Its probably cause I was being as obnoxious as possible. For a minute everyone at the table thought that I had offended the waitress, so she wouldn't take our order. It turned out that they were just slow. I also had lots of time to practice the 5-6 spanish words that I know over and over again. It wasn't annoying to anyone at all.

The After-Party then took us over to Greenfield where some of the girls had promised to make Smoothies (or fruit flavored Shakes). they were also terrific. My taste buds leapt for joy on both eating occasions last night.

I didn't stay there that long. My eyes needed to rest. I've been overworking them at work lately. They deserve a rest. So I got home and started watching Sin City the comic book type movie. Its mildly interesting, and its been on for the last 3-4 nights.

Its funny at work, cause my desk-neighbor Steve, has changed to only cursing/swearing with a Scottish accent. That makes the words funny rather than crude. Also I told you about him getting mad at me for using a 'low quality' pen, right. Well, Steve gave me a new pen with a laser pointer and a light on it. Its big and bulky, and metal. He called it high quality, but it dosen't work that well. The second Steve gave it to me, Danny came up and told me that Steve has a 'Man-Crush' on me. I wasn't ready to accept anything like that, so I profusely denied any such thing.

I'm listening to Ozzy Osbourne right now.

Lunch was sponsored by Marvin's. Its not as spectacular as it once was. They got new guys who aren't as passionate about the food as I'd like them to be. They must be relatives of the owner.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Daily Update

So on friday was our well-hyped Flag-Football game vs. the SM3 ward. I was proud of how our team played, and how our coach did. The ref's were even adequate (thanks Evan). We knew what to do, and how to do it, and we executed well on all levels. But it just wasn't enough in this time of adversity. More of our players played, and we had more AND better fans they did, thats for sure. And our t-shirts were awesome! They turned out really nice. We ended up selling about half of them. By the end of the night I started loosing my voice from screaming so much. It was reminiscent of the high school football days, but someone had to rally the troops to

After words some of us went to Jeff's house for Silvia's birthday gathering. It was fabulous cause we got Danny to sing His rendition of the Birthday song, which could be classified as disturbing. We had pizza and cake & ice cream. What more could you ask for?! I don't know how they found out about it, but there were two people from the SM ward who showed up. Only minutes earlier I definitely remember telling them that "I didn't know of any After-parties". They were a little out of place, but seemed nice enough. They left after maybe 10 minutes, when they realized they only knew one or two people there. I think there were up to 20 of us. At the end of the night we all took a few minutes to do our Danny Koontz impersonations, with him there judging us. It was terrific fun. I think Sara Collins was the best. A few of us stayed super late, but then again, Josh Jeff and I were together again :)

On Saturday Morning I helped someone move. I figured I needed to put in the 'good' hours to make up for the hours of talking bad about the Santa Monica kids leading up to this last Friday night. The highlight of the morning was the glorious donut selection they provided! And as many helpers that were also there, my back still feels like I was the only one moving the heavy stuff. We were done helping by Noon, but the day felt like it was already over. I went home to watch tv with my eyes closed. Lucky for me Mikey was watching football on tv and when he would cheer I would wake up and then ask him to rewind it. I love Tivo. And TV. And donuts.
And Sleep...

Then we had Stake conference, and I actually stayed awake. After we went to Greenfield to hang out. I convinced jeff into making Bread Pudding. and reminded the kids how to play the Wii.

I had to wake up early on Sunday due to the continuing stake conference. It was fine. we still have to be good. In the evening we all hung out over at Cheryl's. We made scones. Cheryl made me drink a diet Coke. I haven't had a cola drink in about 10 years. I tried to resist as long as possible, but she was holding a knife in one hand and the diet Coke in the other and said that I had the choice of which one I got. It tasted like I remember Coke tasting, I think. Then I was super hyper for the next 4 hours, and couldn't sleep.

I'm listening to Madonna right now.

Lunch was sponsored by Panda Express.