Friday, August 31, 2007

Daily Update

Oh my Goodness, I feel that I owe so many of you apologies right now. I don't even know where to begin. Fairburn, Selby, Greenfield, Beans, are there any more? How many more have been kept up late at night, or early into the morning against their will?! I feel so bad now that I know exactly what its like. Now I think I know why we're not allowed over at other apartments as much anymore. :( Will you ever forgive me? I can't speak for the others, but I am terribly sorry.

I was going to go running, but then fell into a computer game mode. oops.

So I had a run in with the 'late night J-Crew' last night you see. I had never realized it was as bad as it was. I stopped by Jeff's place to hang out for a second, maybe to talk about a few trip things, but also to get out of my place. I should have stayed home. I was kind of bored not doing anything inside his oven like apartment. So I told them I'd catch them later. "Oh No, don't leave, lets get something to eat." OK, lets go... then they go right back to doing what they were, which was Josh surfing the internet looking for stupid YouTube videos that had long since been removed (mistake). "No, seriously, I have stuff to do"... No response. So I say good bye and start to leave, "Oh just watch this one more video clip"... (mistake) Three clips later they finally muster up the courage to follow me out the door.

We go down to Jack in the Box(another mistake). It was entertaining for about 3 minutes, during which time I was eating. Then the other two sit back and start philosophizing about sports, religion and politics. All of which discussions have no ending in this century. So I remind them two more times that I've had enough and got to go. Now I need a good excuse in order to leave. Although Laundry and room cleaning and packing aren't good enough reasons for them, I disagreed so I left. then they think I'm agitated so they finally follow me back. I, for some reason, let fly that there was someone I needed to call (mistake). And they of course thought that they needed to be apart of that conversation. So I let them attend my attempted phone call session (mistake). I was only being concerned with someones well being, but they were really reading into the situation (retards). Luckily the person wasn't there (mistake). So now they're in my car and won't get out. Fine, I'll drive them home and save them less than 20 seconds of walking (mistake). Then they didn't want to get out of my car. Then they wanted to discuss what was taking place tomorrow night. But I didn't want to at that point (they weren't about to have any short conversation tonight). I told them I'd see them later and that I needed to get home. With the car doors open, they didn't think they wanted to get out. [now if there isn't anything more frustrating than dealing with 6 year old kids at 12am, I don't know what is.] I did the best to suppress my murderous rage and curses (not sure it mistake or not). You would have been proud of me there, no murder, no violent language (It wouldn't have done anything to those retards anyway.) [and when I say 'They', i mean Josh, with jeff peering over his shoulder like a little monkey, giggling like a little school girl]. After a few minutes it hits me that they're just being jerks and delaying with their lawyer/political anitics, so I told them that I'm going home if they get out or not. They didn't budge, so I started to drive home. Josh was nice enough to keep his passenger door forced open the whole way to my place as well (I hope you can feel my sarcasm). As I drove I had this urge to get close enough for the door to hit something which would force it closed. But then I thought of all the satisfaction that it would indeed give me, but it would eventually piss me off whenever I try to sell or repair it, so luckily my stupidity filter was working overtime then (not sure if mistake yet).

So we make it to my place, and they didn't want to get out of my car. It was their last attempt to control me, but their attempts failed, I reminded them that they knew where I lived, and I marched up to my place. They eventually followed, and continued their annoying political/religious debates, while I tried to find my missing American Express Card and did laundry. Finally by 2am I had finished folding my laundry and told them if they weren't at my car when I got there, I was going to lock it and return to my bed, letting them walk home. But they were in more of a cooperative mood by this point, and I was really tired. By the time I tried to drop them off, they were trying to start another annoying conversation, which I would have none of, so I just told them to "GET OUT" with an expressionless face. Sometimes you just got to be stern with kids. Next time I'll have a squirt gun with me so I might be able to train them not to scratch furniture or pee on carpets n such.

Today was busy at work. But I wasn't to shy about how many people I told about my trip. They were all excited for me too. (I think that just means that I have to get them something now).

OK, so there's the scoop... as some of you may know, I'm leaving town for two weeks starting Sunday evening. As much as I'd like to still keep the tradition of me sending all of you funny/annoying/boring/repetitive emails, I don't know that I'll be able to. So you might get a few, but please excuse me if it isn't every day. Don't worry, I'll still fill you in on every exciting adventure. And I plan to have lots of them. Tenativly, Jeff Plewe, and I are flying into London. spending the night. Chunneling over to Paris, hanging out for 4 days. Train-ing over to Gimmelwald Switzerland for two days. on Monday we're going to Venice for a night. Then we're going to the Cinque Terra for 2 days. Stopping by Pizza on the way to Rome for 3 days. then on the fourth day morning we're catching a plane from Rome to London, then a few hours later from London to LA.

I'm listening to Die Aertze right now. They are a German punk rock band.

Lunch was sponsored by Baja Fresh and hosted by Courtney.

24 hours till usc football kicks off its next triumphal season.

48 hours till European 'Go-Time'.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Daily Update

I got up early today. By early I mean 8am. For me it is anyway. With as much stuff that I have to do though, it probably should have been earlier.

So right after work I met up with Kristen and Courtney. We went running up at the track, the Australian Outback Track that is. I felt good about it in the beginning, you know, on the walk up to the starting point. My how that changed after lap one. There were lots of other kangaroo's and a few hyena's hopping around in teams. I did better than most of them, at first. I was like the great desert Fox. The one who blends into his surroundings and waits for the prey to come to him, then he's ultra fast for a short distance till he catches his victims. Although I didn't have any victims today, I reserve that right for later as needed. There were surprisingly a lot of people running around the Outback this night. I think Kristen was there jsut to show them all how to run like a champ, and Courtney was there to make fun of them all. I was more than willing to help. At the end of my running it was like my motor was sputtering out of gas. But when the desert fox went back to his hide out cave he took a shower and felt tons better.

While at lunch with the kids I heard Angry Pants announce that she was going to attend a movie all by herself. I assured her that I would be gracious enough to accompany her. When she realized that she wasn't allowed to be a lonely victim she invited more people too. We went to see Stardust. It was surprisingly good. At first I told myself I wasn't going to tell any of my guy friends that I saw it, but it was pretty darn good. Funny, sensible, clever, creative, and then of course romantic and magical. I think the best way to describe this show for girls is 'cute'; and the best way for guys would be 'fun'. It defiantly fits the bill. A few weeks ago when I watched the trailer for it I imagined it would be different, but it turned out very nice. Thanks CB.

I spoke with Switzerland today during lunch. I think it was Walter. My German was funny. I was giggling at myself the whole time, as I tried to impersonate a swiss mountain man. I was trying to make a hotel reservation. It will be interesting to see how much my 1:43 phone call will cost. I've stayed at this place twice before. Both were exhilarating.

Tonight I'm going to maybe get a haircut and do laundry, and play computer games. I found a new one that I'm addicted to. Its called Mahjong Tiles. Its just like dominoes, except Chinese... therefore its a lot harder than it should be.

Lunch was sponsored by the ever so healthy Jamba Juice again.

I'm listening to my old Yodeling CD's. I know what you're thinking, and yes, I can already hear Kristen mocking me for listening to such music. I couldn't keep away from it forever, I figure I need to prepare for cultural difference starting in 3 days.

Josh is Bald

As I mentioned a few days ago, Last friday Josh decided to shave his head. He 'needed a change' he said. I think he just wanted to rub his head for luck. Its quite the change from what it was. His mother was appalled. She said he looked like a Nazi. "Only nazi's and criminals do that sort of thing!" Then she commanded him never to do it again. Its funny. He's growing it out now.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Daily Update

OK, so I'm a little pissed right now. This has only happened one other time in the last 7 months, but its annoying as can be! My computer wigged out and then lost all the info on it. Just because I was resting my hand on the stupid keyboard! And then the internet was being really stupid and it wouldn't let me hit the back button, or any button for that matter. If I wasn't at work, I'd probably throw the computer out the window, and yell big words at it as it flew to its death three floors below! That would only relieve some of my anger though.

so anyway...

Yesterday went slow for me. The clock was not on my side. I kept watching it tick, and time wouldn't advance. It made it a long day. I rushed home like a whirlwind. I had travel plans you see. I was off to the African Safari again. It had been a while. I danced through the grazing fields like a king size Springbok. It was glorious. I started more at a regular pace than I had been in the last few weeks. There were many other forms of wildlife out and about that night. Including the newly discovered Scorpion people. they must not of recognized me, but when they decided I quickly put to use the many years of training I had, and also with the aid of razor sharp cunning, and precise battle techniques I was able to subdue the ferocious and unfamiliar foe. It will be a while before they cross me again. Although I was running alone I still felt safe, due to the heavy presence of the mob track team. Every few minutes I'd spring by another group of them. I finished in a brief 17:54. Not to shabby for having been poisoned a month or so ago.

Right after that, I went straight over to our Flag Football opening practice. It was great, except for the fact that I was already tired when we all started. We went over passing and blocking drills. when going over how to block, I think I was the worst example out there. The rules state, No Contact. When rushing to the ball, I started out giving a full effort, but then decided that I didn't want to do that anymore. So I stopped, but my body kept going, thus toppling over, right onto Chris. Sorry Chris. The second time I was determined to fall on the ball and not a person, so on defense, I just rushed right in, pushing chris straight back and the ball tripped both of us. The third time was almost a combination of the two previous efforts. I found myself getting tired, slowing down, but also pushing chris back. I realized this was wrong, AND I was tired, so I slowed up to the point where I just started to fall. Chris realized this and dove out of the way. He almost made it, except for his knee and my knee colliding. Not just on the knee, but it felt like he plucked my Sciatic nerve. My leg went numb, but then quickly felt the tingly shock. OUch. Later that night I was going to kneel on my bed, when I was reminded of my injury by a recurance of this sharp pain. It felt like dozens of shards of shattered glass were crawling up my leg. I imagined some sort of weird medieval torture device being strapped to my leg. I looked down to investigate, but there was nothing there. I just hope that Eric or Mike didn't hear the Yelp that I let out as this happened.

After that I stopped by Veteran to hang out with the fellas. Josh came over and we watched the last half of Krull. What great cinematographic era the early 80's were. Then I left cause it was late, but I'm sure that those two stayed up much later.

I'm listening to Aerosmith right now. But I'm going to start listening to my Yodeling music before I leave today. I have to brush up before I have to perform.

Lunch was sponsored by Marvin's Diner, and was attended by Me, Jessica, Josh, Courtney, and two creepy construction workers. Lets just say, I they were either oogling at me or Courtney. I don't know how she feels about it, but I don't like construction workers 'checking me out' for extended periods of time.

Only 4 days to Europe. I've been practicing my 'American' by speaking LOUD and S-L-O-W for people in my office.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Daily Update

I normally try to attend the Ward's Family Home Evening's. I figure its good to support the wards stuff. But last night was a little bit difficult. the advertised event was Speed Dating. now, I've done something like this before, but it was weird then too. I've always been against the term 'meat market', but in situations like this, its unavoidable. So I went. Upon standing in the entry way as I arrived, I realized how awkward it was going to be. I start talking to someone who then immediately asks for help in avoiding some guy. I then ask if that person was me, in a semi-joking manner. I can't help thinking that at least twelve people there who I don't know are thinking that same thing. Depressing for guys it is. Stalking must have been the subject of the night, cause a bunch of other people mentioned stalkers as well. So anyway, there were a lot more guys there than girls. a recent and growing trend with ward activities. Eventually a LOT of people showed up. It was really loud and 1-3 minutes isn't really enough to even start to get to know someone.

After that wholesome event a few of us went to Marvin's for a dinner snack. I was pretty excited about it to tell you the truth. I hadn't eaten anything in a few hours so It was that time. When we got there I was stalling till the others got there, and that is when they informed me that they were closing! What, don't they know who I am? I told the guy I thought he was lying and then proceeded to order. That's when they said they'd be open for another 15 minutes. Then the others showed up. The two cooks looked strangely at each other. then I in an American voice (slow and loud) told them that they were with me. So then they seemed to grant them admittance to the small eating establishment. The food there is as good as ever. Jeff nursed his burrito down with the greatest of care (meaning he took forever). Then cause the shop was closing we went back to my place, for a few minutes. But as we were doing that Jessica called and needed jumper cables. It turns out that Jenny's car got sick while she was away and needed help. After the jump start failed, she called us back over to her place to help push it out of the garage. We ended up ramming it into some dumpster and letting it rest there. How troublesome. Cars should be made NOT to break.

Courtney was lying on the ground after watching the guys push the car around when a neighbor lady came by with her dogs. They were friendly, and Courtney liked the attention. Dogs like to lick things. The dogs tongue ended up licking her out of control. Dogs are like that. Courtney ended up licking the dogs tongue. I don't think she liked it so much.

I was just over at Diddy Reese looking over their cookie selection when one of the two owners told the einstein looking dude in front of me to take a hike. Although he didn't look to much like a bum, he sure sounded like one. He also acted like one cause he didn't leave. I think he wanted to sleep on one of the tables inside the store. But that isn't sanitary or liked by customers. I was hoping that someone started pushing the other so I could jump in and start tossing people around. But nothing happened. just a lot of mumbling and threatening.

Lunch was sponsored by Jamba Juice and way to much second hand smoke. It was hosted by both CB and JR.

I'm listening to 'Dance' by Justice right now.

Flag Football practice starts tonight.

Europe in 5 days. I hope they're ready for us.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Daily Update

Highlights of the weekend: Josh shaved his head, thus giving himself a new look, and earning a new nickname: 'Skippy'. I'll post a picture when I can of him.

Friday night: we hung-out all over the place. The details are kind of blurry. Yes, the weekend was that long. But we started at the Veteran apartment. We had to finish watching the last half of 'He-Man and the Masters of the Universe'! We ended up going to the store for ingredients and then wound up at the Beans to make cookies; Snickerdoodles to be precise. Jessica and KA made Blueberry Milkshakes and Josh and I made the Cookies. My tummy thought it was most exquisite. After that We, or should I say Josh, had a Tetris tournament deep into the wee hours of the morning. I was angry for letting myself stay up that late.

We had our carpets cleaned in my apartment this last weekend. It was great because our apartment looks tons cleaner, but what wasn't nice is having to wait 2 days for them to dry. Now, let me point out that all of our possessions that were on any part of the carpets had to be moved. So the kitchen, bathrooms, balconies, and the apartment hallway leading to our door were stuffed completely full of boxes, tables and chairs. By Saturday afternoon we put everything back in place.

On Saturday we had an 'Ultimate Frisbee' Tournament in Inglewood. It went from 8am to 4pm. We weren't exactly the best team there, but we were for sure the best looking team there. And the coolest. And we have lives outside of playing Frisbee; some of the other teams were REALLY into it (nerds). But no matter, we were happy to attend, and one thing our team had that the others didn't was lots of girls. There was a two girl minimum per team, but we had 6. Take that other wards! And our girls were better than there girls too. After Frisbee, we went to the only known A&W place in the area. It was super-delightful.

Sunday Dinner was at Jessica's place. It was fun. Kami got a new bed. A Cal-King, 'sleep-number bed'(large adjustable air mattress). So we all had to try it out. We'd just lay there and then adjust the number to how firm or soft we wanted it. It was loads of fun.

Courtney got a new car, but wouldn't take us for rides.

Lunch was sponsored by Quizno's and hosted by Rick n' Silvia.

I'm listening to the copier print lots of papers. Nothing else to listen to.

(T-minus six days till Europe!)