Friday, November 30, 2007

Daily Update

It was cold, dark, and clear. It was getting late as well. I had a list of stuff to do for the christmas party. The stores were a mad house as I attempted to fight my way thru the crowds. I had to steal the shopping cart from an old lady, and elbow a couple of old folks to get to the christmas light department at target. I was purchasing for the C-mas party you see. On the way out I passed by the old lady who's cart I stole. she had reinforcements from her grand-kids i guess so as soon as she got close to me, she yelled and pointed at me. as the kids started charging, I had to use my shopping cart as a battering-ram to break through their defenses. On contact the kids went flying, but not as far as they would have if my cart had been full. they were like a hoard of gypsies. In fact I'm sure thats what they were, rambling in gibberish. The old bag was barking out Gypsy commands in her weird Armenian tongue. I pushed my cart thru the broken defenses at a quick pace. Two of the brats that flanked me grabbed at my legs so I felt obligated to kick them away from me. Every 5 seconds I would check for my wallet; after all they were gypsies. I also had to do whatever I could to avoid their gypsy spells. I grabbed a plastic santa figure and threw it at one of what seemed like 12 kids, plastering him to the floor like a linebacker running into a quarterback. I still felt the spells coming like little snowballs being thrown, so I grabbed another Christmas figure, this time a spiked Christmas tree and started swinging it like a baseball bat. It was effective in frightening a few other of the little gremlins away. Their numbers were half as strong but they were still strategizing against me. I tested them by starting to walk away. It worked for a second before they started sprinting toward me in a little Umpa-Lumpa sort of way. I finally took two more out by tipping the greeting card shelf over on them as we rounded that corner. There was one more who lept for me with a fierce veracity. Luckily I caught him and threw him to the floor, then tipping an adjacent shopping cart over on him then putting something heavy on top of it so he couldn't escape. With that I saw the ol Gypsy bag at the end of the asile with one little brat at her side shaking her head at me. I politely gave her the finger and pointed to my lips, then my butt, then back to her, as I continued my run for the safety of the registers. Once there, I expected some sort of response to this matter from the employee, but nothing. They were oblivious to the people they had lurking in their store. I went home from there.

Next I stopped by Cheryl's place for a second. I wanted to try to tell her and her roommate what just happened but I figured they wouldn't believe me so I kept my mouth shut. We were going to watch the Office, but I showed up much to late for that re-run, so I teased her roommate instead. I then went home. It was early so I stayed up and hung out with the roommates for a bit. Then to bed. It was a good night's sleep.

But that doesn't mean that I got up early. I showed up right on time as I always do.

Lunch was sponsored by the Corner Bakery. their noodles are so good.

I'm still listening to Eragon. He's trying to work his 'magic' with the elf maiden.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

daily update

My rolled ankle is still sensitive. I ended up not taking any pictures of it in fear of it grossing me out later in life. I've suffered enough from ankle/foot injuries, and I'm still sensitive about my right reinforced steel ankle/foot. I have full up and down maneuverability, but side to side is still very tender. Three days ago now I removed the temporary 'ace' compression bandage with hopes of further training it to heal and to move. I've now worked the limp out of it, and am still pushing to further rehabilitation.

During the thanksgiving break I had my foot under 24 hour guard. It was tightly wrapped, but would quickly tire from the extended shopping trips. I have never really been shopping with 'The Trio' before (that would be Brandi, Lacie, and Tiffany - my new sisters.) When I go shopping I know what I want, and I go get it. Most guys are like that. But with the Trio, If its in a store, it needs to be looked at, analyzed, inspected, and even tried on. There were a lot of stores at all the malls that we went to in Salt Lake I tell you! I currently am thinking of a visit to the Park City Outlet Mall. Although my ankle was tightly wrapped, it felt sore; the muscle kind of sore when you've worked out a lot and the muscles are tired. It felt good to bend it, a relief kind of pain. But as I would walk around, chasing the Trio, it was like a chasing a pack of wild kids in a carnival. Every new store they saw was a new possibility, a new adventure, and something new to try on. I don't think there was a single store that they didn't try something on at. Even the kitchen supply store, where I only thought they sold pots and pans. Oh no, they found the aprons, and yes, they were tried on. I should have gotten us to stop at a gas station to test my 'Try Everything On' theory. After that adventure I was exhausted. And all, or most, of my ankle energy was depleted. So now, without the extra bracing support, my ankle feels similar to after an 'Extreme Shopping Trip' with the girls.

Last night Catherine and I went to Costco to shop for the Ward Christmas Party. We filled the back of my car completely full of plates cups and flatware. It was an adventurous trip, cause Catherine hadn't been in a Costco store for a long while, so she was going wild most of the time. And other than my milk spilling and leaking everywhere it was great. and I got to eat at their Hot Dog Stand. Then we stopped by some place called Trader-Joe's. I thought it was supposed to be a fancy expensive place, turns out it a dump! Low prices must mean low quality to them, cause it looked like I had walked into a store from the early 80's (thats not meant to be a good thing). Tonight I have to go find more stuff for the party.

Work is still busy. And 'Denim Steve' sounds like a Walrus. I guess he was sick this time.

Lunch was sponsored by Jamba Juice, and a bit of second hand smoke from a bunch of European chicks. (on my way to lunch I saw Silvia. I stopped and stared at her, and waited for her to see me. when she was about 15 feet away she threw her hands in the air and yelled something like 'hello'. the 4 guys with her looked confused. We chatted for a minute.)

I'm listening to Eragon. Its still a bit confusing and disjointed. I'm waiting for something cool to happen.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Daily Update

I'm so pissed right now. I just got back from lunch. As I was sitting down my left pocket rammed right into the corner of a solid wooden table. I immediately heard the sounds of Lego's and crystal falling, and crashing into the hard and unforgiving floor; Crashing, snapping, and breaking sounds filled my ears. I froze as my mind analyzed the situation. My left pocket is where I keep my phone. Denial swept over me, as disbelieve filled my soul. I had just checked the time only seconds earlier. I slowly reached into my pocket. My fingers gently prodded around to inspect the situation. Yes, there was a phone and a few other small papers. I pulled my cell phone out of its hiding place. I gingerly brushed my thumb over the severely cracked surface. It looked like it was the remnant of an old battle field, the face might have even stopped a bullet. My phone looked back at me and quietly said, "I'm broken". A tear rolled down my cheek as all the memories of my phone passed in front of my consciousness. I was only interrupted by the Hippo's next to me who had started diving into their trough. It was feed time. I was mad at myself for changing my mind at the last moment and going there instead of Panda. I'll never change my mind again.

I also had memories of going to the phone store only yesterday to inspect new phones. I have evil plans to 'upgrade'. I've had them for a while now actually. Last night I found out that I still have 5 months on my T-Mobile contract before I can cancel, Otherwise I'll be slapped with a 200 smacker penalty for breaking the contract early. My new choice will be to join my brothers Family plan at cingular. It will be better, it will be cheaper. I will tell you more about it when the time is right.

Last night I met with the Bishop. No I'm not in trouble again, why do you always think that? We, and his two helpers, discussed the outcome of the service auction. After that I was given a cookie that I thought would rip the fillings right out of my head it was so hard.

Also last night I took up arms to fight the battle of my life. I just got the game last week, and I've already conquered the battle field in the name of Good. Now I'm playing the Bad Guys. Its rather fun. Last night I took particular pleasure in destroying the Shire, and killing every single Hobbit I saw. They were no match for my hordes of Orks and Goblins. I cut thru them like butter, and then sacked Bagend, Bilbo and Froto's house. It was a complete and utter victory!

More from the co-workers: So Steve, my desk neighbor continues to talk to himself, the wall, and to the computer in an outdoor voice, I've seen no end to this annoyance. Today must be Denim Day in Steve's Closet, cause thats what he's wearing, including Denim socks and underwear probably. He's also sick, thus speaks like a horse. And just to make sure that everyone knows he's sick, he wanders around coughing on people. Of the two or so months he's been here, he's only been present maybe half of those days. Our time together is filled with complaining and bickering, and then the swearing. most of the time when he complains its about his back, or health, or the computer not doing what he wants it to (user error) it seems like he's just informing me he'll be leaving early, or won't make it in to work the next day. He's become predictable.

Did you see the Dancing With The Stars results? Julianne from my ward won again.

Lunch was sponsored by The Corner Bakery, unfortunately.

I'm listening to Eragon still. I'm at the beginning of the second book, and its becoming confusing and disjointed. I'm loosing interest unless he 'hooks-up' with the Elf princess or starts killing Orks soon.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Daily Update

I stayed at work late, like normal lately. I went home and dove into the huge bowl of spaghetti that was left from Sunday night. From there I thought about going to FHE. then I thought about it again, and even again. Each time My mind was perplexed about showing up only for a few minutes to show my support. But I had an appointment to watch Hitman with Jeff on the Fox Lot.

It was a cool movie, kind of like the Bourne series, but more gruesome killing. Yes, it was a lot like the Borne Identity. It was fun. The one part they could have left out was was the 'love interest'. A little to much.

After that, I found it necessary to drive downtown to make a deposit at my ATM down there. Usually it goes quick and easy, but this time someone was plotting against me. All my usual parking was filled, so I had to park farther away. Annoying for a still recovering ankle. I get to the ATM and all of the deposit envelopes are gone, How ridiculous! At one time I stock-piled some in my car so I scurry back to my car and then search for such an envelope, but to no avail. I looked everywhere, and I didn't feel safe staying in one place for to long, so I reluctantly decided to make the trek deeper into the campus to the second known ATM. I start walking in the most direct direction, when I realized that I can drive onto the campus late at night with little trouble, so then I turned again, back to my car. I drove to closest possible, most inconspicuous spot to the Central ATM. As I arrive I notice many envelopes scattered all over the ground. After a quick investigation, I realized that they belonged to another bank. Relieved, I went to my goal, but only to notice that the screen said 'Out of Order'. NO! I thought. How could this be? someone was indeed out to get me. So I had to act ever so aware. To my fortune I found extra envelopes in stock at that location. I horded a few and went back on my way. So then again, I had to make the trip from my parking spot back to ATM #2, my primary destination. After having braved the many wily students, and shadows, I safely arrived, only to find many questionable people there waiting in the ATM transaction room. I puffed my chest up, held my arms up to fight, and made mean looking faces at the people there. After the guy and two little asian chicks left I made my transaction safely, then was on my way again. Another successful trip. I ran into a few trolls on the way, but luckily they ran away when I howled at them.

Today after lunch I passed a bum wearing shorts. He was the most filthy person I'd ever seen. Scales of dirt clung to him like babies cling to their bottles. I immediately wanted to get a garden hose and turn it on him, as well as scraping him down with a bristly push-broom, just to rid him of the caked on filth that was plaguing his skin. Wouldn't it feel better to be clean? Don't you think that people wouldn't be as afraid of you if you didn't look like that? I wondered in my head if the batter of dirt would come off with an ice scraper, or even a straight razor. Then I realized that I didn't want to be any closer than 10 feet to him. After all, I hate the smell of ammonia, and dead rotting things, like the bugs that I'm sure live in that frazzely head of hair.

Lunch was sponsored by D'Amor's Pizza. it was Good, but I don't feel the need to go back for a while.

I'm listening to Eragon fight the battle of his life right now.

Thanksgiving Day Update

Wow, its been almost a week, I'm so sorry to keep you in the dark about my adventurous life. Going back to last Tuesday, I stayed up super late trying to finish the Service Auction List. I finished around 2:30-3am-ish. And then realized I still had to pack, and clean my room and stuff like that. I took a few minutes to check emails, n' stuff like that. I was also listening to music at the same time. Partially for enjoyment, but as well to practice my complex Multi-tasking skills.
So during one song I heard a strange beeping noise. It was weird, but didn't think about it to long. Seconds later the song changed but the beeping persisted. It immediately hit me that it was an Alarm! Oh Crap! I had lit a candle in the bathroom earlier that evening and forgot about it. I ran to the rescue and only had to blow out the extended wick to extinguish the trouble. After waving my hand and batting the alarm down, all was fixed. I also found solace in Fighting the Battle of My Life once more. I have taken up arms against the evil trolls of Middle-Earth
once more. Finally around 4:30 I was set and laid down, thinking about how good a rest would be, but then quickly realized how horrible it would be if I wasn't awake to get a ride to the airport at 5:30. So I stayed awake. I dozed off for a few minutes, but when I realized it, I quickly snapped awake.

Wednesdays journey went by quickly. The second I sat down on the plane I fell asleep and didn't awake until we landed in Utah. It was 30 degrees there. I was happily greeted by Brandi-licious Chocolate Chip Cookies at my house! They were almost the best things ever! Having just judged in a Cookie competition, I felt that these cookies need to be entered next time to be judged.

My new sister's family also joined us later that evening. From there we Put marvelous puzzles together, watched wonderful TV shows, and ate lots of chocolate and treats. I saw it as an incentive to go back to Salt Lake for Christmas, despite the freezing cold. My little brother showed me how cool Guitar Hero on his computer was while my brothers and new sisters discussed wild tales of unbelievable size. In the evening we didn't have a set dinner, but we took full advantage of all the food laying around at our disposal.

Thanksgiving Day was a day of pancakes, turkey, and Football watching. The food was SO GOOD. My mouth now knows what heaven will taste like. I fully abused myself with the amounts I ate. It was spectacular. The Turkey, Mounds of potatoes, rivers of gravy, heaps of stuffing, baskets of rolls, loads of healthy stuff, and gallons of root-beer... then there were the stacks of pies. I'm drooling just thinking about it. After fighting off a thyrotrophin nap, I enjoyed a successful battle of usc college football. The girls dove into the newspaper to find all the ads for
needed/non-needed shopping places. I went with my dad later to go to a store. That was a big mistake. We went to CompUSA. As we got there they had all 8 registers open with at least 80 people in line for each one! That and every thing we might want was already gone. My dad was surprised to see people out that late at night, and it made him mad. I wasn't sure what part of the word 'Biggest shopping day of the year' he didn't understand.

On friday I again treated myself to pancakes, just to remind myself I was on Vacation. Later a large group of us went to paint ceramic plates. It was awesome! we had some really cool ideas. I'll tell you more about it all later.

Later we went to Chuck-A-Rama for Tiffany's birthday. Another great binge session.

On Saturday we went shooting. It was also fun, but Dave forgot the rifle ammo so I didn't get to shoot 'ol Betsey'.

Today at work I heard a horrible sound come from out front. I sprang to see what was the matter, and saw a motorcycle rocking on its side, wheels still spinning, and some lady running to the back of her car, as well as 3 or 4 on-lookers.

I'm listening to Eragon right now.

Lunch was sponsored by good ol In N Out.

Ut-Oh, the boss is coming, I gotta go...more explanations later...