Monday, November 19, 2007

Daily Update

It was definitely a busy weekend. On friday night we had our second installment of Lord of the Rings Night, with 'the Two Towers'. It was fun I thought, because of the running commentary of how 'gay' Froto and Sam were, and others in the movie too. It was a whole new aspect to movie watching. My foot was ultra swollen and looked like a marshmallow.

On Saturday I woke up to the welcome treat of Mike making French Toast for Rich and Jake. Oh, don't mind if I do! These cinnamonie treats made my morning most joyous.

Jeff took us to see 'Mr. Majorium's Wonder Emporium' at the Fox Lot. It was definitely a kids show, and mildly entertaining! When I say Kids I mean 8-10 years old. They even made Natalie Portman look like a little boy, which made it super weird when she kissed Dustin Hoffman. Dustin acted like a freakin retard the whole movie. That didn't help my opinion of it. Natalie was pretty sassy, except for her boyish hair.

I went Christmas shopping in the evening. I ended up finding a lot of cool stuff for myself; and I told myself to go back to a few stores later in the season too. When standing in line at Ross, buying one small can-opener, it took me maybe 20 minutes to get through the line. Long lines, Cash register failures, employee incompetence , and everybody demanding service all at once seemed to make time go by really slow.

In the evening Jeff and I went to a Birthday party with a Redneck theme. It was nice. Lots of people. Its not to often that the cops get called on a Mormon Party. I was a little disappointed in them there for trying so hard to play 'Root-Beer' Pong. A stupid drinking game. I was mad that I went when Kerry approached me and asked if I would speak in church. At first agreed, but then demanded

Again I Stayed up super late, this time I was composing 'sign-up sheets' for the detailed volunteer service that I'll be requesting from the dear people in my ward for our Christmas party. There is much to do before Christmas comes.

On Sunday it was business as usual. Just before church ended I heard Ryan and Kelsie talking about having a cookie bake-off between her and Jeff. I immediately had to step in, and 'handle' the situation, (or organize it.) I declared myself a supreme judge in Chocolate chip cookie baking, and also allowed Laurel to assist, then Later Evan was also asked to judge as well. Evan is very critical of everything, so he did well. I arrived a bit late, due to other church duties, but there was a roaring crowd of people ready to observe this intense competition. It was only 20 minutes before the panel of judges was lined up and ready to pronounce their verdict. It was an intense judging session I tell you. Each cookie had their own unique quality that was unmistakably brilliant. Jeff's freshness, Kelsie's sweetness; I really should have taken pictures of the beautiful cookies. They were both Cookies worth remembering. Jeff's had a little more Bite, as Kelsie's had a nice touch of sweetness. Both Bakers indeed touched their cookies with love. The judges meaningfully bit into each cookie's spongy center, and analyzed each chew carefully. We had to occasionally cleanse our pallet's with a gulp or two of milk before we would switch between competitors cookies. Jeff's was a little touch of goodness all over again. It was a mound of cookie with chocolaty fault lines riddled throughout. I liked Kelsie's cookie more than I thought I would. It was sprinkled with sugar on top, yet still provided just enough sweetness to be exquisite, and each bite was memorable. Jeff's was a mound of gloriousness that had a little 'Bite' that befriended my taste buds quickly. When all was said and done, Jeff won the competition with 92 points, to Kelsie's 91 points. I thought that Kelsie's Cookie would win, but after we broke it down into scoring categories, we all voted that Jeff's had that little something more. We had to redo our scoring cause Danny, the self-appointed arbitrator, announced that we had to for some long winded legal reason. There were a lot of people who showed up to watch the judging (and to taste for themselves too.) Next time we should video tape it and then send it in somewhere.

I woke up at 9 today and didn't feel like getting up. Oh boy. I really need a break from staying up late. My foot's swelling has gone down enough for me to see how horribly deformed and discolored it is. The dramatic bruising goes all the way from my heel up to my toe knuckles, mostly on the outside of my foot. Luckily my super human healing powers has preventing anything more severe from happening, an it has repaired me enough to be able to walk without limping so soon after the incident.

Today Steve is talking/swearing like either a old English Mizar, or a cripple little English orphan girl. I'm not sure which, cause they both sound the same. I think he's listening to the 'voices' in his head more and more.

Lunch was sponsored by In N Out. (I didn't feel like venturing to far away from my work nest today. My damaged ankle is feeling loads better, but Still very sore. I'm also feeling luckily today, so I didn't really wrap it up in bandages and braces.

I'm listening to the story of Eragon right now. Its quite fascinating I tell you. I'm hanging on every word that they say.