Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Self!

So I went to work today just like any usual day. Its just that this day was special. It was a work day for me, but not everyone else in the office. Just me, lynn, and the Boss. They offered to take me to lunch (there was no 'special' reason, they were going just cause they could) but I couldn't join them cause I brought my lunch. I had spaghetti from 2 weeks ago, and yes, it was still good. I worked only until 5 or so when the bosses told me we were done for the day. So I left. It was nice leaving earlier than usual, when there was still light in the sky.

When I got home it was indeed dark, but you'll never guess who I ran into there, yup, it was that Cheryl girl. I admit, I was bored and hungry but Cheryl graciously announced that she'd let me take somewhere to get food. We went to C&O Tattoria. It was good. I got the usual, oily-shrimp-artichoke-noodles. There weren't as many luscious buttery bread balls as normal either, so in a true Jeff fashion I loudly complained about it to someone passing by who tried to help me with the situation. Since I was celebrating this day, we also got dessert. Whatever it was, it was recomended by the waitress. Cheryl seemed eager to taste it, so I got two of them. Whatever they were I should have only gotten 1. It didn't taste like chocolate(cardboard), it didn't feel like cream inside(paste), and it didn't look like it taste that bad(very plain). But I was mistaken. It wasn't the ideal birthday dessert, but it had to do.

Then we went home and I treated myself to an evening of video games. It was great.