Thursday, April 5, 2007

Daily Update

I really feel beat up from running last Tuesday. The deceitful clan of ninja must have been on my trail. They have been trying to defeat me for some time now. Although I haven't found any poisonous dart remnants, I must assume it was a topical poison. Kind of like Ben-gay or Hand-lotion, except they have put it in the air, or secretly sprayed me with this venom. So I have sent a skin sample in to the lab where I have my regular work done.

I've been good about waking up on time, but I've been bad with getting out of bed before 9. (Oh ya, I think I'm supposed to be there at 9). Today I got there at 9:20 and I was the first one there (besides the bosses). so I guess I'm still ok :)

Last night after work I got home and ran into Jim M. (the roommate, not alternate personality, ... like 'Jegie') He and Eric had already helped Jim's friend move, so they didn't need my services anymore. Me and Jimmy chatted it up for a little bit discussing my upcomming trip to the Fatherland. He had a lot to say because he has been there many times for extended amounts of time.

I then started working on paintings, mostly research (surfing internet looking for ideas((but not the sites that my brother visits))), as well as cleaning up my room. both at the same time. Not as effective, but hey, I'm a guy.

Then noticing the late hour, I hurried off to the Greenfield flat. EmWin and Nahum made Chocolate Souffle'. Wow was it good. I mean Real good. Then when her show came on(lost) there were more guys in the room who passivly objected to that show so we watched something on the bible, and then the history of Candy. Both were terriffic. Then, before we knew it, the clock read 1:30. oops. Lucky for me my Cinderella hour is around 2, not 12. I went home and had to finish up some painting prep stuff. Its a lot of work I tell you. Oh ya, speaking of the Greenfield girls,
Maggie had been asking about that Chair of hers that Raquelle gave to Eric and I. So I bitterly brought it over. Then when I realized it didn't fit in my car door, I got a little upset. The 'Old Jim' may have taken over for a few minutes. The new jim just closed his eyes and hoped the paint didn't get to scratched up. But after a few kicks, punches, shoves, and mean words the chair decided to cooperate. The girls were happy to see a new piece of furniture, and the chair and I are not currently on speaking terms because of its stubbornness, and unwillingness to
cooperate. During the visit there I also worked on Man-Box stuff. I had scanned some sketches of mine that I will be arranging in Photoshop and finalizing within the week.

On the way back from lunch today, I was just minding my own business, when I saw some rambunctious little girl tornadoing down the sidewalk. As she and her parental unit got close, the leash tightened enough to let me and all the pedestrians pass her by. As the 'hellian' passed I noticed her t-shirt said "i'm cute" on it with a picture of a bunny. At this moment of comprehension and confusion, I didn't know what else to do other than smile at this child, and say the words " no you're not" as I walked by. I didn't think about this until after it came out. It was a complete melding of the 'new' and 'old' jim's. It must be just like when Spiderman has to fight off the Venom creature in the Third spiderman movie, which is due to release in a month.

Lunch was brought to us by Jamba Juice, the letter A, and the number 3.

I'm listening to The Smith's right now.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Daily Update

I went running last night. I was very pressed for time. I assured my compadre's that I would be punctual to a 7:30 appointment. So left work on time, to drive over to Brentwood. I started out very strong, but after 4 minutes I already felt exhausted. I was proud like a lion though. Both my long flowing mane of manliness(not quite like joshs', I refer to my hair not beard) and my bare feet It seemed like a normal run. There were a few differences. the sun was up. There were a lot more people out copying me. No Renee I didn't see 'Hot Pants'. (I only see her on sunday mornings). And the temperature has been getting warmer. Other than that its the same as at night. It was different to be able to see the colors and textures of the trees and ground, rather than having to use my Bat-like sonar abilitys to sense where foreign objects are. I also could see thru the fence and bushes into the country club. It reminded me of Caddyshack. good ol Danny Noonen. There were still obsticles during the sunlight hours. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't
all like walking on pillows. My Lion claws had to fight for every piece or real estate. Lets face it, the king of the Sahara dosent' have the kingdom handed to him on a silver platter of zebra meat. So neither would I. (just like in the lion king movie). I passed lots of people. Most of them were kind of trying, but they were no threat. Two people in particular gave a noble attempt. We were even in the race for a good stretch but then both times as we turned a corner the got afraid, and
stopped. So I triumphantly jetted ahead. Because of the lack of sheer speed I had plenty of oppertunity to practice my gracefull running style. I didn't feel that fast, but after finishing and seeing the clock in my car I was astonished at my superbity. I had once again championed the corse. Then I raced home. I was just as good on the streets as I was on the track.

I met with Athos & Porthos at the Selby rendevoux. I had invited us over to dinner there from the week earlier. We made pizza. Mmmmm mmmm good. By later in the evening we all started reminising about being in school and pranks n' stuff, until it got out of hand. The Selby Girls are wild and crazy. That is a dangerous combination. So the guys had to leave. Then we held discussions about our Man-Boxes.

I tried to clean my room, but it didn't last to long. I had to put it on the adjenda for tomorrow night.
Lunch was sponsored by Quizno's, and hosted by Renee.

I'm listening to some Swiss radio station, I'm about to turn it to something more
uplifting. OK, now its Bob Dylan.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Daily Update

For Family Home evening Logan was hosting a BBQ at his place. I spoke with some
girl named Renee just before I drove over there and asked if a carpool was in order.
She agreed, so I drove over with her and jessica. Its what I can do for the
envoronment. Remembering it was her 'actual' designated birthday, I wore a special
t-shirt just for her. My NRA shirt. It was great. Upon greeting her, her face
went from 'oh, nice to see you' to 'its time for you to leave' in less than 0.3
seconds. Realizing my funniness had been atchieved I ran over and attacked her, and
added a hug/good shaking. It was at that moment that I thought of her new nickname
of 'The little Liberal Cannonball'. It was fun. So we got there a little late.
Late relitive to when I thought it started, turns out we got there really late. Jim
learned to check the start time of 'free-food festivals' more closely next time.
Logan said he didn't expect so many people. So when we got there they had just run
out of food and were waiting for more to arrive. The hot dog buns got their first
so in a moment of sly develishness, I horded a hot dog bun, but didn't want to hold
it, so I stuck it in my pocket. Then I got busy talking. The next thing I know,
they had run out of hot dogs again, so I just put the bun back. Also at the bbq,
Gretta noticed my shirt and then didn't want to talk with me anymore. I had to
laugh, cause I didn't know she was a 'stark raving liberal' either. She later
accepted it and would talk to me agian.

While at this little party, Jim was talking with a girl named Kristen. Kristen was
speaking about hygene. Jim had to laugh cause he had a story about hygene. When he
was home last weekend Brandi tried to scold Jim about hygene. When Jim went home he
didn't bring a change of clothes. Jim packs light. Jim is efficient. Jim DID wash
his clothes on day two. Jim wore a clean outfit every day. Brandzilla didn't think
it was visually hygenic. But Jim is hygenic. Jim may have also forgotten a
toothbrush. But last time Jim forgot a toothbrush he used someone elses. Jim felt
weirder than not brushing, so he didn't. Jim didn't remember until day three
anyway(the day jim went home). Brandi tried to give Jim grief. Brandi harassed Jim
for hours. Brandi isn't funny. Kristen laughed at Brandi's un-funnyness. Kristen
likes when Jim is harassed for some reason. Brandi likes harassing Jim. Kristen
likes Brandi. Kristen laughs at Jim's grief. Jim dosen't like it. Jim cries at
night. Poor poor Jim. Jim dosen't know why he shared it last night. Jim also
dosent' know why 'he's' sharing it over the internet. Jim is confused. Poor Jim.
Jim needs professional help. Jim dosen't know that someone else is writing this
segment for him. Jims friends are funny.

After the bbq, we met at Jessica's for ice cream to celebrate Renee's b-day again.
I felt it necessary to give Renee the gift of birthday spankings. I was funny.
After Jessica sent out the announcement, I replied to jessica (only) and pretended
to have a competing party, and I invited everyone to a different location. I was
very funny.

Jeff told us that Mary got laid-off yesterday. Very unfortunate with the wedding
coming up and all, but that just opens up more places for them to go, neither are
tied down to LA. But still it sucks. I offered to phone in bomb threats for a few
weeks to her 'old' work, but Mary said that wouldn't help, but I secretly disagreed.
She's rather cheerful about the whole deal.

Lunch was sponsored by In N' Out.

I'm listening to German Culture Radio out of Berlin right now.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Daily Update

The weather is shaping up nicely. The weekend was gorgious. I was kind of annoyed
that confrence was taking away all this time away from me and the nice day. I mean
really, I could have gone shopping.

I figured out how to close my window blinds so that not as much sun comes in my room
in the morning or evening. I only care because I'm turning my room into an art
gallery. Some of the paintings hanging on the south gallery wall are being hit by
direct sunlight around 5:30-6 pm for a few minutes, which might damage the color
brightness. The morning light annoys me because it wakes me up 5-10 min. before I
want it to. But hey, that problem is solved.

On Friday I had the chance to hang out at Jessica Johnson's birthday party. It was
a small group. We ended up playing some game called 'scattagories' where a letter
would be chosen and you would come up with words that responded to phrases provided.
For example the Letter M would be rolled and we then had 1 min. to come up with
words that started with M, that also responded to a statement on a provided card.
So if our phrase was 'something in the ocean', our response would be "Murder
Victims". Then you get points if no one else writes what you write. I teamed up
with this chick named Erin. I don't know if we won, although we porbably did, but
we definatly had the most fun. We were the only two to push the limits with subject
matter and words used.

The internet at Jeff's wasn't working, so the confrence signal was really bad. Oh
ya, they don't actually subscribe, they just hijack the nearest neighbor's signal.
So after French Toast, we landed at J.Bean's. There while watching, we drew,
colored, slept, or cooked; depending on the attendee.

On Saturday night, right after guy-conf. and in true Plewe/Rowley fashion, jeff
scheduled an apartment walk thru exactly at the time that I assured Jessica that
we'd be at her place so we could carpool to Renee's party. And how it normally
goes, someone calls or run's into us as I'm trying to hurry jeff out the door so we
can be as punctual as poss., and then we need to explain what we're doing then then
need to decide in 30 seconds if they should come with or not, which takes at least
10 minutes, right Rick. Then at the Potential new apartment, which was very nice,
Kristen called me wondering where the crap we were cause the party bus wanted to
leave. As I was trying to explain our delay, and walk away from the group of
apartment viewers, they kept following me to each of the balconies so then I had to
tell them to stop following me! So then the fun bus finally drove out to BFE to
attend a birthday celebration for Renee. It only took us a freaking hour to get
there. The food was spectacular, and the hot tub was nice too. I backed out of the
euro-style speedo wearing contest, I decided not to embarass all the other guys.

Sunday morning was super-fantastic. We had pancakes at Jessica's place. The only
problem is that Jeff has just found out how spectacular sleeping in can be, so
lately it has been a situation that he hasn't been getting up as early as I need my
pancakes. But I forgave him. The girls made some wonderful food too. oh ya, then
we watched conference. Jessica and I continued drawing on the illustration board
that I brought over. It was fun.

Sunday night was Nancy's birthday.

At work I'm researching Elevators.

Lunch was sponsored by the Corner Bakery

Today I'm listening to European Techno. it helps my 'hurry-up' attitude.