Monday, September 21, 2009

Decorating Cakes!

So last week we had our first 'actual' Cake Decorating Class. It was the second of four, but the first class was just an orientation of what to bring, and how to bring it, etc. And funny thing, is that on Tuesday night I got a call from that Cheryl girl and she asked me if I would be driving to Santa Monica the next evening, and I told her it was funny cause I was indeed planning to. Then she told me that she was taking this class and she wasn't sure if her car would make it therefore needed a ride, and since I live just around the corner it only made sense. So I then told her that I was taking the very same class too! Who ever knew that she of all people would be in the exact same cake decorating class! It was all sponsored through Michael's. We carpooled over there, and Cheryl was starving so we decided to stop at Tommy Burgers, which was a slight error cause we left at 6:45pm and the class was at 7pm. We really only had time to go straight there, but we (she) decided we needed food first. After wolfing down our deliscious chili-grease burgers we raced over to SAnta Monica. We would have been alright, but it was after all, Santa Monica, and it was 9-9-9, and for some reason meant that they were having a big party on the Pier, which made parking $15, or off-limits. So that made me mad cause I hate paying for parking, but after 20 minutes of circling and not finding anything we (I) finally broke down and payed $6 at some distant lot. We were almost the last people there, arriving 15 minutes late, but one more crazy lady came after us.

Most of the class is younger girls... (I should tell Jeff and Josh about that class)... and then one or two crazy old women. Our teacher is Some funny Nigerian lady who's accent can throw you off if you don't pay attention.

The next class we had was last Wednesday. We brought all our stuff, cake included. This time there were 4 new yentas. One old crazy one who wasn't there before, and three yappy retarded girls from the Tuesday night class, and man were they LOUD. I seriously considered turning around and picking up their frosting and spilling it on the floor, then sticking my finger in each of their cakes. Luckily for them they shut up fairly quickly. The other group of yappy old ladies was at the other end of the room, and I didn't think throwing the other loud girls cakes at the far end loud women would have gone over to well; but i did consider defending myself against their retaliations, if it came to that.

If all you want to see is pictures, you must visit Cheryl's blog.

It was pretty fun. I still need plenty of practice, but I sure did get plenty of complements from our instructor as well. Things like "You sculpt icing amazingly well for such a novice." And "Wow, I've never seen anyone do such wonderful things with their cake icing before!" So just you wait to see what I can accomplish further down the road!