Friday, July 13, 2007

Daily Update

It was Thursday again. I left work promptly at 6. B-lined it to my car, then fahr-fig-nugen-ed my way home. It was running night. I just wasn't feeling it. I wasn't planning to do spectacular, but I couldn't help it. I was about to. I started slow, holding back the power which has been festering for almost a full day and a half now. I never experienced the explosion of energy, but it was a fine slow trickle which served me well. I was running with Kristen again. (I guess all 'family business' was settled last week.) I think she had lots of built up anger, because my superior skills and training let me keep up for the first two and a half sides of the course, but at the top of the first hill on that side, it was a scene like from the Roadrunner cartoon. The one where While E. Coyote straps a large rocket to his back and lights it, and he is propelled toward the Roadrunner and he is about to catch up with it but the Roadrunner just smokes him and goes 10 times faster without batting an eyelash, all within a split second. So I was left to my own inspiration. The first time around it took me 17:35, and the second lap added up to around 36:06. I would have done worse, but some chick (lets just call her 'hot pants') tried to pass me on the inside, which added to my strength, I paced myself with her for a few minutes, then turned on my energy reserves for the uphill side. I then took the lead for next one and a half sides (the longer sides) then she ran ahead of me then crossed the street at the corner, which I don't do. As for me, I ran like a great lion. This lion though, had a racing stripe down the back of
him, and his hair shaved into a Mohawk. Thats right, a sassy punk lion. one who doesn't always obey the rules, and seeks adventure often, and doesn't take crap from anyone. And thats exactly what was going on last night. I was leaping over other people just so I could get ahead. I even had to pull a small tree out of the ground to make it easier to run in a straight line. I wasn't about to go around an obstacle at that point. It was a good race. Pervie boy was there again as well.

It turns out that movie editing takes a lot longer than I expected. For me anyway. Another late night. and my computer started pissing me off cause it wouldn't save the movie properly. So in the morning when I got up I had a great big fat ERROR message on the screen. But I slept well. In the morning I was late for work cause I was adjusting a few things, and I re-render it. If it doesn't turn out this time, I don't think it will make the Late Late deadline for the festival. Cross your fingers everyone; and Jessica DON'T try to jinx it! There isn't anything you can do to make me cut your scenes from my Movie! :) Thanks.

I know that some of you probably get annoyed when I talk about fighting the Battle of my Life, but I'm on break from that now. not 'really' playing, just to pass the time. Now I saw on the news today about a new video game that I am anxious to own. Its a Star Wars game, and It looks Super-Cool! I can't wait to terrorize the Galaxy yet again. The down side is that I have to wait till April 08.

Lunch was sponsored by Cantaloupe, Banana's, and Strawberries; as well as Burger King. (I had to run home during lunch to see if my movie was finished. It wasn't. Meanwhile I ate healthy. Then as I sped back so work my poor little stomach was yelling out for more, and BK was the closest alternative.)

I'm listening to German Radio Stations via this thing called the internet. Everything else seems boring to me.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Daily Update

I had to leave work early. I had arranged a pickup with someone I know deep into Santa Monica territory. It was out of my territory, but it was necessary. I met up with Jesse, from school, and I also ran into L-Train, and Corey the Mullet. You see, it was Jesse's wife who was letting me borrow the accordion. And to make the transition as easy as possible, I traveled out there. An hour's journey, but it will be worth it.

Yes, thats right, it was the long awaited Harry Potter Night. Right after I got back I went right over to our movie meeting spot, which was only temporary. This time it was finally on the big screen, this is the moment so many of us have been waiting for (special thanks to the Selby Girls). The last 4 or 5 weeks have built our anticipation up to this pivotal moment. (special thanks to AD for getting the tickets too.) The first wave of fans drove over at 7:45 to be in line by 8. There were only 5 people (1 family it looked like) who was even nerdier than us, who were in line in front of us. Allana was smart to bring card games, but she wasn't as smart to play with jeff and i. (the first game she brought out was all about color recognition, jeff is unable to participate is such activities. and the second was Phase 10. I have yet to be beaten at that game. No, I'm not on a 'high horse', just on a really tall mound of dirt ((sometimes called a hill or mountain)) that has a castle built on it with a huge moat, and I am on top of that castle, standing next to that 'high horse', with guards surrounding me. thats all. [I think it this last thanksgiving where me and my two brothers played this card game with 3 of my new sisters. they kept getting mad cause me and Dave kept winning, and we had never played before. It was glorious.] It was fun (for me) but we ended cause the line started moving. The others were happy to end, cause they weren't wining as much as me.

So it started out just the five of us in line. Then two left, then another group came, then another one or two trickled in, then the two came back, then a group of three came and left, then a group of four came, then another group came, then another group, and then another. I kind of feel bad letting bunches of people lolly-ing up to us in line, but honestly I didn't think that that many people were coming with. In all fairness, I DID announce pretty loudly to the line that I was
holding places for 'a bunch of people'. Whether they decided to head my announcement or not was up to them. In the theater, we reserved almost an entire row for our group. I didn't mind cause there were a bunch of us there, but Josh didn't like having to save seats. he never has. (I was reminded of many years ago when going to a movie with a bunch of guys and some angry one angry lady was trying to save like two rows, as my group would have none of that, so we took what we wanted and the lady started putting more clothing on all our chairs, so JT threw her jacket back at her and informed her that OUR seats didn't want HER jacket on them,
and that if she put her jacket on our chairs again he would be forced to turn her clothing in to the lost and found. She had jackets and purses everywhere. later some guy we knew from church showed up and was in her group. kind of awkward, yet funny.)

The movie was good. I liked it. A bit scary at times, and I didn't like how NOTHING would go Harry's way, even the girl he liked double crossed him. It was a little much, and there were a few things I think were left un-resolved [to my liking anyway]. You all should go see it too.

After the movie I went home and worked on my movie for a while, until I fell asleep, I woke up at 6am in my chair with my head-phones on, staring at a blank computer screen. So I went to bed. I have to finish my movie tonight. And then practice the accordion!

Lunch was sponsored by jamba juice, a healthy AND refreshing treat.

I'm listening to One Man Army right now. They could be my most favorite band. So many groups are fun to listen to, but you get sick of them after a bit, this one however, I can listen to for a long long time.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Daily Update

Last night I didn't prepare aquatically enough for running. As I begun I fought like a lion to overcome the difficulties that lay in wait for me. I've been enjoying the music selection that I made for myself on my j-pod-shuffle quite well. The songs that come up are almost always appropriate to the situation involved while running; whether it be starting, finishing, or passing vampires or ninja. I ran like a baby lion who was just learning how to pounce onto its prey. I would chase the other animals and tease/harass them with my long sharp claws-of-anger. I started a little later than normal, so I didn't see many other people. Another significant moment, I went around the track twice, all on my own. I've been around twice before, but I'm usually with a better runner who is prompting (forcing) me to do so, this time, I was feeling lucky, so I went for it. I hesitated at first, because it was my 'off' night, but I had determination in my eye, and I had plenty of stress to release. I didn't do as well, but I passed a group or two of old ladies, so I felt good about passing someone. My time, the first time around, was 17:40 (I attribute that to the hamburger at lunch) and 39:37 the second time around. Its ok, but not great. A slight pain came into my shin/leg/knee area. I think the pain has become a virus and is now spreading. The ninja must have injected me with something before they went into hiding. It wasn't as sharp and specific, but duller and more spread out. Don't worry everybody, its nothing I can't handle. Oh, and bad news for the women and children, as I was on the last leg of the run, first lap, I saw Perv-Boy again. Sitting in his car like nothing had happened. Actually from the quick glance I gave him, it looked like he got a hair cut and shaved his mustache. I tried not to look directly at him cause I think he was watching for me, knowing that it was I who phoned in the complaint. I think he was out for revenge. I'm pretty sure that he had a sharpened pick-ax and a shovel in the back of his pathfinder, ready to 'deal with me'. Its the only way he would be able to deal with me, is in such a weakened state after two enduring laps of running. I figured everything had checked out, so he was 'able' to be there; but it was peculiar as I drove away because a cop car, with yellow flashing lights on, pulled up and parked right next to where I had been parked (about 80 yards from where I park).

After that I met up with the other two and we decided to go to a place called 'The Counter'. We brought the Greenfield girls with too. (it diluted the testosterone levels in greatly; which decreases our level of comedy, but it does force us to behave, to an extent.) You build your own burgers there, just check it off on the sheet they provide and they bring it. It was really good. I could barley fit the thing in my mouth. Except for the 'sweet-potato-fries', they tasted like the bottomof my shoe after just having walked through a sewer, jeff thought differently, he liked them. He couldn't understand why i wanted to puke after I tried one and then tried to tell me what I should like or dislike, but the food distracted him. We were the last ones there in the restaurant cause we arrived at closing time. I really shouldn't have had two good burgers in one day, it may have been a little over-kill. I definitely undid all the running this week during this one visit to 'The Counter'.

Then we stopped in at Greenfield cause I had to get some music samples from 'music director Emily', for my movie. It took longer than I wanted, but was well worth it. She got me a bunch of really good songs for my movie. I worked on my movie late into the night. I really need to get it done so we can show it at the film festival. Otherwise all my work will be in vain. And I don't want that.

During the day yesterday there was a little confusion with getting Harry Potter tickets. Luckily Allana was there to pick up the slack for me. I actually meant to get tickets for all of us going to the new show the night before, but that didn't work out, so I just figured the next night would be just the same, but oh no, not so. Allana bought tickets at noon, and by 3 when she called back to resolve what time I was telling everyone, all shows until 9:40 were sold out, so I asked her to
buy a bunch of tickets for that show for all of us. She's so nice. Confusion at its finest on my part.

I also negotiated the pick up of my friends wife's accordion, for the film festival performance I must undertake:) I have to meet someone on a dark street corner at 6pm sharp.

For work I went back to the Fashion Designer/Model building in Beverly Hills. I didn't see anyone from the 'beauty pageant'. too bad.

Lunch was sponsored by Jose' Bernstein's, and hosted by the Bean girls.

I'm listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers right now.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Daily Update

I had a lovely conversation with the man at the Westwood movie theater right after work. I was there to inquire about the new and upcoming film 'Harry Potter'. As many of you may know the movie theater teller windows are big thick sheets of glass with a small money exchange window at table top level, and an electronic microphone/speaker at or around mouth level. Well, At the Fox theater the guy behind the glass didn't know how to use modern conveniences, so he would lean down to to counter level to speak. I would just speak normal while asking my questions, but he couldn't hear, so he'd have to try to stick his ear up to the little hole which was waist level. I thought it was kind of confusing, yet funny, so I would then speak softer as well as mumble. Now this was particularly mean cause he probably spoke English as a second language. But man was it funny. At one point he almost had his whole head out this 4" x 8" hole. And in case he realized my 'funniness', I didn't want him to be able to reach out and grab me so I was standing 4-5 feet away as well. How exciting! Our Harry Potter adventure is almost coming to a close of another
chapter. We've been watching and building anticipation for the movies for about a month now, so this is trilling. I'm going to dress up like Harry Potter if I can find those glasses of Eric's.

Also last night we were hanging out at my place, josh needed his back cracked, so he needed people to walk on his back. I was the last to volunteer for that favor. but after I started jumping on his back, he was done with me so he started to stand up. While doing that I had to jump to safety, But while doing that my big toe got caught in his pocket, and thus 'accidentally' added a large ventilation flap in his trousers.

I finished my painting two nights ago, as I stayed up till the birds started singing. I was super tired at work because of that. (That and having done that a few times this week already.) But after work I delivered the goods to the new owner. It felt like I was giving away a child for adoption. There's a large hole in my soul currently. He was excited to see it in person for the first time. It was funny. I'll have to describe it a different time due to the 'sensitive' nature of the painting. But now I have time to do joe and tiffany's wedding present, except because its been a year already it will be for their anniversary now, which I hope they realize it will still be a month or two late, and I hope they're ok with that :)

I had to miss hanging out at the beach last night(fhe), but afterwards Josh and I decided to get together to eat the ice cream we made the night before, and of course its a good idea. We invited a bunch of people over, and then randomly called jeff last, who then reminds us that he doesn't drive, and he wants us to go over to his place. Its all about HIM. I think we should get HIM a bicycle so he can come over to where josh and I live. oh whatever. So we go over there, having to re-call the people we originally called (well, most of them, sorry trisha). While hanging out there, we also watched Dr. Strangelove. A weird-funny show. I kind of pulled a jeff and closed my eyes. I remember hearing most of it, but I was still in la la land.

I cleaned my room last night. You can see the carpet now. Next I have to clear off my desk, and clear out my closet. I've given myself two months to do this, but that decision will probably need to be reevaluated in 6 weeks.

Lunch was sponsored by Marvin's. I'm still sipping down my ice cold sprite.

I'm listening to MXPX right now.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Daily Update

So after Die Hard, on Thursday night my soul was left urning for more action-adrenaline filled movies/entertainment. We planned on seeing transformers on friday night. I got home from work to put my feet up and to release the days anger by fighting bad guys and Defending the Universe. But that wasn't long lasting, I received a bunch of phone calls regarding the nights activities. It was true that it was quickly planned the night before. So action was brief and quick. I rallied some of the troops to meet up at the local AMC theater so we could see the long
awaited 'Transformers'. We got there an hour early and we still missed the sell out crowd. 10:30 was sold out, so we/most of us were happy to stay around for the 11:30 showing. With two hours to kill we raided the food court and then hung out at Borders. There's plenty of cool stuff to see at a book store. So with just less than an hour to go, we wandered over to the theater line. Lucky for us Emily purchased a 'friendship bracelet kit' for us to keep ourselves busy in line. Yes, I know what you're thinking, and they are the same that 13 year old girls used to make during class in jr. high. But whatever. The movie was amazing! I tried not to cheer like a retard to much. If I were editor/director, I wouldn't have zoomed in on the robots as much, and I would have cut out some of the boring human interaction, and more of the hot chicks, and more of the transformers fighting and transforming, and doing cool stuff. Josh and I stayed up way to late talking about stuff, and working on his 'Man-bracelet-wristband'. Then we started discussing my painting, he gave me a few suggestions that I felt I had to do, it made it a lot

I woke up to an unproductive morning. I had to adjust most of the images of my movie so that they'd all be the right size. Josh informed me that we had a softball game in the afternoon as well, for which we still had to recruit players so that we didn't forfeit. Before I worked up the urge to play ball, I figured a good athletic stepping stone would be going for a quick jaunt around the Brentwood Country Club. I was superb this day. An outstanding time of 17:10. Unusually good. Lots of other people were there to cheer me on. It wasn't that hot cause it was partially
overcast, not like the typical Sahara desert I'm used to. I passed many people in training: ninja, lion cubs, antelope, water buffalo, and zebra. They were no match for me though. I was greater than them. When I left it got sunny again.

Softball went well, I don't think we can count it as a win exactly, but we built team unity, and got some practice, and I got to bust out the 'Big League Chew- Rally Bucket'. Which I think helped our performance. And as a side note, I think I know who our new bishop will be... and he plays second base.

So We all parted ways for each of our own adventurous evenings. Josh's plans fell thru so he and I went to Michaels and REI. I got a frame for the painting I've been working on. After that we started thinking with our stomachs. We started planning on what should be for dinner at the moment, then for tomorrow, then for next week. the topic changed so quickly I could hardly keep up. We ended up stopping at Smart and Final and shopping for josh's weekly food ration for just over an hour. By that time I dropped him off, and went to Dan's b-day party. While there I invited an 'exclusive' group back to my place to watch a movie. Josh didn't want to have to put up with groups of people, so he had me go invite people to a more comfortable setting for him so he could socialize there. Don't ask, I don't understand it either. But hanging out at my place was fun. We watched 'Mystery Men'.

While still hanging out I decided to be funny and call Trisha at 1:38am. She was still up. Her sink was still clogged. No good. Our hang out was winding down, so Josh and I volunteered to go over and help her fix it. We're guys after all, we know how to fix anything with hammers and duct tape. As we were on our way over there, she called and tried to turn our help away. I had to raise my voice for a second, and explain that we had to kick four super-cool chicks out of my apartment, so there was no way we weren't coming over to be productive! We jimmied with some stuff for a while, and then finally dislodged enough of the clog to get liquid to drain. But that was it for the night. Neither of us had the proper wrench so josh had to come back later. And even funnier, TLH's roommates drunk friends were full of advice on how to do sober things. Brilliant.

Today during lunch I went up into the mouth of the beast, ucla. I was investigating reports I've heard of their credit union being friendly and accommodating. The reports were not completely accurate. I was like the little bird dancing around the mouth of the crocodile, picking at it's teeth and gums while hoping it didn't close its mouth or get hungry. I was going to try to use their bank services to get to my account in another credit union, which resides across the city. One thing that made me feel like I was in any other bank facility was the super long wait, minimal bank personal, and the plethora of misinformation. Just like everywhere else I've been.

I'm listening to Arcade Fire right now.

Lunch was sponsored by Panda Express. (I'm not sure it's a good thing that there is one only 10 minutes away from my office on the ucla campus.)