Friday, April 20, 2007

Daily Update

Work has been busy for me lately, which makes it not as fun. I don't have enought
time to shop on amazon, or email or IM people all day, or plan fun upcoming
activities for me. :( But I guess its for the best.

It was thursday again. Kristen agreed to another challenging race around the
Brentwood track. It was partially cloudy, medium temperature, mild wind speeds. I
left work early so I could fit in everything I needed to for the evening. Which
means that our run was safer, the bad people don't come out until a little later
I've realized. We started off at a slower pace. It turns out that when you do that
it just makes jim tireder earlier. I'll be honest, I don't have a set pace, I just
go with whatever feels right. But when running with someone, oh how its different.
I'm assuming that KA's pace is much more timed out and regular than mine. That's
partly some of the 'wild animal' instinct that I've described over the years. I was
like an antalope, racing through the Kilimanjaro heartland. Leaping over tree
limbs, sharp rocks, and other dangerous terrain. I really don't remember what
happened during the first lap around the track. It all went by so quickly. I do
remember following Kristen most of the time (when i say most I mean 95%). And when
the second lap was upon me, instead of taking a halftime stretch break, I just kept
going. I figured if it was going to be painful, It might as well be done while
running, right? so I felt good about that for a few minutes, but then my
overconfidence was crushed as Kristen 'good gamed' me as she wizzed right by me like
The Road Runner taunting Wile E. Coyote. (Dont worry, I won't be strapping rockets
to my ankles in order to catch her, I at least know that that is unsafe.) It was
like she was coasting with the wind in every stride. As most people cover 4-5 feet
with every leap, she would cover 7-10', I swear! After analysing the data, I've
determined that my run performance levels are down as of 4 weeks ago. I will have
to do more research on the matter, but initial results say that I'm afraid of her,
thats why I cant run to normal performance levels. Don't worry, I have a team of
people at Berkley working on it.

So me and some other kids went to my roomate Eric's comedy show at a comedy club on
the sunset strip last night. I was skeptical. I've been to some good shows and
some bad ones. With the exception of few people, this one was one of the worst
things I've been to. I think I'm funnier when I dance around my room like
spiderman, and flex in the mirror like the Hulk. There were three(3) other people
that were funny besides Eric. One Vargus was probably at the top, followed closely
by Eric, then the black guy, then the vince vaugh/Tackelberry look a like. he's at
the bottom cause of the stupid mormon joke segment. The rest really needed to work
at it, a lot! Watching a dentist pull teeth would have been funnier. Me jumping up
on stage and punching them all in the throat would have been funnier. America's
Funniest Home Video's was funnier, and I hate that show. Of corse I chuckled at a
few comments here and there, but I'm speaking generally. Shortly after I got home,
Eric came in so I went to say Hi; and we discussed the evening. He was happy that
people came to see him, and he actually left for most of the crude sketches. We
should have done the same. By the end, Jeff was noticably annoyed, and then I
started feeling bad cause the girls wern't laughing at all either. so we left.
Reportedly the last two guys were actually funny.

Did I mention yesterday that Renee threw a large steel cannonball at me and brused
my ribcage, and hurt my feelings. well, she did. Oh ya, and it was when I wasn't
looking too.

I woke up late. It was a lovely European morning, raining heavily. It lightened up
around lunch time, but dark clouds loomed overhead for much of the afternoon in LA.
It reminds me of london in springtime.

I'm listening to Cypress Hill and Dr. Dre, in accordance with the date being 4-20.
(they are huge advocates of 'the marri-jew-anna'.)

Lunch was sponsored by Jose Bernstein's, and hosted by Renee and her co-workers.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Daily Update

Jill canceled our running adventure appointment last night. She claimed to have
lots of school work to do. I think that Kristen has just scared her away by telling
her about all the secretive ninjas and shadow creatures, and bridge trolls.
Honestly Jillybean, you need not be afraid, after all the battles that I have won
against the forces of evil, and after KA scared them all away last week, you'll be
just fine. Its either that or Kristen just wants to bring all of her friends out to
the track so she can show them all the guy (me) she makes fun of for running like a
gimp. So hey, listen, anyone would run lopsided if they had a big steel plate in
their leg with seven screws holding it down, as well as lopsided hips (-2 cubic cm
from the right side). Its not my fault.

I stopped by that art store again on my way to Autumn's place. I decided to
purchase the Mahogany wood to construct my Man-Box. I will be building the box from
scratch, yet still building it in a similar fashion to the ones we were already
working with. By buying the smaller pieces of Mahogany, it will cost quite a bit
less than at the lumber store, and also I've been wanting to impress people by
telling everyone that "My apartment smells of Rich Mahogany". The dusty brown wood
will add a touch of elegance to an otherwise rustic batchelor-pad in which I
currently live. It will show seams on the top, sides, and bottom, but that is a
calculated risk, and I'm OK with it. The superiority of the carvings will dominate
the Box all together. Its a straight chocolaty brown, but I think I can stain it to
have a slight redish hue. That will make it just that much more authentic looking.

Later in the evening Jeff and I wound up over at the Greenfield flat. They were
watching THEIR favorite show 'Lost'. Its just a night time soap-opera. We then had
to witness Sanjaia get voted off american idol. what a tragidy. More people would
vote for him than would watch the show, just cause he was so bad. It was hilarious.

Lunch was enjoyed at Jamba Juice again.

I'm listening to the Frank Sinatra channel on satellite radio right now.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Daily Update

I had to work till 6:30 last night. Sometimes that can be a painful thing. I was
trying to leave early but they wouldn't have any of that. It was more of a 'wait
for me to be done' type thing. I was supposed to be somewhere between 5 and 7, but
that didn't work out. So when I actually did leave, I was so excited, but then left
empty inside because I was unable to make my own deadline.

After that I hung out with the roomates for a bit. We delt with some 'in house'
business, then I decided to squeeze in a run before the movie. I was again hit with
the realization that when I'm in a hurry to go somewhere, traffic is always slower.
I had exactly one hour before The movie would start.

As I looked down the path of the track, I held back my intimidation. I had to cut
back on stretching time due to the time constraint. I also had to force myself to
run faster than I wanted to. I scurried like a Racing Zebra, with determination
dripping from his brow. My hooves hit heavily upon the pavement as the sounds of
fright whisped past my ears. It wasn't my fright though, it was that of the people
I passed. I also wouldn't allow myself to turn around to see all the evil creatures
chasing me. I didn't see them, but I knew that they were there. I did quite well
up until the end. I ran into a few more nice people while on the track. We didn't
have much time to talk, but they looked like the good witch from OZ. By the end I
had noticed a pain from my shin and knee that I had noticed a few months ago. That
led to a somewhat weak finish. But by then I was paying more attention to the clock
than to my nerves.

So Josh and I met up with Jeff to watch The Astronaut Farmer. Oh, what an upset!
Now I realize why some people are so picky about what movies they see. I figured
that if it was good enought for some movie executives at Warner Bros. It should be
good for most of the country, right? Wrong. It was slow, uneventful, no character
development, no interesting characters, no unique cinematography, no artsy fartsy
stuff. no significant climactic point. Plot, sure a little bit of one, but it was
so rough aound the edges. I found myself thinking about if I was at home, or in a
hospitle bed, what would I rather do? change the channel, yell and scream at the
nurses, sleep, stair at the wall; all were valid options that I would heavily
consider if in that situation.

After that, Kristen was nice enough to let me invite us over to her flat for
cookies. Upon arrival, I started second guessing myself. Jeff hadn't eaten and was
beginning to act like a shark in a feeding frenzy in her kitchen. One thing I
didn't feel that I needed to mention was that the cookies that she was making wern't
all for him. Apparently I should have detailed that explanation to him like a
lawyer, cause he was a bit upset when he hear the words, 'no, thats not for you'.
Kristen was nice enough to let us use her house as a discussion forum. I think our
conversations made her fall asleep realy quickly. So then we left.

Lunch was sponsored by Marvins Breakfast Burrito Special

I'm listening to the morbid reports of the last few days on talk radio. Ya, I don't
know what i'm thinking either.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Daily Update

It was a Monday night. I was sitting in a chair. I was prepairing myself to go to
FHE. I always feel like I should make a token appearence. But in doing so, I
noticed an old phone number list sitting on my bed. Without reason I picked up a
binder of papers from my bed. I looked down as if it was something that I should be
doing. I noticed it as if it was calling to me. It was the only legible thing on
the entire page. It was for a store nameded Pearl. Its an arts n' crafts type
store. I felt it was a sign, so I had to go. Noticing the clock, I was already
late to the scheduled FHE, so I reorganized my priorities and ran to my car. Of all
the worthwhile things I could have been doing, I chose to go across town to research
materials for my Man-Box. I stratigically wove in and out of traffic like a
seamstress knitting a sweater. With the turns I was making, and the cars I was
dodging, I could have knitted a sweater for an octapus. Just like in Disney
cartoons I turned the corner and there it stood before me, like an oasis in the
sand, and choir's sang as I drove into the parking lot. It was the only thing lit
up on the whole street. As I rushed into the store, I casually noticed the two
security gaurds at the entrance and another one making rounds inside the store. I
did my needed research on the second floor of this Arts n Crafts library then
decided to leave after convincing myself not to spend any money. I now regret that
and will hopfully go back tonight. But on the way out, as I was decending down the
stairs someone called security and there was at least one uniformed rent-a-cop rush
upstairs. I don't know why I would think that they would want to come after me, but
I did. I had no reason to stay, so I continued to my car. for some reason I
thought that the two doormen were going to try to tackle me. As I made it to my car
I felt like I was getting away with something. But I hadn't done anything. I
didn't know what it was, but I thought that something had just gone down in the
place. So I felt good about leaving.

As originally intended, I made it over to Dodge-Ball night at the Santa Monica
building. I didn't feel like participating. I thought there were to many
'over-the-top' type characters that live to do good at dodge ball. And they were
only using nerf balls, nothing of any consiquence, so I didn't play.

I then made it over to Jeff's. I know, big suprise. But what was a suprise, was
that it was so boring over there. Evan was writing a paper, which means he was
actually watching TV, and Dental Boy was just firing up the ol laptop to start
looking at last week's emails, and Jeffie was writing is his diary. Oh wow, I never
so much wanted to be at the dentist having cavities filled than at that point. I
was desperate! what was I to do? I finally ran away to Jack in the box. After
hiding under the tables there for 10 minutes, they told me to leave. I tried to
resort to Greenfield, which was no safehouse. I was turned away by a locked door.
I ended up resorting back to the Veteran flat. It was kind of painful, so I
eventually left. And that was it for the night.

I hope it wasn't to rude of me, but I emailed a Korean friend of mine, and asked if
he was planning to pull a 'virginia tech' here. The only part I regret saying to
him is how I was sorry that his brother (the shooter) didn't make it out, and how
'they' all look the same to me. Don't worry, its not the first time I've said that
to him. He heard it at least once a week for our stay at usc. I definatly think
I'm on his revenge list.

Yesterday at work I got only 6 emails. I checked my account only 12 times. I sent
3 emails, including the daily update. Two of those emails were sent due to a
purchace I made, so they shouldn't count. Two of which were responses to previous

I'm listening to New Found Glory right now.

Lunch was sponsored by In n Out. I really need to start bringing my own lunches.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Daily Update

On Friday after work I met up with some kids from school. We were going to see
Blades of Glory. It was spectacular. I laughed the whole time. Most of that
laughter time involved crying, and I almost wet my pants two times. As we were
leaving the theater I told myself that I needed to see it again. (sean summers
dosen't want you to know it, but he is in that movie. He was skating around in the
background as jimmy mackelroy completes his peacock scene, and as Chaz and him are
exchanging words.)

On Saturday morning I woke up really early and took my car to the 'fix-it' shop. Oh
boy, there went my Saturday. Although I hate spending money, and don't trust any of
those repair shops, I felt I had to because my brakes didn't really work, at all.
So I rationalized, and convinced myself it was worth it to spend a little money in
order to keep me safe. I mentioned this to my dad and he came up with a huge list
of 'should have's' which was annoying, cause the deed was already done. I hung out
at home all day awaiting the costly diagnosis. By evening time I got my car back.
I was so excited. It was like I had just been released from jail... from what I
hear anyway. Jeff and I soon decided to find our way to Papa John's Pizza place to
test the latest rendition of the BBQ Chicken Pizza's. And in the mean time we hung
out across the street at Borders. Thus meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Selby
girls phoned and I invited us over to watch movies or tv with them. As usual no one
could decide on what to watch so we talked for an hour and a half then called it a

Ward confrence was on Sunday. Guess what they talked about... Yup, thats right,
'What its like to be married, and How to Raise Kids'. How great. (I typed that out
very sarcastically, in case you can't tell.) Just what I needed. Luckily I had a
drawing book, and someone next to me to talk to the entire time :)

Speaking of church, I saw Stanley the Stalker with his supposed fiance. Can you say
Creepy? But he seemed to behave around her. (When I walked by them during the
meeting, their hands were everywhere.) And he was wearing a new very expensive

After church I again stratigically invited myself, and a few others, over to dinner
at the Greenfield. (This ment that I brought all the food.) I was expecting Jeff
to bring some too, but he got called away so he didn't show up. This is where we
gave Renee her grand new Bike. It was fun. The Dever's came over too. Maggie
explained that a well placed 'F-bomb' is sometimes appropriate.

From there we went to Tim's flat for Cynthia's b-day party. I had forgotten that
the night before I had promised her that I would do a dance performance to the music
of either 'I'm bringing Sexy Back', or 'i'm to sexy'. Well, last night I agreed,
but by Sunday night that Agreeance had left my system. Worrying that I would have
to live up to my word, I started to get myself in the mood; and the only probably
aid, besides alcohol-the social lubricant, was food. they had chicken wings and
lots of chocolate. I ate a handful of hershey's somethings in about two seconds.
In 5 minutes I was ready to do almost anything, but we left (luckily) 15 min. after
that. We went to Greenfield to watch a movie. We saw Hot Fuzz, thanks to Magzilla.
(yes thats right, it comes out this next weekend.)

Lunch was sponsored by Daphnie's. It wasn't that good. I don't know why I go

I'm listening to the sweet sounds of silence today. A few mumbles and rumblings in
the background, with a lot of mouse clicking and keyboard typing.