Friday, December 5, 2008

The Holidays are Upon us!

Happy Holidays my dear Blog Readers! I made an 'e-Christmas Card for you all, presented to you through Blogger.

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving again

This year for Thanksgiving Cheryl and I found ourselves in Utah. It was cold in Utah. I don't like the cold that much. But I had to go because my (bratty) little sister had just come home off her mission the very day before Thanksgiving. So it was a big family event, n' stuff. It was Fun. I got to hang out with all my family. Its been a while since we'd done that.

I was a little disappointed that my mom failed to bake freshly made Chocolate Chip Cookies for my arrival. I had specifically requested them be ready, no more than 20 minutes before my arrival. Apparently she got carried away making all other Thanksgiving feast items for the next day, so I let that one slide. We had arrived, after all, the day before the big day of feasting.

Another funny note, because everyone was staying with my parents, so they were tight on space, luckily they had two extra mattresses in the basement. I don't know the proper term for the size, but they were 3'x 6', single person size, and since every other room was taken, they put me and Cheryl in the same room. I didn't mind cause her snoring doesn't bother me, and I know that I'm a peaceful sound sleeper. It was funny that they had decorated our old 'computer' room to resemble Ward & June Cleaver's house. (You know, from 'Leave It To Beaver'. One of the dumbest shows ever created- to show etiquette and manners n such.)

My sister had just returned off a mission from New York, so she was there, and super hyper. Apparently she had sent a box home at least once a month full of clothes, extra bars of soap, shampoo, and many toys, and then even more clothes. (I wonder where she got the money for all that dad? I wasn't allowed to send stuff home. I wonder why she was...) Joe and I started making fun of all her weird 'New York' clothes and she got all annoyed, then went crying to dad to try to get him to stop, but it was late, so luckily for us he was in bed. She sent a Lot of stuff home that she didn't need to.

We woke up late on Thanksgiving Thursday, only to have the urge to eat Pancakes, so I made some for myself, and then when everyone else saw what I was doing, they remembered how glorious they are, so they all wanted some too. My tummy liked them.

Our typical Feast didn't start until a bit later because my little brother Was going to come, but then opted out cause he already promised his in-laws they'd go there. So our family was going to wait for him to come over, but then he realized that he was going to binge once that day, and didn't want to do it twice, so he just backed out. And he didn't tell my family that until later in the day. AND my mom misjudged the cooking time on the turkey. Instead of cooking for 90 min, like my mom had thought, it really needed to be cooked for 150 minutes. But after all the food was on the table, we quickly dug in and continued eating until we were all over-full. It was good. I was so full that I didn't even have room to gorge myself on my favorite Pecan Pie. But I did have enough room to continually sample chocolate covered nuts all day and most of the night until I did work up enough free room in my stomach to eat many slices of pie.

The next day was just as full of exciting events. We got up pretty early (10:30am) and went to paint pottery at the local Color Me Mine store. It has become a family tradition for us in the last few years. It all started with me and my brothers wanting to 'Out-do' the girls, so instead of flowers and 'cute' things, we all did German Polka bands, Godzilla vs. Mothra, and then Greek Minotaurs chopping heads off. And every year the fun escalates from there. For some reason I've taken the longest every time we go. I don't know why; maybe I'm slower than them at it, but maybe good designs take longer. I've definitely crowned myself champion of the plate designs every year that I've done it.

On Saturday morning we went shooting. It was warmer than it is to go shooting in Boise, thats for sure. Its usually freezing cold in Boise, but here its only Cold. Its another family tradition to go shooting guns on Thanksgiving weekend. Its our way of honoring the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution I guess.

My Grandma came to visit.
We watched football on TV.
My sister spoke in Church.
Then we came home.