Friday, February 29, 2008

Daily Update - Leap Year Edition

Wow, Today is the is the Tungsten Anniversary (Or the Silk Anniversary-if you're going from Feb 29 to Feb 29) of when I broke my leg for the first time. Thats right, 16 years ago this very Leap Day, I was attending the Junior High District wrestling meet. It was a Saturday morning in early 1992, and I was just warming up for the day with a friend (at the time). His last words " Come here Jim, my brother just taught me a new move that I want to try out..." From there, Snap, crackle, Pop,... Thud! (me hitting the ground) then me screaming as my lower leg lay dangling from my body, limp, and lifeless; leaving me agonizing in pain. But enough of that, so I don't get sick again. It still make me nauseous to think about that horrible day. We lost the meet by 3/4 of a point. That was cause I was forced to forfeit all my matches. That was the first time in 4 years that my school lost a meet like that. Simply Tragic.

So, I went running last night. I wasn't in the best of shape, but I sure looked good while doing it. I was like the wild boar, fiercely in the night ransacking all the local villages of the Outback. I felt like I was slower than normal, but I did run longer than normal to make up for it. There were many other people up there to distract me from my goal at hand. But that didn't work, cause i would then act like I was an airplane and with my arms extended I would zoom around making airplane noises. Probably the funniest part of the night was when I was running by a swinging gate that was extended over the first three lanes of the track (so people cant run there) so a bunch of people were using this gate as a cup holder apparently, cause there were 6 or 7 Gator-Aid cups sitting on top of it. So as I run by, I decided i don't want those cups there anymore, so I punch the gate arm down, springing the cups down, then up like a trampoline. I thought nothing of this until I heard the paper cup crash on the ground beneath, accompanied by a few splashing sounds. The cups were full, and thus still being used. They were probably being used by the people who were still there too. 'Ooops'.

Also yesterday, as I think I've mentioned before, it was Free Burrito day at Chipotle in Westwood Village. I attempted to go 3 times yesterday. Once right before lunch. That was no good, cause the line was an hour long and extended down the street and wrapped around the corner. Once at 4:30, and that didn't work cause school had just gotten out and the line was even longer. On my way home I looked at the line and I lost sight of it as it went down the street, around the corner, and then up the next street. Then after running, 8pm, I swung by again, just to be turned away by a big fat bouncer who had been standing at the end of the line for probably an hour or more. So whatever, I'll just go back when I don't have to wait for more than an hour in line.

Lunch was sponsored by Marvin's. It was going to offer the sponsorship to the new Chipotle, but there was still a freaking line! I can wait until there isn't one of those.

I'm listening to the Beasty Boys right now.

Collins and Lynn went to Lunch again, and Patrick made a funny comment about them too.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Daily Update

Last night Chipotle opened for business, but last night was by invite only. (today is a free for all, and the hour and a half long line proves that). So I was on my way over there just to check it out, and what do you know, I ran into Cheryl. What a coincidence. I invited her to come along to see if the rumors were actually true. Oh, it was soooo goooood. It was almost the best burrito of my life. I don't know how else to describe it. It was as large as my fore-arm for starters. The ingredients were just unloaded off the truck that day, maximizing freshness (if that even matters in a burrito). And it was free!

Afterwards I invited Cheryl to watch American Idol with me. We're both fans, to an extent, and so I thought it might be fun. Oh, my oh my, was I wrong. Some of their song choices are more suited for an elevator, the dentists chair, or even the morgue. Honestly I think some of the notes they were 'trying' to hit, only dogs and/or elephants could hear. So every stray dog in LA is now on its way to the American Idol stage to hear more of that crap. I even think I fell asleep half way through. I did plan ahead though and I brought a book that I just got, so if it got to boring I could just read instead of subject myself to such torture. I only had to read from my book three or four times. Next time I might bring my sketch book too.

So late last night I started looking at my beautiful painting. Thats where it all went wrong. I picked up my small brush, just for a quick fixer upper, like the windows. Then there was extra paint on the brush, then I had to use it instead of waste it, so then I'd cover something else, like the water. Then I noticed the water needed a few touch-ups. then I had extra paint again. And the process kept going and going. Eventually I was in a full scale battle with the canvas. There are only a few more important steps that I need to make, and I snapped and started taking bigger risks. The water and the sky are the riskiest things when I paint I think. I was at a point where I didn't want to play in the water anymore, so I decided to finish it NOW. When I get close to deadlines I get careless and reckless. I've noticed this from school. This is kind of what was happening. I start throwing down color like a madman. When I was done I could see the reflection of the buildings in the water. But if felt kind of lonely, cause the boats needed reflections too, so then I had to do that. Then I had to readjust the water color with these new reflections, and so on. The water is now calmly washing against the shore, and the boats were sporadically bobbing up and down in place. There was almost no end in sight to this activity. Finally I dropped my brush on the floor, and then instead of picking it up, I ran to my room and slammed the door and dove under my covers and then quickly went to sleep. Sleep is great.

Danny (at work) is talking REALLY loud at work again. Its like he's cheering for his football team in a stadium. Didn't I mention this before? I need to take actions this time. I think I'll take a call from 'My Agent' in a minute right behind him, and I'll pretend that he's in the middle of a war zone or something. I don't think that will show him up, or anything, but it will certainly bring me satisfaction.

For lunch I tried to go to Chipotle again, but it was a ridiculous stupid-student mad-house. The line was at least an hour long. I wanted to start intimidating all the little foreign-exchange students into leaving their spot in line. I figured it would be a blast, but it would take to long to get my food, and I didn't want to get any nerd-blood on my new shirt.

Lunch was sponsored by Quiznos. (There was almost an incident there today too. I had just taken a look at my number because it was taking so long, and I had put it away. I knew what my number was, it was 1007. Seconds later my number is called. I go up to the counter and announce that 'Thats Me'. expecting him to hand over my food, he doesn't. I then bluntly tell him, 'Thats my number' with an irritated straight face. He says that he needs to see my receipt. In an annoyed manner I dig my receipt from my pocket, and then slowly unfold it, and then shove it in his face. It was about 2 inches from his nose, then instead of him being able to pull back to read it I drop it so he as to pick it up. another employee attempts to explain to my closed ears that they need to see it to verify my order. As I am picking up my food, they call Kristen's number. I though this would be a good learning opportunity for me, so I waited and watched her give them her ticket, and sure enough, HE DIDN'T EVEN LOOK AT THE RECEIPT! and I don't use 'All-Caps' lightly. I repeatedly announced to all the employees that he didn't check her receipt and she was right after me. they were probably just being racist.)

I'm listening to Greenday right now.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Daily Update

So I'm getting kind of tired of painting. I felt like I was being forced to finish, when in reality it was my subconscious self who was prompting me to stay up all these hours to finish. Maybe it was the fact that I've already waited a year and a half to give them their wedding present. But i think its OK to give family IOU's for gifts like that. So last night I finished building the boats. They are colorful and very waterproof. Just what anyone could want in a boat. If I were in my painting I would take a lovely little ride in any one of the boats. Similarly, I was doing touch up work on the plaster facades of the nearby buildings surrounding the plaza by the bay. I know the buildings are old, and kind of falling apart, but I decided to paint over some of their blemishes. As I looked at it, I need to redo most of the windows tonight. Then The buildings will be done. I've also finished planting all the bushes and trees on the mountains behind the city scene.

I went running by the Russian Urals last night. The mountains weren't as steep as I last remember. I whizzed past the shaggy mountain goats as if they were standing still. I would leap from hoof to hoof as each would dig into the rocky mountain surface. I didn't quite make it to the mountain top, but I ran all the way around the mid-section of this girthy mountain range. The snow and winds have subsided enough to make this one a pleasant journey. I was king of the Mountain Goats in this run. I could have used my crown of frightening horns to knock any one else around.

I don't know if I iterated this enough yesterday, but work has been very frustrating lately. Even more so than when I have to stay till 10pm. The problem has been either computer crashing 5 times per hour, or the work I have to do for the retarded interior designer. He doesn't appear to answer phones, email, or letters, or anything like that. Next time I see him I think I might choke him. The two other guys in my office I'm working with are also encouraging me to do this cause it will help relieve some of their stress too.

I"m listening to the Guess who right now.

Lunch was sponsored by In-N-Out, where I saw two people I know, who I hadn't seen at lunchtime before.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Daily UPdate

Last night we resumed our secretive group 'JJC[D]HE' with an honorary appearance by Mike. We went to some Bulgarian place on Westwood. It was pretty good, other than NOT having my first choice of food items. They also had Bulgarian MTV playing in the background. I was also pretty funny that night too. I don't think the others appreciated my sense of humor as much as I did, but oh well; you can't impress every audience. And even funnier, on our way to our JJCDHE none other than Mr. Reeve pulls up next to us in his car and tried to spark interest in following him to his lesson at FHE, but we assured him that we had 'something else' to do that was much more interesting, but wished him good luck.

After a long evening, I made it home and had a lovely little chat with my roommates. I randomly asked Eric if he wanted me to move out, you know, just checking, and he is still ok with me, so I'll stay for a bit longer. Then I changed some light bulbs and then took out the trash. All this time I was desperately hungry for a snack. At the same time Eric was going thru old cereal boxes, so I decided to make rice crispy treats. They were so delightful, and warmed my soul. (the next morning they were harder than bricks. I think I chipped the glass pan they were sitting in when trying to throw them away.

The latest Water cooler talk that I'm starting around the office is that Collins and Lynn have had lunch already two times this week. I wonder what that means, (wink wink, nudge nudge). Today she was the one who asked him if he was going somewhere. Yesterday it was him.

The most frustrating part of today is that my computer program at work crashed at least 7 times. If I knew for sure that it had feelings I would choke it and then throw it in the toilet.

Speaking of toilets, and office: on friday when the cleaners came in they cleaned the bathrooms, supposedly. In my opinion they just brought every single one of the local bums in and hosed them off, leaving all the filthy stench in our bathrooms to linger, cause it still stinks in there like dirty gym socks and Bum. If the cleaners try doing that again, I might have to dunk their heads in the toilet and clean the bathrooms with their raggity moppy reggae looking heads. That will show them.

I'm listening to Britney Spears right now. (the music, not the funny crazy psychotic train wreck of a tabloid star.)

Lunch was sponsored by Panda Express

Monday, February 25, 2008

Daily Update

Friday night Gretta had invited a bunch of people to one of Rob's gigs. I wasn't sure if I 'd know anyone else there, but I first ran into Cheryl on the way to the front door of this 'dive-bar'. What a coincidence. We then ran into a few other poeple we knew. Rob was drumming in some band, along with Jamie, who was Cello-ing up the performance. It was pretty cool. The singer was OK. Nothing American-Idol worthy though. You could tell that he was really into it though. Rob was pretty versatile in his abilities too. Drums, chimes, tambourines... you name it, he probably has used it at one time that night. Jamie was pretty suite too. Its not to often you see a Cello in a band. She was shak-ratte-n-rolling all night long. I tried to take pictures; I don't know how many turned out, but if any did, I'll show you. Most people who knew Rob and Jamie left by the second band. We stuck with it though for two more songs, but it was getting to crowded for my comfort, so we left. Cheryl didn't have a ride home so I offered to take her, and on the way I decided to try to impress her so I took her to Wendy's. I thought it was great. (when leaving the bar, I we were across the street in my car when we saw what looked like Gretta walking alone down the street and then she turned around a corner. I felt this actions was questionable enough to warrant an investigation. So we drove down this shady street which this Gretta person went down. We didn't see her, so I got nervous cause no cars were visibly starting either. The next option was for me to turn down the next alley. I did and then saw a group of people. I didn't see any questionable activity, but was still prepping myself to leap across my car to someones aid. But luckily Cheryl had precision eyesight that night and identified one of the persons as her to-be hubby, Rob. It was tense fir a few seconds though.)

On Saturday I 'accidentally' slept until 11am. I drearily hopped to my daily duties of Pancakes in the morning (Mmmm) followed by my morning shopping run. I was going to shop for a nicer sweatshirt/jacket, but Nothing came of it though. I went to Costco for a few things. I did so with caution due to my last visit there. Realizing it was a Saturday afternoon, I was ready to use my shopping cart as a weapon, just to get back at the jerks there at Costco. It rained in the afternoon, and I got to use my fancy new umbrella as I walked my Costco Hot dog back to my car.

In the evening we went to see a movie named Atonement. It was interesting, I guess. My biggest problem was that it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to. And that they showed some dudes brain fall out of his head. After that though was the highlight of my weekend. ME, CS, JPT, & L-Train went to California Pizza Kitchen! Ohhh, I had been looking forward to that for a long while, and it was Soooooooo Gooooood! But on the way out JPT made US stop at Stans for Donuts. Another 'Mmmm Mmm Good' moment.

I spend most of the day trying to paint, but ended up watching a lot of TV. I realized that last week I said I'd be done by this Saturday, but ...oh well. You can't hurry art, right. In the evening I ran into Cheryl and we were thinking of doing something, like watch TV, but then we bumped into Jeff, who was just looking for a way down to the Movie theater to watch something, so we all went down together.

this is a little shout-out to Silvia: On Sunday after church I realized how nice of a person she was. She came up to Jeff and I talking with Rick and told him that she just gave [a large sum of cash] to some needy person who was at our church that day. Not only that, but the lady needed a coat, so she now has Silvia's coat too! I was flabbergasted at this, and was to in shock to question her actions. Rick, instead of being upset or nervous (she apparently gave away joint money of theirs) understandingly said, "ya, she looked like she needed it." I have lived to may years to be 'nice' and 'sensitive' to peoples needs I guess. Now, I have given money to people, but typically, its come back to bite me in the ass. Like giving money to a needy girl, where 20 minutes later I walked by again, and she's drunk off of 'New' alcohol that she didn't have when I walked by previously. Also, having worked a little bit for the city of LA, I know that there are enough Free clothing, and Free Food places (missions, churches, organizations) for 'Bums' to get stuff that they can be picky, so they just need to beg for their beer and drug money. But anyway, Jeff as well was surprised at how generous of a person she is.

So after church there was an Oscer viewing party at Cheryl's place. Danny brought ballots over and we all voted on who would win, and of course Cheryl won. A few of us think she cheated. We're not sure how, but she must have an inside scoop by working for E somehow. We all brought treats to snack on too. Then Mike and I watched The Chronicles of Riddick late into the night, all while I painted.

Lunch was sponsored by The Corner Bakery

I'm listening to Soundgarden right now.