Friday, February 22, 2008

Chris's Birthday Extravaganza

Oh, Look at this, my first posted 'Web-Album'. This is all the Gloriousness that you may have missed out on at Chris's Birthday Dinner at Vittio-somethings I-tallian Resterante

Daily Update

Have you ever wondered why the 'traffic officers' stand in the middle of the intersection and direct traffic while the stop lights above them are working just fine? Well, Me too until today. Its for practice, or punishment. What police precinct doesn't threaten their officers with demotion to a traffic cop? And they get that practice in so they can fully mimic the working traffic lights where they aren't working. I'm sure thats the case. This morning I had a run in with some 'Downed lights' and there was at least on full brigade of these 'specially trained' units protecting and serving the public with their bright yellow vests and their briskly strategic hand movements.

Now yesterday if you haven't heard was Chris's Birthday. In preparation for this largely celebrated event, two nights ago Mike and I conspired to text him at the same time, just to see if we could be the first. We did so and Mike won, and I took third place. Unbeknownst to us, there was a third party competitor who took second place in this midnight race. She was so upset about taking second place that later the next day (last night) I received random multiple punches in the arm for that 'infraction', as well as certain comments I was accused of saying but were just misunderstood as critiques rather than comments.

So we went to some I-tallian place in Pacific Palisades that Jeff has fallen in love with. I mean he REALLY talked this place up, like it was better than Chris N Pitts or something. So we get there and he starts telling people where to sit, and then we all needed to clear our orders with him first before we got his 'Order-able' stamp of approval. He needs everything to be perfect after all. So then they bring the Breaded Grease balls. Sure they were good. The best part about them is when Sara decided to put 7 in her mouth at once. It was priceless. Good thing I was the one with the camera to document the whole event. Then the girls started thinking it was fun to pass my camera around like it was a photograph. I think this was an evil plot to prevent me from taking super cool pictures. But their misconduct was short lived. I had the upper hand, and continued to celebrate the documentation of this event. Then the girls started thinking it was funny to steal food off my plate. I was confused at this, cause i was supposed to be the funny one. Then i was repeatedly attacked by one Sara 'The Sherpa' Collins, with the fist. My natural defenses took over, flexing my masculine bulging muscles. I think by doing this she hurt her had by punching it into my shoulder multiple times. I felt bad for a second, but then got over it real quick. The food was only OK, and medium small portions. It never reached Jeff's stature that he talked it up to.

A few of us went over to Jeff's for Ice Cream and Cake afterwards. We watched an episode of Arrested Development in Chris's honor.

I then went home to greet my roommate Eric previewing American Idol. It was like poison, cause I had to stay up for the result show.

To wrap up Chris' Birth Day, Mike and I pulled a funny again, and both texted him 10 seconds before midnight seeing if we were the Last to wish him so. We though we were pretty funny.

Lunch was sponsored by Marvin's diner.

I'm listening to Blind Melon right now.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Daily Update

So I was going to the church to do someone a favor. It wasn't a big deal. I was already on my way home from work. But as i was getting out of my car to open the church gate, my car door slammed. I was thinking that I didn't want it to slam so I moved my had to catch it. My hand caught it alright. But unfortunately my hand was less than an inch from the door frame, thus causing the sheer forces to act in a Smashing Scissors action. So when my precious fingers caught the door, they didn't have the necessary reaction time to rebound from the meanness of the door swing, thus ramming my fingers into the frame, thus inflicting unnecessary amounts of pain in my right index finger in particular. I'm mad at my car right not, and we're not speaking. Instead of talking to it, I'll leave notes on the passenger seat telling it to shape up or I'll send it to the junk yard, or worse yet, I'll donate it to charity.

I hope you don't mind 'Spoilers' cause I have something to say about that movie Cloverfield. I saw it last night. I'm still dizzy from its horrible camera work! It didn't have a plot. I guess the acting was ok, but the characters were so dumb! By 5 minutes in I wanted the monster to hurry up and kill the retards already! The preview's before the movie were great though. The head monster was kind of disappointing, in an alien movie sort of way They only showed it a few short times, and it seemed like a rip off of a few other movies. They also had the characters performing super natural things. For example, one girls was impaled through the hears with re-bar (3/4" thick) and they just lift her off and all run away, 5 minutes later this girl is 'all over' the main dude. impossible! I smashed my finger yesterday and I almost cried like a sissy, and debated staying home from work! And I'm tougher than that girl! Impossible thing after impossible thing happened.

I finished my wooden dragon puzzle last night. Its souper cool. It has 102 pieces on it, and it looks very fierce. I'll have to show you pictures some time.

Work is frustrating today. Some computer programs are stupid. I've threatened to dunk my computer in the toilet or sink 3 times already today. I don't think my boss liked that idea though.

Lunch was sponsored by Jamba Juice

I'm listening to Alice Cooper right now.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Daily Update

It had been so long since I had seen what Africa was like. The flowing trees of the Serengeti, the rushing herds of angry animals. I took a long awaited safari last night. It was a dangerous trip. I didn't have the guide that I normally do, but I was determined enough to do it myself. It was cool and dark. There were herds of rhino's all over the place. But not to many other animals, or Safari-ists. I started after a thorough stretch. It was slow and painful, just as if I hadn't done this in a long time. Cause I hadn't. I only passed a few others that night, but it seemed like everyone was still in hibernation from the long cold winter months still. I was slow, but powerful, like a young Wildebeest, or like a freight train. I was saddened by my loss in speed, power, and skill. The trees moaned for my loss as well. They are also afraid of the 'things that go bump in the night'. As the months get warmer and my schedule gets freer, I'll be able to re-train myself to that of the fastest of animals.

I went to the beach last night. The sun was forever setting on the colorful landscape. The water was gently washing ashore again and again. The beach I was dealing with was just inside of the shadow of a near by church looking building with a clock on its tower. There weren't to many people about. There were to many signs of construction about the scene. The beach rested at the end of a short stony pier, giant boulders lay just off the path which protected the sandy concrete path. As I rested in the sand, I was trying to determine what for a color I should call the sand. I didn't want it to shadowy, or to sunsetty. The more I played in the sand, the more refined it got. It grew late, and I rushed off to bed. I'll have to play in the sand the colors tomorrow. It is only oil paint after all.

In my random walk-a-bout I was running home and I ran into Cheryl and Lanara, what a coincidence. They were on their way home to watch TV, and they let me join them. American Idol is turning boring now with the beginning of the 'good' performances. Bring back the auditions! I want to feel better about myself. Oh, don't get me wrong, I still critique the crap out of the nerds and dorks on stage. But its easier with a broader collection of people.

I'm listening to Natalie Imbruglia right now. Its a blast from the past, it is.

Lunch was sponsored by Pizza Hut. But I don't think I'll be seeking out that sponsor for a long while.

How does your blog Add up?

I saw this on someone else's Blog the other day, and though it was very worth while. It kept me busy for hours.

This title was given to me exclusivly.

blog readability test

blog readability test

blog readability test

blog readability test

blog readability test

blog readability test

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Daily Update

It was supposed to be a happy little stroll around the block. The weather was supposed to be nice, clear and warm. My tummy wasn't supposed to be that hungry either. But then all of a sudden in the middle of my walk, I see tis weird witch lady sprawled out in front of the noodle place by Diddy Reese, and of course I'm staring. I mean really, she was uglier than Medusa. It appears that someone had thrown a large cup of water on her, which was hilarious, but as I got closer I realized that I don't think the large puddle on and beneath her came from any other source than from herself. As I'm next to this 'situation' I decided that she either wet herself, or puked all over. At that point I was so close that her 'ugly' fumes were making my eyes water. She tried to say something to me, but I actually didn't want to turn to stone, so I ran away. I only turned to see if she was following me when I was an entire block away. Around the next turn there was two more bum sightings. Both were stinking up the sidewalk like you wouldn't believe. I kept thinking that they were following me for some reason. It was a close call.

So last night we convened our usual JJCC-Home-Evening event. It was just as splendid as ever. This week's event was held at Chipotle. As we got there, right in front, we ran into Matt and Gleidy. It was funny to see them there, and I asked if they were there to join us for our weekly 'meeting'. They weren't, they were meeting Gleidy's family (which kind of complicated things cause instead of saving us a table, he stood in line with them, with his food, letting every other little high school dweeb take our spots, so we ended up sitting on a bunch of bar stools.

We then wound up over at Jeff's for the 'after hang-out'. We snacked on food from last night, which was good, but very rich in chocolate. I had two bites of this cake he had made, and it was like getting punched in the mouth by Count Choc-u-la. I mean really! then it was like a clay brick as I tried to swallow it. While all that was going on, I had control of the TV tuner, so I was flipping, and flipping, and then stopped on Project Runway. Ohhh, that Heidi Klum is a dream boat. But I made them watch it. It was funny cause after the one episode, they had had more than enough, and were then mad at me for making them sit through it. It was funny.

When I got home I painted for a little bit. My eyes were trying to close the whole time I was sitting there. I was happy with what I accomplished though. The mountains have now sprang up and reached the sky, or the sky has come crashing down on the mountains, depending on which way you want to look at it. The trees were springing to life, the buildings were growing to maturity, and the sea was waving back and forth. I have now covered all the buildings with roofs, trim, and window's for the most part. There was an instance where I had to use my scraper brush to clear a way some past transgressions, and refine some wall-roof-window connections too. It became a bit drastic, but after I started redoing it, it turned out lovely. I'll tell you though, that the more shadow's I add, the better it looks. I'm giving myself another week to finish it (tentatively). But sorry joe and tiff, theres still drying time, framing time, and then shipping time. All necessary evils.

I'm listening to Def Leppard right now.

Lunch was sponsored by Lamonica's NY Pizza. It was a first for me, and I'm sure to go back. It would also be a good place to have one of our popular JJCCHE's.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Daily Update - Presidents Day Edition

(uh... oops, I completely forgot to send this out! my bosses rushed me out of the office to quickly. My apologies. )

Friday right after work I was meeting Jeff down at the studios for a movie watching event. While I was driving down there through the neighborhoods, I passed someone I recognized, it was Cheryl out for a walk. So I convinced her to join us. We saw Jumper. It wasn't bad, entertaining, but the main guy is the worst actor ever. He shows happiness, sadness, anger, awakeness, and sleepiness all with the same expression! He did the same thing in Star Wars, and utterly ruined the movie for me. I looked by this horribleness for as long as I could, but by the end, it was over for me. After the movie my hunger prevailed, and led us over to the nearest IHOP. It was only after we started looking through the menus that I realized that I had to save myself for my traditional Saturday morning Pancakes. So I got some sort of Pancake derivation that would still leave my Saturday morning enjoyable.

Saturday morning I sprang to my feet because I had been waiting for the usual pancake breakfast. Its deliscious nature was deflated a little bit because of dinner last night. but to make up for it, I just made twice as many, and doused them in mapley syrup.

I spent most of the day inside working on my painting... I mean my brothers painting. It the work became meticulous and detailed. I even found myself wondering where to put extra paint. Most of my frustration came from me thinking about what I 'Should have done' with layering, and colors n such. I had to go to the store at one point to get a smaller brush even. I've been slowly finishing the mountains for a while now, and finishing the building facades and their roofs now. I'm not sure what to do with the plaza yet. The closer I get to the water though, the more I have the desire to eat seafood. At one point I had to reference a few pictures I took from the last time I was there in Italy, just to make sure i knew what I was looking at. All I have to say is that ' the hills are alive with the sound of Brush-strokes'.

In the evening I got hungry so I left my lair for the second time of the day. I went to some pizza place on Pico Blvd. I was on my way down when I ran into Cheryl AnD her parents. They were going out for Pizza as well! what a coincidence. We even ended up at the same place. It was good stuff. Not as superb as BJ's BBQ Chicken Cake like Pizza, but it was still good.

A bit later in the evening, Emily had a 'Mocktail' party (fake-drinking party). It was fun. Lots of people, and apparently you were supposed to 'dress up' for this event. Formal event at Greenfield? whatever! I had a collared shirt on, and didn't you all notice that I actually had pants on?! The crowning moment is when Danny stood on the hearth and sang Emily a song. It was frightfully funny. Loads of good food. Unfortunately I wasn't hungry for it.

Also it had been a while, so I Fought the Battle of My Life for an hour or so too. I think I'm almost bored of it.

Church was one of the better Church sessions in a while. We had multiple visitors there, including Dannys parents. After church a lot of people went to Silvia's baptism. It was wonderful. And the treats afterwards were spectacular too!

I'm listening to the Venga boys right now. (Euro pop stuff)

Lunch was sponsored by Marvin's Diner. It was actually pretty good, except for half the fries being cooked yesterday.

Water cooler gossip: As I walked in to work (9:30ish) everyone said " HE DID IT, its his fault". then in shortly questioning them, I guess Peter decided to no longer work with us. I guess he came in this morning early and threw in the towel. Thats kind of to bad. I don't think he was treated fairly here, but he may have deserved some of it. Although I received the accusations jokingly, I think Danny was the actual reason; he was always harsh, rude, or sometimes just mean in their discussions. But whatever.

Also: Collins went out to lunch with Lynn. Lynn is the new Susan. They were gone for about 1 hour and 30 minutes. With the way he talks about girls, he only has one thing in mind 'if you know what I mean' (typical buy). I don't think we're ready for an office romance. (its only a matter of time before he screws it up IF that is what it is.) But I'm getting ready for the potential awkwardness that will ensue, and I plan to make it even more so. :)