Friday, June 22, 2007

Daily Update

I went running again last night. I was unsure about how well I would do. My legs hadn't recovered from the Wednesday night experimental torture session. I ran like a lion who's foot had been caught in a bear trap; fighting for his life. Well, it was like that on lap two anyway. By the second lap every step would send shivering pain arrows up my shin on one leg and in my calf muscle on the other leg. The first lap was ok. Although I felt like it was taking forever, I didn't do that bad, 17:43 on lap one and 46:38 on lap two is all. At the beginning I was able to keep up with the Great White Gazelle for a full two legs of the track. I was pretty proud of myself. I lost it at the top of the hill on the second side, and had to down shift. (hill is actually pretty gradual, but its still a hill), then she just took off. In my defense the first two sides are the longer ones of the four. By the end she admitted that she was slower today because of some of the 'jobs' she had today were pretty messy and thus wore her out. Now, seeing that she works for the mob, I didn't ask any further questions; I wanted to, but I didn't. I was honestly afraid
to. She also mumbled something under her breath about lots of blood, pipe wrenches, a blow-torch, and a list of deserving people who pissed her off. [note to self: don't piss Kristen off]

After my 'pain experimentation' I went over to Greenfield for ice cream and tv, and to distract the girls from all writing their talks for sunday :) I thought ahead and brought my own laptop to work on my movie. I have now completed the josh-jessica sequence (act3), now I'm moving on to jim-stairs, (act 4). Its looking good.

After an un-remembered ammount of time, I had to leave the Greenfield scene early to go downtown for an un-disclosed busness transaction, (right Emily). Through which I aquired an un-disclosed amount of money. From which I went back to the Greenfield Scene both to repay some un-named individuals, and to further donate to other un-named person's un-disclosed charitable causes. Then after an un-said ammount of time, I had to excuse myself to then go to an us-specified place to sleep. But instead of sleep, I may, or may-not, have worked on an un-known painting, for an un-disclosed individual, which until its completion shall remain un-seen. Following an un-known ammount of time, my thoughts became un-intellagable. After this un-said time, the un-named painter got up and escaped from this un-expressed tiredness, and thus went to his un-named bed in his un-frequented apartment. All the details are un-important. It is also my un-birthday.

I'm listening to Reel Big Fish right now. Earlier I listened to Snow Patrol. Yellow Card is next.

Lunch was sponsored by Panda Express, and hosted by josh and the ucla campus. While eating, josh literally 'wolfed' his food down quicker than anything I've ever seen before. Then we tried stopping by Kami's office. We had to page upstairs and we thought that Kami answered and so josh put on his really gay voice asking for help with his brain (since they work at the Brain-mapping center), and relationship advice. The lady (which sounded a LOT like Kami) said she was out of the office, which wasn't like Kami to ever be out of that office. So I started calling people. To see if they had been abducted. I got ahold of Ms. Angry-Pants and she said that Kami was still sick, and Jessica was playing Hookie. So we then went down to the
Candy Castle next to where I work. Two big kids in a candy store, oh boy. I finally left cause I thought the guy working there was going to try to get my phone number. We bought some 'Big League Chew' for the Softball game on Saturday.

Harry Potter tonight, with cake and muffins. Good Times.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Daily Update

The Exodus continues; another friend of ours has decided to leave. This ones name was Ashlie. She just finished school in Graphic design here, and has decided to ignore the job market here and return to the small town of Sacramento.

I went running last night. I thought I had a few extra minutes before the Wednesday night dance training session. I also thought I had a little to much energy apparently. My how I was wrong. I started out in pain. I was hoping to work thru it in the first 3 minutes, but after 3min 5 seconds I realized it wasn't going away. I was fearful that the Secret band of Tree people were back to antagonize me, but I didn't see them around at all. And the most painful part of this trip, because it was so spur of the moment, I had forgotten to bring my new j-pod! That really added to my misery, all 18:33 of it. In the absence of sound, I had time to ponder life,
and other important things; until the beauty pageant girls ran by that is. This day I was like a weak Zebra uncle. No strength, no determination, just hanging on freeloading off of the others in the zebra family, waiting for the government to help subsidize his meaningless zebra life. It was sad. I think other animals could have walked around faster. Next time will be better.

So last night I was on my way to dance class when josh called. He needed a ride. I went to pick him up. We only would have been 15 min late, if he was actually at home. I had to wait for him 20 min. as he pulled a plewe. We got there, and he immediately took a phone call which happened to last till after dancing was over. We learned how to 'Salsa'. I jumped in line and started dancing the night away. There was only one problem. I don't know her name but she was a stalker. I wasn't sure if she had a twitch at first, but she's was a 'winker'. I couldn't help but to laugh after I realized it. At that point the circle couldn't have rotated soon enough! (girls rotate around the circle from guy to guy, guys stay put). At the end I was trying to hang out and talk with some of my lovely friends. I was beautifully encased in a circle of friends when I noticed out of the corner of my eye, She was stalking me. I tightened the perimeter of the circle, and immediately started making the group shuffle towards the door. EmWin and her crew went the complete opposite direction which didn't help. Jeff was distracted by the first person he saw after making a break for it. Josh faded out quickly thereafter. Kristen was my
only true wing-man, (or wing-woman if you prefer). The second we exited the building, I sprinted for my car, dove in and locked the doors behind me. I think KA saved my life. I'm pretty sure The Stalker wanted to eat my head. Jeff didn't understand what was happening, so he waited for an invitation. After screaming and almost leaving him there as a casualty, I had to explain to him what a level 3 stalker alert was.

After my nerves calmed we went over to Greenfield to partake of Josh's first attempt at homemade ice cream (made late the night before). It was OK. It would have been better if the whole group didn't make fun of poor me the whole time, twisting my words, and misunderstanding me so much. (the only good thing from that spat was me not swearing. I had to try hard, but I withstood their fiery darts.)

As I maneuver around my office I do so in different ways. I must do this many times each day to accomplish my different assigned tasks. By doing this I have had the chance to practice my stealthy ninja like skills. One must prepare for all situations at work and at home. I have found this to be beneficial in many ways. First, I have the chance to take my shoes off. Although my shoes are always handsome and intelligent looking, I am unable to wear the desired sandals at this time, so I feel that by taking off my foot coverings, it acts the same by cooling my foot temperature. (don't worry Brandi- I wash my feet every day, and wear clean socks almost every day). And Secondly, I have the chance to practice my silent movement techniques. It takes years of practice to out-stealth the ninja masters and I'm almost to that point. As I walk around my office, I'll find it better to walk with the pads of my feet instead of on the heel. mostly I'll go 'toe-heel', but occasionally just 'toe-toe'. I call those 'stealth mode', and 'super stealthy mode'. I'ts always good to be in practice, in case an occasion arises that I'd need to use those modes outside of training. And lastly, I strut around our hard-wood floored office as a favor to them, namely because of all the purple flowered trees, who release the sticky sap-dispersing buds quite often. This favor consists of my socks helping clean up the discussing dark sap residue that is always left behind on the floors. Now, I know what you're thinking, and I know that it seems gross, but I do want to add that there is a small landing strip of carpet between my chair and the wooden floors which is used to scrape off all the crap from my socks.

I'm listening to the Offspring right now. I don't think that I've listened to them
since high school. Some of the band members were in the USC marching band.

Lunch was sponsored by Jamba Juice. (I'll be honest, Jamba Juice is good and all,
but its nothing like the smoothie I used to get from Penn Station, in NY. How I
remember them anyway.)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Daily Update

I was unsure about the outcome of this run. The path that I had run so many times before was still there, but i was unsure as to where it would take me. I was under time restrictions as well as goal limitations. But there was still the acidic muscle feeling lingering from the previous Saturday. As much as I've tried to 'stretch it out', just like a stalker: its still there hiding in the bushes and when you turn around quickly or start to run, it reminds you with every movement that its there. I started out like a champion, blazing by everyone there. Pony-tail girl wizzed by me which spurred a new motivation to run faster. I kept up for a little bit, but then she proceeded into uncharted territory at corner 2, so I had to break persuit. It was like I was following a beauty pagent. Other than that the Lion truly came out in me today, like a superhero. I could hear my long sharp claws scratching the trail before me as the dust diffused in the wind behind me. At corner 3 I was a minute and a half ahead of my usual time. But I lost it in the third stretch. I had to run around to many other people and their dogs. Next time the lion in me will eat the annoying little dogs, and then I'll growl at the owners to scare them away. I finally finished with a time of 17:41. Last night I thought of a big elaborate excuse as to why it was slower than days past, but I'll have to tell it to you later casue I forgot it at present. And I noticed the pervert was back by the school.

After that, I met up with the boys and we went up to UCLA so josh could 'work out' and I could check out chicks. He showed us how to jump up and down and run on the stadium stairs. I got a bit side tracked and I just ran on the track instead of on the stairs. I felt better about doing that cause my ankles are precious to me, and stairs and ankles and me don't mix. I get nervous, thats all. But man does running up stairs exhaust me quickly! By the end of the night I felt like a sponge full of sweat and tiredness.

ice cream?...Our plan was to make ice cream, eat it, then to call Bethany and Trisha and tell them how good it was. On the way home form loosing all my energy, we stopped the store for ingredients. I went shopping for next weeks' dinners and they got the fixin's needed. (Jeff was mad when I told him I wasn't planning on sharing all my food with him. He heard the word dinner and expected to be fed.) We then proceeded to Greenfield, the neutral-ground apartment. Then the recepie was looked at. It turns out that it takes 4-5 hours for the entire process to take place, so our devilish funny plan was foiled. We watched Ace Ventura instead, but I had to leave due to the late hour, and my laptop battery was getting dangerously low. I brought it along to kill time working on my movie rather than just sitting there watching the two 'ice cream chef's' argue in the kitchen all night. It would have been fun either way.

I'm listening to the Ramones right now.

Lunch was sponsored by Jose Bernsteins.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Daily Update

Right after work I rushed over to Century City to the CAA building. This is where our FHE activity was to take place. I parked at the mall. Its the one designed by Gensler (witht he big hole in it). It is a big fat monster made of steel and glass with marble trimmings, and an aluminum hat. (All their buildings look similar to that one.) CAA is a talent agency, in case you're not in 'the industry'; another monster in the acting industry. As I arrived, there were a lot of fancy people dressed up standing outside. Could these have been in our group? I decided to proceed to investigate. Inside I found some people I recognized. I intarogated them briefly. They knew nothing. I also noticed a fire alarm that was going off, and a fire door that had rolled down on one part of the building which must have led to the screening room. I proceeded to that door. After feeling for temperature, someone with a list asked me if I had checked in yet. I ignored the question. I informed him that I was a junior deputy home-room fire assistant in high school, and I've been to countless fire stations before; I was a professional and I knew what I was doing. Unimpressed, he again asked me if I had checked in. Switching subjects, I blurted out, "jeff thompson, fox studios, archive devision, party of four. I'm the 3 of the 4." He signaled for me to wait 'over there' brushing me away with his fingers. Hollywood scum. If he only knew that I was a trained killer, and that I can use my entire body as a weapon. I decided that it couldn't be a good thing for me to wait by a closed fire door. After sneaking back thru the crowd, I found someone else with a clip-board , who had gorgeous eyes, standing behind a table who looked like they were in charge, so I asked for instructions from her. She told me to wait until I was called upon. So I waited.

After Movie night we hung out at Panda Express and then Greenfield. Not much else happening. Kind of boring night I guess.

There were lots of scary people wandering around westwood in the last while. last week I saw a Jaba-the-hutt look alike with a walker. Luckily it was right AFTER lunch. And yesterday I saw the mobile version, BIG and angry looking. It looked like it was searching for smugglers that owed it money. Fortunatly for me I could walk faster than it could waddle. Today I thought I saw a heard of Jabba juniors attacking a cheeseburger that had fallen on the ground. Like sharks in a feeding frenzy.

Lunch was sponsored by Marvins.

I'm listening to Jack Johnson. yes, the Banana Pancake song. (I waited until that
song came on till I wrote this :)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Daily Update

On Friday we went to see the Fantastic Four-Silver Surfer movie. I liked it, it was fun. I've talked to others who didn't like it though. But thats always the case. After that we went to Greenfield. As we were waiting for j & j to arrive, they called from the store and told Trisha to ask me if I was up for some minor 'experimentation'. Not knowing what to expect, with hesitation and a veto power reservation, I agreed. Then after a short deliberation, they mentioned, "what hair color do you like?", and "Have you ever straightened your hair?" Oh boy. But them asking an apartment full of girls who already had the tools/devices for straightening hair, they got super excited and decided to 'fix' my hair before the others got there. I think Joyce was ready to straighten before I got off the phone with them. She said the smoke coming from the straightening iron was normal. It smelled like burning. At first it went straight up and all over the place, like a punk rocker. then into a mohawk. It was interesting to say the least. I think I looked like a dork, but whatever.

Saturday was full of more adventures. I actually got up early (9:45) and tried to help at the ward-building clean-up service-project, but I was to late, uh... oops. From there I rushed over to Veteran to see if Jordans girlfriend was still making breakfast; turns out they were only 'making-out' so I left. I went on some house walk-thru's with Jeff & Josh. It was fun. From there josh had the brilliant idea to get uniforms for our ward softball team at Ross. So we went shopping. Yes, we were late to a game because we were shopping. But we found some Brilliant shirts! I got a shirt, light blue, long sleeved, that says "I'm kind of a big deal". the unfoutunate part is that its an 'extra Medium' size. So I can't really fit into it.

So we rushed off to our ward softball game. I got there a bit late, and we were already loosing. The opposing team was rallying for an early lead. As soon as I got there (still waking up @ 1pm) they threw me onto third base. I did what I could, but after missing two paramount plays/catches, the next inning SM jeff and I switched, so I was to be pitcher. At that point they were probably 14 runs up. I know, I know, it sounds like a slaughter, but you should never underestimate the intimidating yells of a loud angry pitcher. The next inning as I pitched, they only got one run. Yes, who's ralling now you weaklings! We took their place in the scoring quest, getting 10-14 runs per inning, and me pitching an almost 'No-hitter'. I was quiet proud, and vocal about our earnings on the ball field. Later at the priesthood meeting the stake president complemented us on our outrageous victory (he was on the other team), and I told him I wasn't sorry for the disapointment I placed in their souls, and if anyone on the team needed therapy, I could recomend someone to him.

At the meeting, (which was a waist of time cause it was just a stupid 'look who's going away' meeting for the exiting mission president of the area) I really wanted to tell him afterwords that his missionaries were bad and he should have taught them better, and the fact that he was REALLY trunky was a bad impression in everyone there. But I didn't; and afterwords i didn't care anymore.

But also during the meeting, Pres. White gave a talk on Spiderman and Harry Potter. No, I'm not kidding about this eitehr. He actually called on some kid and asked him to stand and tell us what the object of spiderman was. He froze under pressure, and he apparently couldn't hear me loudly whispering to him, from across the room, what it was. But Pres. White could hear me from the pulpit (10 rows back right side of stake center), so he then called on me to stand and tell all the people there that "The purpose of Spiderman was to Battle the forces of Evil". I said it in a tone that showed that I was discusted with the kid who couldn't answer. It was pretty funny. If I had more time to think about it, I would have given a much more detailed description of spiderman, and maybe reinacted a few scenes, at least untill asked to be seated.

After the meeting while trying to leave, the legions of missionaries that were swarming the parking lot were everywhere. (I don't know why so many were there, it was only for our stake I thought, but whatever.) So josh sped into a group of them and stopped at the last second, and then acts pissed. So they did the same, you know, to be funny, then me- already hanging out the passenger window, started barking out "Quiet Dignity" at them as if it were a curse. We all then proceeded to laugh at that phrase for the next 5 minutes. We'd all been to the MTC, we knew.

Saturday night was Harry Potter night. Unfortunatly our 6th Saturday night priesthood meeting of the year was also on that night, so the movie started a little late. It was fun and informitive like usual.

After church my crew came over for Peanut butter sandwitches, and we watched Man vs. Wild. All new episodes are comming out. Sunday night we went to a 'Good bye Bethany' party. It was fun. I think Josh and Kristen are mad at me for destroying them at Yahtzee. Sorry guys, its

I'm listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers right now.

Lunch was sponsored by In N' Out.