Friday, June 29, 2007

Daily Update

I went running again. This time it was different, so quiet, and full of anticipation. I had so much to prove to myself, and to my stopwatch, who was keeping track of the time. I had prepaired myself by eating a healthy lunch, as healthy as Jamba Juice provides that is. It was a heavy start. The songs were right in the j-pod, the shoes fit tight, and my eyes were full of the evening light. Fresh air filled my lungs. I ran and I ran as diligent as I could. As much as I tried, the swampy marsh lands were to much for me and they overtook me. I was a tired lion who was fighting for his life. Struggeling to outrun the slowest of his prey that he may eat that day. I had to fight off many foes as well. I think they noticed that I was running alone today. I was hoping that they would just forget about me, but they were lieing in wait. They sprang from the bushes from nearly every direction! All I could do was to fend them off until another friendly runner ran by. But there was no time, I wouldn't have lasted that long. I passed the previous runner so long ago. Luckily I was packing a samuri style knife, so I could both defend myself, and carve them up and send them on their way. There was one attack from the ninja's and then one from a few renegade zombie type creatures. They were no match for me. I finished +24 seconds. not great. I've had a lot on my mind lately therefore my brain was taking up to much of my energy, rather than my running muscles; stupid brain. I'm going to have to have a talk with it. The pervie dude was also not there.

One bad thing with the run today was with the street. The street of the fourth side of the track was recently re-paved. Its sticky asphalt in itself is not bad, but when combined with loose sharp gravel, it becomes dangerous very quickly. As I was running on the last leg of the run, my shoes became coated with the gooie tar stuff. As I ran, the sticky tar would then pick up all the loose yet sharp rocks, coating the underside, and lower sides of my running shoes turning my shoes into virtual weapons. I also need to mention that this was the last leg of lap two, so I was a little bit exhausted. When I get tired, my running form gets a little lax and sloppy. My feet will start to bump together, and my arms wobble. Well this time as my feet started bumping into eachother, it started slicing my ankles up. Similar to what Freddy Cruger, or Edward ScissorHands would do. I am accostomed to the pain, I almost don't even notice it, but I didn't realize it was a 'bleeding' pain until after I got home and was taking off my shoes.

I worked on a new project today at work. It was kind of a refreshing change from the typical high rise i've been with for the past few months. But tomorrow its back to that. My boss said today that next week he'll talk to me about my annual review. I wonder if he'll fire me. That could make life interesting. What kind of practical jokes could I play then on the people there, ha ha ha. I also wonder if he'll give me more money. Should I have questions ready, like an interview? Should I ask for an ammount, or a percentage? Hmmmm.

After running I cleaned my room a little bit, and then went over to Greenfield to watch TV. I stayed way to late according to my tiredness levels. They made me. I had no choice in the matter. We watched the Dancing show, twice. Yesterday's episode, and the current one. I'm listening to some sort of 'Mika' right now. Its pretty cool. Its a kind of British alternative music.

Lunch was sponsored by Burger King, and hosted by the Bean Twins. After lunch I went back to their 'Brain Mapping' office (thats what they do there) and Courtney started asking me the 'screening' questions to see if I would be acceptable as a 'test subject'. I failed the screening test miserably. Out of the four questions I missed two of them; namely, been on medication for Meningitis, and have a huge steel plate in my leg. I knew they wanted normal humans, but I thought that Super-humans were included. I guess not. I think the other two questions were: "do you have a brain", and "do you have a heartbeat?" And of course I got those right.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Daily Update

Kami made it home finally. I think the doctors and nurses were scared of her, and what she'd do to them if they made her stay. She was very ready to leave, and hopefully is on the road to recovery.

So Last night after work I walked by the 'transformers' premiere. It was cool. There were lots of famous people and lots of screaming little girls and people with cameras. Some of the girls walking down the red-carpet looked like mannequins because of how plastered their make-up was. I recognized a few people but only their faces, I don't know famous people's names. I finally realized how lame it actually was, so I left.

fter I got home I decided to think about going running (or doing anything productive) while I Fought the Battle Of My Life. It wasn't my most productive moment, but I was successful in defending the universe for yet another day. I've been stuck on a broken down space station, with evil Sith creatures and angry robots chasing me. Last night I finally fought my way off the space station and escaped in an space ship. My character is currently on planet Telos looking for two escaped assassins. I'm cooperating with the TSA government security in order to later
receive information on how I can leave that planet. I'm using my jedi skills to influence people and conquer evil.

Eventually I spoke with a few kids who were planning to go and visit Josh up at the dorms at ucla. It was a scattered assortment of Greenfield, Selby, Veteran, Eastborne, and then Trisha and also Evan2. After meeting at Greenfield (where Sara and EmWin were both golfing and then boxing via the Wii) we carpooled up to campus. Now the dorms aren't really open to the public, so we just found our way into a large auditorium, where it was warm and smelly. We just crashed for a minute before I found out that there was a microphone up front. As I was preparing for my speech, I noticed there was a portable mic right there as well. Oh boy. After sound checking I quickly wired Maggie up and let her take it from there. Boy, Howdy! It was like plugging in a Christmas tree. She lit up, and didn't stop singing the entire time. No, no kidding, the entire time. It was like request night for all of us. We started out patriotic, then moved into the love theme songs, then classics, then show tunes, then Neil Diamond (she even threw in a few seconds here and there of General conf. RS talk imitation speeches [terrific!]). But then when 'Group A' had to leave, it was coming up on curfew time anyway.

Not that I need any more nerdyness in my life, but during lunch I wandered down to the post office in one of the mob buildings on Wilshire blvd. I went to the post office to buy Star Wars Stamps. Its a novel thing that I can use eventually, but as I was walking up to the building I see this dude who was the ultimate in nerd-dom, passing me. I was thinking of saying something to him like: "may the force be with you", or "live long and prosper". But I didn't. I didn't have a chance to because I quickly noticed in his hands a large transparent stack, full of Star wars stamps. I was caught off guard; i then tried talking myself out of going and buying those sorts of stamps for myself. I didn't want to be able to compare myself to his dork. But it had taken so long to make it that far, I went anyway. I was buying for someone else in my office as well, so It was like a good deed.

Today lunch was sponsored by Jamba juice. (It wasn't as exciting as a thursday normally should be; No hospital visit, and no Mob Talks.)

I'm listening to the Misfits right now. They are singing funny cover songs.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Daily Update

I went running last night. It was a slow night, I was up one minute and a half above average. I brought Ms. Angry Pants with me. It was very plesent actually.There wern't as many people there as usual. Only about 20, everyone else must havebeen there earlier in the day. I thought we would have run into more ninjas andvampires, but they had already gone home too. Courtney wasn't used to the wildAfrican like terrain and the vast hilly grasslands, thats what could have slowed herdown. I was like a Parent Gazelle teaching the younger Springbok how to danceacross the landscape for the first time. We breezed thru the chilly marshlands, andfought our way up the steep inclines all the way to the end. We fordged our wayaround the track twice. At the end of the run, I noticed 'That Guy' again. In allthe times I've been to Brentwood, this one guy has been just sitting in his carhanging out every single time. Its in an area where a lot of people run, and thereis a school across the street. Its on the street which is the fourth side of thetrack, which is the backside of the Country Club, therefore there are lots of bushesand places to hide bodies and such. It is time that I sit back and watch life passby NO longer. So after getting back to my car at the end of two laps, I, while prodded by CB, called the Brentwood police to report this pervie, yet possible harmless guy. As I was dialing, I felt like I was doing the public a great service. It rang and rang and rang. After 5 minutes, I game myself another 2 min. time limit till I would hang up. With 5 seconds left till I was to hang-up, Mitch picked up at West LA Disbatch. I explained the situation and he promised to get someone on it immediatly. I informed him that he was doing his community a great service, and that he should keep up thegood work that he provides. Then I drove away thinking that we've just sent an innocent man to jail. Then again, they might just beat him with Night-sticks till the sun rises.

After that I hung out with the Bean girls and was catagorically victimized withinterogating questions by Jessica Jr. She wanted the dirt on me FROM me, but Iwithstood her feiry darts. I was like a giant stone castle with huge turrets, asmall draw-bridge, and plenty of archers ontop of my walls, ready to defend thekingdom. If we were to do a reinactment, I would be Duke Wellington, and She wouldhave the part of Napoleon. I was that strong.

It had become pretty late, so I just went home and Fought the Battle of My Life foran hour, and then started painting, watching tv, and eating Red Baron Pizza, (whichprobably un-did most of my running) all at the same time. Multi-tasking at itsfinest.

Today during my morning stroll, I noticed a set-up going on for the two theatershere in Westwood. As I got closer I noticed they were setting up for the upcommingsummer hit 'Transformers'. I noticed this because they got one of the transformers,'bumbelbee' i think his name was, to hang out there all day. A full life sizeTransformer. It was pretty Super-fantastic. I might have to go back tonight andcheck it out some more when the actors are arriving on their 'blue' carpet.

I also stopped by to visit Kami. Better news on that front. Looks like she will begoing home today. She thinks she passed the Stone earlier today, but is still inpain. (So call before you go visit now).

Lunch was sponsored by a mediocre In N Out burger, and a handful of Peanut Brittle.

Some little tooth fairy like person in my office was kind enough to bring treatsfrom See's candy.

I"m listening to Suicidal Tendencies right now.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Daily Update

For a minute there last night I thought that the day wouldn't be interesting. My how I was wrong. After work I started fighting the Battle of My Life. Someone has to defend the universe after all.

I went over to the Santa Monica Building for FHE. They were playing games; board games to be spacific. I went just to hang out. The other ward had a lot of people there. I didn't know them so I just found the 5 people I knew and we hung out the whole time. We did a good job of 'keeping it real' by ourselves. We made fun of everyone there that deserved it, which were quite a few. It was funny to watch some of the dudes try to impress girls. They were dorks. Not for trying to impress girls, it was just HOW they were doing it which made it very entertaining.

After that wrapped up a few of us went over to cafe 50's. I hung out with Jeremy and some of his friends. It was a new experience to hang out outside of my normal circle and to dabble in someone elses circle of friends. I would have sat with the usual kids, but we all got there at different times, and it would have been really awkward if I got up and just left them there, so I stayed. It was funny cause I would hop between tables now and then, and both groups were talking about girls, girl-trouble, and girls causing/being problems, just on different scales and
different points of view. There were mostly guys at my table, (ringleader Jeremy), and mostly girls at the other (ringleader Jessica).

After I got home I continued to 'Fight the Battle of My Life' for a little while as well as working for a short time on painting and movie editing. (I really don't spend enough time on it, especially casue Jeremy is moving soon, but I promised him by the end of the week). Sometimes I sit on my bed thinking about what I should do for to long, rather than just doing stuff. Usually it taks place pretty late at night and I deliberate whether I should paint or sleep or keep playing. Its a tough decision sometimes.

I have recently noticed that I have a Wolverine-like recovery rate. You all have seen the X-Men movies, right? I need to briefly compair myself to Wolverine, the super hero. As I do that I'm thinking of the dramatic pain I was in on Saturday compaired to now. This also happened the week before. On saturday I could barley drive, and it hurt to walk. Torn muscles aren't that quick to heal for most people, but with me its different. I'm starting to see this looking back to all my injuries. And it is true that some of my bones are made of steel, just like the Adamantium steel in Wolverine's bones. so that helps out my compairison. I just don't have retractable blades that come out of my forearms. But I'm working on it.

Lunch was sponsored by the mob picnic, with a glimpse of orange jello.

(during lunch time I went up to the hospital agian. Kami is still there (room 552 in westwing). She probably dosen't want, but I think needs visitors [hint, hint]. The eurologist never showed up. her roommate is a swearing loud mouth. The pain is still there. The doctors still don't know whats going on. And she's heavily midicated. After I got there she became really tired, cause the nurses had just shot her up with feel good drugs. She sat like Cleopatra on her hospital bed
thrown, as he filled me in on the daily shinanigans.

I had to leave early to make it down to the Mob building. Kristen's 'employer' (the mob) was having some sort of party (Hit Man Appreciation Day). I think they were celebrating 25 years of successful 'hits'. KA is out of town at girls camp (hit-man training), but didn't want her portion to go to waste (ie. had to keep her territory in line), so she asked me to show up to represent her (as a Conciliary to represent her in all business dealings). Wow was it good food! Some sort of open BBQ picnic out on one of the parking lots. Mmmm Mmmm. At first I wasn't able to locate the party, checking almost every floor for signs of activity. Nothing. On the way down in the elevator I mis-pressed the buttons, getting off a floor early, but when the doors opened, I heard party noises and my nose took over from there. I loitered outside for a minute just to make sure that I wasn't the only guy, then I followed some guy in. I headed straight for the food, filled a plate then made my way out. A clean get away! This was a good free lunch.)

I'm listening to a group named 'Satellite Party'.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Daily Update

On Friday night Josh and I thought we'd have enough time to run over to Costco to get muffins for Harry Potter night before 8pm. That didn't work out so well. It turns out there was lots of stuff that we needed to look at when we were there; and we were still late. But in the long run we still started the movie before we had in the last few weeks. It was funny cause we started the movie with the dedicated core group, but by the end there were at least 20 people there. It was fun... except for the neighbors, they had to come up and tell us the volume/bass was way to loud. I was quick to blame Josh and then give them his phone number for any further complaints.

On Saturday I treated myself to pancakes in the morning before I slowly made my way over to the ward building clean-up. I brought my j-pod to help pass the time, it was fantastic. Luckily Jessica con'd me into going the night before, cause there were only two other people there. So much for the sign up list. After that I hung out at my place and did laundry, worked on my movie and painting, and was productive at the same time as I watched movies on my computer, and Computer games too mixed into the morning. I was in Science Fiction Fantasy Land.

We also had a softball game which interrupted the brief 'battle of my life'. As I strolled up to our game Russ was there to tell me we just fore-fitted. Dang, and I had already loaded up on Big League Chew. There were still enough people to play a game though. I strapped my boots on and was second up to bat. Upon smashing the ball into the back of the out field, I exploded off of home plate. In doing so, without warming up, I must have torn something in my mid-upper quad muscle. So after leaping from my stationary position, I felt pain and then start limping dramatically. With the next person up to bat, they hit it, I limped out a couple of steps, and had to sacrifice myself to being tagged out, just not to injure my poor self any more. I really didn't care cause I only knew Russ anyway. As I sat out I saw Jeff coming so I took the opportunity to leave after 5 minutes of being there.

From there we tried to visit Sara, who has recently returned from the distant land of India, she wasn't there; so then we went to visit Kami who's in the ucla hospital. We hung out for a few minutes, and shot the breeze. I decided it was time to leave when jeff started asking her more about the food she was eating for lunch than her kidney stones. (the lunch guy got there minutes after we did, and the tray was on the wheeled desk that you can't see above when laying down. Then when she did try to eat he'd ask her about every little thing she was about to put in her mouth. "oh, is that a tomato? is that broccoli? is that a carrot?". I think I understand that its hard to explain every little vegetable you put in your mouth when doped up/ when eating/ when in pain as much as she was. But Jeff's a part time chef, so its his job I guess.)

Later that night I was planning on hanging out with some of my school friends at a bar, but those plans changed when Kristen called and said that a bunch of cool chicks were on their way to go eat fancy food and watch movies. So of course I was into that! A group of us went to some Thai place on Westwood Blvd. and then went to see Oceans 13. They were both really good. A new girl in the ward came with named Julia. After a short interrogation, I still couldn't think of a nickname for her, and I'm still working on one as I type, soon though. I have to take care to craft nicknames to be unique and memorable, more than just the typical playground names.
My bar friends called just after midnight wondering if I was going to make it... I told them I was in no shape to drive at that point.

At church I got anxious when one of the stake presidency came in to sac.meeting. I anticipated the release of the bishop, but not so. a false alarm. and I got really annoyed when one of the teachers went over the time limit by 10 minutes. After church we hung out at Jeff's place. We played a stock market type game called 'Pit', and Jeff made cookies. Then after the party cooled off we went over to Greenfield to watch a movie. Maggie had a German friend over from her work. I tested him on his knowledge of dirty german words, and he knows more than I do, thats for sure! He used one phrase where I didn't know the word, but with all the other verbs and adjectives, I knew what he ment. (I didn't quite hear anything like that on the mission.) Sara brought a souviner home from india, I cant remember his name, but I think he's a sherpa. I want to go to india and get a sherpa now too. He's either that or Sara is building up an army to take over the world. I've heard her speak of that in times past. This could get interesting.

It was a very eventfull weekend.

We got a new guy at work.

Lunch was sponsored by Burger King. (I know, I know, not my finest hour, but I spent all my lunch time at the hospital visiting Kami, so I had to resort to going there. She's there reconing with a supposed 'kidney stone'. She's been in pain for almost 4 weeks now. Poor girl. She's defiantly tougher than most guys I know that's for sure. When I got there she was just recovering from a yelling match with the doctors. They didn't know what they were doing, and they hadn't been doing it right. She was throwing stuff around like Donkey Kong. She settled down for a minute when I arrived, then the medication kicked in cause she got real nice and quiet and friendly at the end of our visit. I hate hospitals. They make me nervous/angry from all my visits to them in the past. )

I'm listening to 'Plain White T's' right now.