Friday, August 10, 2007

Daily Update

After my Wednesday night excursion to the Australian Outback, I thought to myself what was in order for me tonight. I thought of trying to go to The Sahara, the Outback, the Arctic, or even the Amazon, but none of which seemed appealing to me at that time. Similarly to Sunday morning, I backed out of running due to a slight concern with my physical health. No, I'm not ill, its just that if I'm not in peak physical performance, I'm open to an attack by the wandering ninja and trolls, or other creatures, that wander around in their respective neighborhoods. I'll have to make up for it this weekend.

Eventually I we wound up over at Greenfield. Maggie told us to come over and watch a movie. But when we got there, only Emily was home. So we watched the Dancing show from last night. Next week is the finale you know. (Of the three girls left, one is from Roy, UT, and one is LDS.) After that, Josh had shown up with movies so we watched Rat Race. I'll be honest, it was kind of painful to watch. I really wasn't into it until the very end, and by that point I had missed a good portion of it. Then at the end of that we were ready to leave, so we all left. On the way home I saw josh zoom by me. Confused, I phoned him to see where Maggie had taken him off to. She was with him you see, singing her siren song probably. I Broke off of my 'go-home' flight pattern to pursue Josh's car, to rescue him if needed. His phone rang. I wondered if she would allow him to answer it if she knew she had it with him. He answered. I heard screaming in the back ground! "Where is she taking you?!" I feared that he was being tortured, but it turned out it was only the screechy radio. They were on their way to McDonalds. "OH", I said reluctantly. And as he described what was on the menu, my stomach started speaking to me as well. As I was approaching my parking dock, I quickly shifted and decided to 'head them off at the pass'. So McDonalds it was. After all, I hadn't eaten since lunch time, and I always have time for a MacFlurry. I arrived shortly after we spoke. they pulled in behind me. There was a mini-van at the order window (meaning it would take a while) so I just got out of my car and walked back to Josh's car. As we started talking the Vixen Maggie made a mad dash toward my open car door! Realizing what could go wrong I also started running toward my car, but I was to late. My damaged hip had failed me again. My 'given-up' self humbly got into josh's passenger seat. They were out of McFlurries, so we slowly made the decision to try another place, Carl's Jr to be precise. There shakes are spectacular. The guy taking orders actually looked like the janitor. But we just hung it up in the parking lot as we enjoyed our super late night meals. I finally got my car back as we all parted ways.

Then even later at night, when I got home, I dove into the pages of Harry Potter as I attempted to organize my room. It kept me up later than I should have stayed up. Silly book.

I'm listening to Harry right now actually. He's having a difficult time dealing with all the wily foes of his fifth year at Hogwarts. I'm liking people who wear pink and who are overly nice less and less.

Lunch was sponsored by a new place called The Good Earth. It was ok. The dishes might be a little to creative for me though. It was Baby Spice's decision to try it out.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Daily Update

Its 1:01 am as I write this. 3 minutes ago my room started shaking, the walls, my bookshelf, and lamps. I almost wet myself. My room was shaking as if someone was going to shake your chair from behind. I almost thought it was 'The Big One'. I was quickly reminded of the big earthquake in 92', or whenever it was, when I was at my Grandma's house and the whole neighborhood started shaking up and down and side to side, and my dad was yelling from the back bedroom "Welcome to California!". He got a kick out of it, but my Grandma gets mad at him every time we mention it.

I stayed up late reading from Harry Potter. It was a white- nuckled experience frantically searching for the next sentence, the next paragraph, and the next chapter. Harry goes through many emotions that so many people can identify with. Thats got to be why he's popular.

I went running tonight. It was the different venue again. Not like the African wasteland that I'm used to. It was more like the Australian Outback. Wide open deserts with occasional hilly terrain. Kangaroo's hopping about in every which way, Dingo's chasing everything that moved. I was as swift as a baby Leopard. Cute and adorable at first glance, but snarling and vicious when they need to be. I didn't suffer as much pain as I had in previous days, its slowly been going away. Nevertheless, I didn't run as much as normal, partially cause I could cheat and cut it short, but also to hurry my recovery from pain. I purposefully forgot my watch, cause in this state I didn't want to know how much I'd actually slowed down. (oops).

Later that night I visited the Veteran kids to watch a movie. The Bean girls stopped by to help us watch it, and eventually they left after hours of harassment. Jeff also made 'Bread Pudding'. And interesting concoction of bread, sugar, and cream, all melded together in a modern device called an 'oven'. Have you heard of such a thing? I think they are just bewitched by the 'dark side'.

On Thursday I was busy at work as normal. I was trying to work on two different projects at once. Ta's last day is tomorrow, so my office took him out to lunch. We all went actually. But it was funny for me, cause I had a regularly planned Jamba Juice visit to attend to. Susan only told us an hour before that we were doing this, so I told her that I'd be late. So yes, I got two lunches today, One of which was paid for by my bosses. The best of both worlds, fine company, and then fine food. While at BJ's I quickly noticed that our waitress was Jen. You might remember hearing about her from previous lunch experiences. Well, She remembered me alright. We're just lucky that everyone else had ordered already, otherwise it would have been the 'Spit topping delight' for us all. I got a Grilled Chicken Pasta. They should have called it 'Butter Noodles'. Butter Spirals, Butter Broccoli, and Butter Toast. After downing most of my food, I announced to Jen, the waitress that it was Ta's 'Birthday/going away party'. But I only mumbled the going away party part. You get a free pazookie with a birthday you know. Everyone else acted to surprised for me to keep up the act, and after all Jen remembered me. when desert time came most of the table referred to me for what to get. They new that I liked the desert list at BJ's, as they kept egging me on to look again at the desert menu. Last time I volunteered everyone to share a pazookie, and everyone really liked it, so this time I was very quick to loudly suggest a Pazookie Party Platter. Instead of a 7 inch pazookie, it was a 14 inch Pazookie with at least 6 scoops of ice cream on top! Wow was it good. Most of my co-workers didn't know how to attack this glorious delight so I had to show them how to dig in. I briefly thought of how the 'digging-in' event goes down at jeff's place, and chuckled cause that would never fly in this setting. I kept having to remind myself that I was with co-workers and a boss, so I had to behave extra well. Then after that second lunch break I had to rush back to work.

Lunch was sponsored by Jamba Juice, and then BJ's, as I mentioned earlier.

I'm listening to... yup, you guessed it, the next installment of Harry Potter. Poor kid, he's having to deal with a lot right now.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Daily Update

I was just on my way to go out when Josh called. He was over at Jessica's and needed 'Guy support'. I stopped by Jeff's to pick him up, I dropped him off at Jess's as I changed my mind about going over (at that time) and I kept driving. I went over to the Santa Monica building. Thats where Lisa was having her Play Practice. I went over there to discuss the set design for the Play she's doing. It took a little longer than I expected, but I had to draw all the plans up when I got there. She was happy with it all. The final arrangements will go down early Saturday morning.

Then I went over to Jessica's flat. I entered to find three people bored out of their minds. One missing DVD player, One girl anxiously piecing a puzzle together, and two boys bored out of their minds, basking in 'boredom bitterness'. They so desperately wanted something to do, but were very resistant to actually get up and actually DO any thing. Just like so many other times, no one could decided on what to do. Every suggestion shot down, just to be replaced by another, and then another; thus deliberation would drag on and on, continuing endlessly. But thats how it usually is with those two. One has a problem deciding on what movie to watch, and the other can't firmly decide where to buy food. But those of you who know them already know that.

Finally after 'who knows how long' they finally followed my lead and decided to leave. We weren't sure what was to happen, but we'd work something out. And in the ride down the elevator it came to us what we were to do. It was called 'Project Recovery'. I can't tell you a thing about it due to the sensitive ongoing nature that is involved with it, but it almost worked. We ended up driving around for a while. Meanwhile I attempted to phone Jessica Jr. I got through and asked if she wanted to join us for dinner. She was interested, but she apparently was in the process of driving. "Who's car was she driving?" you ask, that is where the plot thickens. She was driving Jessica's car some unknown distance outside of the parking garage where she was instructed not to take it from. Jessica gasped in horror. She was in the back seat of Josh's car, I was in the front, each flanked by Josh and Jeff, and she didn't know where her car was. I continued the conversation with Angry for as long as possible, repeating as much of the information as I could, not to leave the others in the dark. I led her on to think that Jessica wasn't with us, and that she was about to be murdered. It was all going so well, until Jessica tried to text Kami to inform her of our plot, but instead Jessica sent it to Courtney instead, revealing all our hidden plans. Our plot to torture her was finished. It was a fun 5 minutes though. Mean but fun.*

We picked Baby Spice up and we all went to Wendy's, and we went to Del Taco to eat.
Jessica was angry at the disappearing car trick that her sister tried, CB was nervous as to its consequences, and the three of us were laughing hysterically the entire time.*

Today in Westwood Village I walked by a big black guy who was wearing 1 boxing glove, boxing headgear, a back pack, and dribbling a basketball. It was a mixture of scary and funny. If I had been quicker, I would have been able to take a picture of him in his interesting outfit.

Lunch was sponsored by Quizno's.

I'm listening to Harry Potter right now, as usual. I finished the third book the day before yesterday. Right now Harry is preparing for the third task in the Tri-Wizard tournament. I hope he does alright.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Daily Update

We had FHE in the evening. It was OK. we played 'get to know you' games. but with all those guys there it was frankly just a competitive spout of how 'the guys' can show off their skills. Games are dangerous that way.

Josh called me during one of our fhe activities. He wanted me to go running with him. I hesitantly agreed. It wasn't my usual day to go, but I had been holding off for a while, so I thought it might be ok. around the ucla track, its 'distance optional', you can to around once, or four times, or a million (which a bit much for me). So he came over to the church building where I was. By that time our games had ended and we were all just chatting. So a few of us headed off to go running. I was in line to talk to Kristen and josh came up and said we were running, and then she got mad at me for not telling her; BUT in my defense I had just found out myself, and it wasn't my turn to speak with her yet. There was a lineup like at a Santa Clause in a mall... well maybe not that extreme, but you get the idea. So Jeff, Josh, Myself, KA, and Baby Spice all go running. It was fun. It took me one lap (quarter of a mile) to warm up painfully and properly before the endorphins/dopamine (agents of adrenaline) kicked in to the point where I was pain free and swift like a Mystical Panther from the Night. Granted I only ran 1.5 miles, this was a different venue than I was used to. Not like the usual Serengeti, this new terrain was a new challenge. Different obstacles awaited us there; a mountain of stadium stairs, many people, weird metal gates attached to chains that would jump out from the grass and attack the runners in lanes 1-3 (KA had a close call with one of them, almost knocked her off her feet.)

In the first time around the track Courtney decided she didn't want me running near her so she shoved me into a large metal gate, breaking my raggity watch. So just to spite her I started bugging her till I got bored, then after the pain evaporated I ran at a little faster pace than normal, to catch the others. I then ran up and down the stairs there. My leg muscles are mad at me for doing that. But I promised myself that if I could run for at least one lap without pain that I would run up and down each of the stadium stairs at least once. So I did it. Exhausted as can be, but I did finish, then I ran a few victory laps just to show off.

Eventually my body sobered up and then I followed Coach Rider and KA up a hill, then we started throwing heavy orange balls around (shot-putts), and heavy metal balls attached to a thick wire (Hammers). It was the equipment that Josh used everyday to train for throwing stuff. He showed us all how to work it like a 'champion'. I'll tell you that throwing a 16 pound weight, or swinging it around your head can wear you out! We did it for a while. On the walk to the car I could feel already that I would be soar tomorrow.

On the way home We stopped by Von's and bought some Root Beer's and Cream Soda's. We went to my place and sipped them down and watched last week's episodes of 'The Dancing show'. There's nothing more 'manly' that that right... er something. We critiqued them heavily if that makes a difference. Jeff was unsure of the scanty outfits, but I thought they were 'terrific' (if you know what I mean [wink, wink]).

I finally did it. I went out today and paid for Bionic Eyes. Now I walk around and watch the world in High-Definition. Its like I'm always at the movies or watching TV. I'm going to start carrying around a TV tuner, that will make me think that I'm viewing all of LA feel like my living room.

Lunch was sponsored by Panda Express.

And yes, I'm listening to Harry Potter right now. He's in the heat of battle with a dragon right now. 'Oh watch out harry, Dragons are dangerous!'

Monday, August 6, 2007

Daily Update

This weekend was very adventurous. The majority of the time was spent at a movie theater.

On friday night a group of us went to see 'the Bourne Ultimatum'. Because it was opening night we went early to make sure we were in the front of the line. When we got there, there was no line, which was a surprise. So we (the girls) decided that food was in order. After a few people got normal food, we then went to the true
destination that they (the girls) had in mind... the Chocolate Shop. Chocolate and fudge mixtures of every sort. After 10 minutes of waiting for them inside the store, I went in to make sure that everything was in order. Four of the girls with us were jumping at the counter of the Chocolatier like a bunch of girls in the 60's at a Beatles concert. It was fascinating. Then I made the mistake of investigating the contents of the glass cases. Then I started to be fascinated with the contents of the cases. Anyway, with almost everyone having some sort of food in pocket or in hand, we wandered over to the theater. (We were at the Century City Mall mind you).

On Saturday, after sleeping in a little bit I went downtown to shop for rolls of fabric in the fashion district. Its like Canal street in New York, or kind of like
Tijuana in Mexico. Everyone is willing to barter/make deals. It was fun, i didn't know it but I am many peoples 'Good friend' downtown; "Hello my good friend, what
can I sell you?" is what I heard in every shop I went into (said with a mexican or indian accent. It was hot, and took most of my morning. I had a bacon wrapped hot
dog for lunch smothered in onions and grease.

In the afternoon I went over to The Fox Lot to watch The Simpsons and then Ratatouille. They were both really good. The Simpsons was a bit racier than the tv
show. Surprising, yet still pretty funny. And Rata2E was better than I thought; animation story, and characters. It was a lot of movie watching, especially for one
day. After that we ended up back at Jeff's talking about our Europe trip. Jeff and I have had to take control of all the planning cause the third party seems to be indifferent. Thats fine by us though. After a few hours of chatting I left, and went to the store to get stuff for dinner tomorrow. I mistakenly went to the Ralph's by ucla. Everyone in the store had some sort of alcohol in their cart, which made the lines really long. After making it home I started cleaning my room. Then I started listening to Harry Potter at home; all while cleaning, emailing, and doing laundry. Multitasking at its finest. Amidst all this productivity Josh rang at my apartment. It was about midnight at that point, so I figured I would be in for a long night. We hung out for a bit. I had to fill him in on much of the latest gossip that I knew of. We also sipped down our ice cold Raspberry Cream soda's as we watched 'un-fulfilling late night television'.

On Sunday morning I started to make an attempt to go exercise, but those thoughts were quickly extinguished from my head by sharp shooting pains in my hip joint as I walked down the stairs to go to my car. When walking around on the street, I imagined that the pains would only grow, so I slowly changed my mind about going running. (ok, so the pain wasn't that horrible, I have been feeling better, I just
didn't want to have to deal with the pain.)

The food after church was wonderful. Maybe it was just timing, but it hit the spot. They made Lasagna for us. They had a few things for desert, but Lindsay had brought some 'homemade Sprinkles style cupcakes'. They were 'Red Velvet'. (what a sexy name for a cupcake.) I greatfully acquired one and enjoyed it for the next 3 and a half minutes. Throughout the rest of the evening I got crap from many different people who saw that our table had these exquisite treats, while they weren't available from the regular desert table.

We later had our church after party at Jeff's place. Well, one of them. We were going to make Peach Souffle'. I brought the ingredients and, and the others made
it. I tried to help. Some of the people who also helped didn't want to be associated with it, after seeing the end product. At first it tasted like Macaroni and Cheese, but then it eventually tasted like some sort of peach concoction. I'm
not sure, but the two cooks in the kitchen were battling with who's recipe to use, which cook book to reference, and what sort of pan it should be cooked in. Cook one, wouldn't do anything unless its written in a huge novel type cook book, and the other just wanted to be able to follow their written recipe, which had worked so many times before. But there was confusion, mayhem, and secret competition all hidden with in that kitchen. Notwithstanding the late start, it finally turned out and was presented at the table. So while at the table, Jeff had to announce three times that there was food there, getting louder each time. Apparently he didn't want to separate it into bowls or plates, so he just laid out a bunch of spoons and forks and yelled "OK, i'm digging in now, if you want any you better hurry, its going fast." Then all of a sudden it was like at the horse races, the starting gun had gone off, and it was now a race to see who could eat the most, in the least amount of time. Now, I think this is acceptable for a bunch of guys, but it turns out that we had invited a bunch of girls; none of which wanted to have to fight their way through the circle of guys (3-4 of em), and then shovel this semi-messy food into their mouths. I personally didn't want any due to me thinking it would taste like Macaroni and Cheese, but before I knew it, it was half gone, and there were still a bunch of people who were waiting for a gentle opening in the defensive 'eating ring'. I had to show one person how to crowd into the Huddle, before the Huddle finished all of the Souffle. At the same time we were watching the Incredibles. Before the end of the movie I went over to Allana's for a minute. They were playing games over there, and I went to socialize. Lucky for me Danny was there and I somehow talked him into playing/singing one if 'his' versions of the church hymns. He plays them in a minor key so they sound like evil songs. It fits with his personality. I took pictures.

There's a new guy at work. Ta is leaving on Friday, moving to New York.

Lunch was sponsored by Marvin's Diner, and co-hosted by Josh and Baby Spice.

I'm listening to Harry Potter right now. I finished book 3 last night.