Friday, December 14, 2007

daily update

The Battle of my Life continued of last night, the second I got home from work. It went extremely well. I have taken three more territories of Middle-Earth, and defended 5 more. But that adventure quickly ended as Cheryl and I had planned to watch a movie. In some of my daily research on the internet, I found that the latest Harry Potter movie has just been released. So my ambitions lay with finding myself a copy of such a thing. So in going to buy this said entertainment media, my Best Buy coupons had just barley expired, so I decided that venturing down to Costco would be best in my opinion. Although it probably would have been more economical to simply go to Best Buy, I resisted that temptation. While at Costco I offered to buy Cheryl a Costco Hot-Dog for dinner, but she seemed to be pretty disgusted at this idea. Oh well, I'll have to bring Jeff back on Saturday.

Lunch was sponsored by In N Out again. I realize this is only the second or third time that I've gone to a place two days in a row, but by eating Chinese food last night, the spiciness canceled out the burger taste.

I'm listening to the next book in the Narnia Series. They still deal with annoying brats, stupid creatures, and heroic children. Its mildly entertaining... well, the first half anyway. Its ending is like the ending of the third Lord of the rings where it could have ended 4 times, and they should have ended it even sooner. Overall it was disjointed and confusing; I don't think it matches the whole 'theme' of what mr. Lewis was going for. The other books have had strong overtones, but this one didn't really hit it on the head. I hope the movie is better. I really wish I was listening to christmas music instead.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Daily Update

I was determined to get some of my Christmas shopping done last night. I had a plan, I had the determination, and the means to get to the designated retail locations. But first my stomach was speaking to me. And it was using harsh language.

On the way home I stopped by the cleaners to pick up some of my shirts. Fault Line cleaners to be exact. Kami knows which one. So I was picking up one shirt in particular that they had ruined some months before. Not only was it returned to me with more stains on it, it also had puncture marks, and cutting marks in it as well. After the manager looked at it, he was sure that it was "Moths". That is terrible news because this is the first cleaners, the first people in this civilized country of ours to discover Moths that will eat Cotton AND Spandex; its a stretchy shirt you see. When i first looked at it, it looked like they had used it to clean up an oil stain. and then threw it into the gears of some other machine. It was completely ruined! One of my three white shirts was gone! It WAS a nice one, but no longer. I was going to try to argue with their stupidity, but it was so pointless. Not only did they already try to tell me that Moths eat cotton now, they wouldn't even look me in the eyes. There must have been something really fascinating on the floors, ceiling, and walls when I was there. I could smell their fear. I even think one of them crapped his pants. He knew exactly how easy it would be for me to reach across the counter and snap his neck like a chicken. The manager was a little more questionable. He was korean, so he may have known Kung-fu. He stumbled around like any asian man, with his hands clasped behind his back. This guy was so dumb and annoying, I'm sure any of you would want to just choke him, even just running into him on the street. He also looked just like the korean dictator, Kim Jong Il. My dad urged me not to resort to violence, cause you never know how many security cameras creepy foreigners have. What a shady place. After I got home, I looked at it again, and noticed that the damage was much more extensive than I first noticed. The back of this once nice dress shirt was slashed in multiple places. As I sit back in my chair, I must tell myself that I'm the fool for waiting so long to get this situation resolved. Next time, if there ever is one, there will be blood to pay, or money.

Last night I didn't know what else to do after I went to get food. So I wandered around 'Linens N Things' while eating my Panda Express and talking to Jeff on the phone trying to get ideas for gifts. Although I had intentions of getting stuff, I backed out. I'll probably wait until the last minute like usual. After that, I ended up over at Jeff's and we started planning/designing our Gingerbread Houses for this weekend at Greenfield. Or should I say Gingerbread Chateaus. Its' going to be awesome.

I just finished listening to Prince Caspian from Narnia. It was more amusing than the last book. It will be interesting to see how they do the movie.

Lunch was sponsored by In N Out today. It was annoying cause I sat next to a bunch of high school kids who knew a lot of Nothing. They apparently were attempting to act smart at ucla.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

daily update

Last night I went home late only to find the Battle of My Life waiting for me on my computer. The battles have been increasingly difficult as of late. I think the enemy is learning my strategies and adapting to match my form of excellence. I'm surprised at that, cause usually goblins aren't that smart. I'm slowly taking over the land of Middle earth. I'm doing this with the tactics of the Elves. Their archers are much stronger than any other average weapons of the enemy.

So after a few minutes of 'unwinding' I met up with Cheryl and she took me to her work party, which took place at the Sony Lot. Wow, my first Hollywood party! It was in some huge circus tent like thing, decorated with yards and yards of fabric, and giant Pom-pom like light fixtures, and weird orange and yellow colors, accented by changing blue and greenish lights. It was a club-like atmosphere, but the food was brought around by servers wandering the floor with plates of Pizza, egg-rolls, fried mac & Cheese, fried chicken, bbq roast beef sandwiches (my favorite), and crab cakes. Then there were the desert tables. they were only average. But the treat I liked most were the cookies on a stick. Mmmm mmmm good. For some of the entertainment they had gambling tables, and carnival games, like 'wack-a-mole' and a sitting version of ski-ball. They gave us a $500 gaming voucher to play with and we spent 15 minutes loosing it all at the roulette table. I think the big angry troll lady rigged the thing cause we were humans (which wasn't a good thing, cause she obviously hates human). After about two hours we decided to leave before the party got too lame, or too intoxicated. Cheryl kept pointing 'famous' people out to me, but I would just smile and nod. I don't know famous people like she does. We also ran into some of her co-workers. One of the dudes we met had only been there 30 minutes and he was ultra-blitzed, worse than a high school kid on prom night. He had no control over his eyes or movement. When I shook his hand I think he was about to fall over, cause I tight grip came right as he was leaning off to the side, and then toward me. He couldn't lift his head or open his eyes enough to look at me, so I don't know if his eyes are human-white, or demon-black. Don't worry Joe, I was as professional as possible. I didn't try to spill my drink on anybody, or to plant food in any of the girls' purses. It would have been easy, but I refrained from waisting such good food. The music was nice until the DJ started doing his 'thing' which pissed my ears off immensely, and then ruined the party, turning it ultra-lame. Thats when we rolled.

My taste for popcorn has been quenched in the last two days, having eaten at least a gallon of it myself from our office tub. I can't really get the taste out of my mouth now. It was good for a bit, but now has come to plague me.

I guess there was a little office drama last night. Peter and Ray had a heated argument about 10pm last night. Ray was giving Peter grief about his(ray's) drawings. Thats absolutely ridiculous. We are here to assist in the drawing process, but we're not here to be clairvoyant about other people's stupidity. Ray has a chick like attitude, so I'm not surprised he was being an idiot to Peter ( I swear he's a little more than half gay). I hope no one from my office reads this. that could be bad.

Lunch was sponsored by Marvin's Diner. It was Average. The Fries were cold when they gave them to me. And rubbery.

I listened to Prince Caspian today. It was more interesting; childish, yet interesting.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Daily Update

Another 'Ah' of delight came to me last night, right after things got settled with the Gift delivering ceremony. I had to work a little late, but I had to bring the addresses to the Church building so that the people could properly deliver them. My first error was to Forget to bring the printed email with me. It seemed to complicated to return to my office where someone Might be there. So I continued on my way home to print out stuff there. Luckily Mikey had his computer And Printer on, and he let me use them for a few seconds, to repeat the Address printing process. So then we rush away to the church building, already being 5 minutes late. (Or should I say 'Only' 5 minutes late.) We took care of business, and quickly the gym was full of people hurrying to wrap presents. In this bustle, I tried to identify who needed what address. proving unsuccessful, I again noticed that my list was left at home, so I quickly decided to run home, yet again, and fetch it. Oh Bother. When they were all done, and when people were dispersing, I had the chance to give Danny his Christmas present from Jeff and I. I wanted to do it in a more public manner like AT church, but I forgot last Sunday cause of my talk. So we gave it to him then. It was a super large origami set with book, and plenty of papers. Its perfect for the boring sacrament meetings. You see, Danny has found pleasure in tearing the programs into 164 uniform pieces. He's done that for months and months now. So now, he can create things other than small confetti sized pieces of program! And yes, now I plan to join him during sacrament meeting.

Also last night I took a few minutes to fight the battle of my life. I'm still trying to conquer Middle Earth again. Its a different fight, but this time I'm fighting on the side of good. with every sitting battle, I push the enemy further back into Mordor. They are no match for me superior strategic fighting skill that I've displayed in the last few weeks. I'll delay finding a new game until Christmas time.

Then even a little later, Jeff and I were kind of on our way to a birthday party for Maggie. It was already kind of late, but we went to In N Out instead of where they were going. We would have been really late anyway (10pm), cause Jeff thought it was a completely different place than where everyone else was. He kept pointing out that he was Sure that it was a different place than where Emily said it was. Turns out Maggie and Emily were correct, They actually knew where they were going for Maggie's party. We didn't want to wait the 30 minutes before 'Happy Hour' started. I was being selfish and didn't want to stay out super late. At In N Out it took those little retards way to long to make our food. Its a curse of mine as of late I guess.

Some vendor of ours sent us three huge buckets of popcorn yesterday. The UPS guy brought them just as we were all leaving so I had to wait till today to dive into the first bucket. It was wonderful to eat. All the kernels were the full fluffy kind, generously doused in either caramel or MSG-Cheese powder, then the regular salty butter crap. Thats the one that is always last to go.

I'm listening to 'A horse and his Boy' from the Chronicles of Narnia. Its pretty boring. I wonder if they'll make a movie out of this book. They'll have to change it quite a bit to make it interesting.

Lunch was sponsored by Jamba juice.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Daily Update

Friday night led us to our final installment of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, with the Return of the King. It started off sketchy, cause I had arranged everything except for the Extended version of our movie. Allana didn't have it after all, Josh took his back to his home, my apartment only had the first two, and I couldn't get a hold of anyone. I was on my way to best buy to purchase a copy for us when Chris called. Video Editor to the rescue! We didn't want to resort to Only the regular version; we wanted the full 4 hours. It turned into a good four hours of gay jokes. First Chris and I were the only ones being funny, but then every one else joined in in a glorious manner. It was great comedy fun.

Saturday morning brought us the delight of the annoyingly timed Flag football game against the usc ward. I remembered why I left that ward as I saw all those 'pretty boy' preppy retards come onto our field, as if they were doing us a favor. I guess they didn't think then needed Flags in our Flag-Football match. They had no observation of any rules, or organization, or uniforms, or manners and sportsmanship. So in sum, it was still a bad idea to play that game, just like almost everyone had thought. Next time I won't be so quick to let a game like this be pushed onto us.

Later in the day we met up at Jeff's house to go out to dinner, in celebration of My, Josh's and Bethany's birthdays. We went to Claim Jumper up in Northridge. There were 20 of us. It was a LOT of good food. Afterwords a bunch of us went to Steve's house for a lovely Christmas Party. It was wonderfully beautiful. The rooms we were in looked like they were straight from a magazine. And even funnier yet, is that Trisha's work had decorated it. Right when we got there, Josh found a comfortable corner to hide in, Jeff asked everyone as many awkward questions as possible, and I just hung around the food. As much as I wanted to sample the wonderful looking food, I couldn't stuff myself any more. Simply Marvelous.

On Sunday I gave a talk in church. It was maybe five minutes. I didn't want to go too long in fear of me telling inappropriate stories. I was also released from my calling. I was kind of surprised that they got around to it so soon, but whatever. A moment of excitement overcame me as I was informed of this. I saw all my free time, and hobbies, and video games, and TV watching, and movies and the like, flash before my eyes. It was glorious. It was a lot of hard work, as I was only on board the Activity-Boat for the busy season from July to now. And I still have to deal with some of the service auction stuff, but thats mostly the fault of the other ward not properly handling the stuff.

In the evening we went to Trisha's for her second annual Cookie party. It was great! not that she needs my validation. I ate five cookies before anyone else. The second time I tried five at once they clogged my throat, but luckily someone brought Milk to the rescue. Milk is like Drain-O for the Cookie-clogged throat. Trisha made us dinner too. And had birthday cake for us. It was fabulously delicious. In the first 10 minutes of being there, I was both stuffed, and reaching a sugar overload. I had to ease myself off the sugar high gradually after the 30 minute binge. Every 10 minutes I'd eat a cookie, then 15 minutes, then 20 (all frosted of course), till it became just eating plain cookies and milk. Oh, I can't wait till next week's Gingerbread house Extravaganza at Greenfield!

I'm listening to The lion, the witch and the wardrobe right now. Actually I just finished it. It was only ok. I got sick of it at the end. It may have been great in the 60's but now, I just wanted to see what they had done with the movie. Its a very juvenile story it seems. Who would ever want to read anything else by that author other than kids? I'm debating not continuing reading the series, and waiting for the movies.

Lunch was sponsored by some cafe up on ucla campus. It was in the ugly neuro-science building. It was the worst thing ever! I had lunch with Kim today. I ordered what I thought would be the quickest thing to get, pizza. Not only did they charge me more than the posted price for not being a student there, it took them 25 minutes to make it! Holy Crap, I should have called ahead! I had to bug them twice about it, in fear of them having forgotten or something. Oh no, its coming. 10 minutes go by. Oh they are getting it ready right now. 5 minutes later, finally! It wasn't a matter of hunger, it was a matter of principal. I was really close to demanding a refund.