Friday, March 2, 2007

Daily Update

I left work rather early yesterday. I was on my way to the USC campus to attend a
lecture presented by the great Rem Koolhaas. I was so depressed on the drive over;
I felt like i was going to let you, my audience, down by not being involved with the
Great Tuesday/Thursday Race night. But never fear, I found a way to suceed for you.
I wasn't able to make it to the Brentwood racetrack, instead I had to display my
quality on the Interstate. There were cars everywhere. Already at 4pm it was the
beginning of rush hour. I was like both Frogger, and Q-bert (in case you remember
that really old cheezy video game). Hopping from lane to lane, dashing thru the
seams of the fabric like traffic. One thing I really hate when on the freeway is
when other cars pass me. This isn't always the best attitude to have, but its true.
I'm worse than a New Yorker when it comes to cutting people off. I've seen people
slide into the tightest of spaces just like they were pulling into a parking stall.
The first time I saw that I decided that I needed to be just like them. so on a day
like this I put my new talent to the test. I took full advantage of my Utah licence
plates. For me its like a pass to drive like I own the road. (I'll be sad to shed
this free-pass status in two months when I have to let California know 'I'm here' as
I register my car.) I made pretty good timing and only had to dodge two people in
the emergency lanes.

On campus the lines to get into the auditorium were rediculously long. I was a
grad-student with an attitude when I attended that school, so you can only imagine
my 'holier-than-thou' attitude which I still had. I immediatly went to the front of
the line, then worked my way backward slowly, looking for people I knew, all while
avoiding the few teachers that might have wanted to kick me out of line. Luckily I
found two guys from my class who were only a hundered people back. I quickly took
my new spot in line, and then started letting other people I knew in as well. Its
the rules of the 'Lunch-line', I don't make them, I just go along with them.

The lecture was interesting. 'Remie', as I like to call him, was funny. He told all
the students that they'd never make any money, and compaired salaries of architects
to every other sucessful carrear in the world. Depressing.

Afterwords I hung out with some of my school buddies, and ran into a former teacher
(she was also the director of the graduate program there). It was funny. Lets just
say, I may or may not have been one of the problem children for her. But hey, I had
an opinion, a purpose, and a goal; and I shared it with her... Quite often actually.
My intentions were to better the school and its functionality, but some might
consider that being a 'pain in the ass'. So we were just chatting for a bit, but
then me and my buddy decided to ask her if she's been able to address our list of
demands from the first year that we were there yet. (she's still working on it).
The school is getting better as time goes on, and with a dean in place, that should
help lots. We were talking her ear off for about 35 min before we all decided to
part. She invited us back to help with admissions of some of the new students and
to help in a few other ways, sense we had so many great ideas on how the school
could be better, so thats positive.

At Jeff's house we just watched TV and made fun of everyone. Then we somehow talked
jeff into making a Pineapple upside-down cake at 10:30 pm. It wasn't healthy, but
man was it GOOD. I'm also going to force him to make pancakes for the kids on
Saturday before the move :)

I'm listening to Twisted Sister sing a cover of the Rolling Stones. Its a
'hair-band' rock n roll day at work.

Lunch was sponsored by the local Hawaiian BBQ place.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Daily Update

I went over to Borders on the way home from work. I just wanted to see if they had
a yodeling CD i was interested in. It turns out there were a LOT of people there. I
get to the upstairs and there is a huge line of people lined up to meet someone
sitting at a table located toward the front of the bldg signing things. And Hey, if
everyone else is waiting in line, why shouldn't I? So I got in line. I was there
for about 15-20 seconds before I decided to announce 'That isn't George Lucas!',
then I stormed out of the area. It was difficult to hold back my laughter. I was
considering waiting in line and having the dude sign something completly unrelated;
like a random super discounted CD or a comic book or so, but the line was a little
to long. The look on his face would have been priceless. I think he was some old
singer dude signing books and cd's and taking picture with lots of little old

I went over to jeff's to talk him into making more food(like last night), he wasn't
as willing, so I felt that I had to intermittently harassed the others while
watching American Idol instead.

Josh showed up and we watched a movie. We watched 'Stranger than fiction'(really
good show), and then we were going to only watch the opening scene of 'Constantine',
but that turned into the opening few scenes, then there was another one and it ended
up being the whole thing. Its going to kill my sleep schedule, but whatever. I
always have tomorrow to sleep in, right?

A little turmoil at work, in the opening hours, like the opening of the stockmarket,
my buddies from Thailand were racing around chattering away. Apparently information
was lost overnight in the project we were working on last night. Now, I'm not
taking responsibility for this, but reportedly the information was lost by the last
person who used my computer. After I was the last to leave the office, someone else
must have come back and undo lots of stuff. What a jerk.

Today lunch was sponsored by In N' Out.

I'm listening to some boring talk radio show currently.

This weekend I might have to go to the zoo and flip-off the monkeys.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Daily Update

It was a cold dark night. The wind was blowing. Trees rustling in the background.
I was driving on a deserted un-lit street on my way to my own neighborhood. I was
pondering life as the winter leaves brushed by my windshield. It was about then
when I had remembered that closed toe sandals and injured Big-toes don't go together
to well. My injury will set back my Summer Shoe Plan. Similarly, another delay in
that plan: I was playing with knives this morning, and sliced my other big toe
pretty good. Someone should really take my knives away from me.

Although it was freezing cold most of the day, I couldn't let myself down, so I
still went running. I got a late start, due to an unusual number of phone calls
early in the evening (2)[thats not a footnote, its the number of calls I got]. It
was another glorious day on the track. After adjusting my techniques the night
earlier with Coach Rider, my performance was improved signifacantly. From the
moment I stepped out of my car, I was ready to race. I ran so fast that I even tore
my left sock where the neck joins the heel. I was a great Springbok as my hooves
paraded triumphantly on the dirt path. There was no one else on the track for me to
display my power against, so that made it somewhat limiting, but if there was... oh
boy I can't even imagine. I would guess that the weather discouraged people from
competing against the Great Springbok. But it won't slow me down. I swiftly
pounced across the pavement taking complete control of my destiny. At one point I
noticed a person across the street competing with me for the lead, how dare they.
They were no threat to my skills. As I was staring them down at one point, I must
have forgotten about the branches that I usually have to dodge, because this time as
I looked elsewhere, they said 'hello' by whapping me in the face repeatedly. I got
a little distracted, but quickly regained composure. Just as in the wild, the
mighty Springbok had to leap over the rainy puddles and dodge trees. I did so in
record time too, although I didn't keep track, It sure felt like it should have been
a track record at least.

After running I went to Jeff's place to announce my victory. Similar to the episode
of 'The Office' when Jim trains Dwight to ask for an Altoid when he hears a bell
ringing, I think Jeff has subliminally learned to ask if I want to get something to
eat when he sees me. But I'm OK with it. Since I didn't have my wallet, I conned
him into making pancakes. They were yummy, but I didn't want to give him to much
praise, so I had to humble him and challenge him to make them better next time. you
see, if he gets to good and prideful about his food then he won't think that he
needs the practice, or excercise his talent. Thats where I come in. I'm just doing
it for him you see. I'm such a good friend.

A bit later Josh came over and announced that he needed Ice cream. I really didn't
take long for the rest of us to decide to accompany him in this endevor. As we got
in the car, evan was on the phone, so all the guys decided to greet Mary as well.
Well, Evan didn't like it apparently casue as soon as he hung up the phone he
slapped me in the back of the head! It wasn't just a love tap, I could tell he was
pissed. And I did nothing wrong! What a dork. Just cause I was closest, dosent'
mean I was most deserving. He then accused us guys, in the 5 seconds that our
worlds shared the same space, of making Mary have a bad day. He was being gay and
freaking out, so we all started yelling at him until we got to jessica's house, when
we started acting like angels. I of course wouldn't shut up about being slapped the
whole night. (What a baby). I We ended up going to Wendy's. After that adventure,
Josh just drove us around the neighborhoods; well drove isn't the best word, his car
idled, and just coasted at 1-2 miles an hour. Then he checked his breaks, then we
went 'off roading' into curbs and hedges and trash cans. We got pretty gitty, and
at some points couldn't stop laughing. I don't remember why. After four or five
laps we finally dropped Jessica off then went home.

Tomorrow there's a fancy lecture downtown at USC. Some world renowned Architect
named Rem Koolhaas. Have you heard of Him? It should be interesting. He's
considered a 'Hedgehog' in case you took Bob Harris's class with me at SC. I 'm
going cause I know of a few teachers who will want to have arguments with him :)

I ate at Marvins again. Mmmm

I was also cold at work. I need more insulation.

wow, it got late quick. busy at work today...

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Daily Update

So last night was Music night for Family Home Evening. For the majority of the acts
they should have called it John Mayer impersonation night. Nothing against you
John, but lots of the kids were trying to sing/play just like you. Of all the acts
there was one Hammer Dulcimer, one solo, and one song with piano. Everyone else
played a guitar. Some were OK, one good, rest average to 'ho-hum'. But hey, I'm
not saying I'm better than them, I'm just playing the 'Simon Cowell' roll.

Last night after the LA area 'Audition Night', I went back to jeff's place. I was
kind of tired. I was being demanding and I got Justin to get me something to drink.
From there on out, I went from tired to exhausted really quick. Therefore, I think
he put something in the cranberry juice; either Rohyphol or GHB I assume. After all
he and Plewe were frat-boys. I was just sitting on the couch fighting with my
eyelids for a while. Josh showed up and we started watching a movie, then I
completely pulled a JEff - out like a light. I wanted to stay awake for it, but it
didn't last more than 15 min.

So the dress code at work is more or less 'Business Casual'. But, with summer
comming upon us, I'm prepairing both myself and the office for my summer attire. So
today when dressing myself I decided to start breaking down the 'Dress Shoe'
Barrier, so I'm sporting sandles. After a few weeks of Doc Martin sandles, I will
move to Airwalk Sandles. Following a week of those, I will stop wearing socks, and
continue that action for probably two weeks. Then from there its a quick step to
the Birkenstocks. And depending on those reactions, that will lead me to the
ultamate goal: Flip-flops at work. That goal is a ways out there, but I feel its
something I must do. If that goal is reached, I have plans of instituting other
goals of dressing down further; from pants to shorts, and from long sleeve button
shirts, to designer T-shirts. Oh don't worry friends, I'll still be professional,
But I plan to be professional in a comfortable manner. I feel so devious.

I was listening to 'the sound of music' when I started this, now i'm hearing the
Beasty Boys.

Lunch was sponsored by Quizno's.

I think this is the shortest Update ever.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Daily Update

At the girls' house: So on Friday night I think I called Kristen after work to see
if anything was going on. I got a text message from her saying that 'she was hungry
and wanted to get something to eat'. For some reason I thought it was a suggestion
of something to do, which I fully agreed with; I later realized it was simply an
announcement of what she was currently doing. Meanwhile, I went over there and by
the time I got to their place she was just finishing her dinner. I didn't really
care, but my stomach cried for a little bit. Its always fun hanging out with the
girls, but this time I was vastly outnumbered. The estrogen was defiantly
overpowering. I just sat there on the newly positioned couch like a deer in
headlights (but seriously, I was also content with just sitting there and relaxing.)
Surprising, interesting, informative, as well as educational. I'm so glad that
they feel comfortable enough to discuss THOSE kind of topics around me. Although I
did feel reassured that I still had ...I mean, that I was a guy, when Jill told me
to cover my ears because there was something she didn't want even me to hear. Its
not that I havent' heard that sort of thing before, or was embarrassed by it, I just
was suprised to hear it from these girls. silly. Luckily Phil Came after an hour
or two and the subject changed.

Basketball on Saturday: Somehow I got volunteered to show up to 5 of the stake's
basketball games and keep score. Wow, I don't know if you know how much I love
basketball, doing NOTHING on Saturdays, or even 'Ward Ball'; next time I see Plewe
I'm going to punch him in the ovaries.

So Saturday night Jeff took Kristen and myself to see Dreamgirls at the Fox Lot. It
was to be the only time I'll ever see it. Oh ya, in case you didn't know, ITS A
MUSICAL! No one told me that before. About half way through the movie is when I
made this discovery. It hit me all at once; Joseph's technicolor dreamcoat,
Saturday's Warrior, and Little Shop of Horrors; and thus I burst into laughter on a
few different occassions. I think it would have been better without all that

I don't remember waking up Sunday morning. I just opened my eyes and I was standing
on the edge of the Brentwood Country Club running corse, with people trying to push
me out of their way with strollers. This week was busy so I didn't get a chance to
dance around the track as normal. I knew I wasn't dreaming cause I had clothes on.
Luckily whoever made me go running remembered to dress me. As I began running I
realized my muscles were still waking up, and were angry for this early morning
jaunt. They didn't want to work properly at first, but don't worry, I tamed the
beast. As I started staggering around the track i'm sure many of the people thought
I was inebriated; running into other people, cars, light poles, and trees. This
'introduction to life' period for the musculatory system only lasted 90 seconds (as
far as I remember). After that I was swift and great(but NOT 'light on the toes'.
Let me just get that clear right now). Because of the early hour, I was not as
grand as I had hoped, But due to sheer will power and honest determination I was
able to overcome. I was like a Lion as I tore up the track. (Like Liono off of the
'Thundercats'). No one could have stopped me as I raced around the dirt track with
such power and grace. Now, although I was a lion, I wasn't the leader of the pack,
but I sure wasnt' a baby lion either. I would say I was more a teenage lion. (One
who only listens to their parents sometimes, lives safe yet takes risks, shows off
if needed, you know, one who is ready to take on the world). I passed quite a few
people. I did so in a triumphant manner. Granted some had baby strollers, or were
wearing suits, but none the less- I'd be king in their jungle. There was only one
person that passed me this time. He wasnt' a lion, (more like a lioness). I could
have torn his arms off and left his remains for the vultures if I had wanted. He
followed me for a few minutes, but then ran ahead like an Antalope (an antalope who
would wear faded pink short-shorts, sequends and sparkles on his shirt, and would
wave his arms around as he ran like a sissy-boy). So I felt OK about letting it run
ahead. Due to the farmers market, I went an extra block further. I felt good about
it cause I didn't want to scare any of the children there, me being a Lion and all.
So instead of a downhill homestretch, it was flat and then uphill. but I'll get
used to it, I assure you.

Church as usual.

Home teaching guilt trip. Ate at Jeff's place. Made fun of Evan. Josh came over,
watched movie. Spilled nutella on church clothes. Went home to jam on guitar late
into the morning.

Lunch was sponsored by Marvins today. Its the closest thing to Crown Burger in UT
that I've found here.

Right now I'm listening to the beautiful silence in my office, with the whispers of
the printer in the background. I was listening to Yodeling earler. I have to
practice for September.

p.s.(I find it kind of funny that I'm talking to the screen in third person, yet I
know very well that jill, kristen, and jessica will be [possibly] reading my aspect
on their conversation. Hi Girls:)