Friday, August 17, 2007

Daily Update

I left work early on Thursday, I was to go running up at the ucla track with Coach Kristen. Although it was only an hour before I normally go, but my body wasn't ready for it. In running there are barriers to overcome; whether they be respiratory or muscular.

After running we walked back to the cars, but on the way we were walking by a Gelatto shop in the village. The person told us they were offering 'Free Samples'. Well, OK, Don't mind if I do! We then proceeded to sample nearly every single flavor they had to offer. What a delightful treat. Probably not the best choice a kid could make, but a tasty one none-the-less. I was sweaty and gross, but the idea of ice cream i couldn't turn away. They guy kept offering more and more samples (which was wise for him lest I never return.) Then after a good 10 min. of sampling we left, without purchasing anything, much to the dismay of the counter attendant.

I went to the SM3 bldg to finish setting up the set that I had started yesterday. I got there when a lot of people were setting up the stage in order to start their rehearsal. My drapes were still dangling all over the stage, making it difficult for and easy practice. It was even more difficult with a 20' ladder set up in the middle of it all as well. But I quickly finished and then watched the next run-thru from the audience next to the Sparkly Assistant-Director.

I was on my way home from there when it occurred to me that I always love to be super-productive, so in a fit of multi-tasking I started calling people in my phone book. Josh didn't answer, Beanies didn't answer, Jeff did, then Josh did. Josh told me he couldn't answer before cause he was in the bathroom, and then continued to explain what exactly was happening (which I shall not repeat here, but I will say that I laughed out loud at what he said, and I could hear the Beans in the background gasping out of shock, and slight embarrassment. Anyway, we met up at Apartment B and from there we 'went for a walk'. Yes thats what I said, a walk. This walk turned into a short discussion about 'where should we be going now?' And sense we were already headed due east, We established our goal destination to be Fairburn. After yelling at us thru their door mic, they let us in. KA was home, and BB was in bed. We didn't vandalize any part of her bathroom, no matter what she or anyone else said. We just hung out for a while until josh offended Courtney, and until I was super tired. I think josh is afraid of going home at times. Maybe his roommates beat him. Hmmmm, we'll have to dive deeper into this subject later though.

Lunch was sponsored by Marvin's Diner, and hosted by Ms. Angry Pants.

I'm listening to HP right now. I'm not that much further than I was yesterday. I've got lots going on and can't read ahead at night, and I'm having trouble doing so at work.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Daily Update

I got home shortly after 6pm last night. I had been asked to wait there by Eric. I think he was awaiting a secret message or delivery, and he couldn't be there. Someone was supposed to stop by our headquarters to visit, but it never happened. I did straighten up our lair maybe in hopes that I'd discover Jessica's missing cell phone, but also maybe to pass the time productively. I'm doing whatever I can to NOT start fighting another Battle of My Life. I have many other busy things to accomplish before that happens.

After laying in wait for more than 2 hours I almost exploded. I snapped and ran ( ok, it was a brisk walk) almost as fast as I could out of there. I dove into my car and then sped off into the distance. The distance ended up being JoAnn's Fabric store. I needed supplies for the stage design I was helping Lisa with. It only took me a few short moments to find what I was looking for, as I have been there enough to know a few things about it. As I was at the register I was almost startled as I approached the register. The ghastly lady behind the counter looked as if she had died three days ago. I tried to be friendly to her. After a few seconds I broke through her icy shell. She tried to joke with me, pointing out that 'I was the one sent in to get supplies', then cackled like a friendly Banshee would. I grabbed my stuff and ran out the door. Oh, and another thing. I was only getting a few small things, so I asked not to have a plastic bag for it all. I figure its the least I could do to help out the environment, so after she peels a bag off the stack I inform her of that plan. So she then, instead of putting the bag back on the stack she just throws it in the trash behind her! How wasteful. I would have said something to her about using it if it would be thrown away anyway, but she was the one with 5 pairs of very sharp scissors in her apron, and I wasn't.

After that I went to the Play Practice to set up the fabric. Its pretty time consuming. I later stopped by Jeff's place. He and josh were watching a movie. Beverly Hills Ninja. After 20 minutes of watching, I looked over at the other two and realized they were both asleep. Realizing my own lack of interest in finishing the movie I quickly asked myself what I was doing there. So I sneakily left.

Lunch was sponsored by Jamba Juice today. Lunch was hosted by Kristen too. While we were sitting in the ruggity chairs provided close by, I felt something hit the top of my head. As I slowly tilted my head up, I was preparing to run up to the second level of this outdoor venue, and throw handfuls of annoying little high school kids off the top deck into the street. As my eyes hit upward, I noticed a light post hanging over head, and a bird sitting on top of that. "Golly Gee Wizz" I thought to myself. I wasn't sure if I should, but I slowly raised my had to touch my head, to see what it was that had fallen into my head... OK, I'll wait until you all stop laughing before I continue... But it wasn't THAT at all. Whatever chunks of dirt/paint/junk, were on top of the light post had simply been knocked off and fell onto me. Wow, what a relief. I think Kristen started getting curious as to what I was doing when I moved my chair closer to her (away from the previous location), looked up, made angry faces, shook my fists at the stupid bird above me, and felt the top of my head, all at the same time. But then again, who wouldn't? Other than that Lunch was great. I ran into someone else I know on the way back to work. Small world here in Westwood.

I'm still listening to Harry Potter. He's causing loads of trouble this year. When will he ever behave? It would be much easier if he started being the bully instead of that blond brat.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Daily Update

I was preparing to go running when Josh called. He was begging me to skip my somewhat weekly ritual to join him and jeff at Buffet City. After a short negotiation we settled on going right after I finished. As I was already hurried for time, I continued to rush to my usual Country Club track. The sun had already set. People were scurrying around as I arrived. I had to forgo the usual warm up and mental prep time in order to meet, or come close to, my tentative dinner appointment. Gritting my teeth in preparation of the upcoming pain I immediately started to run. I imagined I was running away from someone. Thats the only thing that could have kept me going through the insufferable reminder of recent hip joint injury. I tried to disguise my limp as much as possible until the 2 minute mark hit where a full warm up had bee achieved. It came not a moment to soon as I was in the process of imagining that the person chasing me was about to reach the very tip of my shoelaces. BooM! all of a sudden there was an explosion of speed, moving from Alligator speed to Springbok speed in a split second. I passed other people on the track as if I was a train rolling through a small town on the Inter City Express. They gazed over in amazement. I haven't seen very many monster attacks in the last few months, but the 'Hot Girl Hit-Squad' has stepped up their patrols of the quiet neighborhoods in that area, and I really don't have a problem with it. I'm pretty sure that they are some of the regulars. Perv-boy wasn't there today, and now that I think of it, I don't remember seeing him last time either. Its been two weeks now. Hmmm, I wonder if someone else called the police on him.

I was torn away by the boys to go to Buffet City, still in a sweaty heap of exhaustion. Yes, the most fabulous, and closest, Chinese buffet to us. As we started to graze the aisles of the restaurant, we each decided it would be the best thing for us to maximize the holding capacity of the plate with as much food possible. It might have been better just to use a serving tray, instead of a plate, but I didn't want to hassle the already busy employees; after all, they all knew kung-fu. As I sat down to feast, I was just as skeptical as any food critic would have been; Bite one: plain, bite two: poor quality, three: ahhh very nice, four: to crunchy, and so on. Last time it got good marks from me, but this time they didn't have the stuff I liked like last time. After finishing most of the first plate, I quickly realized that I shouldn't have dived into so much. Having just gone running, this food was going to cancel out any healthiness that the running would have done for me. I tried to take it easy, but come on, this was a Buffet.

I then rushed off to go to the play practice. Jeff seems to think I'm in it. Countless times I've had to explain that just because I've mentioned it, doesn't mean i'm in it. I'm only helping with the back-drop. I got there kind of late, and started measuring the fabric that I got. Then, as I looked around, I realized that the easiest way to put it up was to use sewing pins. But it turns out that I was fresh out. I played around with it for a little bit but everyone else was trying to leave, so I'll have to go back tonight as well. Hopefully then I'll finish it. Well, I've got to actually. I won't have any other time to do stuff.

I felt it necessary to stop by the beans flat next. Josh and Jeff were there already. Everyone was just hanging out watching silly/weird videos on YouTube.

On the way to work I drove by Paris Hilton. I know I know, everyone says that they've seen famous people but this was really her. I'm sure of it. I think she was driving over to Borders.

Lunch was sponsored by Panda Express. I was supposed to meet josh up on campus, but at the last minute he had to change his plans. So I was forced to enjoy it by myself.

I'm listening to the curious explorations of Mr. Harry Potter right now. He's getting into just as much trouble as always. a boy after my own hears.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Daily Update

FHE happened just like usual. It wasn't a normal gathering, it was a Magical gathering. It was to take place at a park. The park right across the street from the SM3 building. As we rolled up to the park I didn't see anyone at all, and was about to call it all off, but then I saw Hubble, who was unmistakable as I watched him cross the street. From there I went into stealth mode, and I followed him around the tennis courts. Bright lights shined luminously onto the tennis fields. As I rounded the corner, entering into the darkness where the lights didn't shine, I didn't see anyone! No Hubble, no FHE, nothing! What kind of confusion had hit me? It only took a moment for me to realize what had happened. The rest of the FHE-goers were there after all. They were all hiding in the shadows, so that they couldn't easily be seen by the random Gentiles walking by. I slowly made my way into the crowd, looking for any signs that I knew someone else there. People, yelling in the distance, were throwing discs of light to one another. The disks(Frisbees) were lit up with green lights to show comet like streaks of light when thrown through the air. (Do you remember the movie TRON? Well if so, they were like some of the Programmers fighting against the Evil computer mainframe.) It was enjoyable to talk with people, both that I knew and with people that I'd never speak with again. Each style of conversation differing greatly, (if you know what I mean.) A few times when talking with a female I knew, I would be bombarded with stupidity by both Retards and Dorks. They must live there in the park, or close by. Couldn't they tell I was talking about the business of Design, Web design, or the latest and coolest video games on the market?! Bah hum-bug. It wasn't like they ruined any moment (sorry to disappoint you Courtney), but I will have my revenge while I imagine the most awkward situation I can create for them the next time!

After much talking and trouble causing, a group of us went to Marvin's Diner for dinner. We voted on that place cause Cafe 50's was not that exciting to everyone anymore. I had visions of grandeur in games like Yatzee. one of the many that they supply there for the customers. After all I've been doing exceptionally well in dice games lately, with the minor exception of the very last one, but the situation jinxed me there. I like Marvin's. I had breakfast food. Everyone else had different stuff. There were 7 or 8 of us there, we practically took over the whole place. At one point as I rested from one conversation, I took the chance to lean back and listen to everyone else's conversations all at once. It was most interesting to hear the levels of secrecy being divulged, as well as the comedy, and drastically frightful things as well. I was snapped back to reality with the percolating aroma of the donuts from Stans, who's glass case was sitting mere feet from my nose. We slowly left as they closed, but then just transported the conversation to the park benches just outside in the 'oh so comfortable' late night air.

I'm listening to Harry Potter right now. I actually just finished the fifth book. It was nice to have finished, but nothing super-eventful happened, like the previous four books. Actually that book kind of pissed me off. Some of the characters were just driving me mad! How can they stand for such an injustice?! More people need to stand up for Truth, Justice, and the American Way. I'm now nervous about starting a new book, diving into uncharted waters is what it is. Its exciting!... and dangerous...

Lunch was sponsored by Angelina's Cafe. Its a new place that Josh showed me, over by Rick's office. Their Sandwiches were OK. I got a Meatball sandwich, and Josh got a roast beef one. Apparently the Roast beef has heroine in it, it took him maybe 4 bites to finish it. I ate mine in about 37 bites, for comparison.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Daily Update

Friday night was Jeremy's Roast. He's leaving to go back to school at byu, and wanted to have a 'see ya later' type party, which took place at Guito's. The food was spectacular, and the entertainment was fabulous. About 5-6 of Jeremy's close friends got up and made fun of him, or tearing him a 'new one', for a few minutes each. It was the funniest live comedy event that I've ever been at. By the end, my sides and laughing muscles hurt from busting up so much. They all dove back into Jeremy's past, pointing out quirks, oddities, and experiences they've had together. The funniest was when Hubble read from his 'journal', first about when he and Jeremy first met, and then from a few weeks ago. The way he told the story was hilarious.

After that Jessica and I stopped by the Movie party that the girls in the ward were hosting. It had just ended. We hung out for a little bit, then went for food at Carl's Jr. We caused a good amount of trouble there, while jeff tried to give life advice to everyone that would listen.

I was really lazy on Saturday. And I felt really good about it. I did however go downtown after I got up, around noon. As I had planned last week, I went to the Fabric district to purchase some backdrop fabric for the Shakespearean plays that are taking place this weekend (7pm Fri & Sat. Sawtelle Bldg.) This excursion begun by me stopping by the usc campus, my old stomping grounds. A lovely pit-stop before an afternoon of deal making. I stopped at a few different hole-in-the-wall places asking about different materials randomly. They were all my best fiends instantly. I would stand and ponder a color, price, or whatever, and the prices kept falling. So I figured I'd play it out more and more. Then as I would try to leave, bigger deals were made. They would throw out 'final offers' on the table, two or three times before I made it to the exiting door. The first place I stopped by turned out to be the best deal maker. Some Iranian dude. Determined to get the best deal possible I walked away from his place, but only to return after I couldn't soak anyone for anything better. (and I was still way over budget). I capped the afternoon off by treating myself to a glorious Bacon-wrapped-hot-dog.

In the evening a few of us went to see Transformers at the Fox lot. Its still a really cool show. I can't wait for a sequel. Jeff and I then made our way to the store to prepare for tomorrow. I just went to grab a few things, but apparently he was shopping for the next two months. On the way out of the store Josh called and was wondering where we had been. We both pointed out to him that we BOTH had called, and left messages or text messages. But we were quickly reminded that he "doesn't do messages". But all met up at my place to hang out, and to watch Jackass and Die Hard. The Beans later joined us as well, keeping us all entertained late into the night, with plenty of movie viewing, gossip and hearsay.

Jim M told us that he's moving out next Saturday, so Eric and I need someone very soon. As he's going away, he hired Consuela and Maria to come and clean our apartment. Now its super clean. Hopefully it will last.

The next morning I decided that it might be in my best interest to try to go running. So I did. It was hot, sunny, and there were lots of people roaming the grassy planes. It wasn't my best time, thats for sure. It may have even been one of my worst recorded time, at 18:41. It had been a few days since I had been our to stretch the legs. So I was planning on taking it easy. Today my jaunt was that of a meandering zebra. Almost as if he was lost, not caring whether he was going in the right direction. None the less, I still had to fight off some of the hidden foes around the desert tree line, near the great forest. by the end I was completely exhausted, and I had to go around the long way due to the farmers market. I think that in my few days off my muscles are suffering from atrophy, so I must now work out another schedule to repair that.

After church we had dinner at Veteran. I invited a bunch of people over there. It was really fun, and nice and quiet compared to how it normally is on Sundays. Jeff made Chicken, I made Green Beans and rolls, and Kristen made Souffle. It was all Super-Fantastic! At the end I was trying to help Kristen make the chocolate souffle stuff, but I think I was just annoying her, which is understandable, because of last week it was determined that guys aren't very capable of making these little bits of Joy, not as much as girls are anyway. These little baked treats could be described as little bits of heaven come down to show our belly's what heaven will taste like. Wow. They are fluffy and creamy at the same time. As you take a bite the flavor radiates from each little morsel as it touches your tongue, just like slipping into a cold pool on a hot summer day. Each piece doesn't need to be chewed, it simply breaks apart and dances down your throat until it finds a happy little home in your stomach. Its a blissful sensation. Not only that, but accompanying each bite are heavenly choirs singing loudly in the distance, songs like Handle's Messiah, or Ode to Joy. Like I've said, WOW. I can't wait until next time. Currently my level of desert skill is more like a Friendly Handshake. I have many months, or even years, to train to achieve such a Masterful 'Kristen-like' level of cooking/baking skill.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Lunch was sponsored by In n Out.

I'm still listening to Harry right now. The lady in pink is a huge menace. I hope
someone does something about her soon! She's a real 'Witch'.