Thursday, March 8, 2007

Daily Update

What a depressing night. I was forced to miss American Idol. Although I've heard
that this season is less interesting than previous seasons, I still have an interest
in counting myself among the viewership, but I don't know for how long. Actually
last night I went from work right over to Plewe's place. We were meeting to do
'home teaching' stuff. Brother Scoll and I teamed up to go and meet some people in
Hollywood. Not only were they not there, They lived in a building with no door
numbers, and the halls smelled like cat pee. We decided to ask someone for help, so
we knocked on a door where the TV was blaring. Seconds later the volume was cut.
So we knocked again. Nothing. Wow, it wasn't like we were wearing black name tags,
white shirts or ties, or dressed up that much at all. It sure reminded me of
countless knocked doors on the mission. We decided to write said person a note, so
we did. While doing that, maybe 1 minute passed when we could hear the TV volume go
back up from the apt. across the way. I wanted to knock again, but we left instead.
I didn't know this before but Hollywood is Sex-shop Central.

I'm done editing math books. I'm now rearranging condominium bedrooms, bathrooms
and closets.

I went to lunch with Kami yesterday (don't worry, she OK'd it with Lincoln). I
don't think I mention this before; but when I met her, she pulled something out of
her purse and asked me if I had seen 'this' before. For a split second I thought I
was being accused of something, but then quickly realized it was pair #2 of my lost
sunglasses collection! I was so thrilled. Now i'm just missing by blue glasses,
and a guitar string.

Josh is planning to shave his 'Flowing Mane of Manliness' this weekend. 300 is
coming out. We went to buy tickets with him. silly.

Lunch was sponsored by In N' Out.

I'm listening to the Goo Goo Dolls.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Daily Update

Work has been kind of boring lately, but its not the good kind of boring where I can
listen to music and email people or just goof off. Its the kind of boring that
keeps me busy. For the past two days I've been editing whats called a 'Door and
Hardware Schedule'. Just imagine, if its included in a building, it needs to be
written down so the contractors will add it to a building. The 100 page
document/report that I was going thru was just a huge long list of every door, door
handle, door frame, door hinge, and door material that could possibly be included in
a building. Wow, its like reading a math book for fun! But not only reading it,
Reading one book, and compairing that book to two others, to make sure they all
match. I'd rather watch paint dry than do to much more of this.

One thing that bothers me at work is when I'm talking with bosses or co-workers,
sitting peacfully in front of our big store-front window, when chicks start parading
by our meetings in jogging outfits, or clubbing attire, or beach wear. How dare

I think I forgot to mention yesterday that I saw a bunch of hookers in Westwood
again. Similar to the scanty clad chicks prancing by our large picture window, but
the only difference with these chicks is that their outfits were somewhat
transparent, or so I heard. Someone else noticed so I didn't have to. At first, I
noticed them cause they were J-walking. Then I noticed that they were staggering in
their walk (drunk or clumsy). Then it looked like they were wearing silk nighties,
having just crossed the street in front of 'Vickies'. Then the trasnparency issue
came into play. Then giving them the full 'check-out', I noticed them both wearing
'stripper-heels'. They were stumbling toward the street corner where I usually see

So last night I went running again after a 5 day hiatus. After a brief stretch of
the ligaments, I was off. Right out of the starting gates I was unprepaired. I
was determined this time to a strong finish, and an overall enjoyable running
experience. 5 minutes in I decided to push my luck so I opened 'er up to a full
jog. It was a 'hurried' pace rather than a 'hustle', but still pretty good if I do
say so myself. I was like a Tiger gripping the track with my claws. I was strong
and ferocious. At some points during the race I would periodically turn around,
thinking I heard someone behind me. Being cautious, I would look behind me; seeing
nothing I continued running; I just blamed it on my keen sense of hearing. It took
until the end of my journey before I realized that those sounds were actually coming
from me. The sound from my super-sleek and aerodynamic shoes traveling at 344
meters per second was reaching my ears about 1.5 seconds after my foot hit the
trail, meaning that I was traveling just over the speed of sound. It may not work
out mathmatically, but it works out in my mind, I assure you. My tiger like
nocturnal vision helped in this run greatly. The city of Brentwood decided to
replace some of the telephone poles along the track, leaving weird pot holes in
places, as well as bumps and hills in other places. Luckily I was able to see these
obsticles ahead of time, and to compensate appropriatly with my animal like
reflexes. No one ran by me today. I was to good. But as soon as I stopped thats
when I started seeing all the people following me. Just as I was wondering
aimlessly during my cool-down stetch, I noticed a little Korean dude in street
clothes wobbling by. I almost had to fignt him. I was pretty sure that he was a
Ninja Scout. He followed me for a while, and then when I stopped, he passed me and
kept going. I left shortly after, so I didn't have to deal with the Ninja fighters.
I've got kind of annoyed with the last gang of evil ninja's that attacked me. They
are so lame.

Later, I ended up at Jeff's place for a short TV watching episode. then, realizing
it was already late, I had to run downtown again. I really need to stop staying out
so late.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Daily Update

On the way home I was looking for a particular store that I believed to be located
along westwood blvd. I called 4 of the 8 people in my phone book. Luckily Evan
came thru for me and answered. With him it wasnt' a matter of if he was busy. Its
just a matter if he wants to exert the energy to sit up from 'reclined on the couch'
position to reach for his phone. I assuredly was interupting his most favorite
show, ESPN Highlights. The only show that runs on a 45 min. loop all day, and still
has viewers.

FHE was nice. Bishop spoke. it was insightfull, and if you didn't go, you Really
missed out. He was pretty much handing out 'spiritual 50 dollar bills'.

Afterwords the 'J-splinter group-crew' went to panda express/Baja Fresh, instead of
Pinkberry (joe: its a gay frozen yogurt place). It was very delightful, and my
tummy thanked me for it many times. (I went to panda, they went to Baja.) right
before we left, Tall Paul came in with some investigator dude. he was interested in
our conversation asked a question or two about mormons in the media. I started
laughing like I was high and asked if everyone had seen the South Park episode where
'The Mormons were right'. (Luckily for me, everyone laughed then.) Then the
conversation went form that to South Park, to movies, to girls, to arresting violent
people, then wrapped up with bringing guns to chrurch.

We then ajourned to my place for craft night, part 2. We are still heavily involved
with the planning stages. I busted out the drafting software to help us convigure
the greek key design properly around the perimeter of the first Man-Box. I've
barley started the initial designs of my Man-Box. All I know is that it will be
more glorius than my Qin inspired Teapot. Dragon Mania if you will. It is a
beautiful thing. These late nights will be the harbinger of the most glorius of

Disclaimer: by calling them 'Man-Boxes' I'm not trying to segrigate any female from
this super-fantastic activity. That term is used simply to remind everyone, each
time they are spoken of, that they are NOT jewelry boxes. Jewelry boxes are for

I ran into Kristen during lunch today. Apparently she had another 'Job' in
Westwood. (Yes, it was at the Mob building.) Very mysterious. She said they 'liked
the way she worked', if you know what I mean. (Just like Tony Saprano would say.)
So if she's going to be the local mob enforcement. [I wonder if that means I can get
discounts on 'Hits', or other privelages? Hmmm, I'm going to start putting my 'needs
to be delt with' list together right now!]

while sitting peacfully at the local jamba juice, some half bum, half student
looking dude came up and was standing right behind you KA, I was a little distracted
cause I think he was playing 'pocket polo' for a minute. I really thought I was
going to have to leap across the table and hand out a 'beat-down'. fortunatly, he
left. but later when he came back and sat right next to me and started hacking at
his wrists with a razor (for shaving) I felt it was time to leave. Cause if he
would have gotten blood on one of my nice shirts, I might have had to show him how
to get his arm broken in at least 3 different places.

I just got an email from they cancelled one of my Yodeling CD orders's
that I ordered months ago. how annoying. Its not like Yodeling is popular, how can
they be sold out?!

I might have to refer to this day tomorrow, due to some other small exciting facts
that have to be left out due to me having to get back to work now.

Lunch was sponsored by Jamba Juice.

I'm listening to the hustle and bustle of my office, Thai accents are jibbering all
over the place, printer in the distance, and keys on the keyboard clicking away. my
work today didn't allow for headphones.

3 days till '300' comes out. Jessica can't wait.

Borat is on DVD now. Renee can't wait to buy it.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Daily Update

So on Friday after work I called the boys and started working on arrangements for
the evening. Josh and I met up for dinner. Our first two options were a little
risque for the both of us (a little to 'intimate' for the patrons, if you know what
I mean). We were both very hesitant (due to the last time it was just he and I an
my car) so we just went to some cafe. Jeff met up with us a little later. While
just chillin' at Calif. Chicken Cafe I was pushing for seeing a movie, but someone
else decided we have seen to many movies in the last week, so he was pushing for
something else. Josh decided we should build something. We discussed building a
steam boat, or a table, or a catapult; or something like that. Anything to display
our manhood. We ended up going to Michael's arts n crafts store and after a good
amount of time of studying our options, we found wooden cigar boxes. We decided to
each craft one into a 'Valet'. (A guy version of a jewelery box, you know, or a
Man-Box). It was great. (We also came across Pine-wood Derby cars, but they'll
have to wait till next time.) so we all bought a bunch of these boxes, as well as
other materials for crafting designs into them. We went back to my place, and
started studiously designing what our boxes would look like. We stayed up a little
to late doing that stuff, but its still great. A few people stopped over to make it
a well rounded evening. In between all that action, rick called. I told him I
think 3 times what we were doing, and he didn't believe me until he came over and
saw it for himself.

The only reason I got up early on Saturday was cause for the last few days I have
been informing Jeff that he'll be making pancakes for me before we help the girls
move. Mmmm mmmm good. I think next weekend I'm going have him to prove to me that
he knows how to make French Toast, he is half french after all. The girls didn't
need help until later so we went shopping for stuff for our man-boxes. And let me
just get this straight, Jeff and I Did NOT go to the fabric store together, it just
happened that we were there at the same time, looking for similar items. (and
mearly a coincidence that he was transported there thru my vehicle.)

So before we started helping Emily and Sara move, I felt like I needed to tank up on
energy so we stopped at 7-11. What could be better energy than Slurpees and Hot
Dogs? Ya, I couldn't think of anything else either. Come to find out that Hot Dogs
and moving couches don't go together! Oh my.

That Evening the sisters in the ward made dinner for the guys. It was lovely
(thanks girls!). During which, someone showed a slide show of images that they had
on their computer. Now, I do remember having some of those pictures taken of me,
but not all. And I definitely don't remember acting/looking gay or stoned! Jessica
did an almost perfect job of Photo-shopping Josh and I into precarious positions.
Very funny Jessica. :( After hanging out there we went to Jeff's flat and started
an intense game of Clue. There were seven of us so I had Danny on my team. I
haven't ever really played that game before, so i figured I needed the help. Danny
doesn't work rationally though. He needed to use Plewe's computer to create an
Excel Spreadsheet. It was great fun even watching Danny plot out his plan of
attack. But I must admit, it wasn't a great help having him on my team cause
Jessica won both of the games we played. Essentially what he had going was a
running log of what people were guessing, then trying to deduce the room, person,
and weapon from that. Ya, I think Jessica, Kristen, and even Rick had a sharper
tool set than 'Team-Super-Computer' that night. But hey, like I said I had never
really played before. Jessica frustrated Danny though by not playing 'rationally'.
It was hilarious to watch Danny's reaction to the whole shenanigan.

On Sunday I didn't wake up in enough time to run the Brentwood Marathon, like I had
the last few sun. mornings (sorry bout that). Although I wanted to, I decided to
clean my room instead (mostly due the the heavy harassment from Jimmys visiting
friend, Ruth), (but also to find 2 missing pairs of sunglasses, and some wandering
yet illusive, guitar strings).

Church was weird cause it was the first Sunday and I always have more work to do
than necessary to prepare to the upcoming month. With Nathan being gone, I had to
do his normal assignments, and also had to show Tater-tot on what to do in his newly
appointed position. And luckily Trisha brought super-sugarie treats to Sunday
school. ( Don't worry ever body, she's still alive, her run in with the Costa
Rician Drug Cartel was resolved, and now she's safely back in America.) And I
didn't spill food on myself at the Break-the-Fast for once.

[Oh, and how can I forget!, as I was trying to leave the building, Stanley came up
to me (again) and wanted to shake my hand. Ok whatever, harmless enough. But oh
no! he decided to grab my had, and with his left hand make a motion as if he was
going to grab my 'twig n' berries'. Now having grown up with two brothers who do
this regularly, I was suprised, but prepaired. I immediatly turned to the side to
block his perversional tactics. Then I started trying to yank my hand away from
his. By then he had grasped my had with both of his has he was 'Gay-giggling' like
he usually does. So my only decent defence was to say really loudly, "Stanley, let
go of me you pervert!". I had by then given 2-3 strong tugs on my hand and I really
wanted it back from his 'gay-grasp'! who knows what he was planning to do with it!
I have talked with Bryan and I know what kind of roomate he is, and I aint cool with
that! My other had was full of books, otherwise there would have been some
repercussions for baldy! then as I was musceling my way away from his 'gay-dom' he
let go and figured I wasn't interested in his 'gayness', so he tried to play it off
like he was playing around, but I wasnt' about to let that go. I told him never to
get close to nuts again, and suggested he play with his own and not other peoples'.
What a stalker. it was almost a close call.]

The initial after church 'after-party' was 'Break the Fast', but after that the
Fairburn Girls hosted Linda's Birthday Bash. (unfortunately we completely forgot
the spankings and other embarrassing pranks. we might have to revisit that next
week/next time we see her). They originally told me that there's be a clown making
balloon animals, and pin the tail on the donkey, and a Pinata. But I think they
lied to me cause I didn't see them there.

Then the Birthday-After party was convened at my place. Josh wanted to show off
that he owned a copy of 'Romancing the Stone', an ode to great movies from the 80's
if you will. Usually guys don't show off that they own romantic girly drama's, but
josh is different like that I guess.

Lunch was sponsored by Marvins again :)

I'm listening to a radio talk show.

Susan got back from the Philippines today.

Rich comes next week,