Friday, March 7, 2008

Daily Update

So I had a meeting early at work this morning. Rey and I finally met with our nemesis, the alleged 'Interior Designer'. he was 7 minutes late to our meeting. The meeting lasted maybe 90 minutes, and Rey, the little Brazilian Fireball from my office was on the attack the entire time. I tried to lighten the tension when I could, but Rey was ruthless. It wasn't rude, or anything out of the ordinary, but the fact that this dude hasn't called or emailed us when he said he would, or when he needed to, that bothered all of us here in the office.

I went running last night. Actually I went the last two nights and I just forgot to tell you all about it. On Wednesday night I took a jog through the Ural Mtn's. I was like a little Tweetie Bird, soaring in the clouds. My flight was short and sweet. On Thursday I was like a big huge Mountain Goat sturdy and angry as can be. Tough as nails too I might add. I took the usual desert trail through the Australian Outback. It was a lot more rigorous than the night before. This night I wasn't allowed to coast from hilltop to hilltop. I had to fight for every step I took. It was funny cause on the way up to the Outback, we passed a big group of people waiting to see some basketball match. I was the funny guy when I said real loud that I was looking forward to this womens volleyball game. I got a lot of weird/dirty looks. So I kept talking volleyball up.

Scott-the Justin-Hammer moved out yesterday. He called me to make sure it was OK, just like in the Godfather. I said it was OK.

Big news on the project front: I FINISHED MY PAINTING! Yes, its correct. (I'll repeat it for Kristen and Chris again just so they hear, I FINISHED MY PROJECT). It was not that difficult. I only added the brushed, wind flowing clouds, which gave life to the sky. I was careful not to add to many, in fear of it depressing the viewer, to an utterly true European attitude. But I didn't want to few fearing that the viewer would be left lonely in the wide spacious sky. So I have formed the perfect middle. Just enough for a warm hug as the wind rustles your hair. You'll understand when you see it. I was careful to take pictures of it every night so you'll also be able to see the progression of every day I worked on it.

I'm listening to Phantom of the Opera right now.

Lunch was sponsored by Marvin's again. (the line at Chipotle is still way to long.)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Daily Update

Hello friends. I don't know if you were able to catch Project Runway last night, but the one person I wanted to loose all season ended up winning the finale. I was pretty pissed. If I ever see him in real life, I might slap him in public, then shave his head. I might even scar his scalp so his lame hair won't grow back. And whats even more disappointing is that Heidi Klum my dream girl was involved in this debockle. I might have to stop being infatuated with her. I might have to move on to someone like Scarlett Johannsen; she has a movie coming out soon I think.

So I'm still thinking of the glorious Disneyland adventure from last Saturday. The one memorable souvenir was a box of Fudge. Oh, its the best stuff ever. Your teeth sink cleanly into its succulent shape. One or two pieces are large enough that its hard for me to fit them in my mouth, and we all know I have a large mouth. Its the perfect blend of chocolaty goodness and soft deliciousness. The only possible down side is that this little piece of heaven is very rich. When I was at the counter this last Saturday, I got over excited when it became my turn to check out. Amy, who was working the counter, had just gotten done slaving over some short 'round' retarded lady. The lady was asking for all this stuff from the back room, and was having Amy run around to the front of the counter to fetch stuff that the Troll Lady didn't want to reach for. When it came time for her to pay, oops, she only had a nameless credit card, and NO ID. So Amy luckily sent that wench packing. When it came my turn, we instantly became friends because 1) I'm nice and friendly. 2) I'm understanding of short-'big' retarded trolls. 3) I already had my method of payment ready. And 4) most importantly she informed me that she would give me 6 tantalizing pieces of glorious fudge for the price of 4! How could that be a bad thing?! I shared with Cheryl, so she could be part of the goodness (and it was her birthday), but other than that I refuse to share it with anyone. Its that good. So, why I mention this... Because of its richness, I can only have one small bite per day. Each piece is about the size of a brownie, so each bite is about 1/10th of a piece. So yes, my goodness will last just that much longer. Ooooh I can't wait to put more of that goodness in my mouth.

After watching TV, I started looking at my painting. I started dabbling a little bit while Mike kept me up as he watched TV. I did a lot of touch ups, and added shadow and life to the courtyard by the bay. I opened some windows to let air in some of the buildings. I added trees to the courtyard, which will shade the tired beach-goers on their way home. I added tables to the busy street cafe for all the tourists who will one day visit. The only thing to do is add life and texture to the sky; and I'll do that with cirrus nimbus clouds.

Lunch was sponsored by Jamba Juice.

I'm listening to Ozzy Osborne right now.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Daily Update

So last night I left work abruptly, after staying pretty late. I don't think I'm allowed to tell you the reason for this. Thats for Someone else's blog. But I hung out with Cheryl for a bit. We watched my two favorite shows, American Idol, and Biggest Looser. There great for boosting my confidence in myself.

This morning I got a call from some lady doing a service auction. Apparently on Sunday when the sign-up sheet went around, I was signed up for painting a nude portrait of someone. (thanks Chris and Mike, you retards) I forget how they worded it exactly. I guess thats payback for me signing up Mr. Ryan Plewe for 'Interpretive Dance Lessons'. Oh just you wait until the next sign up sheet comes around. I'm going to get them good.

A few of you may know that I've taken an interest in ebay again. Its been a long while since I used that method to purchase goods. I'm starting to like it all over again. Probably the most likable thing about it is right after you win something it tells you that 'You're a Winner!'. Its like I just made a friend. I 'win' an item, and I gain a friend. Its just a nice pat on the back. Another enjoyable thing I do with the stuff I like, I keep track of only the stuff that I could potentially buy and I notice when the auction is ending and I, like my dad, will sit and stare at the screen for long amounts of time, just watching the time go down. Then, with the auction clock nears 1 minute and 30 seconds, that is when I place my bid. Usually the first bid. That give my opponent minimal time to get real nervous at the new bidding threat, and even less time to respond to my actions. I usually have two dollar amounts prepared for this bidding war. The first is the amount I'm OK with paying, and won't want to go over, but the second amount is established in case they have time to respond, I have a second, and slightly higher amount, which is my maximum amount. Anything more, than whoever spent that much is a retard; any less, and you could tell that I just really wanted the item. The trill of winning, combined with the thrill of taking the bid away from someone is just terrific to me.

Work is super busy right now. Remember that Interior Designer that I've been telling you about, the one who never calls back. Well, Rey finally got a hold of him and let him have it. Rey is a little Brazilian fireball. Me and someone else joined him for a conference call. It was quite entertaining. This dude said he has been out of the country for a week and a half, thats why he hadn't called or emailed, or anything. But coincidentally, he happened to be back in the country every time my boss CC'd the owner on our emails. We now get to have a meeting with this cowboy on Friday. I think Rey is going to try to murder this guy. I'm only going to watch, and maybe take picture. But I don't want to be an 'Accessory to Murder' if things go south.

I'm listening to Oingo Boingo right now.

Lunch was sponsored by Marvin's, and Hosted by the new 'Courtney Arizona'. ... (does that mean she's the new Ms. Arizona?)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Daily Update

I've been swamped at work, like I've mentioned before. Nothing to keep me up late at night... yet. But it will this week. Today at work I went with my boss to the Peninsula Hotel again. Wow is it fancy. no wonder they can so much per guest. I think they have 1 employee for every 3 guests they have there, or something ridiculous like that. The suite we were in was bigger than any house I've ever lived in, or apartment. The one bedroom was as big as my current living room and dining room combined. I think the bathroom was even bigger than my bedroom now. holy crap, I don't see how people can do that for themselves. On the way home my boss had gotten a new car, an Audi, and he decided to 'Open er up' on the open road, holy crap I almost wet my pants as I gripped onto any handle I could find. Sure new cars are nice, but that doesn't mean that you MUST go as fast as they can. Oh ya, and he got the racing model too, of course.

Then there was last night. During the day I got an invite to go to Cheryl's Birthday party. How cool! I guess we bump into each other enough that she remembers who I am, enough so for in invite to an exclusive party too. We went over to some place by the Grove called Woodland Ranch, or something like that. It was OK food. The waiter, Desmond, was pretty cool. He made the trip over there to that side of town more worth it. He was pretty funny, and he could put up with my 'Restaurant sense of humor', which helped, cause I was pretty obnoxious. I kept taking pictures of everyone else taking bites of their food, and they all hated that.

After that there was a proper Birthday Party over at Jessica's place with cake and Ice cream. Ohhh it was yummy.

I got home kind of early, but Mike kept me up talking about the day's events. Mike found out the hard way that you can't slide into a fence without getting banged up a bit. I think he was trying to impress a girl, but he denied it.

Lunch was sponsored by In N Out.

I'm listening to Arcade Fire right now.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Daily Update - Disneyland Edition

So like some of you may know, it was a very eventful weekend. On Saturday I was in need of some excitement, so I went down to Disneyland. It was funny cause I was just going down for fun, and on the way I ran into Cheryl, who was also thinking about going. What a coincidence! AND it turns out that it was her birthday too (on Monday though). So we decided to carpool. It was pretty fun. I'm sure you all know how wonderful it all is, but what made it even funner for me is that Cheryl hadn't been before. It was like reliving my childhood all over again. I tried the whole day to get her to hold hands and then skip with me, but she would have none of that. She even made fun of me for wanting to do such a thing. It took me all day of egging her on to finally convince her to skip to the tram on our way to the parking lot. Then she guaranteed me it would never happen again.

During the day though we were trying to follow some of the Thompson family advice and find the best tasting restaurant there. Jeff told us that right at the exit of Pirates of the Carribean there was the best restaurant ever. So Cheryl and I stopped by. I got the 'Monte Cristo Sandwich'. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Its a ham and turkey and cheese sandwich that is Deep Fried. And it has a dark raspberry Jam to dip into for eating. It was sooo good. But all that grease that I ate prohibited us from any fast rides for an hour. I think my favorite ride was still the Matterhorn. Maybe because of the Swiss theme, and maybe because of the 10 minute wait in line, but I like that one. All the others were cool too. Except for splash mountain! The jerks there drenched us! As we were entering the ride, no one was wet. But as WE went on it, it was like standing under a water fall. And both on this ride and on Space mountain we where they take your picture, we had great pictures, worth buying, but I didn't feel right about spending $20 bucks on 1 picture. Then on Space Mt. I was going to photograph the display, just to show you all, but the two fat little brats in front of us wouldn't move, and wouldn't stop poking the screen, and kept trying to take picture with their cell phones. I really should have 'tripped' and fallen right onto them, then have them 'accidentally' trip down the stairs.

I found Disneyland the prime place to practice my game of 'Chicken'. You know how people walk straight at you and you stay on course and make them move? well, I did that as much as possible. I wouldn't even move for strollers. I was so proud of myself.

There are lots more stories, but they'll have to wait...

I forgot what happened on Friday night. Does anyone remember?

Work has been super busy, and the project I'm working on, I just found out that we're not getting paid for it. We're doing it as a favor. I now know why all architects are sworn to hate interior designers.

Lunch was sponsored by Marvin's. Only because Chipotle was to crowded.

I'm listening to Talk Radio right now.