Friday, March 30, 2007

Daily Update

Hmmm, what to say. I really don't think last night was as eventful as previous
nights. I went home teaching. First we were meeting with Autumn. I got there
early for once instead of the typically 'mandatory 10-15 min. late'. So we just
watched Clips from Star Wars on her Super-Duper TV Projection wall. Its like a mini
movie theater. Its spectacular. Needless to say, It was a wonderful visit.

After that I went over to Jeff's place to watch some of 'The Office' marathon.
Instead of going out and filling myself full of pure 'un-healthiness' (Jack in the
Box)again, we just ate some of the food that I have been storing over at their
place. I don't have enough stuff to have my own shelf in the fridge/freezer, but
any day now. Two dinners in a week war rents some sort of special treatment I

Jeff and I started planning our Europe trip. Wow, was it fun. Thinking of all the
old places I still need to see, and places to go back to (as well as avoiding the
places I'm not allowed back to). I was trying to talk jeff into visiting some beach
cities for a few days with me, but he would have none of that. Ryan would also be
to scared of European beaches as well.

Also earlier that evening Josh had phoned me from Fresno, as I was cruising the
boulevard. He asked me to move his car for the street sweepers before Friday. As I
was doing that I didn't want to be conspicuous, so I felt I needed to act and dress
just like him so the neighbors or landlady wouldn't get in my way or cause trouble.
I wore all blue. as I walked toward his place I acted real tough; I inflated my
arms chest and neck, and staggered my legs. Everything went as planned. As I was
driving around I had the window down, and just so everything would go just as if
Josh was driving, I would either growl or yell at people as I drove by. And then
laugh at them and point, or just giggle. It was great. My plan worked perfectly.
No one noticed at thing.

Weekend has been booked full. My day-planner has asked me for a break, but I
declined its request. Saturday should be very productive with General Conference,
eating, Man-Box building, and maybe even painting happening all at once.

In case you didn't get the email, Time Warner digital cable is showing Conference on
channel 698 this weekend. Don't get lost on our way there like my Dad ALWAYS does!
Mr. Richard Parsons and Mr. Glenn Britt have hidden this channel between the Game
show Network and QVC/home shopping network. They've been known to do stuff like

Lunch was sponsored by Marvin's Diner.

I'm listening to Oingo Boingo right now.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Daily Update

Went shopping yesterday after work. I wanted to find some 'threads' similar to the
clothing that my older brother wouldn't let me buy when we were in Utah. What a
parent; "Don't buy that, Don't Say that, Be quite, You're being rude, Put your pants
back on, don't drive on the sidewalk" all things I've had to endure from him.
Right Buddy. So anyway, I was at the 3rd street Prominade. Apparently Joe called
the stores ahead of time because after my initial walk thru (to see what stores I
wanted to stop at) they all started closing on me! Exactly as I approached the
front doors, someone would pop out from behind the maniquin display. It was like I
had leporsy or something. There were however three stores that I was able to
patronize(they were open later than the others.) At Barns n' Nobles I asked some
clerk for a drawing book. It took him about 5 minutes to describe where to go
(correct answer should have been "first floor- to the right of the registers")and
how extensive the collection was that they had (lots of stuff, some good, lots of
crap). Then another 5 min. for him to tell me how much he loved drawing himself.
Now, I asked for a perspective geometry drawing book. He then recomended some book
to me called Anatomy for artists. (Drawing buildings and people is different). I
happened to notice this book when standing there, so I decided to venture a peek.
Oh Boy. I cracked its pages and immediatly noticed that the back half of the book
was spacifically pictures and drawings of guys 'Dongs'. I assure you all that the
book was not open for more than a tenth of a second! I didn't like that drawing
book. I will not be buying it. And I don't like lookin at dudes!

In the next store I went, some high school kid, who worked there, starts asking me
what I was looking for. I told him "nothing" and walked off. I started looking at
shorts, so 'Monkey boy' starts asking me what size/color/style i was interested in.
So suprised in his persistance, I mumbled something like: "what, are you trying to
come onto me?" He didn't hear, but he did keep following me like a crazed fan.

In the last store, there were mostly chicks there, and I'm actually not entirly sure
it was a store for guys, so I won't tell you the name, but everyone was nice there
(sassy too).

Today walking back to the office after lunch, I had to confront a dangerous band of
environmentalists. Luckily I saw them coming so when they asked if I wanted to help
them fix the environment, All I could think of saying was "I work for Exxon". He
didn't say anything, and I kept walking.

Lunch was brought to us by Jamba Juice, the letter K, and the number 7.

I'm listening to a utah local band called Lazy Eye.(the band who performed at Anna's
cabin that one time)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Daily Update

I got off work late. The sun was still out. I had to go home to finish the daily
update. I was in a crunch at work.

I think today I should play catch up on some of the grand stuff I've done on the
last little while, not to pat myself on the back to much. When I was in Utah, can
you guess where I ate? No, not Panda Espress. (the ones in LA are better anyway,
and they haven't made me sick yet). Thats right, Crown Burger it was! Mmmmmmm! Then
on Monday at Gandolfo's. And then some Chinese place that my brother likes and I
mildly dislike.

A few weeks back I was mildly depressed/frustrated at the hand life had delt me. So
I had to do what any guy would do to cheer himself up, 'Go Suit Shopping'! Jeff,
Ryan and myself went down to Macy's to 'Spend' our sorrow's away. We all bought
suits and we are feeling pretty darn good about it.

I went running last night. I was super rushed for time so I didn't make it to the
Brentwood track. I just did a tour of my own neighborhood. I must admit that I
didn't traint for the hills! (right joe) The hills and the toxic LA air was burning
my lungs severly. I either turned super-out-of-shape real quick, or the hills were
steeper than I imagined, or the band of enemy ninja filled my neighborhood with a
toxic gas that was ment to slow me down, which I only overcame by lots of training
and dedicated study. I think it was about the same distance that I usually go, but
I think my leg injury is still lingering. As I sprinted over the second hill,
crossing Ohio, I felt my calf go weak. I didn't slow down because I thought that
one of the secret ninja could have been shooting poisonous darts at me with the
standard issue blow-dart gun. I only had to live thru the pain for 10 more minutes.
I only thought I was doing good after I started passing cars, and I didn't see any
other runners so it wasn't that glorious.

I went over to Jeff's to make dinner, but it turn into me making dinner for a bunch
of the kids too. Later it turned into us working on our Man-boxes. It was
spectacular. Jessica was there to help us. (It was already late otherwise I would
have called more people to come over and join us for craft night. I don't feel like
I've spoken with very many people in the last few weeks.) Evan was there working on
wedding prep, stuffing envelopes and what not. We made fun of him as much as
possible cause he was trying his hardest to make fun of our Man-Boxes. Shame on
him. He deserved it all.

I'm listening to German Punk music right now.

Lunch was sponsored by BJ's, and hosted by my bosses. I love their barbeque chicken Pizza!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Daily Update

Oh look at the white fluffy clouds. I just remembered when I got to work that it
wasn't monday. Oops. I hope your Monday's wern't to boring without a daily update
from jimbo. I was super busy inside the walls of utah. My little sister's mission
farwell was on Sunday. She's going to New York. I think she will be known as 'That
Sister', if you know what I mean. "Sisters are Blisters" is how I've heard it. And
I'm sure my sister will not let that title down.

So getting to Salt Lake was more a chore than I had ever imagined. I never thought
I'd say this but I had wished that I would have taken Southwest. the plane was
late. delayed, and then broken! after 35 minutes of waiting they drove back to the
gate so maintenance could check something out. an hour and a half later they
decided we could fly again. And, on the way back I thought that Delta was going to
make up for that infraction by leaving SLC early and landing 30 minutes early, but
no, that didn't mean we got to the gate until 15 after scheduled arrive time,
putting us 45 minutes late. Oh bother.

Oh the plane I sat next to some sassy chick who had LOTs of junk food and was very
talkitive. We talked it up the whole time. For a few minutes it turned into a
religious discussion, cause hey, its salt lake. I had to laugh out loud at myself
because I always think of all those general authority talks where they mention
baptizing people on the plane after knowing them for 5 minutes, so I was thinking
that I would be gathering some great material for the possible next talk I might
have to give, but then I remembered that the last talk I gave I spoke about Hookers,
Bars and my embarassing moments which I think put me on the 'don't let him talk for
a while' list. So I think I'm still safe.

Some of you may know my 'new sister' Brandi. Over this past weekend she collected a
suprising number of nicknames, for example: Brand-zilla, Brandi-locks, Ruffels,
B-Diddy, Green shirt girl, 'Slippery', and most favorite- "Brandgalina (the
original)". Those are just the ones I can remember for now. I'm only bringing her
up because she won the Chocolate chip cookie bake off that I forced her and my
mother to have in my honor. That and she tried to tell other people in my family
about the 'girl talk' story, luckily for me it didn't work. And I beat her in some
card game twice.

Oh look at those angry dark gray clouds. Its lunch time and I'm scared to leave the
office. I went to lunch with Susan and Julianne. It was weird cause Susan told me
that her friend wants to become mormon and asked what she needed to do, and Julianne
seemed like she was asking career advice, which was weird. Why would anyone trust
me with career advice? So I had to put on my 'serious discussion' cap for both of
the conversations. It was a little dusty, but I think it worked out well.

I just found out that Chochai's last day is tomorrow. Life has already been crappy,
so taking over his projects won't be a big deal.

Oh wow, the clouds are nice again, but its cold outside.

Lunch was sponsored by Daphnies.

I'm listening to BT (european techno)

Wow, its really late, I gotta go.