Friday, September 21, 2007

Daily Update

So a month or so ago my dad sent me a Anti-virus cd. 2 weeks before my trip I installed it, or so I thought. I thought nothing more of it, as these programs just run quietly in the background. so two days ago, I noticed my laptop running super slow, so I figured it was time for a full system check. upon starting to check, I noticed problems. By the end, an hour later, I was super frustrated, having realized what had, or hadn't happened with my computer. That, and I've been fairly careless lately with my emailing/downloading behavior, ie. opening attachments that I shouldn't, and leaving computer on without shutting it down. so I've been spending the last two days trying to get the anti-virus stuff to install, in order to get rid of the bad stuff. shame on me for being lazy.

One thing I did was take another step in organizing my travel gear from the trip. I've had fun writing, researching, drawing, sketching, purchasing stuff for and from our trip , so I continued to do that. That and I'm still writing about the last few days. That could be why I haven't started writing about it yet. but SOON.

After a while my stomach told me I was hungry, so I decided to make a quick batch of spaghetti. Hmmm, sounds good, quick and easy, but it isn't when half the stuff is frozen. It took longer than I thought, but it was ok cause I was also watching the season premier of Beauty and the Geek on tv. TV is fun.

I went to see a movie with Courtney and a few other kids. We saw December Boys. It was interesting. It had Harry Potter in it. I think Maggie was right, he could be a pretty bad actor. some of this acting was just weird, unless the director wanted him to act semi gimpy/retarded kid.

I was just reminiscing of our trip last night, and I completely forgot to put money in a swiss bank account. oh well, next time.

Lunch was sponsored by In N Out burger again.

I'm listening to News radio right now.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Daily Update

I went running last night. Right after work in fact. I was determined to recover from my slight sickness that I got as a going away present from Italy. I figured running for a bit would help force most of the phlegm out as well, sick thought I know, sorry. I started a little bit later than I normally do, which made it quite different in atmosphere around the long since visited track; namely, it was dark out. Winter must be approaching. I payed no attention to this drastic difference and immediately set out. I was like the Black Panther of north Africa as I would run from tree to tree, tightly gripping the dusty track with my huge angry claws. Tonight I was the one lurking in the shadows. As I started it was unusually easier than I thought it would be; but then again, I've hiked all over Europe in the last two weeks, drinking that cup of tea quite easily. No one was out there that late into the night, so I can't tell you about any fighting that went on. The pervie dude wasn't there either.

when I got home I was going to play on my computer, upload pictures, type up european reports, but the ol computer was super slow, so I did a little checking, and it had a few viruses. Turns out the Anti-virus stuff I tried to put on there a month or so back just took it off, and left it vulnerable. Thanks Norton, retards. so I busied myself with that problem instead of being productive.

Later I decided to drive downtown to put money in my bank. I've been depleting the funds thoroughly via foreign ATM's in the last two weeks. This ended up being a bad idea. I was Super tired, and my eyes really wanted to close. I told them not to though. I wasn't sure if it was better to drive faster to get there quicker, or to drive slower in case any accident did happen, it wouldn't be as 'deathly'.

Upon arriving home safely i went right to bed rather than preparing my upcoming European Reports. (Sorry, I'm selfish like that sometimes.) In the morning I woke up and could finally hear! I'm still not 100% though. Those crazy europeans tried to poison me, I swear!

Lunch was sponsored by Marvin's

I'm listening to Hellogoodbye right now.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Daily Update

Yesterday threw me back into the 'non-vacation swing of things', thats for sure. I woke up pretty early, some sort of jet-lag residue probably. I was going to go to work early, you know... to impress the bosses, but that didn't work out. So I just showed up at the normal time of 'just after 9'. Work was just as I remembered it. Apparently just after I left it got real busy here (oh well).

As I was leaving work Josh called and he jeff and I met up at CA Chicken Cafe to catch up. Of course we talked a little about our trip. I let jeff do most of the talking cause I wasn't feeling up to it, but there were a few points where I had to pipe up and correct him on a few points, turning it from a Jeff-spin to a Fair and Balanced, i.e. the Jim-spin, on each story.

I also resumed with Flag-Football practice. I'll admit it was a bit much for my first day back. I was hoping the running would help clear out my sinuses and ear clog, but no such luck.

After that josh said he had to "go over to Jessica's for a few minutes, but couldn't stay to late." As soon as I got in his car I noticed he was on the phone with Jeff, again promising we would not be to long over there. At this point I wasn't sure if he was lying to us, or to himself. We got there with 40 minutes to spend before my 'goodnight-deadline'. The second I sat down I realized that it wasn't a good idea for me to have gone there. My eyelids got real heavy, and I honestly didn't want to resist its weight, so I walked right down that dark tunnel into the light. I fell into a slump on their soft seats then later woke up lying on the floor. I also vaguely remember them trying to have conversations with me. I don't know why they would have done that. They could clearly see that I was trying to sleep. I woke up for a second to notice it was much passed my designated 'Go to bed time, so I slowly staggered up to my feet, and informed everyone that I was leaving. then eventually the other two followed, which was good, otherwise I would have been walking home. So yes, the J-crew is back in full swing. We need to take advantage of these moments while josh is living at home for the next month.

In an attempt to unplug my ear I took a hot shower, but ended up falling asleep. then to bed. (it was nice to NOT have ryan try to walk in on me for a change as well. [don't worry, that will be explained a bit later]). It felt so good to sleep. I like sleep. Also earlier that day I treated myself to hot chocolate to accompany my morning donuts. Like usual the hot cocoa burnt my tongue, so now everything tastes like burning.

I'm listening to One Man Army right now.

Lunch was sponsored by In N Out. man its nice to eat hamburgers again.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Return of the Daily Update

Hello America! Thats right, the Dynamic Trio is back on American soil, back to the promised land, and yes, we are still friends. After 15 days away from the great beyond, we wrapped up our travels last night at 7pm. We were pretty traveled out anyway. I'm including most of yesterday as part of my 'European Adventure Update' package that will be coming out soon, via this website, but it was a long day, with almost a full 20 hours of traveling time. 15 days, 7 cities, around 1600 pictures, about 1200 miles on train, 11840 miles in the air, and I haven't even considered how many calories we burnt and/or consumed yet.

One of the bad sides to the end of a vacation is the recovery time needed from that vacation. Jet-lag has never effected me, but the cold I picked up in Italy has. One of my ears still feels clogged though. It felt SO good to sleep in my own American Size bed. No more of these Junior-half-pint-Medieval sizes. Another unfortunate part of being away was that I couldn't hang out with all the people I was so used to hanging out with:(cheesy I know, but whatever). To make up for this, every few days we would take the time to gossip about different people that we knew. Don't worry, we didn't leave anybody out.

Hopefully I'll start filling you in on our European Adventure tomorrow.

I'm listening to Spoon right now.

Lunch was sponsored by Marvin's. It wasn't as terrific as it has been in the past. But the company was just as splendid, thanks to Kami and Courtney