Saturday, April 28, 2007

Prepairing a new media for use

Hello world. this is just a practice run. So I'm just writing to test it out, you know, before I take it on the open road. The image you see before you is something I found on the world wide web that I will be attempting to reproduce, given time constraints though, its a little iffy now. But Its on the to be thought about list.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Daily Update

I was just sitting at my desk at home, trying to work up the courage to put my
running shoes on. They were just sitting in front of my door, quietly calling my
name. I fought off the voices for so long, then it over took me like the 'Venom'
creature from the Spiderman 3 movie. I gave in to the energies controlling my
shoes. I put them on and all of a sudden I had new power, a new desire to go
running and to run fast. In a zombie daze, I stumbled toward the door. Luckily for
me I had stopped at Diddy Reese earlier and my treasures were sitting on the dinning
room table beaming like little pieces of sunshine, the only thing that could have
broke my hypnosis. I ran to them as if I had just met Heidi Klum, and in parusing
the sweet texture of those glorious Delights I realized that my legs were trying to
do differently than what my head was thinking of doing. As suprised as I was I
kicked off my shoes in disgust. I grabbed a pair of tongs and escorted my running
shoes back to their place on the shoe rack. I probably should have, but I ended up
not going.

I went over to Veteran to watch the office. In case you missed it, it was
absoloutly hilarious! Before finding an office of my own, I thought that was what
every office was like. I'm really glad my boss ins't like Michael at all. After
that was over, I just sat around like I had nothing to do. Man was I bored. Those
study kids were watching Basketball more studiously than they watched General
conference. I was just bored with it so I started making fun of them all. I had to
pull back at times because Evan's sister was visiting. I didn't want to offend her
in the first ten minutes of meeting her, like most other girls I meet. Lucky for me
I got a call from a damsel in distress who needed help changing a tire on a freeway.
while i was gathering info, I looked around the room I was in and realized none of
them would have helped if I had asked, so I just ran out the door, helped said
person, and then recieved harassing phone calls for leaving unannounced. flat tires
on the freeway are no fun. Eventually Jeff started trying to plan my week out for
me, so I left. it was time for me to leave anyway.

I was wrapping up my email session when I was overcome with the urge to 'fight the
battle of my life' again. It has been a while. I knew that if I started, then it
would be many hours before I would be able to stop. So instead, I loaded another
computer game. I don't remember the name, but its cool. Two tanks sit on the
screen and shoot at eachother. Yes, just like the first computer game ever invented
on those great two tone screens.

Super busy at work. fill you in later.

special thanks to marvins.

How the West was Won

Whats going on here?

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Daily Update

There are beginning to be more and more things in life that I hate. For example, at
work there arises a situation where my status of being 'Done' with a task or project
relies soley upon someone elses opinion. My job isn't like math or Medicne. My
field of choice is the most subjective thing possible. Now when I'm working with
someone, usually its Ta, but I'll print something out for him to show the head boss,
and after I do that, I'm finished, and I can then start feeling good about my day
ahead. But no, he feels its his job to be an intermediary judge between me and the
top rung on the ladder. Its not a superiority or a pride thing, its just how he's
been treated and now how he's passing it on. Oh how annoying. That and the fact
that he likes to get so close to my personal bubble, and breath on me, and the smell
tells me that he has recently been milling around the bottom of a garbage can/ ash
tray combo. And I hate it doubley bad when he tries to get me to do it one way and
the Head Hancho has be do it a better way, and he wants to ague with me about it. I
have to try really hard not to loose my cool. I get frustrated a bit, and I think
its obvious, but then I try to be buds, kind of. I just really hate it.

That is why, my friends, that today is the last day that I sit and do nothing about
it. I will no longer sit and let the water flow past. Today is the day that I
change that. I as of right now have begun studing for my licencing exam. I will
not take this back seat any longer. I am now in the drivers seat warming up to
shift gears for myself, and for my destiny. First gear, here goes...

After I left work, all was fine. I rushed over to the Fairburn girls' so we could
go running. Autumn came too, and she brought her doggie. After yesterday's run I
was feeling good; no, I mean really good. But Kristen quickly extinguished that
ember of grandure. We started all together. We were like a wolf pack on the prowl.
I could see other runners start running away from us out of fright. That was a
good thing, because we would have trampled them like a herd of Wildebeest's (very
cute and/or handsome beests I must add). Autumn was going at her puppies pace, so
they would miander here and there, sprint then rest. I think Jill got bored with us
starting at such a slow pace, so I think she stopped and went her own way. She was
playing mind games with us all, trying to get us to thing that she dosen't go that
often. Ya, right. She probably went a few blocks to the outside of the track where
we were, just so the run would be more exciting. Exciting cause that is wasteland,
full of wild animals, and dangerous criminals. At the finish line, she was dancing
circles around most of the people there, literally. She probably ran by me when I
wasn't looking. I kept up with the great Gazelle for most of the first lap. Well,
up until the third side... no wait... I really don't remember, it all happened so
fast. My legs were like Lions racing toward a long awaitedd meal. They would work
so hard for the shorter faster distances (downhill), but then when I told them that
we had to run more, they really wanted to rest. But I wouldn't let them. "Maybe
later" I said. then they wouldn't talk to me for the rest of the run. I caught up
with Kristen by the second lap (cause she stopped and was hanging out there). We
ran together for another few minutes but then I started slowing down. I started
cutting corners, which I thought was pretty funny, but when she looked back and saw
it, I think she flipped me off, and then she ran even faster. I was very happy when
it was all over. I felt better about last time (tuesday) too. There's a new
addition to our track, its the 'runners stopping station'. They give out free
stuff, and play music. Its a regular party. I think it has been them scaring off
the bad guys. Thanks guys!

On the way home My car was giving off an interesting aroma, it was a combination of
'Wet-Dog' and 'Burning Clutch'. Very Unique. It must have been a new air freshener
scent that someone gave me who just didn't tell me about it. (or was it the fact
that Ollie-the puppie was in my car licking everything, or the fact that Kristen
took my car around the block for a test spin, or two. Na, it couldn't have been. A
new fragrance by Toyota I think.)

I dedicated a few minutes to my Man-Box in the evening. I'm still sculpting the
rich Mahogany wood into pieces that can be formed into my antique chinese treasure
chest. Its going nicely. I start glueing tonight!

As per the last few Wednesday's I made my way over to Greenfield to watch TV. They
were watching 'Lost'. Yes, exciting. I only wish you could hear the excitment
rolling off my toung; but let me attempt to compair it watching paint drying, or
watching amature Golf on TV. But having antisipated that, I brought my dinner over
and was in the kitchen most of the time :) my favorite. Then Emily had me make
cookies, which was also dinner.

I'm listening to 'The Cars' right now.

Lunch was sponsored by Jamba Juice.

Have a lovely day.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Daily Update

I lackadaisically meandered home, then slowly made my way to the running track. It
was the typical Tuesday. Like a champion I raced around the heated battle field,
with danger all around. In my head I was singing the song 'I will Survive' by
Gloria Gaynor. I passed a lot more people than usual. I think I'm out of my month
long slump. I spoke with my friends at Berkley, they are getting closer to my test
results, so probably by next week we'll have some definitive info. Also while
running, I passed a few Support Group Stations, passing out water, giving Hi-Fives,
n' stuff like that. Not to many enemies on the field this time around. I don't
think they're gone for good, just laying in wait. That gave me time to concentrate
on my technique, and breathing, and timing n' such.

I also took a second to stop by Borders and I bought a book on Da Vinci. Its pretty
cool. Now I just need a coffee table for it to be displayed upon.

I slowly began working on my Man-Box. It had been a while since I had a chance to
work on mine, cause when working with the other guys, I get hammered with questions
and favors to do, so it was a nice quiet evening cutting wood. It was so quiet that
it made me nervous, so I turned on the TV. Oh, but then Reno 911 was on. So I had
to watch a bunch of that, then Man vs Wild was on. Bear was in Costa Rica, so I HAD
to watch that! you know, in case i'm ever in the jungle fending for my life. But
then that ended so I turned it to something that I couldl listen to but not have to
watch. I cut and glued the lid and base of my box, then clamped it together just
before I realized I should have been to bed two hours ago. But thats how it usually
goes these days. I'm pretty excited to start drawing on the wood tonight and
possibly carving by Thursday. Then by friday my fingers will hurt so with any free
time I can paint. Its perfect.

Word on the street is that we're going to Chris N' Pitts this Friday around 8-8:30,
depending on Renee's schedule. so far she's ok'd it; but you're all requested to be
in attendance for this grand ol time.

Lunch was sponsored by In N Out.

I'm listening to The Monkee's right now, cause I'm a Daydream Believer.

I need a hair cut.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Daily Update

Hello Mother.
Thanks for your email the other day. Yes, I guess I didn't realize that it had been a few months since I had called. Its just that i've been so busy with life; you know, watching TV and playing video games n' stuff. You remember how much time that took out of my busy schedule.

I know that you told me to go to church stuff more, and so did the judge, and last night I intended to. I was acutally on my way to the local Family Home Evening at the church building when I was called away for more important things. Josh and I decided it was much more important to go to Home depot instead. You remember Josh don't you? Josh wanted me to help him with picking up some lumber, you know, for his next Man-Box. It was entertaining; watching Josh in Home Depot, is like watching a kid in a candy store. That could explain why we were there for one and a half hours. Kind of like when you told me about Brandi and Becca shopping for shoes: Taking 20 minutes to inspect every pair of shoes in the entire store. Yes, I
know exactly how you feel.

Our Man-Boxes are going great, thanks for asking. Those design ideas that you sent over look great, and I'm excited to explore those ideas further. Like I was suggesting earlier, Josh is already thinking to his next box, so those ideas will come in handy.

I kind of feel bad about missng FHE, they were playing Kickball. It would have been some of that 'physical activity' that you so warmly recomended to me last Christmas. Tomorrow I'm going to try to that Yogging thing you mentioned. or is it Jogging? I've never heard of this thing called 'excercise' before. Who would have thought that running for extended amounts of time could be considered leasurely.

Remember that girl I told you I met? well it didn't work out. She kept encouraging me to come visit her. I finally gave in and attempted to suprise her with a visit. Turns out that the only suprise was by me in discovering that it was an Adult Correctional Faility! Who would have thought? When I got home I IM'd her agian, and I haven't gotten a resopnse yet. I guess you were right to try to stop me from having internet girlfriends. It was a bad idea after all. In the past two days I've broken it off with the other four girls as well.

I do remember the 'rules' that you gave me as I left home, but last night I felt that a 'splurge' was in order. The boys and I ended up needing a snack from Denny's at 10:30pm. We would have gone to one of the 'Mother Approved Stores' from the list you gave me, but none of those places served French Toast or Pancakes that late at night.

Well, thats all I have to mention for now Mother, It was nice talking to you and I hope to visit with you agian soon. Have a wonderful day.


ps, Lunch was sponsored by Quizno's, and I'm listening to that Pearl Jam Album you gave me for my Birthday :)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Daily Update

Hello friends. Sorry, its a little long, but I thought it was worth it.

On Friday night, I was hoping for something exciting to happen. I was hoping for a car chase to happen in front of me, or a movie star to appear, or a rich guy to hand out lots of free money when i was right there. But no such luck. On Friday A few of us met up with Renee and some of her friends. The plan was to go bowling. That, in theory, would have been fun, but I guess the Bowling gods didn't think we were worthy enough to enjoy its fruits. There were 9 of us. We made our offering and they had us stand in line. We stood in line for quite some time. Then they gave us a number. We were number one (but they didn't have to tell me that). As we waited
I roamed from group to group, nomadically. Between Air hockey and Ms. Packman I had a quite informative evening. One of the little bits of enlightenment that came to me in this stupor of thought was to never go back to this forsaken alley again! After an hour and a half of waiting for ANYTHING to happen, we decided to leave. And then it took another 15 minutes to decide how and when to leave. In this time I did decide to ask people, like Jeff, about when they want to be home, and/or when they need to get up before I start telling them to come with to the evening
activities. Some people just wanted to go straight to bed, some wanted to hang out, and some to find a pool hall. Fascinating I tell you.

On Saturday Sara and I hung out. We ended up stopping by Costco for supplies for the planned BBQ at their place, and then we went to the Star Wars Exhibit downtown by usc. It was fun. Smaller than I thought. More kids than I thought. We walked by about 12 wedding parties that were parading thru the rose gardens. I was in quite a few wedding pictures. Don't worry, I smiled, waved, or gave them all a thumb's up. The exhibit was cool. lots smaller than I expected, but it was free. We saw a bunch of costumes, robots, and scale models from Star Wars. Man were
there a lot of uber-nerds there! I thought I was a dork sometimes... no way! Some retard even came dressed up a s some jedi. I started mumbling questions his way like "shouldn't jedi be taller?", or "Aren't jedi supposed to be not so dorky looking?" I wanted to challenge him to a fight in front of the 2 dozen kids following him around, then I thought it would be better to just push him over and tell him not to Grope me with the force anymore. But I didn't. I should have

After that adventure Sara dropped me off at the first installment of Stake Conference. :( YEs, it was still saturday afternoon. It was actually quite lovely. During the regular meeting Kristen proved that she was a pretty good artist. Turns out she's been hiding her talent under a bushel. I'm now helping her over come that fear by announcing it here. :)

Jessica had a stake conf. after party, so we all had Ice Cream at her place, then made a run for the border at 11:45 to Del Taco. So this is where it got interesting. Upon completing our mission to Del Taco I had to run upstairs to get my book bag. when I got back downstairs, The car ride home wasn't visible, so I started walking home. whatever, no big deal. Well then jeff calls and I ask where they went, "Oh No, we're right out side, where did you go, We'll come get you - be
there in two seconds". I wait for maybe two minutes and decide that they are dumb and I'll just finish walking home. it was just as easy. Then all of a sudden jessica, the driver screeches around the corner from the opposite direction, with an empty car. Hmmm interesting how you got there if I somehow just barley 'missed' you. but wait, how could she have dropped the others off in the last 2 min. Oh thy tangled webs! Oh No, they weren't around the corner. They were NOT two seconds away, they were NOT coming to pick me up because the bus had already left. I was
really fine with walking home, but The lies had been dispersed, and the backward stabbing had been done. The treachery had become obvious at this moment! In this instant of revelation, as jessica did drive me home, a furious steam boiled within me. Only my confusion and disbelief held back the rage that I had within me, and it was painful. (I will pause for a moment so you all can stop laughing) Now let me tell you what I was thinking, as a background. I must say, I'm not sure that I believe jeff could have come up with this on his own; but this was the same person
who I've driven almost EVERYWHERE for the past MANY monthS! I didn't think that a person that I have given countless rides to, picked up from work, taken to stores, taken with shopping, etc, etc, would do sutch a thing as to tell me to wait somewhere while I DON'T get a ride. He doesn't drive so I'd like to think I'm helping someone out. But No. That is not how it was. I don't know about you, but I didn't really like getting the empty 'thank-you' gauntlet slapped at me like that. IT was just surprising. I had to think if there was something I did to deserve this action, which could have been possible, but jessica confirmed the contrary as she explained that she (the driver) was forced to go thru with this treachery; the whole phone conversation went down as they were almost a mile away from where I was driving AWAY from my location. That is why I think I was a little upset. (The old jim wrote this paragraph, but the new jim had to edit it down 4 times and delete 27 bad words or phrases) But I think its all settled now.

Sunday Conf. was nice. So when I try to give someone the cold shoulder I try to be VERY obvious about it. I was explaining this to jessica as we sat there (who was nice enough to save us seats at conf.) who, I think, only then realized the magnitude of his situation. Jeff wandered in announcing, "why didn't you save us seats" about 'his' group, and I almost threw a hymn book at him, and told him to 'get bent'. After the meeting I think jessica explained to him what doing that
ment, so then he realized it REALLY pissed me off, and he apologized. So now I'm just mad that he/they didn't understand what doing that actually meant. Gee, I'm sure they didn't realize that I had just spent a good part of my day shopping, spending a lot of money on food... for them! But, whatever. Later we all hung out and watcned 4 episodes of that Planet Earth show. Then I got really tired and fell asleep.

Did everyone hear that Linda got engaged? Ya, I know, Boring.

Did you all hear that the Pope got rid of 'Limbo' for catholics? now babies don't go straight to hell. ( ( in case you want to read more about it)

I bought some more paint, gearing up for the week of painting ahead; and 'seal-wax' for my seal over the weekend. It is fun.

I'm still looking for a sponsor for Lunch.

I'm listening to Nelly Furtado right now.

Man-boxes scheduled for late tonight, and tomorrow night, I think.

-thanks for hanging in there till the end. :)