Friday, February 8, 2008

Daily Update

I was like an Arctic Snow Cat last night. Leaping and hopping from hiding place to hiding place. There was no actual snow on the ground, but it was sure cold enough to be. The coldness had confused my senses. There were alot of other little woodland creature out and about too. I felt bad for them all cause they were feeble and weak. Unlike me. I was in Australia though. Running around the Aboriginal Hilltops like Mic Dundee once had. My energy levels were drained from when before I started. I hadn't eaten any thing except my morning donut and afternoon Jamba Juice. But that was no hindrance, I still completed a handful of miles, better than any of the other muskrats there at the time. I did realize though how much of a drain taking 2 months off had become. So now I have to fix it!

(Speaking of Jamba Juice, did I tell you yesterday that the dude at the counter who was helping me was a little to nice. and in stead of a 16 oz. drink he personally made me a 24 oz drink. If I see him there again, I might not be able to go back there in fear of a dude trying to flirt with me more!)

In celebration of the Chinese New year, I went to Hop Woo. Ohhhh that place is so great! As I was weighting in line to order Cheryl of all people came in to order too! Wow, what a coincidence. So we got something, and then went back to her place to watch some show; I think it was called 'Confusion', or 'Annoyance', or was it called 'Lost'... ya, i think that was it, it was 'Lost'. Ya, thats what we watched. It was only OK cause the bald guy kept killing people.

So after TV time, I went home and Mike was watching Man Vs. Wild. I couldn't help it, but to help him watch it with him and reminisce about Boy Scouts and camping. They don't teach you about carving out a Camel to make a shelter. or about drinking liquid poo. Or about eating maggots. It might be useful one day I tell you.

While listening to Man vs Wild, I decided to paint a little bit. I've promised myself I would, in order to keep it going. If I fall into break mode, or drag it on, I might not meet my third deadline for this project. I have so many other projects to do after this one. So this time I constructed the sidewalks in the foreground. They were a warm rendition of a salty sandstone quarried from the Italian Tuscan Hilltop towns. The sunlight hitting each stone hints to you that its later in the evening, giving you an emotional hug. The Stone path looks welcoming, but I'll still have to add highlights later.

I'm listening to Rage Against the Machine right now.

Lunch was sponsored by Nature's Way Cafe. It was super healthy. A little to much so in fact. Lunch was hosted by C & K, the ucla girls. It was a place. I knew of it, but I'd never gone as far as to venture in there. But it was OK. I felt out of place by not wearing Tie-Dye in there, or being Asian.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Daily Update, Chinese New Years Edition

Today is the beginning of the Year of the Rat, according to the Chinese Zodiac. Do don't forget to celebrate by lighting firecrackers and eating chinese food. Hmmm, what a good idea. :)

Today walking thru Westwood village I noticed an unusual amount of bums. I know I've spoken to this fact before, but i thought it was again noteworthy enough to mention again. When going to lunch, I passed two of them who I think were asking for money, but they were doing it in almost a whisper voice. I assumed that they were going to ask for money, but I didn't actually hear them. I saw their lips move when people were near them, and when people were not near them, so then I must assume that they were talking to themselves, right? Some bums are loud and obnoxious when asking for money, and are even belligerent when you turn them down. So, because I didn't actually hear them ask, I didn't acknowledge them. Next I was walking and then before I saw them, it smelled like 'Paris' (filthy urine- in case you haven't been there). I saw the guy and he looked like he had been playing in a toilet. On the way back from lunch similarly I saw some bum who was sitting like Jabba the Hut on a bench, talking to himself, and I really felt like helping him. But my help would have been me getting the local firemen to hose him off with the Fire Hose. I really think he would have felt better after that high powered shower.

Last night I happily watched the last of the American Idol auditions. Now it will get boring cause most of the people are already good.

I'm listening to 'Toy Sawyer' right now, read by some hill-billy. I don't know why I'm subjecting myself to such torture.

Lunch was sponsored by Jamba Juice.

Snack time was sponsored by Rite Aid's Ice cream booth, and hosted by Collins and Patrick from work.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Daily Update

Right after work last night, I wandered over to the ucla Dental Clinic. Dr. Plewe needed victims for his dental Exam's. As far as I knew it, he just had to so many hours of weird things. But it turned out that he was looking specifically for cavities to fill, so he x-rayed my Pearly Whites and searched, and searched, and searched, but no such luck by the Ry-guy. I was to diligent in my dental hygiene. I was quick to point out that I was probably the only person in there to have accomplished something in the field of Dentistry, namely I have earned my Dentistry Merit Badge in Boy Scouts! Yes, thats right. So I liberally told him to look at all the 'technical terms that I knew'. I got a couple of laughs and a couple of stares from the dozens of other students and patients in there. In the dental school its a wide open space, like an office full of cubicals, so maybe 10 cubicals per aisle, and 5-6 aisles per room, with a bunch of rooms per floor, and many floors per building. I kind of surprised Ryan when I loudly announced, that "I didn't want to take my pants off again , cause it made me 'uncomfortable'." He laughed, as I felt many eyes look at my back from the rest of the room. When he was trying to X-ray my mouth I was always curious as to what would happen if I resisted his efforts. Yes, a dentists nightmare. I then informed him I would only go through with it if he first X-rayed my hand flipping 'the bird'. But he didn't go along with it. So I then started using the x-ray machine as a lazer pistol, and I would shoot the space aliens that were just outside the window. I also asked him not to "x-ray my genitalia any more" (I did this very loudly cause we were in a side room.) Then I sat still for 5 minutes. Then I tried to convince him that it was better to x-ray someone if they were upside down, then tried to show him the best method for doing that as I attempted a handstand in the chair. With a little more shinaigins we finally finished and went upstairs to develop the x-rays. On the trek up stairs I made sure to announce to everyone that we had important documents and asked everyone to step aside. I had latex gloves on so I looked official.

While the film was developing I tried to get one of the other students to marry him while she was walking by, but luckily for Ryan, I don't think she spoke English very well. After it had developed it took him 20 minutes to clean something up before we left. I don't know why I waited. The area where we were was pretty messy and un-clean. If that was an actual dentists office I would have complained about the dirtiness. I'm sure USC isn't as messy as ucla. OH, and after the x-rays Ryan decided he needed to prod around my mouth with a mirror and Scalers. For a dentist he was much to gentle. I'm much more vigorous on myself, and I'm a wuss when it comes to that. It was like he was brushing by my incisors with a feather. My old dentist would have one or two of the hygienists come in and hold me down so he could get a running start for crying out loud. He was a guy who would use his whole body weight to prod around my mouth. My how times have changed I guess. But I was much obliged to help Ryan out with some encouraging screams, so in between poking me, I would blurt out "OUCH" or "oHH that HURTS". I think when he laughed, they were laughs that were hoping the instructors didn't come over to investigate.

After that I went home and ate Capt'n Crunch for dinner and watched TV.

Lunch was sponsored by Socko's.

I'm listening to KC & The Sunshine Band.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Daily Update: 'Super Tuesday' Edition

Yes, thats right. Right now, at this moment I am a powerful person, and it is because I have already Voted. I won't go as far as Evan's Blog as to endorse a particular candidate yet, but I will say that I wore my NRA t-shirt to the Polls! It bothered a few people, but They're not allowed to campaign within 100 feet of the polling place, so they couldn't try to argue with me, because that would be considered 'Campaigning', so I had them beat. And when they tried following me to my car, turns out that I had parked within that 100 feet radius. And both I and they knew this because 'someone' had strategically placed chalk distances on the ground leading up to my automobile, and my car door was only 86' from the Polling door, so I smiled at them as I drove off. So now I proudly wear my 'I voted' Sticker. And I did that all right when I got up, before work, and I was actually on time today!

Last night I didn't quite make it to FHE. But instead a few of us went to what I now call 'JJHE', or 'JJCEE'. Which is 'Jim-Jeff-Chris Event Evening'. It was great. So we were going to El Cholo for mexican food. On the way over we ran into Cheryl, and we talked her out of going to 'Speed-dating' and into 'Getting Food' with the guys. Danny came with too, which made it a well rounded evening. The second we got there, Jeff started 'working his magic' with the much younger hostesses. Enough so to the point of the rest of us just walking away, so we didn't 'interfere'. I had to go back a minute after he was 'done' and put our group on the list. The food was just as good as the place downtown. We spent the whole time gossiping about everyone that we knew... but NO ONE that reads this, so you are safe :)

Then even later in the evening, I went over to Fairburn to help Bethany learn German. In her quest to learn every language on the planet, I figured it was the least I could do to help her out and since I have a masterful knowledge of the language, I was indeed the best person to help her. It was difficult to teach her at this moment, although needed, because she had just come back from the twitterpating Speed Dating experience, also due to the late hour, and she normally goes to bed I think at 8pm and it was 9pm when I got there.

I had a brief moment to work on The Painting again last night. I was still interested in exploring the color Blue, so I continued with that theme, and dove right into the water, just like I had literally done last September when I was there. Oh it was so cool/cold. The paint brought back the salty taste in my mouth, it brought back the physical exhaustion from having hiked all day, and it also brought back the memories of Ryan's I-talian Beach Babe 'friends'. As my brush would flow up and down, I could also feel myself wading in the clear crystal blue water all over again. For a minute there, I even had to fend off the annoying sea gulls from diving into the gently painted water and smearing it. The lush blues, and the avid green hues are enough to take your breath away. Its not near complete, but its a good first step for the water. After I I'll probably end up re-doing the water as the last step like I normally do anyway.

At work today I was talking with Collins, and apparently he had a 'Big Bertha' story times 2 at his party! We joked all about how funny it was for most of the day.

Lunch was sponsored by In N Out.

I'm listening to Flogging Molly right now.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Daily Update: SuperBowl Edition

I really had no preferences, but I decided that it was easier to like the underdog, the Giants. The most exciting part, besides the food, was me taunting the actual players. If you weren't there, Its going to be hard to repeat some of the great things that came out of my mouth, but lets just say Gisele Bundchen was hit hardest, and Payton Manning, second. There were a good number of people there at Greenfield. Everyone brought a few snacks just like we had asked, so there was a decent amount of food. Thinking with my stomach, the second I got to Greenfield I started warming up my Hot-Wings, cooking pizza's and prepping food (chips and salsa), but it was a little difficult with one Huge roadblock. I can't really remember her name, so lets just call her Big Bertha. Bertha was informed that we were having a party weeks ago, but that didn't stop her from using an entire oven exclusively for HER dinner (a whole turkey it seemed like). Did she share? NO. Did she get in the way of MY guests so they couldn't eat OUR food? YES! Did she pig-out on most of OUR party food? Most likely. Did I want to choke her in public? Kind of. (I must add that she was there, but isn't truly one of the Greenfield girls. And don't ask, cause I'll never mention who it was. But if you were there, you will know of whom I speak). Then another 'Best' part was how we bet on the outcome of the game. They called it 'squares', which I'd never heard of before, but the winner was to receive a Kiss from Sara! So, as you can imagine, we were all ecstatic to see that My Man Danny won! So Every camera in the place was pulled out, as everyone in the room pushed the two together. Chris snapped the most priceless picture of the two in action. (Look for it soon on Sara's Blog.) Then when it was all over, I rodeo'd a bunch of people into helping cleanup. It went well, until I noticed the entire case of carrots Bertha had peeled into the sink, clogging it thoroughly. Then when I was going to pull something out of the fridge, three Tupperware containers of red tomato catchup stuff flung out, splashing to the floor and hitting Everything in the fridge on the way. It wouldn't have been a problem if the Lids had actually been placed on these containers either. It wouldn't have made me angry if they had been thrown out when they had expired,cause they were all moldy. In an angry manner I then took it upon myself to start cleaning their fridge. If I didn't think they would use it in the next 5 days, it got thrown out! Oh it was such a mess, and in more ways than one. But it wasn't Sara's or Emily's or Kim's fault, I'll tell you that right now. OH, and another thing. I'm blaming Bertha for this thing I found in the sink. whatever it was it almost made Laurel puke, and after I left, I honestly considered stopping at Chevron to wash my had in Gasoline to get rid of the smell! It was that bad! but she left this bucket of rotten/spoiled goulash crap in the sink, with foil on top. I don't know why I cleaned it up. I should have put it under her bed with the rest of her dishes.

But going back to Friday, I had a coupon for Cold Stone and I was hoping to use it before I settled in to watch TV. So I go down to the store on Pico, and I ran into Cheryl. What a funny coincidence. So after we got our Cold Stone Delights we took advantage of the marvelous invention of TV. I slowly nursed my Cold Stone- Ghirardelli Chocolate rocky-road ice cream down for the rest of the night. Oh, it was so good.

Saturday was indeed a complicated and adventurous day. I woke up early due to Jeff calling me 5 times in a row. He wanted to see if I was going to the 10am Funeral-Fireside at the church. I told him I was content on NOT going and would go to Costco instead, so he volunteered to come with me. I slowly got up, but couldn't bring myself to leave the house before I made myself Pancakes:)

Yes, I did take a few minutes to fight the Battle of My Life this day and I did quite well at it too. I have achieved the level of 'Legendary Sell-caster Paladin'. That's because I'm a super-terrific Magical Knight in Shining armor. I have also acquired a new sword. Its called 'The Tear of Avo', Avo being one of the fictitious deity in the game of course. It is very powerful, but it isn't quite as powerful as the Sword of Solace that I have already acquired and that I've have been hacking evil creatures to pieces for some time now.

But enough about that. In the afternoon Eric needed a ride to the airport for a standby flight to Hawaii. Last I had heard, he missed the original flight for an audition, but then he was calling to make sure he could show up late for the stand-by spot, and they told him on the phone that the flight was now full! Oh boy. There were two more flights out of LA, and I think he just decided to show up and work his 'charm' with the girls at the counter, rather than over the phone. As I drove him to the airport I reviewed the situation and I was giving him advice on how to lie or 'sweet talk' the people there. I mean, really, this was Hawaii on the line. When it came down to it, it was just a pep-talk about him being the best actor ever, and this was the audition he had been training for his whole life; Sob-stories, dramatic excuses, and even mentioning 'there was a funeral thismorning' (pres. Hinckley's; just don't mention that it was broadcast from SLC, or that he didn't go) were all suggested. And if that failed, change tactics, and just go to a different counter. There are enough employees at an airline to accommodate maybe 20 different 'trys', if you know what I mean. But then he finally made it.

Laurel Had a birthday party over the weekend. I showed up a little late, but then again, Ryan TOLD everyone to show up late. Apparently its a 'game' when it comes to telling people when to show up to a party. He is the Worst when it comes to showing up to an event. You could tell him the plane leaves at 12 noon on the dot, and he'll wonder why it left already at 12:45. Have you ever heard the phrase 'Mormon Standard Time'. It wasn't coined by Mormons. Do you know what CPT stands for. (If not, I'll hint that I heard it from a Black friend of mine.) Its not just Mormons that show up late. Its everybody! Especially people who see no strong reason to be social. They don't want to 'start' the party. They simply want to show up for 45 minutes and see what was going on, just to say they were there, then leave cause they have 5 other parties to make appearances at. Bah Humbug I guess. I personally don't like being late, but I still understand that people are late once in a while, and some people are much more lax than I am. But come on ryan, get yourself a watch that keeps Real-time, not 'Ryan-time'. but enough of that.

Lunch was sponsored by D'Amore's Pizza.

I don't remember what I listened to all day. Its kind of a blur. sorry. probably talk radio though.