Friday, November 16, 2007

Daily Update

I was up till 2:30 last night. I was meticulously writing an email to someone very important. But never mind that. the point is that I stayed up late.

My foot is feeling much better. When I walk, I feel the good kind of pain. Not the dull throbbing pain that you don't want to feel. I get anxious though and then walk on it to much, then it hurts to sit down.

Last night I stopped by Veteran to watch college football and then Rainman. Scott was really into watching How Tom Cruise dealt with his brother. Tom's character got annoying to me so I wanted to leave. Then Ryan came in so I decided to ask for money from our Europe trip. After all, I had just settled up with Jeff myself, so it was on my mind. He was willing to do the same, until he got a phone call from his special 'Someone'. Then both Jeff and Scott informed me that it might be a while. As he filled his phone friend in on EVERY aspect of his day, the routine became drab and tedious to listen to. I boisterously interrupted him several times, but to no avail. I was within arms reach of him, but I was Oh, so distant. I painstakingly stayed until the end of Rainman, hoping that his call would end somehow. His boring sappy conversation finally came to a close. After exchanging handshakes I said goodbye and was trying to make my way to the door when Ryan asked where I was going. "Ryan, I've been waiting here bored out of my mind listening to you kanoodle with your phone", "but you just got here" he responded. Our time spent together was only but a split second in time for him, as it was almost an hour for me. I shed a tear as I told him that he doesn't care like he used to. He felt bad for a second, before I started laughing at him.

I'm listening to Hole right now.

Lunch was sponsored by Marvin's. It wasn't as good as it was a few days ago. Their staff has changed again.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Daily Update

I went running last night... well, kind of. At first the terrain reminded me of a spot of the Brazilian Amazon that I once saw, but it wasn't that. It was located just above the Australian Outback track that I've visited so many times before. That place was closed though for some national run-around-like-retard day. the Path we took was different. It was the road to Hades. I thought that I could take it. I thought that I knew better than the dark roads of the underworld. I thought that my night vision abilities, my cat like reflexes, and Spiderman like intuition would keep me safe. It currently stands: Track 1, Jim 0. As I was negotiating the tricky path, my eyes drifted toward the oncoming traffic, the street, the dim/non-existing lights in the area. Everywhere they shouldn't have gone. Then all of a sudden my foot hit ground, slipped sideways into a 6 inch water channel, and tugged awkwardly on the ligaments in a manner that would make me feel an immediate and extreme stretching sensation and then even a 'pop'. We were running down hill at the time so I had lots of momentum which proved even more painful. I was forced to used my now worthless and incapacitated stump of a foot to support myself for a few more strides, thus preventing my body from flailing into approaching traffic on Sunset Blvd. At first when I felt the Popping sensation I thought to myself, "Woah, that can't be good, 'ouch' that might even Hurt". But then with the next 5-something strides that i was forced to take, Each foot pounding burst escalated the pain to the point of me shrieking out in agony as all 200 pounds me pushed down onto my once healthy ankle. After I slowed to a safe speed I just dove into the dirt on the side of the path desperately wanting immediate relief from this problem. I cried out in disbelief that my one sure foundation of a foot-joint befell this unspeakable damage. I feared the fate of my other ankle, the right one. Too many times I have seen it surcome to the torturous injuries of the world. To many times I thought it wasn't as bad as it actually was. My life didn't exactly flash before my eyes, but my future did. I took a moment of silence to get a realistic grip on reality though. I also used that moment to catch my breath and clear my mind of evil thoughts. Luckily for me Kristen was there with me. She had been there before, and was keen to the whiles of the Hades Trail. Although she was watching out for me, warning me of the dangers constantly, it just wasn't enough. So after I regained my composure. I tested the extent of the injury by slowly putting pressure on it. I eventually made it up to my feet and slowly tested out my walkability. At first my whole foot was numb with pain. I was able to walk a short distance before the paint made its way through all my neurons to my brain. The pain became pretty excruciating to tell you the truth. I didn't want to give in to the injury so I kept walking. We were at the furthest distance from the car possible, and I felt helpless. I cautiously used KA as a crutch until I built up the nerve to support myself. We made it around the corner a small stretch before She noticed the pain was to much for me to walk. So she, realizing that I was becoming unable to walk on my own, ditched me under some tree and ran ahead to get her car and come back and rescue me. Something like a 10-15 minute wait until she rolled up to rescue me from this Hadi-Bruin Hell that I was resting in. The Trail to Hades got to me. The evil path before me was stronger than I thought it was, that is why it won. It won the Battle, but not the War. I will be back. And I will conquer!

So after a little bit I went to the store and purchased injury treatment supplies for the upcoming trials ahead. I was going to be going to a movie, but that had to be canceled. I was able to hobble around on it slowly, so it was only a sprain, not anything worse.

At work I have been working with this dude Ray. I told you about Ray yesterday, but I want to reiterate how much I dislike the way he says 'Thank You', cause his lips move as if he's saying 'I love you', and needless to say I'm sure his thoughts are saying 'I want to do you'. Yes, it's gross, but its true so thats why I said it. But it will be a while before I work with him again I think. We had this presentation at 1pm yesterday, and he was telling me to change stuff up until 12:30. Just so you know, Printing is more than just hitting a button in Architecture. I didn't finish printing stuff until 2, but luckily the clients didn't show until 2 either.

Lunch was sponsored by In N Out.

I'm listening to my co-workers talk about how much of 'Ladies Men' they are. Its pretty outrageous, and somewhat unbelievable. I think they're just looking for attention, but they won't get it form me that way. They'll have to quote Anchorman or something for that to happen.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Daily Update

I went running last night. I made the trek back to the Wild Sahara. The track was dark and mysterious. It rustled quietly with the fallen leaves of anticipation. There weren't as many cars there as normal. The few existing street lamps flickered with angst. During my 'light' stretch my muscles reminded me of how long it had actually been since the last jaunt around the forbidding desert track. Then all of a sudden, in a snap, as a flash of light, I sprang into action! The abrupt pavement did not try to be kind to my familiar foot treads. The shadow tried to play with my mind, the texture tried to mess with my stature, and the ambiance emotions. I swiftly covered the ground like the mysterious Panther. Each dark paw would fling dust into the air as it kicked up the dirt of the track. The wind raced through my fur as the pads of my paws pounded the pavement. For an instant I thought I saw movement in the shadows. Just as Peter Pan had a 'Shadow' problem, I threatened my shadow to say close, other wise I'd never come back for it. I saw other creatures lurking in the shadows from time to time. I only passed 2 girls, and 8 guys this night. Lots fewer than last report shows, a 61% decrease in traffic. As I was swiftly grazing by each side of the track, I noticed a lot fewer adversaries than in summer. But I did notice that the streets that I was on resembled those of Medieval Vampire Russia. I fear that the enemies that I scared away may have left the few remaining Evil-Doers victim to vampires. I'll have to be on the lookout the next few times I go.

So yesterday I was racing to finish a project with Ray, the interior designer guy. Ray is VERY soft spoken, whispers in fact. And he whispers really close to your ear. He does things differently. He is from Brazil. Ray is married. Ray has a picture of him and a girl on his desk. I don't think Ray is Straight. Every time Ray says 'Thank you' It looks like he's blowing you a kiss. Jim doesn't like when Ray says Thank You. Ray Likes to say Thank You. Ray also likes to call me James. Ray says 'James' twice as slow as every other word in the sentence. Jim is a little worried. Ray does things differently when working. Ray must be in close proximity to a person to work with them. Ray also carries a pen like a cigarette, and whips it around like its a magic wand. Jim doesn't like Pen's racing in front of his face when trying to listen to the crap that Ray is whispering. Everyone else that Jim works with is much more efficient than Ray. Jim should suggest Ray takes lessons. Jim should teach Ray a lesson. Jim should spill something on Ray's Man-Purse. Jim is funny. Jim will have to work on it.

Lunch was sponsored by Marvin's Diner. It was much better than last time. But the service is horrible. It shouldn't take 20 minutes to fry a burger and fries, and the guy who comes in 5 minutes after me should Defiantly NOT be served at the same time as me.

I'm listening to Pennywise right now.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

daily update

I got a call from my dad this morning. He told me that Thanksgiving was Canceled. I told him I didn't believe him, but then he said that the rest of the family had just moved, and that I shouldn't try to follow. After two seconds of confusion I started cautiously chuckle wanting to believe that it was a joke. After all, he had used this one before on us, and we actually did move as my older brother was on his mission. After another moment of silence he starts laughing like a goom-bah and tried to claim to be funny. But the point of his call was to inform me of a different thanksgiving venue. Apparently Boise isn't going to work out. How lame. I haven't realized it yet, but I'm about to figure out how lame 'non-refundable tickets' are.

FHE was last night. After working late I went over there to help make Birthday Cards for terminally ill children. Its actually quite difficult due to all the sayings you can't say; like get well, feel better soon, God loves you, Hold on, You're a winner, etc. It was funner than I thought it would be. Lots of people were pretty creative. Then there were some guys who took it a little to far and started making cards that said 'hurry up and die, I pay enough taxes already'. and stuff like that. I shook my head at them.

I'm listening to MXPX right now.

Lunch was sponsored by Panda Express.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Daily Update

On Friday everyone had stuff to do so I just ended up watching tv. So I consider it to be productive.

So the Service Auction finally came. It was a huge headache, but also a huge success. After all was said and done we raised $10,325. People were very generous with donations and services. The 'big ticket' item of 2 first class tickets to Hawaii went for 1400 its self. Aloha!

After words, Renee Ko was having her birthday party at Fairburn. I got there a bit late after having to add up lots of cash, and it was in full swing. There was food there, but it was only small healthy snack type stuff. Sorry, but I wasn't in the mood for light healthy snacks. After having been too frantic to eat since noon, I needed more than rice crackers, cherry tomatoes and chips. Luckily Kristen had a few extra cinnamon rolls hidden away. I talked her into showing me where the stash was so I could sample the goods.

During the party she wanted to take a picture with me, and me, being in a funny mood, decided to play with her emotions a little bit. Every time Someone would try to take a picture I would change my face to be 'funny'. The only reason she knew, was because everyone in the crowd started laughing. Then she started previewing each picture (digital camera). That picture preview is both a blessing and a curse I tell you. Every girl I know, after having their picture taken NEEDS desperately to approve each picture taken of them. And in this situation R-ko would check it, then each and every girl in the room would get in line to look and see if they were somehow in the image. So with this extensive process, you can imagine all the time it took to take only a few picture with her. I had a lot of funny faces.

At the end of the party, when I wanted to leave I noticed R-Ko trying to pick her stuff up and leave. Although it was kind of funny to watch that scramble, I offered to help carry stuff to her car. Little did I know, but she misinterprets this offer to 'here, let me hold all your crap so you can take 50 more picture of the three remaining people here, that you probably already have pictures of'. So I had to take pictures of her and B, then her and K, then K and B, then her and both of them, then each one in stupid korean-esque poses. It went on and on. Finally I prod her out the door, then R-Ko wanted to walk slow, and slide her heels on the ground at 2 inch strides. You're right Renee, I didn't need to sleep tonight. I kept asking where she was parked in hopes of me just dropping her stuff off, but I could barley drag which direction her car was out of her. And she wouldn't point no matter how many times I asked her to. After a 1 block trek we find her auto. and now I want to say good-bye. I wave and wish her well as I am walking away, to my car, but she would have none of that! She started to squeal/scream as if I had just slashed her tires! What?! did something happen? Oh, NO. She just wanted me to say goodbye within a certain distance from her. As well she thanked me about 20 times, which was a lot to much, which turned her from gracious to annoying. Do you know how some girls voices will go up a few octaves (to a squeal) when they get excited? well, thats what she did. Except as she did that, the squeal also got louder and louder. Thank goodness I was already walking away cause from 50 feet away it still heart my ears! I honestly became concerned about her waking the neighbors, and me being the only guy on the street and her the only girl shreeking, I saw a potential problem for me being there. I tried to shush her, but then the squeals only got louder cause she got more excited about something. And she was talking so fast about something that I couldn't understand her very well. After I got away I sighed in relief.

Church was cold. I started a new sketchbook. I think a few to many people saw me sketching and being funny in the back row with Rob than paying attention. oops. After church Rob invited me over for dinner at Fairburn. I spent a few moments over there with Robs Home teaching group; then the main 'Church After-Party' was at Laurel's Flat. It was a sweet set up, with a wet bar in front and Guitar Hero off to one side, a large kitchen in the back, and space to play games off to the other side.

Lunch was sponsored by the Corner Bakery. Mmmm

I'm listening to Skid Row right now.

I've had pancakes every morning since Friday.