Friday, July 27, 2007

Daily Update

I was hiding behind a tree. I could hear them coming, I peeked around the trunk with great anticipation. I waited for just the right moment, then I sprinted from tree to tree, gliding through the shadows while dodging all of the tumultuous heat waves that the angry sun was throwing my direction. It was brutal. These waves of heat would rush toward me as an angry clan of rebellious kung-fu fighters. Someone had hired them to put an end to me. But I would have none of that. I had to fight them off one by one, and finally after a fierce 5 minutes of fighting I stood victorious on the field of battle. Then I continued to run normally as if nothing happened. It was a good day around the track, minus the shaky start. Like I mentioned before, my right hip has been aching me lately, but after 3 minutes of pushing past the pain, it went away. Which is good cause I was following someone. Not the usual Gazelle, a different one, a lesser one. The chase didn't last long. I passed her eventually. This was the first Thursday in a long time that i had to fight through alone. No Back up, or 'Mob Protection' if you will. That just meant that I had something to prove to myself. At 16:55 I think I proved to myself that I did well. My second best time ever, and I wasn't feeling 100 percent. Just imagine how well I'd do at full strength! I passed plenty of of the Mob-Squad while I was out.

Running notes: The Creepy-Dude wasn't there today. And on Tues. he was there only for the first lap, while talking to the guy with the Dalmatian. The guy was nice to us as he passed by... Interesting. The Pervie guy must be trying to gain allies, which is risky for us. I might have to call the cops on him again just to put him in his place.

I went to Target. Their T-shirt sizes were way off. I was looking for a L or XL, but when I found one, I held it up to me, and realized that they were actually 'extra-EXTRA-Mediums'. I must have been in the midget department, but I didn't see any 'Real Man' Section. And the three employees weren't amused by my entertaining analysis of the small 'weak' sizes. It didn't impress the girls when I asked "How am I supposed to get in a respectable playground fight wearing this?" A whole lot of blank stares sent my way after that. Oh well, they probably didn't speak my language.

I later stopped by the Veteran apartment. 'Someone' there was watching the show 'Pretty Woman' while I helped myself to making pancakes. By the end of my dinner-breakfast I was really being annoyed by the 'chick-flick' vibe levels coming from the TV area. So I was forced to march over and turn it off. It wasn't as easy as it sounds though. The closer I got to the TV the stronger the audible pain levels became. After the first attack failed, I had to retreat to behind the couch. I had to use some of the sofa pillows to shield my hearing and view to make it as far as the power button on the TV. A powerful second attempt was successful. In order to counteract the feminine influence of the apartment, I had to borrow a Kung fu flick from Josh's collection. It did nicely. I started the movie 'Kung Fu Hussle' in the middle where all the good fighting starts. Its a cool movie with a good message.

Lunch was sponsored by Baja Fresh. It was OK, overpriced like usual, but the company was grand. I took a picture of C.Bean being angry with my new camera. Its priceless.

I'm listening to Sum 41 right now. oh wait, now its One Man Army. Its more or less a punk rockers heaven in my ears.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Daily Update

Right after work I decided to run to Costco to check out digital cameras before I met with the others. As I drove down, I spoke with Jeff, and just in the nick of time. He was literally 30 seconds away from where I was and wanted to come with. (how's that for convenience) I only had to go 1 more block ahead before I met up with him. Kind of funny. Costco Hot Dogs for dinner, of course. I also forgot to get a bunch of things, like usual. The important part of this trip is that I finally got a new fancy camera. Its super-cool!

So we were planning on seeing Oceans 13 at the Fox lot at 8:30. That didn't quite work out. It turns out that Josh has a late night class, and that took precedence over our Movie night. what the crap! I'm going to have to have to talk with him.
I cleaned my room for a little bit. Well, actually it turned into just clearing off my bed. Then I HAD to 'Fight the Battle of My Life' for a while. It was a good day, I rescued many refugees off of Nar Shaddah, found the Jedi in hiding, converted one character to turn to the Good side and fight for me. I then traveled to Dantoine and readied myself for the next battle.

I also ran downtown for a second to take care of some long distance business. It took about 40 minutes.

I stopped by Greenfield. Ev2 and Josh were sitting at the feet of Magzilla in the front room as she read to them from the pages of the latest installment of Harry Potter. They were as attentive as two school boys could be. Just like during reading-time at school; it was more like bed time stories with Mamma Maggie. When She finished reading it was hard for everyone because we were so riveted to what
would happen to Harry next. Evan was going to take HIS book with him so Magz wouldn't read the rest of the book that night. She was mad at him for that.

Lunch was sponsored by Jamba Juice and chewing gum.

I'm listening to 'My Chemical Romance' right now.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Daily Update

It was another Running Event in the evening. I was nervous again about starting this race. I did OK, better than I thought I would actually; 17:45 on lap 1, and 39:17 for 2 laps. (Earlier this week I had injured my right hip joint by kicking some dude. I usually use my left leg to kick people, but this guy deserved the 'ultra' work over, so I doubled up on leg time so he got worked over to the point of me hurting my hip. so next time I see him, I will now have to punish him for making me hurt myself.) But anyway, after I was warmed-up I felt great and sped on as if I was wearing a shimmering golden crown on top of my recently tamed 'mane of manliness'. I refer to the Lion King of the jungle by that. I was grand in stature and everyone else could see it. I also saw a lot of KA's Mob-Squad around the track. It must be assassin training day again. Another interesting note that I could use feed back on: So, I haven't seen Miss Brentwood in a while, and yesterday during the run, I decided to crown another Miss Brentwood in her place. She is completely deserving of this title, I assure you. But is it rude of me to not tell the last Miss Brentwood in person before I crown a new one? I would normally do that, but I haven't seen her in a while. KA says that she's on an extended assignment for her 'Mob Squad'. When I was identifying the new miss Brentwood to Kristen, she asked me what she was wearing, and I couldn't remember for a minute, so she immediately started asking What I was looking at to be 'that distracted'. I assure you all I wasn't looking THERE, I just got lost in her dreamy eyes. And after she smiled at me (cause I wasn't creepy) I was just swept away.

After fully recovering from the evening marathon, I went over to the Veteran apartment. They were just hanging out, so I put a movie in to watch a movie while
josh reorganized his DVD collection. We watched the Chronicles of Riddick. Its a cool show, lots of sci-fi action. Jeff hadn't seen it, so we put it in for him. 10
minutes into the movie he fell asleep, just like usual.

Have I told you about the new guy at my work? well, his name is Peter. He's from Thailand. My bosses must like the Thai's. He's a nice guy. But he's been here enough time that I've noted his weird quirks. Yesterday it was just he and I in the
office for a few minutes and it sounded like he was on the phone, but then I started listening to WHAT he was saying, and then it sounded like he was trying to convince
his computer to do something for him. It wasn't like he was mad, he was totally trying to reason with it, like with a child. He was doing it to a point where it was weird. And mind you, he sits three desks away from me. Another thing is, he likes to have low volumed mumbly conversations with those around him, whether they're listening or not. Its hard to actually converse with him because he HAS to finish mumbling an idea or sentence before he'll acknowledge your response. Where it gets more painful is the fact that he speaks slower than I'm used to.

The Simpson's movie premier was last night. I didn't get a chance to go, only walk by during lunch. They had a band playing the theme music all night. It drove my bosses crazy. They also had huge blow up heads of Marge and Homer.

Lunch was sponsored by In N Out

I'm listening to talk radio right now. Its pretty boring right now. Work is busy.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Daily Update

It was a Monday night. the clouds stayed at home for the first evening in a week. The sun was frolicking in its playground all afternoon, thus heating up the earth. Cool breezes filled the evening sky. Busy cars swarmed the earth like ants in their hive.

For Family Home Evening we went to Logan's house to barbecue hot dogs. During FHe I got a call from Plewe. He told me he started eating the Pies that we made last friday, and that it was almost gone. I started threatening physical harm to him very loudly so that everyone else around me could hear. Kristen, the co-baker, was also pissed and she said she was going to kick him right in the crotch if he ate any more of our pie. So at that point he fessed up, and changed his story and told us that he was just kidding. (lucky for him)

Another thing worth mentioning about fhe; so, there is this girl in our ward named Melissa. She's an average medium-small girl, but she's just moved up on MY opinion scale. Now let me just tell you why: We were having a discussion about clocks and calendars for a minute. someone said something about the calendar being off by 12 seconds every 100 years, or something like that. So Melissa states that that would be how long it would take her to eat the hot dog he was holding in her hand. so, me an my big mouth quickly blurts out "prove it!". so she says, "OK". and then proceeds to shove this normal sized hot dog, on a hogie bun into her mouth as fast as she can. WOW. I was utterly amazed, and told her so. She shrugged it off and then stated that she could do that 10 more times easy. Them me again, with the wheels turning in my head say "I got 5 bucks that says you can't" So she glares at me just like most girls do when I try to talk to them, and then marches over to the food table and comes back 6 seconds later with the 10 more hot dogs and buns. Now let me repeat that these were Hogie buns, which are large enough for costco sized hot dogs, or sandwiches, and there 10 of them. I gave her an hour to complete the task. As she reached number 5 in about 20 minutes I was starting to get nervous. By then there was a crowd gathering. some of the other girls were begging her to stop, but she was to far into the competition to back out now. Although she had her heart set on winning, for glory's sake- not money, she didn't make it to the end. The buns were to much for her petite frame. Either way I would have been impressed to loose, but I was deep down happy to win, cause I've lost so many other bets vs. girls. Lets just say that when I'm betting with or against Blueberries, my outcome hasn't ever been favorable. (not yet anyway!)

After that a few of us went back to Veteran to partake in the 'Finishing of the Pies'. They were GOOD, well the Pecan one was. OK, I'll be honest, it was spectacular. It was a 9.85 on a 1-10 scale. One of the only ways it could have been better is if there were lots more of it, and we didn't have that option. another way it could have been better is if it was around the holiday season, and its not, so oh well. The jeff/trisha experimentation of chocolate moose/cream/soufflé/whatever mixture didn't quite make the grade in my opinion. After that and during the eating we discussed the planning of the 'Homecoming Football game. We came up with some great ideas. I'm excited about what's going to be planned! Josh is way into it and he even called me today at work to fill me in on what he's come up with. Its gonna be great.

I think my shampoo is made of real bits of Rain-forest. Its called 'tea tree'. I'm sure the girls out there have heard of it. I've mentioned it yesterday, but its the stuff that the crazy Russian sold me. My hair now smells like 'Ricola', the swiss cough drop. As I was researching this 'skull-peppermint' flavored shampoo, I noticed small bits of foreign objects in the mixture; straight from the floor of the Rain Forest. Now thats real quality. Then the other stuff I got made with small bits of dolphin. I'm pretty sure of it. I read the ingredients last night, and most of the words I didn't understand, I'm really spoiling myself I guess.

I'm listening to 'Smoke or Fire' right now. They are an alternative punk type band. They're pretty good. (I was listening to Air Supply earlier and it a lot to 80's for me. I realized that when I turned to a co-worker and asked them to slap me across the face)

Lunch was sponsored by Jamba Juice and the Bean girls.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Daily Update

Friday after work we were planning to make pies for the Pioneer event tomorrow. In advertising the gathering, EmWin and the Renee 'the Liberal Cannonball' Labor decided to change the venue on us and to all go to 'the Counter' to eat glorious hamburgers instead. Well not in place of, but just before our pie bake off. The food was good. Much to big for any one human to eat normally. I had to dislodge my jaw, like a snake, in order to fit the whole burger in my mouth. I think Renee got a picture of it. In addition we also got three large bowls of fried starch and carbohydrates (potato, onion, sweet-potato) to eat before the main food arrived. Burgers were good. The company was better. We stayed late.

Pie baking was spectacular! Kristen and I teamed up to make the recipe that my mom sent me, and Jeff and Trisha were teaming up to make the rendition of some cook cook
pie (boring). Our team did well, we were much faster (and better) than the others. Jeff realized this so to gain favor he pulled some 30 pound bar of chocolate and flaunted it around the girls (who all fell under its spell and couldn't stop asking
for more chocolate pieces). It didn't fool me though. KA, with the help of me(a little bit), made the best 2 pies that kitchens around the world could offer. Seeing the two pies that we made came out of the oven was almost better than waking up on Christmas morning at the parents house. We stayed up really late. Originally I was going to buy the ingredients so that KA could make it:), but when the time came, I just couldn't stand by and watch history be made. It was like standing right behind Einstein and watching him write E=mc2 on paper for the first time. Yes, that pivotal.

Saturday morning came at 11am. It was still way to early it seems like. I had left all my food over at Jeff's place, and he wasn't home, so I couldn't even make pancakes for myself. I know this cause I went over there to check at 2pm. I was angry. So I decided to 'fight the battle of my life' for a few hours before the Picnic. I defending the poor people of Nar Shaddah, one of the planets on the 'Outer Rim', while collecting info that will help me bring the evil smugglers down who are thus being supported by the Sith.

Around 4 I reluctantly chose to run over to Floyd's barber shop. I was still scared from being molested the last time I was there by a gay dude, and that is the only haircuttery that I know of in the area. I surprisingly didn't have to wait more than 60 seconds. I was surprised enough to hear of a 10 min. wait on a saturday afternoon. Some crazy Russian lady stalked me from out of the woodwork as I arrived. It went well though. (Better than last time.) By the end she talked me into buying some fancy shampoo crap, which turned out to be expensive, but it tingles your head just like an Altoid would refresh your mouth. I didn't think hair care products could be so fascinating.

So at 5 I went over to Veteran to discuss later events with the guys. We made a game plan for movie night at Allana's (started making ice cream), then went to the Pioneer day event. Right after we got there it got cloudy and the sun went to bed. they had ok food there. The biggest load of crap of the night was that the home-made pie baking contest was RIGGED! 'Innocent little old ladies' my eye! I think all of the winners were from one family in one ward, with another member of that family doing the judging, obviously. Cheaters! On Sunday I officially complained to two different people about the ridiculousness of it all, as well as besmirching the winners names.

After we met at Selby to watch Borne Identity, in preparation of the Ultimatum
coming out in two weeks. We also made ice cream (rocky road) and 'DSM-4'(aka Allana) made brownies. The ice cream took way to long. Although I sampled it (plentifully... and man was it GOOD), josh made us put it in the freezer, where it didn't set up. It was really hot in her apartment, but I stayed late hanging out with the chicks there.

Early morning church meetings come way to early these days. they usually start around 11am. Sure I made it on time, but their meetings NEVER end on time. usually 10-20 minutes late, jabbering about stuff. I was the funny guy and I kept having people knock on the bishop's door every few minutes to see if they were done yet.
Afterwords, we had dinner and hung out at Greenfield. Lots of people came over to see Renee. She staying over there. It was super-fun cause Jeremy brought over two of his Wii controllers so we could play tennis, 4 at a time, and a bunch of other cool games too. In game one I was learning, in game two we kicked everyone's trash, and in game three my arm was tired. so I gave up by then. It rolled late into the
night. I took lots of amazing pictures with Sara's camera. as the night wound down I was giving up and started falling asleep, or tried to but was so rudely awaken by Miss Renee attaching electric shocks to my kidney's and surging an uncomfortable jolt into my ribcage. I was mad, but was to sleepy to retaliate. (I'll get her next time!) It also hurt to open my eyes.

I'm listening to Pennywise right now.

Lunch was sponsored by Baja Fresh. It was way to much for me.