Friday, July 20, 2007

Daily Update

Last night was packed full of excitement. Yesterday on a whole, I was on the phone more than I had ever been on the phone before inside of one day. I missed more calls than I normally do, so I had to call everyone back. Also, after three days of searching, I finally met up with the salesmen kid who wanted 20 tickets, his whole office wanted to go, so thats cool. (now if I could just get him to pay me!) Making it all work out was definitely a point of frustration. (and I'm sure I have no room to talk...) Jessica was the ticket master, so I kept referring everyone to her. what else was I to do? I think she got mad at me because of that. I think I first noticed she was mad when she told me to get away from her, and if I come any closer she'll pull a knife and 'shank' me then throw me over the railing (like they did when I was in the prison system).

So anyway, I left work super early, and me and some other kids ate food at Johnny's and then drove over to the Baseball Match, located downtown. It was Mormon night at Dodger stadium. There were a lot of people there. A few funny things happened while there: The moment I walked into the seating area, I hear someone call out 'Jimmy!' I look around for a second, and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but my homeboy UPS driver, and some of his UPS bros. It was funny, we chatted for a sec then I had to get back to socializing. Jeremy was nice enough to share his water with me. But the unfortunate part was that I didn't know it until I felt it trickle from the top of my head down my back. Surprised, I turned around. He pointed to Joyce, and I asked if She was going to give me a blessing, and then thanked her and told her it wasn't necessary at that point in time. So then I sat on his popcorn bag, and then when he took it back I asked him if he enjoyed 'Jim's Butt-Flavored popcorn'. I didn't find it necessary to watch the game that was going on before us for most of the evening. I was to busy moving around the crowd of people I knew, making sure everyone was greeted. By the end I hadn't really worked through my list of insults and other things I was going to yell, so I had to spit them all out with in a short period at the end, making me seem like I was really angry or really drunk. but it wasn't that bad, cause the kids in the row behind me were acting even wilder, enough to mask my words. I told Danny Koontz that it was Josh's-Lindsey's birthday just so he would sing his 'evil' rendition of the birthday song. I think it scared her. It was a terrific adventure.

So, you know how certain wines go with certain foods, for example white wine with chicken or deserts- red wine with beef, or other heavy foods, etc. Well, I'm starting to think that its the same way with Soda. The other day I was eating something with chicken, a wonderful selection of A&W Rootbeer complementing it. And
typically, with my burgers a Sprite will complement the savory taste. Now, sandwiches are even more different, because it depends on what kind of sandwich and the frequency of consumption and stuff like that. The side dishes can also be a determination, much to the surprise of most people. I'm still working on all the details. But it will all be in my first book.

I'm listening to Joaquin Phoenix sing Johnny Cash from the Walk the Line movie right now. ... Now i'm listening to the comedy channel on the radio. ... now, i'm
listening to Arcade Fire. Its been an audible well rounded day.

Lunch was sponsored by Marvin's (against my will, I wasn't hungry but Danny wanted
to go there.)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Daily Update

Running as usual. We had to run on behalf of Thursday night this night, due to baseball watching on Thursday. I was tired to begin with. It wasn't a good sign.
I firstly want to make a correction to yesterday's time. It wasn't 38:42, it was 38:10. a difference of a mere 32 seconds, but 32 seconds can win or loose races. I ran like a super fast Zebra. One who was well versed in the code of the Serengeti.
I recognized many of the other runners around the track. I haven't had to do battle with as many of them lately. Thats a good thing. I was going almost as slow as they were. I kept up with the great Kristen-Class Gazelle for the usual amount of time, but then was left in the dust, as usual, and my time got worse from there. My times were 18:34, and 46:something. Like I said, not that good. When I got done, I was exhausted.

Eating with the boys. We ventured down to the A&W Root beer/ hamburger stand down in Hawthorne. It was a heavy drive with all those guys in the car, but we made it just in time before they closed. Therefore our enjoyment was a little short lived. We left as soon as we could cause Jeff was afraid of ethnic neighborhoods, and Plewe
doesn't know how to NOT say weird racial slurs in mixed company, so yes we feared
for our lives.

After that we went over to J-Bean's place. We discussed baseball, health, roommates, local and recent gossip, and the other two badgering me (namely me not approving of it, and those two doing it so often). We even dove into the Josh-LDS link-up fiasco. Its hilarious cause he keeps getting emails from people who have dumb comments to make, And in his profile he makes it quite clear that he doesn't want to talk unless he already knows you. so, lately there was one girl in particular who decided to find a guy 'with a testimony' via the internet. So thats where josh comes into play. I guess this girl was trying to be all nicy-nice with some slutty profile picture. Josh wasn't going to have any of that, so he told her off. three times (that I know of). then her friends emailed him to complain, and he told them off too. It was a grand ol time.

Not much else happened.

Lunch was sponsored by Jamba Juice. It was a delightful treat.

I'm listening to Franz Ferdinand right now.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Daily Update

Just a typical Tuesday, I know, kind of boring. I'll make sure it doesn't happen to much more. ('typical days' that is, I can't really do anything about the actual day

The running experiment continued on Tuesday night. I was testing my limits while having eaten at In N Out, then ran on it. It was an interesting idea, but a bad one just the same. I also would stretch for a little longer than normal to compensate for that. By doing so I could run faster earlier in the run, but would tire just the same, and at the same rate. I would try to burn more energy quicker by doing this, with hopes of recovering midway thru and then being able to coast till the end. Man, that didn't work out. It felt like it was up hill all the way around. I didn't have any pain like I have in the past, I have conquered it. I was swift like a predatorial lion with long flowing manly mane; Eager to eat any other animal who got in his way. I almost had to too. It was a close call. Lots of Beef-cakes around on this day. I passed many individuals. I saw the vampire guy again and the nazi; They're up to something. I would push myself to the point of over exertion a few times, but then would pull back a bit, just so I could make it back to my car. I though it was necessary to burn the extra burger calories still left over from lunch. I made it around in 17:34. At the end I was feeling pretty good, and I rested up for a cool 6 min. then ran around again. fewer people that time. I had to spring by some wild dog who at first I thought was eating its owner, but then as I got closer It looked like some little kid. It was stirring up a lot of dust, thats why I disliked it. I didn't really hear myself say anything to the owner at the end of the leash cause my j-pod was so loud, but I remember trying to mumble something rude. Then seconds later I realized that I could yell something and not hear it, due to the headphones. So, she probably heard my rudeness. Its ok, I figure its that dog Caesar from just up the street who is disobedient. I hope he finished eating his owner and then ran away then resorted to a life of crime then gets caught and has to go to doggie prison, then is let out on bail by some Vietnamese dude ;) The second time around I made it in 38:42, or something like that.

A little later after running I took my car to the car wash. Over at the Shell station on Santa Monica blvd they have the most effortless car wash possible, you just drive through, park, wait, and drive away a little cleaner. Well, supposed to anyway. With my car, I drive into that place looking like an oil rig, and drove away looking like a clean oil rig that was still missing pieces. It wasn't looking like a million bucks, but maybe 50 bucks.

On the way home I tried calling a bunch of people about Dodger tickets. I needed to find out how many people still needed to go, how many Jessica had picked up, how many we had money for, and how many I could still get. all with in my 8 minute drive home. But that problem was solved when no one answered their phone. It was a worrisome delight, I guess, that comes with the calling. It was eventually worked out, and I got 25 more from the Australian lady in Santa Monica who eventually brought them to my place at 11:40. So were not set for dodger night, finally. (I think).

So it was pretty late at night, late enough to make me not want to leave to go to the store, but I was hungry, and my fridge was empty. a dangerous combination. It has been like that since Sunday. I should really try to remember to stop at the store.

In my evening travels I stopped by Greenfield to visit for a minute to see how they were doing. I originally thought that ryan and jeff were going to be there, but weren't. I hung out for a minute, but there was just to much estrogen and not enough Wii playing in the house, so I had to go before to long.

fighting the battle of my life late into the night.

Lunch was sponsored by Panda Express

I'm listening to Maroon 5 right now.

The Hubble

Here is the Masterpiece. In all of its glory, resting peacefully within its frame.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Daily Update

Imagine a bedroom hideaway encased within cold stone walls deep in the heart of Tuscany. We're only exploring a portion of one room. But each wall is slightly darker than the next and each has a different texture as well. Each stone was hacked out from the quarry separately, then shaped into each block which formed these walls. The wooden ceiling beams are 12 feet high. They were carved out of the old Oak trees that lived in the forest just over the first hill to the south, as well as the plank shaped purlins that connected each beam came from there as well. The soft light that shuttered in from the window makes the oak beams and furniture glisten radiantly, and adds warmth. The floor is a square tile pattern of dark gray and dark red limestone. Not polished, and not checkered, but larger tiles that are about two feet on each side then surrounded by a dark redish trim, much like the ancient romans used in palaces. On the back wall if you look closely you'll see a portrait painting of a man in a dark brown suit, this portrait was meant to be admired by all who see it. Below the painting with the golden frame quietly sits a small end table holding a small green glass vase of flowers that were recently picked from the garden just outside. In the corner of the room is a velvety red soft chair, made from maple ood, and then apolstered seat and back. The chair strategically looks toward the main piece of furniture in the room, the bed. Now, the bed is barley big enough for the owner, but it serves its purpose covered in a rough white cotton sheet, hanging loosely off the edges rather than tucked in. The Back of the bed is decorated in deep red flowing curtain, that are supported by posts and beams which form a canopy over the bed. On the wall behind the bed there is a large shield shaped crest with a large letter H carved into it. The crest is centered right behind the occupant when he sleeps, or poses. Now can you see him on the bed? Looking right at you? He is. A very plump man is sprawled out posing on the bed like an art student. Don't worry, there is a woolen blue-green blanket positioned over his 'goods' so he doesn't show to much. The blanket is folded is such a way that it resembles an American Flag on part of it with a fork laying at the edge of it. He's pretty round, and leaves quite an impression on the bed. (in more ways than one). He is definitely posing for the viewer, one leg lifted with feet crossed, one hand on thigh, the other elbow supports his torso while his left hand holds another bushel of freshly picked flowers. His hair is tilted back shaking his head to his long flowing hair is whipped about by the breeze. The most noticeable feature on his face are his glasses. As the viewer gazes ahead, you look right at the triple arch Palladian window. It is a single point perspective, so everything converges to the center of the middle window, just below eye level as if someone was leaning back onto a chair or couch. Through the window you can see the rolling hills fade off into the distance; the further they roll back, the more blue they become. The hills lead you back to endless possibilities. The painting as a whole shows both light and dark, sweet and sour, near and far soft and rigid,
obvious and hidden, friend and foe; all within the 16"x24" frame. That is what is went into my painting. All that emotion and effort. This painting is a metaphor
for endless opportunities from your current situation, while being unique to ones self. This was the painting that I did for Jeremy.

For FHE we went out to eat. We met at the church and dispersed from there. A group of us went to my favorite place: Marvin's Diner. It was good. There were 6 of us
enjoying the experience together. It wasn't Marvin's at its greatest, but it was still good. After driving back to the church we hung out in my car for a long while discussing many aspects of life. People trickled out, then eventually we finally all went home.

As I got home I realized that I'd probably be up pretty late 'fighting the battle of
my life' and cleaning my room, so I ended up doing laundry late into the night as
well. Both were an excuse for doing the other. I call it multi-tasking at its

Lunch was sponsored by In N Out.

I'm listening to the Cardigans right now.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Daily Update

Friday night KA calls, and there was a group of kids going to find food. I'm all about the food, so I was happy to attend. We went to some Italian place in Venice: C&O's Trattoria. I had a gargantuan size bowl of pasta. It was so good. (It was also good the next day for a midnight snack, and Sunday morning for breakfast.) So that was terrific fun, and to round out the night we stopped at Selby to test Allana's cookie making abilities. Not to bad. I 'strategically' suggested hat she need practice, and I could help her judge the final product if necessary (wink, wink). We hung out for a bit, then decided to go when all the girls got tired. So I was dropping jeff off, when we decided to stop by Greenfield. And of course they were still up and at em'. Josh was over too. He ate jeff's leftovers. We all discussed the recent Harry Potter movie in great detail. It was harshly judged, but don't worry we were fair to all. I thought the movie was good, but then hearing two or three points of view from how the book was different, it was ghastly! The director left out major parts of the story, and didn't explain many things well
enough, and changed personalities, and left characters out, etc. I was petrified that the director would do such a thing. I almost shed a tear when Josh said that the same director was doing the next one as well. I then decided to mount a campaign to get him replaced. I don't know a lot of people at Warner Bros. but I soon will. Then I don't remember what happened. I must have gone home.

Yes, thats right, I ended up at home. So, earlier that evening, I called Eddie to tell him not to wait for me/my movie before he put the final set list together cause my movie didn't work (for the fourth straight time). I tried fixing it every night this week, but to no avail. As I got home from work and checked on its status, I was crushed. It didn't work. So, as I got home in the late-evening I discovered that as I re-rendered my movie in a different format, with different settings, and it worked! But to tell you the truth, that just pissed me off more. There was a brief moment when the 'Old-Jim' came out and shared what was on his mind with the computer. It was far past the deadline, and I had already told Eddie to not worry about my entry.

Saturday I was busy all day. I so desperately wanted to sleep in. That option was not on my menu. I had to set up for the Film Festival from 10am till GO-Time. It went well, thank goodness. There was a lot of running around that happened by everyone on every committee. No serious problems that I recall. The only big problems we were dealing with was large- life size Guillotine, mid-evil 'stocks', and the life size Gallows- with accompanying hangman's noose. (oh ya, and the wood that was used was 'borrowed' from someones fence and/or dog house, so there were random rusty sharp nails sticking out all over, and splinters too. not to safe for kids.) We finally finished cleaning up around midnight, then just went home.

At church they announced the new bishopric. All my guesses were wrong (I actually only had one). All the guesses that I had heard were wrong too. Late Saturday night Eric and I had a discussion about that, and he told me he was unable to discuss it further cause he knew who it was (cause he's replacing someone as a second counselor) which just led to more questions by me. They announced them to be: Steve Thomas, Kary Belessa, and Paul Smart. Yes, thats what I said, Paul smart. He used to be in the ward only 3 short months ago. It will be really weird cause he dated most of the girls in the ward, and most of the guys dated her, (or wanted to). ...

That night a small group of us hung out at Fairburn for a little bit, It was Sarah's birthday. We then moved over to Tim's Sky-Box apartment for the bigger group hang-out. The funniest part of the night was finding out about my painting. Jeremy
revealed it to Hubble finally. He couldn't wait. He told Hubble to go over and check out something his mom just sent him (the painting), as Hubble was inspecting
the 'portrait', he asked Jeremy why he had a painting of some 'fat guy'. Then he asked why the guy had long hair like he used to, then he asked why the guy had glasses, then in an epiphany he asked (screamed) if it was him. I think it was just
him and a few of their buddies. The way they told it it was hilarious. I was literally jumping for joy as to how funny it was.

[I'll describe the painting tomorrow for you all, for those of you who haven't seen

I'm listening to talk radio right now.

Lunch was sponsored by South Street.