Friday, January 4, 2008

Daily Update

It was all supposed to be so easy. I was wrong. I went running last night. I made the venture up to the Australian Outback. The hills were steeper and more unforgiving than I last remember, and the valley's were more cruel and angry than I last remember. Have I sunken from the once glorious Night Prancing Gazelle like stature that I once held tightly. I blame the Path once ran around Hades, and the glorious Holiday treats so readily provided around every corner you turn. But mostly the injury sustained from that ever so rugged path that leaps out at your ankles at the most desperate of times. I made a good effort to reenact the glory days I once had, but it only lasted 4 laps around the planes. My energy was to drained, and my effort weak. But I fought hard. I was tough like the wild Hyena. a young and reckless Hyena that wanders about and does what he wants. Kind of like the Gun-slinger bandits of the Wild West. But luckily Kristen was there with me, to prompt me to do more than I would have done had I been on my own. On the way there I made a reasonable comment like, "oh, don't J-walk here, there's a cop in his car right around the corner." She was so surprised that I would make a 'reasonable' statement that she made fun of me for being 'mature' the rest of the night. Its all true I tell you, I'm not exaggerating it at all! Most of the stuff she said I can't even repeat! It would make your soul cringe.

So last night I tried my best to make time to clean my apartment. Cleaning my apartment entails Finishing my Gingerbread Castle first and foremost, and eating candy secondly. My castle is coming right along. Hopefully this weekend, I can document the final product and then start advertising it in all its glory. I can't help but nibble on my goods as I'm putting them on the house. I guess you could say that I purchased an allotment of goods for myself as well. Oh, I can't wait to finish.

At work today Peter brought a Pie. Everyone has been suggesting that he made it from scratch, but it looks store bought, but then again, it tastes home made. Mmmm mmm good. Susan ate all the crust. I had about 7 'slivers' of it.

Lunch was sponsored by The Corner Bakery. I saw Rick and Silvia at lunch. In true 'Jim' fashion, I went up behind them and then said really loud, "Hey, can you be quiet cause I was trying to stand in Line in peace". One of their co-workers questioned, " Do we know him?" It was quite funny. I didn't know her, other wise I would have helped her out with a response; 'Yes girl, it was. Don't be the last to know next time.' I also ran into Danny and Collins. So much for drawing in my notebook.

I'm listening to the same audio-book that I have been the last two days. Its fascinating.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Daily Update

I wasn't sure if it was a Monday, a Wednesday, or a Friday. The day seemed to Feel like one, Act like another, but actually was a completely different day. Hmmm. I worked a little extra this day to make up for so much vacation time, but that almost seems like nothing cause I show up late almost every day.

Brunch was sponsored by Stan's Donuts. It was a late breakfast, and I wasn't hungry for lunch, so therefore I call it a brunch. I was so delighted to return to Stan's after a long break. The addictive flavors have been calling me from far off. I made my way over to Stan's little shop right after I got to work, just like Charley ran into the candy shop to buy a Wonka Bar, but only to find The Racist Stan making horrible comments about minorities right in front of his two hard working, diligent Mexican morning workers. He was chatting at his old buddy who wears way-to-short shorts. He's always there at 10 am. I purchased my wears, only to realize that the prices have gone up! Damn You Stan! I think he wants to retire a little earlier than he did last year. I don't think I care to help him with that very much, so it might be a while before I return.

After I got home I sat on my duff, and couldn't decide what to do. Like I've said before, I have plenty to do, its just that I'm not sure where to start. After a short deliberation, and a sampling of my world class French Toast for dinner, I decided on the worst thing possible, I went to Target. Target has everything. I was only there on Monday, and even Tuesday, but there was something else I needed to see. I saw a globe there the previous visit that I felt that I needed. And Hey, its my birthday week, I deserve it. I had to stop and say hello to many of the toy's and clothes too. I kept wandering around like a lost child, and didn't have the good sense to just leave, so I found some more stuff that I 'needed'. Then I got home to late to do anything very productive, so I just sat and fumbled thru my room, trying to plan out my attack plan for when I clean it up, and then organize, then start all my craft projects. I'm feeling good about tonight though.

I'm listening to the Jesus the Christ book again. Its long, and I hate it when they read references, side notes, and other notations.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Daily Update - New Years Edition

Welcome to 2008 Everybody. It might be a little early to tell for sure, but I think it feels like its going to be a good year. It all started off with a lovely little get-together at Greenfield. They were hosting the renound, and infamous, New Years Party. I showed up a tad-bit late, Fashionably late that is, and it was already under way. There were alot of people there up until about 11:30 when a bunch of kids had another party to be at, so it got less crowded right before the ball-drop. Then I took off, so avoid drunk drivers, and cleaning up.

On friday at work they told us to leave, cause the bosses didn't want to stay. They also told us that there's no need to come into work on Monday or Tuesday for New Year's Eve, or New Years' Day. They figured that half the office would be hung over, and the other half would be blogging about what had just happened the night before all day, so they just told us to 'Keep it Real' somewhere else. That made it easier for me, cause I was planning a big elaborate scheme to get sick right before the USC football game on Tuesday, cause I didn't want to miss it.

As some of you know it was my Birthday on Saturday. There weren't to many people in town to help me celebrate. But thats OK, I'm used to being 'out of town' on my birthday, and those that were there still had a grand ol' time. Last year I was driving a U-Haul truck down to LA from Sacramento. This year I spent it decorating my Gingerbread Castle, watching college football on TV, and just hanging out. You shouldn't worry about forgetting to wish me a Happy B-day, my family forgot about it too. But I'm used to it by now.

In the evening a few of us had planned to meet up and go to Dinner at Chili's. I was tempted to go up to Pasadena with Renee and EmWin, but 'Something came up' and I just plain-ol' didn't go anywhere. At Chili's I ate a BBQ Ranch Bacon Burger. It was good, and much to large for any one person's stomach, and I could barley fit it into my mouth. Ahhh, it was heaven. I shouldn't have eaten it all, but I did. It was a pride thing I think. I think I'm still full from that meal (which isn't a bad thing, but it is something worth noting). Then Emily, the good friend that she is, did a good thing by telling Julio our waiter that it was My birthday. This means only one thing at any self-respecting restaurant, thats right, Free Desert! Oh, the Molten Chocolate Cake, thou delight of my day! How I love(d) thee, all the way to my stomach.

On Monday, my day off, I went driving around town looking to get some sugar and eggs for my G-bread Castle. It was only supposed to take 30-40 minutes, but I didn't figure in 'me getting distracted' at Ross, Toy's R Us, and Target. I was looking for a few things, but ended up getting other things instead. When I got home around noon, I made myself French Toast, then realized that I forgot Powdered Sugar and ended up using most of the needed eggs for the frosting-glue on breakfast. I was mad at myself for a few minutes until I realized that I was mad at myself for being mad at myself. After all, I'm too adorable to be mad at me for to long. I figured I'd improvise or something then went about my jolly business. A little later I realized I couldn't go further until I had more frosting, so I was forced to go to the store to get some. At the same time I ran into Cheryl and we bonded due to the starving state which we were in, so we went to BJ's. Oh yes, Birthday Dinner - round 5, 'Ding'. I usually only get one or two things from BJ's. Yes, thats right, the BBQ Chicken Pizza is to die for!!! (notice the 3 exclamation points please.) We split one of those, and I told our waiter it was my Birthday, so he brought us a Pazookie Deluxe. It was so wonderful! (Both of those will also be served in Heaven, right next to Crown burger!) I'm going to have to try that at a few more places. All throughout this last week the results of doing that have been astounding! Then later in the evening I ran to the airport to pick Bethany up. It was busy there.

Tuesday was just as grand of a day off. I went to a few stores, then I went over to Greenfield to watch the USC Bowl game. Chris and I were the only dudes there. We snacked the whole time on left over snacks from last nights party. I ran into Cheryl again, and we were both interested in watching a movie, so we went to see Juno. It was OK. Then I rushed off to pick Jeff up from the Airport. It was super busy there. On the way home, it wasn't hard, but I talked him into stopping at Winchell's with me.

I'm not into making New Year Resolutions, they are too long term and are usually easily forgotten. I like to make more do-able term commitments, like monthly or even weekly sometimes. But one thing I will be working on short and long term is My Man-Box! (no, you haven't head about them in a while, maybe since Josh moved away). But I'm frankly tired of hearing dear little Kristen talk about how unfinished they are, (now Chris is starting to ask me about them, and he wasn't even around to see the start of them) and Greenfield too, and whoever else Kristen has told about it, it seems. Its true, I have many projects to finish, and many to start as well, and this is the year that I start AND finish them! (And yes, I'm still perfecting my Gingerbread Castle) I will make it a point to tell you all about my wonderful projects as they become finished. I will be devoting whole blog's about each and every fantastic event, and you will Love it!

Lunch was sponsored by In N Out Burger, where I ran into Kami and Jessica. (I also sat looking at some creepy old lady who would chew her food in an odd manner. It was like she would gnaw on one bite for five minutes before taking another, all while moving her jaw in every direction- in and out, side to side, and up and down. In addition to her tongue slathering her whole eating area (mouth). After I realized I was staring, I also noticed that she had weird grandma sunglasses on, and I couldn't see her eyes, so I think she was wondering why I was staring at her while eating.

I'm listening to some guy read from 'Jesus The Christ' right now. Its pretty interesting.