Friday, May 4, 2007

Daily Update

This new schedule of showing up to work is throwing me completly off kilter. I'm
pushing myself to show up on time, before I torture myself to the point of staying
late. Work was fine. Busy work mostly not that exciting, but stuff that needed to
be precisely done. that is why I was chosen. I can multi-task, as well as perform
precise measurements under pressure, while appearing to show outward excitement
while doing so. :)

So someone did something bad at work. Its a peculure deed, but bad none the less.
So every so often people will bring food/treats to share. All this week there has
been a package of Double-Stuffed Mint Oreo's in the back, on the 'sharing counter'.
I was sick of chomping on pretzles, so I dove into this package of oreo's. Mmmm
mmmm good. I had almost forgotten how delightful Oreo's were. So I had one. Sweet
like a cookie, crispy like a cracker, and Minty like a breathmint. (Those
Nabisco-ins really know what they are doing.) My stratagy was this: I didn't want
to be a pig, so I didn't take to many at once. More than three would have been
pushing the limits. However, I didn't want to act like "Oh, I'm on a diet, I cant
have to many", so I had to have more than one at a time. My happy soloution was to
take two at a time, and to not be timid, I would make more frequent trips to the
kitchen area. This worked well for a day or two. But Oh the minty goodness was so
refreshing, and I'm fresh out of gum at my desk too. The creamy green filling made
my mouth feel refreshed, and that refreshment would mask the grimy cookie feeling
clinging to every part of enamel possible. The cookie particles mixed with saliva
made a cookie mud that clung my bicuspids and molars. It took a few minutes for the
minty fresh sensation to go away, but by that time I was ready for another dose of
Mint Oreo Cookie to cover up the stale taste of cookie mud. OH the vicious cycle
continued for a while. So you know how if you drink booze before 3pm you're an
alcoholic, so if a person, say a friend of mine, were to eat cookies before lunch,
would that make them a 'cookie-a-holic'? A friend of mine wanted me to ask, thats
all. I'm just trying to help them out.

I went running tonight. It took me 18 minutes to go the 2.12 miles around the
Brentood Country Club. It figures to be a similar time to yesterday's 43 minutes
for twice the distance. I know what you're thinking, 'that time sucks, what is he
thinking?' But I always have to look out for suprise attacks and boobie-traps, and
people out to get me, unlike the average runner. But I am thinking of setting a
goal to better that time by 30-60 seconds per week, for up to 8 weeks. that means
that my time will go from 18min to 10-14 min. and for two laps: 35-39 minutes. I
think that will be good to start with.

It was a good run. I was good like the wild Springbok. You know how they hide by
just standing still so their prey can't see them? well, that wasn't me cause I was
wild and on the run. leaping over large curbs and tree stumps with great ease. I
started out faster than before, covering greater distances in less time. And
although I didn't have any antlers, or wasn't wearing any animal skins, my hooves
were pounding the dirty pavement like there was no tomorrow. click-ity, click,
click, click. Most people got out of my way before I snorted at them, just like an
angry Springbok would. I was proud of myself.

Bethany loured me over to their place with the smells of cookies. (it must be a
theme today) But for some odd reason, she was being nice to me today. It was
curious cause I didn't really deserve it, but nice none-the-less. I hurried over to
Fairburn, just like in the cartoons, where the Coyote, or rabbit, is lifted up by
his nose and can do nothing but follow the trail of the smell. They were quite
splendid treats. after one, I needed another, and then another, and so on. Then
all of a sudden it was announced that they all needed furnature rearranged. Oh, I
see how it is. They could have just asked me to help without bribery, and I would
have been willing to help, most likely.

I met their new roomate... turns out I have already met her, and she knows my
brother and all his friends up in NorCal. But thats a whole other discussion.

Lunch was hosted by Jamba Juice.

I'm listening to Simon and Garfunkle right now.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Daily Update

So let me first start off by telling you about our meeting thismorning. My work had
a meeting. It was just an informal information session. But they told us two
important things that apply to me. First, "plan to work more, a lot more." and
second "try not to waste time with emailing people." Oh Fudge. Why don't they tell
me just to wear a TIE to work! I thought that the meeting would go in a different
direction, due to the very recent 'letting go' of one of the girls there. But they
told us that we're in a good position for the future. But I just can't get over the
words 'late-nights' and 'Saturdays'! Hmmm I'm wondering if there are any other
degrees that I might want in life. Now might be a good time. But oh, wait... I've
tasted the fruit of a paycheck and the goodness of life. How can I turn from that
now?! OH, I don't know! The inner turmoil! What do I do?! Oh, and we all have to
show up BY 9am now. (I'm going to have to set my alarm clock back a few minutes.)

So anyway. I was productive at work. I only checked my email 5 times. and
responded to two. I met with Rick and Silvia for lunch. It was nice. They would
make such a good couple. (don't tell them I said that again though).

After work, the Fairburn Blondes and I went running. It was an OK day. I tell you,
I think I'm getting slower! Or is it that they are getting a lot faster. They are
probably taking steroids, or 'speed', or something weird like that. To gather proof
of this accusation, before its officially made, I'm going to time each of our runs
to see their rate of increase, and then average that against the rate of increase of
a younger person, and then an older person. By doing that it will give me percise
data which will let me know what an average person should be. Then there's the
delema of labeling them as average (cause we all know that they are both above
average, right girls). But we'll get to that marker when we need to. Today wasn't
that unique, yet similar to yesterday I ran like a zebra, but not as many stripes.
My stride was a bit shorter, my neck hung a little lower, and a little less aero
dynamic. There was a point where we were facing a strong headwind. I think we all
know I'm not as aerodynamic as the other people I run with. Maybe that is why I'm
getting slower, cause the wind is getting stronger. I don't suppose it helped that
a bunch of wild 'man eating' pigmy's were chasing me throwing their little spears
and shooting their poisonous darts at me. It was like I was fighting my way through
the Enchanted Amazon. Ya whatever.

So after that the sunroof on my car broke in the 'tilted-open' position. I was
going to be the cool guy on the block and drive around with the roof open, but that
backfired. I think the gears got locked in place. I'm not worried about rain, just
dirt, birds, and bums. I'll start pounding on it tomorrow in the daylight maybe.

After almost falling asleep in the shower I just remembered that it was 'Lost' TV
night, so I had to race over there with all the cool air breezing in. It was
actually an interesting show this week. I brought my computer with me in case it
got borring. Then Renee and I were just watching the news on the couch. we were
sitting on opposite ends of the couch, both watching TV, Thats all. our hands were
to ourselves, nothing more. Emily must have thought that we were boring, so she
went to bed, then eventually we left. Thats all, nothing more.

Today I had to send a bunch of Church related emails, my first venture as a
cooperating-chairperson of the Ministry of Propaganda (or activities committee). I
think it went good from my end, but we'll see how it all pans out by the Activity on
Saturday. I can see my email address getting put on a bunch of 'blocked' lists
after all that I asked them to help with. For a second there I thought I could hear
the delete button being pressed through the internet. But I just hoped that I was
imaging that.

Oh, Jill, did you ever find someone to transport a BBQ for you? I forgot to ask
earlier. I can see good things happening with that, so I think its in my best
intrest to get that taken care of, if you know what I mean.

LUnch was sponsored by Corner Bakery again. I think that's a first for two days in
a row at a place. I don't even think I've done that with marvins. I couldn't find
a sponsor by dinner, so I had to skip it.

I'm listening to the Irish Rovers right now.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Daily Update

Hello everyone, Sorry its been a while with this, and a tad bit incosistant; but its been horribly busy at work and I decided to take a 'creative' break for a little bit. A month or so ago I didn't feel funny enough to write anything. I've tried to keep it up but for a while but it didn't work out so well. I thought that I could build up some funniness, but now I don't have time to share it all.

So much for sleeping in... but:

I spend most of last weekend setting up for the Gong Show, contrary to what jeff would have anyone think. The second I got to the church I started being super busy; setting up, rehersing, and organizing, etc. But it all got off to a good start. Russ, Ryan Tait and I sung 'Kiss the Girl' from the Little Mermaid movie to two kids we randomly pulled out of the audience. It was hilarious! We organized it so each of us popped up from behind a couch at different intervals. Tait at the second verse and me at the chorus part. Absoloutly hystarical.

Now, even funnier, is when we were practicing to do that, Tait was goofing around on the Paino, and I started dancing like a jackass, and then someone decided that we should have that as an act, to see how long we could get away with me dancing like a fool on stage. When it came time to perform the audience decided that it was funnier to NOT Gong me, so I think I was up there for a full 5 minutes. I got a lot of complements on the superbity of my performances. I think what sold it was the fact that both Ryan and I had stupid faces on, like retarded circus clowns on heroin. It was great. And I was tired the rest of the night.

So on sunday morning I decided to wake myself up again with a quick jog around the park. I think I had something to prove this time. I did well. I was quick like the antelope of the Kilimanjaro Heartland. The antelopes this season are young and restless, and full of energy yet sometimes lack the strength to accellerate as fast as they need, but with training, they will. The sun was beating down on my already sun-kissed forehead heavily. I took the necessary precautions, but I was drained fairly early on. I passed almost everyone I came close to. For a while I noticed a person coming up on me, but I quickly turned up the extra energy reserves, and left him in the dust. It has always been my running philosophy to keep an extra ten
second burst on energy on reserve, you know, just in case. It was only after I finished that I was thinking back onto who the people were I passed, when I realized I had seen one of the onlookers before, Back when I lived briefly in Russia. Its not good news I'm afraid. It means only one thing; The clan of ninja have recruited the Russians to come fight me. I have fought their kind before. The Russian mob consists of three strong clans of Vampires. The one I saw was just a vampire scout. I'm sure I'll see him again, they always travel in numbers. They could just be
traveling through, but we'll see about that.

Church stuff. Busy. meetings. responsiblity. Renee. Tears. Jessica!:( . Tired.
Home Teaching. other... The pain.

In the evening we watched TV at Greenfield. We saw Jim Gaffagan the comedian(very funny), I-robot, and two Planet Earth's. as well as ate dinner. Yumm. Gretchen moves to the Big Apple on Wednesday.

I get home then my phone starts ringing (1:30am). Who could this be? A damsel in distress? NO, a voice/voices on the other end were just giggling/laughing at my good, humble, and trusting nature. I was confused at first but that soon turned into Suprise after I realized the severity if the issue. It was nothing big, only one of the greatest most important mysteries in life! I thought I had uncovered a piece of the puzzle of life that evening through months of research, but the voice on the phone revealed to me that it was all in vain. And that individual must delight in my unfortunatness.

Now for the last few weeks... there's not much more to talk about. I missed my little sisters birthday, again. I've traveled to Utah a few times to visit, go to weddings, and my sisters farewell thing. and I'm going back in two weeks for Evan's thing. That will be it for a long time.
Did I already tell you guys that I met Arnold Schwartzenegger at the beach? I did. He's shorter that I imagined.

I'm mad at my running skills right now. We're not talking. I think I'm better than they will show. although I go once or twice a week, the improvement is slow. The researchers at Berkley havent come to any conclusions yet as to what could be causing it. Sometimes I run like a Gazelle, and sometimes I run like a drunken tourist. No sense I tell you.

Hey Joe, remember when I was telling you about Chokchai? well, he ended up going home to Thailand for a year (visa stuff) like I was hinting at earlier. But now they've gone and fired one of the other people there too! AND we have a meeting tomorrow morning at 9am! I wonder if we're going to get chewed out? Its not like my bosses to be mean, or forceful when talking. it will be interesting. So now instead of being twice as bad, its three times as difficult now! I'm goning to have to use some serious vacation time soon, if I have any.

Lunch at In N Out.

I'm listening to The Ramones right now.

Keep on dancing kids.

Daily Update

At the last second, I decided to go running. It was a nice run. Lots of people
were out and about, and even more were on mountain bikes. I haven't seen the
runners stopping station in a while. I have been hoping to stock up on free stuff.
I ran into those Russian Vampires again. As I ran swiftly between two of them they
didn't even notice me so I don't think they are dangerous, to me anyway. But man
are they some of the ugliest people ever, with faces even a mother would have a hard
time loving. I gracfully swept through the track with ease, just like that of a
young energenic Zebra of the Sarengetti planes. It was somewhat appropriate because
I was wearing a striped shirt. I've been trying to run faster off the blocks, but
I've also noticed that I just get tireder quicker, so I still make a few

I ran into Eric when I got home. It had been a while since I had seen him. We
philosiphized about life briefly.

I went to Michaels to stock up on 'supplies'. I got lucky with parking, but only
noticed why I got that spot after I was getting back in my car. Well, 4th street is
lined with trees and apparently those horrible Demon-Pidgeons like this tree the
best; as I looked at my car, I felt like I had just been the victim of a Nazi
bombing raid. And I was only in Michaels for 20 minutes! When I was walking thru
Michaels, I felt like I was walking through a Battered Womens Shelter with all the
evil looks I got. It was almost as bad as walking around USC campus with giddy
little jeff with his ucla crap on.

I had plans of watching American Idol, but then I realized it goes against almost
everything I stand for to watch that show alone. Its like the transition of a
person going from drinking socially (more acceptable), to drinking alone at
home(frowned upon). I did'n't want to admit defeat. That and Sanjaia has been
voted off. so I ran through our hundereds of other channels, and I found Man Vs.
Wild. This week they showed Bear stranded on a tropical island again.

Then I started in on painting. It was fun. Eric had me open all the doors and
windows so we all didn't get high that night.

I had lunch with Rick and Silvia. It was nice.

I've been listening to my new One Man Army CD.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Daily Update

FHE started later than normal. I showed up late cause I was doing important internet research. I was working on some craft projects that have been back logged for a few to many weeks now. My list of paintings and Man-Boxes on the to-do list is getting a little big. I need to dedicate a night or two to do just that stuff. When i work with the other guys, It dosen't work out to my benefit usually. so at FHE, They had ice cream for us. it was nice. Everyone was just having talk time. Thats what I did too.

I was speaking with the two jokesters from yesterday. They continued to think they were funny. Those Sirens. We discussed life for a while, planned events, and then parted ways.

I mozzied over to Veteran, cause they were watching the PBS episode on the Church there. They were pretty into the show, which I thought was questionable. I ended up doing Man Box stuff. (So if you were thinking about coming over for that, you didn't miss a thing.) After the show, as expected jeff started preaching on how they should have done it, and how they should have interviewed him for everything. Then he started spouting what i'll call 'the doctorine of jeff'. He was telling us what certain parables ment, which Josh and I COMPLETLY disagree with his interpretation of. So we argued for a long while about wrong he was. And the only
way it was entertaining was cause I just started being as rediculous as he was. I'm so funny. Then josh noticed I had an internet, so he wanted to then look up movie trailors.

I've been doing Sunburn repair on my skin for the past three days. So far its working great. Today I wore a light green striped shirt to work, to match the greenish hue of my Aloe covered skin.

Our office is having a meeting tomorrow morning. Hmmm, Courious. So on monday Julianne gives me my rick steves book back and i asked if she liked it. She said she didn't have a chance to read it, but wanted to give it back cause she's leaving. What?! I said, a little weary, she stated that our office dosen't have to much interior work for her, so she's taking off. Well, this was 10 min. before lunch, so on the way to eat, I asked Danny if I heard correctly, that she was leaving so suddenly. He said that the bosses canned her. Oh, that explains it all. Which made me feel wierd then about asking her why she was leaving. Oh well.

Lunch was sponsored by the corner Bakery.

I'm listening to my Yodeling Favorites right now.

Monday, April 30, 2007

daily update

My weekend started a little late. I was helping my boss with a project that I think was more 'extra-caricular'. Interesting though. But then a bunch of us kids met up and then caravaned down to Chris N' Pitts. This trip was in honor of Renee leaving. There wern't that many of us, only 9 this time. I think it's half the number that we had last time. It was just as good. It was Bethany's, and Trisha's first time, as well as Renee's two friends. It really had been a while since we'd been there. But don't you worry, the staff there remembered us, well, me anyway. Me and my apron/attitude and my 'Onion Dream Circles'. wow was it good. Kristen brought a special t-shirt for Renee, so we could draw on her shirt with the special BBQ sauce. It was great. We all drew everywhere; except me, It wasn't me who placed two hand prints in the 'front' (if you know what I mean)! Contrary to what Renee is telling everyone. The best part was when we got the staff there to sign it as well. I'm sure they're laughing at us for being raving lunatics. But who cares.

On the way home Kristen drove my car. She likes to drive fast. I'm just glad that my car only has 5 gears and not 6, otherwise we would have been home a lot faster! I'm not saying that I was 'white-knuckling' it the whole time, its just that before then I had only seen Ms. Packman played on a screen, not lived it. (You Go Girl!)

On Saturday, after an early morning wake up call from Plewe; he Evan and I went for an early morning 'wake up' jog, well, wake-up jog for me anyway. I was doing well, until my stomach reminded me very quickly that I still had BBQ Ribs in my belly, oh boy. Therefore I was not able to go the whole disance as fast as I normally do. Both Evan and Plewe did quite well. For the last little bit of the race, I had to limp along as an injured water buffalo. Luckily the other two were there for encouragement. And all the track predators were still asleep.

So much for a sleep-in, but I went to Josh's track meet at USC in the afternoon. It was a nice sunny southern california day. Mild winds, low barometric pressure, and increased temperature. Jeff and 'Justin' came with. The second I saw jeff walk out of his building as I was picking them up, I realized it was a complete mistake to bring him along! Scott was fine, wearing normal acceptable clothing. But Jeff was his 'extra-Medium' sized UCLA t-shirt, and his throw-back style ucla 'Cap'(which looked like a hand out), and for all I know he was sporting ucla boxers and socks too. Not only that, but he was walking way to close to me the entire time. I would slow down or stop and continually tell him that I'll catch up in a second. I could tell that I was getting a lot of weird looks from people on 'My Team'. Also in his normal voice (outdoor voice) he would try to get me to follow him as he would inch his way down the fence were we were standing. But I would have none of that. I wasn't sure who to route for, other than Josh, so I was yelling at most everyone, including a ucla track coach (oops). After josh was done, the two kids tried to usher me out (cause they were getting really sunburned). Trisha was there too (she asks to many questions. She and my mother should hang out and thrill eachother with unanswerable questions for extended periods of time, they would love it together). Then we raced home so I could set up for the Gong show.

The second I got to the church I was super busy; setting up, rehersing, and organizing, etc. But it all got off to a good start. Russ Ryan Tait, and I sung 'Kiss the Girl' from the Little Mermaid movie to two kids. It was hilarious! We organized it so each of us popped up from behind a couch at different intervals. Absoloutly hystarical.