Friday, June 15, 2007

Daily Update

The trees were filled with chirping birds. The sun was shining brightly into my eyes. The warm breeze rustling the leaves of the large shady Eucalyptus trees also rustled my senses, un-nerving to the emotions; on the south side of Brentwood relaxing to endure the cool breeze formed from evapotransporation. The fatigue I still felt from work was a drain to my system. It wasn't' going to help in the next 40 minutes. I came with a heard of Gazelles. Intimidation was all around me, like a thick fog. And then it was go time. I cranked up the audible adrenaline and let the endorphins flow. The music was most appropriate. It was wonderful. At
different points around the track the songs themselves would tell me that I was at the right position along the track. For example at the point when I ran by an old Russian vampire the song 'People are Strange' by the Doors came on. As some hot blond ran by the song 'You make me want to LaLa' started playing. And for the third leg of the first lap (the most important leg time wise) as I turned the corner 'Raw Power' by Guns n Roses came on. There was one other song that did that, but I forgot what it was by now. Thus my music device would communicate with me. I will communicate with it tonight by putting on more cool songs, and taking off any
'slower' songs or regge. [I would like to repeat my utterance from last night, but I Do NOT have any: barbera Streisand, Cher, Village people, George Michael, Queen, Elton John, or Liberace on my music device! Such an act would be consiered treason to my ears, and soul! (Whoever said that will have to be punished.)] The music helped again. I made it around in 17:02, two seconds better than yesterday; and a two lap time of 38:32, which is a little better than average. Decent but not fabulous. I must have changed rolls half way thru, cause the first lap I was clearly a Gazelle, leaping from hilltop to hilltop. The second lap lead a different story, as the lion took over; although slowing down a few steps per minute, I still came out on top, ready to conquer the world. I think I also saw Ms. Brentwood again. I tried pointing her out to the others, but no such luck. But that might have been bad for me to try to point a girl out to a bunch of other girls, because the rest of the discussions that evening were related to how immature guys are. I
was cornered, and couldn't escape.

I ended up painting for a little bit right before bed. And when I say right before bed, I actually mean late into the night. The apartment was quiet, and the roommates were either out or asleep. It was perfect painting weather. With three different Jungs in the apartment, there are indeed three different schedules. Jimmy is on plan 1 (early to bed early to rise). I am on plan 2 (late to bed, early to rise). And Eric is on plan 3 (very late to bed, very late to rise; or out of town).
I sometimes overlap with each of them. Instead of painting is silence, I let the 'Dance show' play in the background. 2 birds with 1 stone, right.

I had another weird dream last night. All I remember was me dancing, and surrounding people being offended.

Lunch was sponsored by Acapulco Grille, and hosted by two hot chicks who tried to
pry information out of me the whole time.

I'm listening to a German punk band named 'Die Aertze'. (which means 'the Doctors')

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Daily Update

My new poison has been found. Not video games, not driving fast, not any thing else illegal, but donuts. Simple donuts. Stans dounts to be spacific. I need to seek councelling for such an addiction I think. I recently come across the most spectacular delight. I'm not even sure what they call it. I just point and make a grunting sound usually. (Its a guy thing). Its some sort of crumpled up donut, filled with a type of cream cheese, then swamped in glaze, and then mounded with a heaping pile of syrupy cherries. Its quite delectable! I recomend it to everyone, but not more than two times a week, otherwise it could be come a problem.

Last night was dance night. We were learning the Waltz. It was fun and informitive for jims mind, but jim's feet didn't agree. I think they are still dizzy from all the spinning. It should have been easy, but when I told my feet to do what Paul told us to do, they didn't cooperate. Somewhere inbetween the brain and feet the sinapses stopped firing. It was emotionally difficult as well, because I also had to concentrate so I didn't step on anyone's feet or pull a 'paul davis'(grope the girl, and then point and stare at her boobs, while telling her, and others, that he
just grabbed her boob), (like with Missy, EmWin's friend.) I would try to look the girl in the eyes, while with my periferal vision, concentrating on where her feet were thus giving the girl a cold dumb blank stalker-stare. That didn't always work out so well. Then long after the whole evening was over I was showing jilly-bean what grace I had, and busted out a few steps which we had just learned, and boy did I look great. I felt much more confident when the girl (jill in this case) knew what they were doing (where to put her feet, and when), and wouldn't do it wrong and tell me that THEY were right, when they weren't.

After dancing we were going to go to Jam's softball game, but two key people decided to take a nap at 8-9pm, namely the driver, and the only person who knew where it was taking place. So we ended up watching a movie at Beaner's place. well, some of them did. For me it was back to the batcave to work on a long overdue painting.

Today Don and I went back to Aphrodite's lair in Beverly Hills. We didn't see her, but we saw some of her assistants. Wow, as well.

At work today, almost half the office is gone; Funeral, Camping, Disneyland, Hawaii, or just missing. What kind of excuses are those?! Needless to say its very quiet around here.

Lunch was sponsored by Jamba Juice.

I'm listening to a cool band named Spoon right now. They're alternitive, no metal.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Daily Update

Oh Great, now I've done it. I didn't know what I was doing. It was just an experiment. I was so against it for so long; So adiment about not having one. I resisted. I was proud of myself to be able to say that I wasn't involved with that sort of thing. What will my family think? Will my brothers ever talk to me again? But after I tried it, I couldn't say NO. I had to have more! It wasnt' the Greatest thing ever, but it was pretty spectacular. I didn't know what to do, other
than to do it more. I had to get one of my own. yes, its true, I have purchased an ipod. I think my destiny has changed. I've started getting up on the other side of the bed, walking on the other side of the tracks, and driving on the other side of the road(not literally, just figurativly). I might as well start giving large cash sums to bums and voting Demacrat.

So, a little background maybe for you. I went running last night. I had borrowed Plewe's iPod the night before in my 'running around town' adventures. I knew that he had one from when we run on Saturday mornings. Its one with a bicep attachment (not the most masculine accessory I can think of, but whatever). After being 'schooled' the last few times by the Gazelle Teacher, in a humbled state, she took me to class and told me to invest in a music listening device (i.e. ipod). I figured that if I wanted to become better, I had to do it. At first i feared that
it would distract my attention from the real goal at hand, running fast and avoiding evil creatures. But as I tried it out, the questionable act became super-fantastic! The playlist was a little lacking, but that didn't deture from the fact that I have become attached to the idea of listening to music and running at the same time! Its Brilliant. Multi-tasking at its fineist. Throughout this journey of mine, I overpowered many foes, jumped over rushing streams, dodged trees and their branches, and lept over mountainous rocks, all with great ease! All thanks to this 'audible adreneline' contained within this music listening device. There was no stopping me. I casually sprinted to the finish line. and checked my clock. It was also a new
track record for me at 17 minutes and 4 seconds. I'm pretty sure thats what it was. It was a record though. I thought of doing a victory lap, but then opted out. I need to save some for next time. Oh, I can't wait.

Last night I went Crusing around the town apartment-hunting with the fellas. It was fun at first but then got boring pretty quick. It was hard enough to see out of tinted truck windows at night, but also the 'tea-cup' (disneyland ride reference)like driving didn't help, as well as it was at night and the signs were small.

So I have another catagory to add to my resume: 'Fashion Consultant'. Susan in my office has now refered to my outstanding opinion and good taste on numerous occasions now. Yesterday is what put me over the top into that level. Although I just commented on shoes that morning, It was at least the third time this month. That combined with my history of design opinion, color theory, and the 'Fashion Focus' family home evening we had on monday didn't hurt either.

Today at work I had a fantastic experience. It made life worth being an architect, well kind of. Don and I were again measuring the building strateling the LA-Beverly Hills border. It is mostly a medical office building, but today we were measuring the floor with everything else on it. We were in a few dentists offices, photographers, a limosine service, and a fashion designer. Yes, its the fashion designer that I liked the most. As we were stuffed into their small office space, we did our best to not step on any of the pants that they had lying everywhere.
When in the head girls office, who was quite stunning herself, we had our tape measure out and were sprawled out across the room when, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but Aphrodite the goddess of beauty. As she entered the room it was like a flock of doves flying up from the ground toward the sun. There were garlins of Myrtil surrounding her on the ground as well. Angels were singing from just behind me. Wow! Aphrodite was modeling the genes that this company was designing! I did my best not to stare, but the head girl was also overly impressed, and she exclaimed many times how good she looked. Then if it couldn't get better, the head girl says " hey guys, doesn't she look good?" 'forcing' us to look [longer] at her.
Then for a half second, I put on my fashion critiquer hat, and say "hmmm... ya, could you turn a little to the right? uh ya, it looks pretty darn fabulous". (I love it how supermodels have to lift there sirts up over thier belly-buttons when displaying the 'whole' pair of pants :)

Lunch was sponsored by Rubio's on ucla campus, and hosted by Josh. (I felt really out of place, even though I was wearing blue.)

I'm listening to Blue October right now. (They are an alternitive/indie rock band. Some of the band's melancholic songs exhibit vocals similar to those of Peter Gabriel. On their more upbeat songs, they have been likened to U2 and sometimes Pink Floyd. They are from Houston Texas. i think they only have one good song, and I'm listening to it right now.)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Daily Update

FHE was fun. Logan asked me to give the spiritual thought. Since Hailey was talking about fashion, I gave a short spiritual thought on the 'armor of god'. I was brilliant. I was proud of myself for what I prepaired anyway. Now if it came out how I had prepaired it, thats a different story. It came to me in a stroke of genius/inspiration.

The Canadian, Lincoln Mitchell, has left the country. Another Exodous. He has found other things to do, other than lawyering in the great state of America. I think he's going back to Canada, our neighbors to the north, help his dad sell fireplaces. To celebrate this we went and had ice cream at Cold Stone. This trip was to symbolize us all 'embracing the cold'(we wern't celebrating the fact that he was leaving), and we were sharing in this cold time with him. It was right after FHE so a bunch of people came with. We had a grand ol' time. I fed my addiction of
Rocky Road Ice Cream while there. That stuff is like heroin, I should be careful.

My Car is running rough now. I thought it was supposed to purr like a kitten after a big and expensive repair job. Now it sounds like its growling. Its growling like a tiger. Should I consider that an upgrade? They've converted it from a small bi-plane to a jet fighter I think. Yes, yes I think that is right. They must have upgraded my car engin from the minimum to a v6, or v8 even. I should put a trailor-hitch on it and start towing things around town. wow, thats a good idea. Now I can get those jet-ski's that have been on my christmas lists for the past
seven years that Santa didn't think I was 'good enough' for. well, At least my car runs, I guess, right.

Later in the evening, and after a few trips to Veteran, and a trip downtown, I wound up painting as well as watching the 'dancing show'. Yes, I can multi-task. The painting is coming along.
Earlier today I was listening to Danny's music off of I-tunes where he has a 'great speeches' section. they had the sermon on the mount as one of them, read by Alec Baldwin. I kept wanting to hear him yell at his daughter or ex-wife, and call her a little pig. But it didn't happen.

I didn't find a sponsor for lunch, so I skipped. I'm just making more trips to the water cooler. (but breakfast was sponsored by Stan's Donuts. My tummy is still happy with me for that.)

I'm listening to 'The Shins' right now. (The Shins is an indie rock group with elements of folk and alternative country on Sub Pop Records. Their sound is commonly described as 'indie rock', drawing on several musical genres including pop, alternative and folk. The Shins are based in Portland, Oregon. ((I was forced to re-evaluate my music selection last night when a 'group' of people was trying to decide what I can and can't like, based on what I was listening to at the very moment of the authoring of my Daily Updates. [and I just deleted all of my yodeling music so you won't have to hear about how culturally sensitive i am]))).

Monday, June 11, 2007

Daily Update

I finally got my car back, with a delima of couse. After work on friday I made my way over to Firestone, and I was all ready to tell them to 'cut the crap' and I want my car back. But My new buddy Alan told me that they finally knew what the problem was and that they needed to replace the radiator. (Holy crap, that sounds expensive!) I started acting like I was having a heart attack, while grabbing at my chest, and then wallet. Then I asked him if he was supposed to kiss me first... (another rude reference, don't worry about it girls), but he didnt' hear that part luckily. Then he started offering all these discounts, and a rental car, and candy,
and stuff like that. OK, I'll take it. I was planning to take it to the VW place that Renee had suggested on saturday if they couldn't make it work, but it didn't make it that far.

On Friday night, unsure of what to do, I resorted to working on my movie until Josh called. With all the stuff that I have to do, I try to work on editing those images whenever I have a free minute. I'm currently working on scene 4 of 7. Its brilliant. I ended up going over to Josh's place to watch Man-movies. It only took me 6 and a half minutes on my bike (better than by car). I thought it would be more but i'm pretty skilled on a bicycle. I felt like I was back on campus dashing from building to building like a bicycle super hero that had school deadlines to meet. We saw 'Tommy Boy', Some comedy show, and then 'Last Action Hero'. Tommy Boy is always funny, and very quotable. The comedian Robert Wuhl was funny and informitive. He made fun of american history, and all the inacuricies that have been published. Now the Last Action Hero was one of the two movies that killed Arnold Schwartzenegger's movie carier, and now I understand why. It was so Dumb! He should have never taken that roll. It was trying to be an action thriller, mixed with 'Naked Gun'. It really didn't work. It was almost a funny comedy, and almost an action movie, but they missed the target which made it super dumb. By the end, I was pissed for sitting through it without sleeping. (Jeff had that department
covered already.) And josh couldn't understand my anger and he was still convinced that it was really funny. I left right after cause i had a long bike ride home, but jeff was mad, cause he wanted me to stay and discuss what he had just missed, but I didn't, so I left.

On Saturday I treated myself to pancakes for breakfast. Mmmm. I eat/make pancakes like some people eat toast. I have it down to a science. As my bike was parked for 10 minutes in front of the Firestone repair shop, one of my lock cables was stolen right off the handlebars. At least I decided to lock it up! All I did was go in to sign some paper, and drive around the block, park, and then ride my bike home. When locking it up in my garage, I noticed I was down 1
lock. I shook my head at myself, because as I was locking my bike up, that exact thought came to me. And I ignored it. oh well. So I rolled over to Firestone, the car place, and asked about my Auto. Alan told me it wouldn't be done till 2 or 3, which ment 4 or 5. I acted annoyed, so he took me over to Enterprise and told them to rent me a car. so that was cool. they only had
nice cars to, no ultra-minitures that I couldn't fit into. They ended up giving me a Chrysler Sebring convertable. Nice! Oh, OK I guess so. I went shopping for a minute as an excuse just to drive around, then jeff and I went to a going away party for the Canadian- Lincoln Mitchell. This event took place at Hollywood Park. Its a horse race track in Inglewood. I only knew two other kids there that I knew, and then Lincoln and his lawyer buds. They all had money to spend, I didn't. It was quite entertaining. We hung out for an hour or two. I was fasinated about how many people were willing to loose money there. Some even brought their enitre families to watch them loose money. As we were rolling down the 405 at minimal speeds, the
wind was messing up my already messy hair, and I was pumping the Mexican accordian music that we all hold so dear to our hearts- which isn't allowed to be played on any radio under a certain decibel level. I just wanted to fit in, thats all. It was awesome.

It was also Harry Potter night. For treats jeff and josh decided to make carmel corn. In order to do that they needed a popcorn-popper, but not just any kind, an Orvil Reddenbocker air-pop Delight. This task would take just over two hours to complete. The only place, according to the internet, that had one was Sears down by 3rd street in Santa Monica. When we got there, it turns out that the internet was just kidding. so we had to try somewhere else. I could ramble on for a long time about this adventure, but all I'll say is that I'll NEVER trust jeff with driving
directions; where to park, where to turn, where not to turn, or when to turn-stop-or go. (His navigatal skills added at least 35 min to our trip). We stopped by three stores before ending up at Bed,Bath, and Beyond. Luckily they had one there, otherwise Josh would have probably murdered someone. But now that he found his toy, it was like he had found a Golden Ticket. He couldn't wait to take it out of the box and play with it. I ended up having to drive, so he could play with his new toy. We arrived at Selby right on time, and again ended up waiting an hour before we started watching. Another triumph for Harry over the forces of evil. As for
myself, not being able to NOT talk during a movie, I on occasion would make remarks about the movie, characters, or the plot. At one point I was Speaking as if I was Harry(not actually as myself), and I was admitting Harry's true love for Ron Weesley. Apparently half the room, the side jeff and josh were on, mis-heard this bit of character interpretation and thought that I, jim, was admitting true love for Ron, which is completly incorrect. So for the rest of the night they continued to dwell on this bit of wrong information, and continued to harrass me. Thats right
Mary, they are mean to me! I'm the victim here.

After church we plotted dinner at Greenfield. I made spaghetti again, it was good. Then we ended up chatting for a while. As they started watching a movie I called it a night. It would have added 4 hours to my already tired night.

Lunch was sponsored by Marvins. I had such a craving for the Cheeseburger Combo:)

I'm listening to 'Panic! at the disco' right now.