Monday, September 3, 2007

Daily Update

(written after the fact... posted later than date listed due to 'Out-of-Countryness')

The countdown really started last week as I was on the phone with my parents. At the time, they were much more excited than I was. They kept asking questions, forcing me to think about what was about to tyranspire. the days came and went. finally it was my last day at work, then my last day at church, with all the stuff that I wanted to do to prepair, threre was no way I would have enought time. but then again, its only two weeks. No more time for research, hype-building, or planning. I guess I don't mind winging it sometimes on vacations.

Backing up a bit thour,.. It really was a jammed packed exciting weekend. On friday night I barley had enought time to get home and unwnind before Cheryl called and reminded me that we were still on track to have a 'hang out' at her place. I agreed, and we both decided to go to the store. stocking up on snacks is essential for these sorts of things. after shopping it was so nice to chill on a soft couch, in an air-conditioned apartment. Most people say its not good to go shopping on an empty stomach, but I'm not like most people. when prepairing for something like this, that is when I will paint my master pieces. my stomach knows how to read other stomachs. Its pretty smart like that, and we're good friends. It was kind of hard to prod jeff into making cookies this time too. but they were probably the pinicle of the night. those and the pink and white frosted circius cookies with sprinkles. we ran out of those way to quickly. we played an ever so comical rendition of Scatagories too. Then just talked late inot the night. But what would you espect, the whole J-crew was there. A good number of people were there. I was so happy to have friends there. Although I was mad for a minute cause Kristen didn't come. Although she did text me saying that she was in the heat of Battle' with some moths in her kitchen. At first I didn't know what to think about that, but then later on Sunday I saw all the bruses on her arms and legs. Then I realized that Battle wounds like those only come from Moth like creatures. It was so clear to me that she had to fight off the spawn of Mothra, from Godzilla vs. Mothra (great movie of the 80's)Wow, she's one tough cookie. She must have had to fight off at least 4 or 5 of them. (just kidding kristen, I wasn't mad. it just makes my story
sound better:)

On Saturday I woke up rather early, 9am. It was already warm outside then. I decided to put on my 'super-productive hat'. so I went and got a haircut, shopping for our trip, and then to costco to search for my missing card. after that I was going to start packing. but sill computer games got in the way. by afternoon it was really really hot. that made driving around in an air-conditionless car miserable. I think the sun is mad at us in Southern California. Why else would it do that to us?

In the evening I met up with Sara and we wnt to the USC football game. It was crazy, like usual. Most people had been there drinking since noon, (last 7 hours), which made it interesting. as we were standing in line to get in the stadium, some 12 year old kid yacked up everything he'd eaten that day. luckily he was 3-4 people away, so I didn't get any of the splash. or after shocks on me. Shortly thereafter some looser stumbled up to where we were in the massive huddle and sara started scolding him for being a drunken retard, and for pushing old people in line. this
was funny cause I was hoping he would try to talk smack to her or the old folks, so I could introduce my 'white-angry-knuckles' to his face. but i didn't get the chance. he was to drunk even for that. I felt pretty drousy the whold game due to the heat. afterwords it was super fabulous to treat ourselves to bacon wrapped hot dogs and shakes.

I got home and only then decided it would be a good idea to start packing. I stayed up way to late doing that. lets just say that I was suprised not to see the sun starting to come up. Cuurch was fine. It went all to quick. And I was nervous for our trip. the countdown went from Days to Hours.