Friday, January 11, 2008

Daily Update

Yes, I did it again. It was lunch time. I had just left from stuffing my face for a short minute. I decided to pop my head inside of CVS to see if they had any great deals. Oh, whats this? They did. I gathered up a few things that I thought would be great for this season, or next Christmas. Their Christmas stuff was after all, 90% off! How could I not go through their stocks?! A day or two earlier I was walking by Rite Aid, and they had a huge display of their C-mas stocks. So after CVS, I felt it prudent to make a visit to Rite aid as well. It had been a few days since seeing

I'm getting that much closer to the Final Gingerbread Castle! I assure you by this Saturday for sure. I must finalize it then, otherwise I'll have to start building the rest of the houses in the kingdom for all the servants to live. Now I'm trying to design the website page that it will potentially go on to be shown to the world.

Work has been getting busier lately. People have been relying on me more and more. This condo remodel that I've been playing with has had revisions so Peter is working with me on it. I've been reminded about how difficult it is to answer his questions while working on the same project. Not that I don't know or don't have an answer, he just won't shut up long enough to let me think about it/answer his question, or make a statement myself. Usually its just cause he's misunderstood something, but if he asked 'Where did the lights go?' (referring to a computer drawing.) "what did you do with them Peter?" 'They're not there anymore, [blah blah blah]'. "I'm working on the lights right now, maybe you can wait a minute and I'll fix it." 'I don't [mumble mumble]know what to do now that the lights aren't there'. "How about I change the layers that the light fixtures are on in the computer so they will appear on both drawings." 'But the lights aren't there'. I then turn to Danny and ask him "Danny, in our drawings, do the light fixtures show up on the ceiling or floor?" (his answer will inform me on how best to make the results. 'Look Danny, the lights aren't there. I don't know what to do now.' "I know Peter, I think I can fix it though." 'But the lights aren't there.' "wait a minute Peter, I'm working on that right now, you shouldn't even be dealing with it at all." 'But the lights aren't there[jibberish, jibberish]'. Meanwhile I looked over at Danny as he laughed at me for trying to have a decent conversation with him and I just shook my head and shrugged my shoulders. I finally just walked away and did my own thing, and went back to work. I kid you not, thats almost exactly how it happens every time. He doesn't mean to be annoying, and I know that, but it just seems that way. He's a really nice guy, and I don't want to express my frustration To Him cause I think almost everyone else does, but its really hard sometimes. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day.

Also at work, Emilio somehow talked Peter into bringing frozen Pies in on Thursday's so that he can bake them and then bring them in for Friday. Apparently Peter has a bunch of these frozen pies, but no oven to cook them in. So Emilio brings them home for Mrs. Emilio to bake for us. Today's Pie was Peach. It was OK. Not as good as the apple crumb last time.

I'm listening to Blue October right now. Danny turned his computer off, so I can't get to his audio book listening files right now.

Lunch was sponsored by The Corner Bakery. It was busy there. I actually had to wait for a seat. Don't they know who I am? Didn't I tell you before that one of the last few times I went there I sat next to a bunch of liberal hippies who were talking about how and when they do drugs? Well, I did. And this time, I eaves dropped onto a bunch of working people and bad mouthing their boss and a few other co-workers. That seems to be the trend there. I've noticed it a lot.

This is what I'm working on right now. Its the Penthouse Condo on the 27th floor of a building at the southern tip of Avenue of the Stars. This shows the Lighting, and the electrical wiring of the Master Bed and Bath, along with a few other things. My trouble now is having to deal with the Interior Designer. My office refers to him as 'Cowboy Curtis', or 'Wonderboy'. (My boss came up with 'Wonderboy', and 'Cowboy', but I put the Cowboy-Curtis part together. Interior designers are like Sisters on the Mission. They always think they're right and never wrong; and but we, the architects, have to correct them every 5 minutes and fix their mistakes. If you've been on a mission, You'll know what I mean. (i.e. 'Sisters are Blisters')

Thursday, January 10, 2008

daily update

On the way back from lunch I was stopped by this dude who wanted to know if I had two minutes for 'the Environment'. On the way to lunch I blew him off as obnoxiously as possible, so this time I decided to donate the two requested minutes that he had asked for. He was a nice enough guy. I could see that he wasn't a student anymore, so he probably really did care about environmental issues, unlike those crazy liberal students who only care about what their radically left wing teachers tell them to. His speech was mildly rehearsed, but sincere. But then it got to the point of, "do you want to join this club"? I really have a problem with monthly/weekly/annual fees, so No, I didn't join. I also hate signing up for stuff and leaving my information behind so they can spam your mail box, or in box. But, I felt like I should cause he got through his whole speech and I didn't want to leave him totally fruitless. After all, I prevented him from stopping other possible crazy tree hugging liberals who had money to give to bums, hookers, or the environment. So I filled out one of his Propaganda Postcards, that they would send to congress to plead their cause. After I walked on, I realized that I had probably just signed my address up for the next year of junk mail and other crap. Thats probably how they raise money, selling the signatures, and email and house addresses of the people who they get to sign up for their cause. If I ever run for office and this comes back to haunt me, I'm going to be really pissed. I imagined all the way back to work, that they sign me up for military service, or to every other charity alive, or to something like that.

Yesterday I got my new Hard Drive in the mail. Its so big and cool. I think I've increased my downloading power by 500% with this purchase. Now I just need to get a new computer to go with its maximum amazing speed. Santa left that one out of my stocking, so I'll have to pick up his slack. I think he forgot about most of my list actually.

Last night Ms. Cheryl and I went to a movie. We saw this show called Sweeny Todd. It looked... interesting, and seemed interesting cause it was a Musical with Johnny Depp in it. My how his 'style' has changed since 21-Jumpstreet. There was much more blood than I thought there would be, and much more gore and disturbing imagery.

Lunch was sponsored by Jamba Juice and then Diddy Reese. The Evil Collins talked me into going there. Its not like their wears are that good, just cheap, and kind of sugary. Shame on him.

I'm listening to Jesus the Christ book right now. I finished The Magician's Nephew early this morning. It was mildly ok, a little different, but an acceptable end to the stories of Narnia for me. I now know it all, and I'm OK with it having been written. You know that C.S. was good buddies with J.R.R.? thats probably where he got all his great ideas.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Daily Update

Like yesterday, I've been having to work a bit later than normal. Its due to a combination of things ranging from multiple projects at once, I show up late in the morning, or I'm just shopping online. Yesterday, and today have been the same. After work I mozied home just to change and then leave again right away. Somehow, someone found out that I have acquired a certain special key which opens a particular lock, which some people find useful when they want to do certain activities. I on the other hand, do not find it special that I get called every week with a request for unlockage. How troubling indeed.

After my nightly hang-out, and TV viewing, I got home agian, to find Mike home. Eric was also there, so I found it nice to chat with the both of them for a while. We talked about political stuff, then skiing, then South Park, then 'Stinky' Roommates. Eric brought someone over just to see my masterful work of art of a Gingerbread Castle. I was embarrassed cause its not done yet. I then made sugar cookies and ate most of them, and formed some of them into Castle walls to replace the burnt castle wall which I had to throw away cause they smelt like fire. Its not good when a gingerbread castle smells like fire.

During work today I stopped by the Candy Castle, just around the corner from my work. Its a fascinating place I tell you. It reminds me of the Willy Wonka store where Charley found his golden ticket. They have many things to snack on there. None of which are healthy of course. Sugar of every combination. But then on the back wall the guy has a substantial supply of cigarettes and Lotto tickets. I think he had those items cause he's obviously a smoker, and I'm sure he loves playing the lotto while he smokes his 'cancer sticks' right outside his candy store. After I left and was going back to my work I thought to myself that he probably had a perverted stash of porn under the counter for him and his 'buddies'. Now the candy place in my mind sells cigarettes and lotto tickets, and porno to kids. Cause candy stores are for kids.

I'm listening to 'The Magicians Nephew', from the chronicles of Narnia, right now. I got really sick of it before, and my ears needed a change of pace so I turned this different story on.

Lunch was sponsored by Marvin's. It was acceptable this time. Desert was provided by a Peanut Butter Twix.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Daily Update

Last night I went right from work over to Papa John's. I was getting pizza. Its one of the greatest things ever to be eating Pizza while watching the last college football game of the year. (It would have been two steps better if my team was playing in that game, but whatever) (and even more better if we had ice cream) (and better-est if I had room for the cake that jeff had brought over) And then better yet, we watched it over at Chris's place on his 42" High Def. Plasma screen TV. Oh, YA! I even wore my glasses so I could enjoy the crispness and colorfulness from a distance too. I've never so much in my life wanted to kiss a TV as last night! Chris would have slugged me though. Its like kissing another dudes girlfriend in front of him. We could practically see the action before it happened it as so clear. We could feel the players inner most emotions it was so clear. I invited Jeff over. He was hesitant until I told him I had food, then he said he'd be right over. I also invited Cheryl over too. I think she slept through most of the match. It was fun to watch cause I really didn't care who won.

After a while when I got home I worked on my Castle, of course, before going to bed. I have done most of the work that I've planned to do, although, my wonderful parents have sent me my final ingredient(hopefully its the last one) of Necco wafers. I searched for about 3 full days here in LA, but to no avail. I sent my Mom out to sour the country to find a supply of them. Finally she came across a stash at a Fabric store in Boise, ID. Good ol Mom. I'm so close to finishing. I need to hurry and do so, cause to day at lunch I just thought of another little part that I need to add. Its not that extravagant, but it does help with the overall theme. Then I can start on all my other projects.

Oh, and a side note, I must correct a statement that I made to one of you. I was mistaken when I said that the Lord of the Rings was written before the Hobbit, that is incorrect. The ideas were all mapped out in JRR's head, but The Hobbit was actually written/published first... in case you were wondering (actually the hobbit was written in the trenches of WW1. I've been listening to the Appendix DVD's from Lord of the Rings while I work masterfully on my Fantastic Gingerbread Castle. I anticipate a prompt completion by the end of this week... NO matter What!
Lunch was sponsored by The Corner Bakery, and was unfortunately attended by two yapping yentas who were so full of themselves it was annoying just to be in the same room as them.

I'm still on the same audio book. I think there's still about 3 more days left in it before I 'close the back cover'. Good grief its a long book; interesting but long.

Monday, January 7, 2008

daily update

This was a busy weekend. I never seem to have enough time alloted to the things that I really want to do. For example, I really wanted to finish my Gingerbread castle, but that didn't work, cause I had the TV on. I needed to go shopping, but I Gingerbreading to do. I still need to register my car, but I had 'other' stuff to do. I didn't get up before 11. I made myself pancakes too.

One thing I left the house for was to help Jill move. She moved to Utah on Sunday for some job. I think she's moving up there to sue Snowmen for allowing it to be so freaking cold. I think that's a good idea. Maybe that will make them think before they make it snow EVERY single day of my Christmas break. Maybe it will make the snowmen think before they cause treacherous driving conditions for us humans.

It rained for much of the weekend too. I guess thats part of the reason that I didn't leave my dungeon. I noticed that with the entrance of the much more humid weather, the composition of my G-Bread house changed. some of the jolly rancher material 'melted' together. the Marshmallow's that have been sitting out for days/weeks, have gone from squishy to hardened, back to soft. Another annoying thing is that some of the candy cane colors have run into the frosting. I'm making beautiful progress with it though. (Never fear, you will all be hearing a lot about it, as soon as its complete.) After that a bunch of us went to find food. It was fun hanging out with them, but I later found out that I missed Danny Doom singing Karaoke.

On Sunday there was a Break-the-fast. It was ok. Not quite as good as the last Administrations meals; but it was their/her first time. The desert was an upset. I was really hoping for some the the Relief Society's specialty deserts. (They are good, I mean REAL good.) I pushed my way to the front of the line, then as I got to the front 5 other people I know jumped in line with me. I got annoyed cause I had to bully my way up that far, and they just were pulling the friend card. I don't know, I might have to rough them up next time.

After that we went to Jeff's and he and Cheryl made cakes. It was delightful. Jeff would eat the frosting spoonfuls at a time. I 'tested' it at least four times. But whatever, he's the chef.

Lunch was sponsored by In N Out, and Hosted by Ms. 'Kamilla Kipper' Yaden.

I'm still on the same audio book right now, but I'm anxious to finish so that I can start another one.