Monday, November 3, 2008

'Proposition 8'

Only in California... Or should I say, Only in LA and San Fran (it seems). I'm sure I don't need to convince any of you reading this, but I still have something to say about it. People are being so ridiculous about it. They are acting like its a civil rights movement for crying out loud. Well, its NOT.

If Prop 8 passes, Nothing changes! If it doesn't pass, then the way I practice religion will come into question (government scrutiny more like). Government WILL encroach upon how I practice my religion as well as any 'traditional' religion. My church will be sued because of the beliefs that I've had since the beginning of Time. The clergy could then be sued for preaching from the Bible even. And I don't like that idea.

If it doesn't pass, then this state created institution will have to be defended by the state. And that is where all the weird stupid laws come into play which will complicate everyone's lives, especially more costs to all government offices (because of twice as much paper work for example), and I am not a fan of more laws. More laws seem like more paper to waist, which means more taxes for me, which means more headache for me, and I'll eventually get more parking and speeding tickets, which I Don't want!
And next, kids will be forced to hear about how your parent should be gay, and parents won't be able to control it (at the school level that is). Now there's tons of horror stories about how the state will pretty much indoctrinate the kids out there, and all those who oppose (mostly on tv) say that its NOT about kids, its about 'me' (speaking of themselves). They are all thinking only of themselves, and not the future of kids minds; lets face it when taught about that stuff that early, it 'changes' people, and could mess horribly with kids thinking. When kids are taught the 'right' thing at home, then the parents have power. But with every gay lesson the school has, it is an attempt to undermine the family.

Here is a link that I saw that was interesting, and described it pretty well.

But anyway. Its just my ranting opinion for now. No need to hate me for it (I don't think). Beth already told me that people are out to get me because I have an opinion on it, and that I should 'watch out'. But whatever. Its just 1 opinion.