Friday, June 8, 2007

Daily Update

Not to sound like a broken record, but guess what... my car is still broke. They still don't know what to do with it. Its just a little frustrating sometimes. Although now I have the 'oppertunity' to ride my bike to work. It reminds me of the good ol' days on Campus at school, wizzing through crowds of people, using the front tire as a bumper and as a weapon,Showing off to all the pedestrians how cool one can be on such a ride. "thats right babe, there's room on my handlebars" is what the chicks would hear on occasion as I'd roll by. My bike is the cadallac of bikes. Don't mind the visible security systems of three seperate U-locks and steel cables.

Last night I went running. I didn't have great expectations this time, due to illness. But I was still good. No, I take that back, I was amazing! Even with starting out in pain. I was like the great Safari Lion. Both smaller and larger animals would be afraid of me. I was the type of lion that would even attack a tourist jeep who stayed to long in one place. The same type of lion who can, but chooses not to, leap over tall trees in a single bound. I was a little bit slower at each checkpoint, but I was in fact able to keep up with the Lead-Gazelle for two and a half sides. Then like usual, she got sick of me and then just took off like a gazelle out of hell. I think she was taunting me. By the end of lap one I was more than a minute behind schedule (18:34), but I hit a moment of insiration. I saw The Lead-Gazelle at the watering hole. I forgot about my fatigue, and sprinted for the finishline. After watering myeslf for mere seconds, I continued to chase her. (I know kind of pervie, but she knows me, right) I think one of the only reasons I caught up to her was cause there was another retard running zig-zag patterns in front of me, and I was trying to trip him and then shove him into the thorny bushes 'accedentally'. But as my last little bit of energy was being burned, I sped up just enough to catch up with her for a split second. At that point it was like time stopped. I even heard angelic chiors singing. I had won! I didn't beat her, I had simply caught up with her on the second lap. For me that was pretty significant, I
think. She noticed me, laughed, said hi, then sped off again with great speed. Later she said she was slower today because she hurt her shoulder while punching a bunch of hippies in the face repedly. So I guess for that reason she's not to blame. I'll still be able to bask in my glory until next thrusday though. I didn't see any of my usual enemies today. It was a nice change. I think I scared them all away. Throughout the race I noticed a significant number of people who were trying to share the track with us. Today I passed 33 girls and 13 guys. Two of which were old and 18 were walking and two standing still. Half of them were going straight to a fashion show right after they were done there. I even think I saw Miss. Brentwood agin. Kristen saw her too; She was also impressed. What a dreamboat. Its so hard to tell when they(girls) change outfits. I can only hope that next time she comes running that she comes directly from the Evening wear, or swimsuit competition. My overall time was 41:22, (+1:18).

So, its good to have a missionary in the family. On Tuesday Joe was accepted to the MBA program at the school up there. And on Thursday Tiffany got a job that she had been crossing her fingers for. She's an art teacher thats been looking for just the right job, teaching art. There wern't to many schools that she would interview at because she dosent' tollerate certain behaviors, even from administrators. And she's very particular. She had been working in a law office to pass the time untill now. Lawyers don't like creativity, so she had to let them go. The way I understand the situation, she is like a Creative-Bull at a rodeo. The bull has been
locked up in storage and transported for so long, and when handled by the rodeo people, they use cattle prods, and 'animal-angering' devices. (Any animal would become angry at that.) So when the gate is swung open at show time, the Bull goes Buck Wild. The good part of this rodeo is that the bull throws off the burdensome 'cowboy' and then stomps on him and then goes after the clowns, who are annoying, and then 'horns' them a couple of times, and none of the clowns want to corral this bull because its Buck-Wild. Its great. I just hope that the spiritual goodness
trickles down to younger brothers as well. Thanks Becca, (but you're still a brat).

I'm listening to various hit songs from the 80's right now in preperation for my
movie. I'm looking for a sound track.

Lunch was sponsored by In N Out.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Daily Update

My Car is still broke. I went over there right after work, and all the work they've done hasn't fixed the problem. Oh boy. I wish they would have told me that right when I got there, rather than having me wait in the grease stained lobby, which smells of musky car parts, for about an hour. For crying out loud, its not a hospitle!, just tell me to come back!

Kristen came over seeking help with designing the Girls Camp t-shirts. I really don't think I was that much of a help. Its hard enough getting stuff to look good on me, let alone a bunch of teenage girls. So that was mostly KA's department. I was just full of wonderful suggestions. I eventually left a phone message on someone's machine at the t-shirt company telling them they had bad hair.

Dinner had to be cancelled due to the Batmobile being in the shop, but lucky for me, KA had a free minute to take me somewhere in her grand metal chariot.

We ended up at California Fresh. I got a Chinese Chicken Salad. And here I thought that Chicken Salad's were from America. I was a little upset when I didn't find a fortune cookie with my salad. I figure the 'healthy' salad would compensate for my poor running the day before. It was quite the meal I tell you. The only chinese part of the salad must have been in the form of 'manderin oranges'. Everything else looked pretty american. As I cracked the seal of this container holding my salad, it was like a breath of fresh air. The salad itself was like a pilsbury dough canister, when you crack it open it bursts to life and it just about doubles in size. Well, thats what happened to this salad. That must be the chinese part of it, enchanted salad with secret ninja magic. So I pick up the nicely trimmed plastic fork and start to stab at the salad bloom before me. This container must have been enchanted because as I ate, the ammout of salad didn't go down. I tried to eat at a faster rate than the salad would replentish itself. I had to stop for a breather twice. Also the bread they sent with this 'Enchanted Chinese Salad' was just like cake. I think they took it out of the oven only an hour earlier, just for me. The enchanted salad must have known I was coming. I ate more. I was winded. I was finally making a dent in this salad mass. The deeper I dug into it, the more suprises I found. It also had carrots, and onions, and almond slivers, oh my! And I can't forget the 'Chicken product' that is almost fake chicken and it has been toasted to look like it was grilled. It was an exciting time for me. I almost wanted to take it home and see if it could grow baby salads. I could breed it just as California Fresh had done with its parents. But that idea slipped my mind, and I kept eating until it was just about gone, or just dead.

"So you think you can Dance" was on again last night. It was the Vegas show. I thought I was going to have to miss it for a minute. But Emily Came to my rescue. I called her to tell her not to wait, but she was 'in the neighborhood', and offered to pick me up and drop me off after watching the most exciting hit show, yes the one that has a name to long to type more than once per email. I'll come up with an abreviation by next time hopfully. Anyway, the kids on that show are so easy to make fun of. They are practically asking for it. One sad note, both my number 3 and 4 girls were voted off. Its a sad day. I would have loved voting for them. I can barley remember who the other 3 were in the top five.

So after that amusment, I remembered a fast approaching deadline I have for a painting. So I set up my painting studio back on the dining room table. I'm not quite sure if the roomates love that idea. Its painting and Man-Boxes all over that table for the time being. Anyway, I conqured good ground last night, so tonight I was goaling to complete the first layer, as well as starting to refine some of the items that needed details, fabrics, walls, ceiling, window, painting on wall, and chair. I didn't have that much time because it was already late. One thing that i was happy about was that the paint was still wet! It was supposed to be that way. I could still work with it, and the colors were better than the ones I was using before. I switched paint brands. It lasts much longer in the air, and it desolves in paint thinner. What a fashionable idea. I still tried using some of the cheap brand, and it just messed things up. I also tried mixing the cheap stuff with the good stuff, and that was just a questionable mess. I'll probably end up covering it up later. I wasn't able to get that into the painting process as my teacher Michaelangelo showed me. I might have time for that tonight though.

I'm listening to the Best of Swiss Yodeling. Its been a while, and I need to practice.

Lunch was sponsored by Jamba Juice and about 12 Ricola Honey-Herb cough drops.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Daily Update

So yesterday we were talking about movies at lunch. I mentioned that my roomates had seen Oceans 13 and loved it. Danny was skeptical about it. I told him that I liked the second one, and then he proceeded to lecture me on why I shouldn't like it. Ok, whatever, how about another movie, Spiderman. Oh no, unacceptable for entertainment. Hmmm, how about Pirates, I kind of liked that one. Oh no, it was to long, i'm not allowed to like johnny depp, etc. etc. so I tried to change subjects, "So how bout the weather?" "Shrek was good." It reminded me of many discussions I, and other people, have had with jeff, sometimes he'll tell you what your opinion is, and Holy Crap is it annoying! So I can't talk movies with him anymore.

At work Danny and I went to a project site. We're re-doing an condo in Century City. This condo penthouse is on the 28th floor of a high rise. One of the two white ones on pico and Ave. of the Stars. 'Wow!' for two reasons: first, Holy 70's flashback! the shag carpet was at least two inches long, and bright yellow. no, brighter that what you're imagining right now, i'm serious. Some of it was sun faded but where the furnature was, BAM! It punched your eye balls, thats for sure. The wall paper also matched the era. By looking at this three bedroom palace it
didn't appear to have had occupants since the late 70's or 80's. I mean after all, the master bedroom was as big as my living room, and the 16' high ceilings would be annoying to have as well. And Second, we were on the 28th floor, on the south end of Century city. The views were amazing. The windows faced north and east. It was somewhat overcast, so at the time I couldn't see that far, but I could still tell that it was amazing. The owner, who only sent his representitive, was way to busy(rich) to come for assisting us lowly architects. But whatever, I'm sure you're busy when you own things like The Peninsula Hotel. It was quite impressive.

I went running last night. I was trying to talk myself out of it for a minute, but I just couldn't resist. The evening sky was an inspiration. As I pulled up to my usual spot at Brentwood, I felt like I had just entered a new land of van gogh and Monet. The sky was painted many shades of reds and yellows in front of me while the sky above shifted to blues and grays, then faded to a dark twinkling blue behind me. It reminded me of my very own Starry Night painting. Every few seconds a star would wink at me, and then a tree root or tree branch would remind me to watch where I was going. The twilight sky was painted salmon and peach, dobbed with fluttering yellow highlights. Breath taking. Shadow creatures, the new danger, would leap out
from behind trees or poles, run by me, and then vanish back into the shadow from whence they came. This happened repeatedly. Annoying creatures. They were probably with the stalker dude that is always by the school. I started out slow, then rose to the occsion. I was like an elderly lion, both talented and experienced, yet still strong and ready to kill the closest zebra or antelope. My paws were talented and fearce, but they took their time when it came to a leisurly
stroll around the jungle track. There were not a whole lot of people there this night. Three guys and eleven girls. I passed them all. Three bicyclists passed me toward the end, but they don't count. Most were going in the opposite direction. My final time was 18:24. Not my best thats for sure. I was slow the whole way around. I just wansnt' feeling it today.

My car is kaput! I was driving around Westwood a little later in the evening, trying to find a place to eat, when all of a sudden it was like a science experiment under the hood of my car. Smoke flaired up, accompanied by a low fizzing sound, and it was hard to see past the front of my car. There was so much smoke comming out from under the hood! Not a good thing. I was convinced it almost blew up. I was trying to make a hurried turn into a small parking lot, but the oncomming traffic kept comming, and I kept nudging out further an further. finally a break in cars, and I dove to safety. It took a while for it to cool down. I thought it was the
coolant, but when I checked it was full. So then I got even more nervous. I had to tell the others that I wasn't about to drive any further than I had to, so they'd have to walk home. But they were ok with it sense I thought it was going to blow up. I barley made it home before it happened again. I brought it in first thing in the morning and they'll make it all better.

I painted most of the night away. I also fought the Battle of my Life. I only conqured one planetary system, and fought two space battles, and led the attack on the rebel base on a distant planet one time. They are no match for me. During lunch today Danny kept wanting to talk about movies, and I kept wanting to check out chicks, but he needed my attention to tell me what to like. I saw Miss Westwood today. She was wearing purple.

I'm listening to Bon Jovi right now.

Lunch was sponsored by Marvins.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Daily Update

For FHE we had Bro&Sis Stout give a 'mini-institute' lesson. It was nice. they spoke on the Temple. But that quickly turned into a dating/sex/chastity/tv on sundays lesson. They did a good job. I felt it necessary to make comments on occasion (no one else was). At first they were kind of helpful and informative. After all I know quite a bit about human pshychology, communication skills, and religious stuff. Then they started talking about Sex and Chastity, it got funny when she was hoping not to embarass anyone, but I assured them that they could go
'lots' further if they wanted before offense was taken. The only part I didn't like is when they were preaching about not watching TV. some people don't watch on sundays, but they were pushing their don't watch for a month idea. But I assured them that i would never turn my 'Teacher' off.

After words we went to In N Out. It was the same as it always was, just later at night. Jeremy almost had to leap over the counter and start putting peoples hands thru the French Fry slicer after they were rude to him about not having his, and a few other of ours, orders ready, for a LONG time. I sat at a table with Danny Koontz, Allana, and Cynthia, so there was PLENTY to talk about the whole time, yet entertaining as well.

We then went to Diddy Reese for a night cap. We ran into Eric and Jim, my roomates, while in line. I was funny, and everyone else around us didn't know that we knew eachother. I didn't eat anthing this time, otherwise it would have been two times in one day at Diddy. Thats pushing it for Jims Healthiness levels.

And if it wasn't late enough, Josh called as we were winding down, just to rejuvinate the evening. He and a friend were watching 'Constantine' at his place. Movie at Josh's. His friend could text message people faster than anything I've ever seen before! It was quicker than I type, and I use 9 fingers and they were using typically one thumb! It was intense. Then we all started talking 'foreign food' and 'mission' stories, then I noticed I had missed my bedtime by 89 minutes. So I left.

I'm listening to Alice in Chains right now, and I'm not loving it to much. I hope this song is over soon.

Lunch was sponsored by the Hawaiian BBQ place.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Daily Update

Friday Night. It was Harry Potter night. Lots of 'build-up' to this evening inside the J-crew. At work, they kind of ushered us out early, around 6 o'clock. What a nice surprise, no staying late tonight. Turns out that the bosses also like to go home sometimes. Josh had called from Jeff's house, so I went right over there after work. When I got there, no one else was there. No one at all, except josh. No one had been there all day except josh. So if you ever need a place to hang out during the day. But when jeff got there we decided to go and get 'Supper' (or 'Dinner' for those of you who don't speak 'Nor-Cal'). It didn't take us more than 15 seconds to decide if we needed to go and find food; its just that it did take us 35 minutes to deliberate on what the options were, and where we should go. Finally by the end of the 35 minutes, I decide to go and get in my car and drive around until we find somewhere, and of course they followed. The first place I stop at, got vetoed. Same with the second. I reminded them of the time, 7:45, and of our 8 o'clock appointment at Selby. So we just ran over to Smart N' Final to buy bulk goods for the Harry Potter event. (taquitos, root beer floats, and cookies)!

The Selby Theater was great fun. There was lots of treats/'dinner for jim' there. Upon arriving Jeff went right to the kitchen, Josh straight to the couch, and me straight to the TV, our usual places. I was happy to arrive in part to be rid of the verbal harassment that was taking place in the car. They still hadn't gotten over the events from previous nights. The movie was nice. Next week we're doing it on Saturday evening, in case any of you want to make it.

On Saturday we had our Temple excursion, a year in the making. It was lovely. After which a bunch of us went to Johnny's Pizza. Rick came. He was analyzing everything. Its his job after all. I tried suggesting to him 'not to bring his work home with him', but he was to busy studying my speech patterns and tone of voice to actually listen. I was also there, and mistakenly wore a white shirt. I got the chicken Parmesan. It was soaking in both thick and super runny tomato sauce, all at the same time. With every turn of my fork, the sauce splattered somewhere, whether it be on the wall, a neighbor, or myself. So walking away from a nice meal, my shirt now looked like I had a food fight with myself.

After lunch, we adjourned for a few minutes and met up back at my place to watch a movie or to do something exciting on a Saturday night. Then at my place, It was funny cause some people found their spot in front of the TV, and some around the table talking. There was a bunch of people over. Catherine was with us, and Jeff and I started planning HER trip to Europe, with her there of course. It was fun for us. Finally after an hour or so of not deciding on what to do (to many people to make a decision), Kristen announced that she was getting ice cream. That must have been the Word of the Day cause in unison, everyone else at the same time also stood and started making their way to the door. Its just that when everyone got to the door, every person there wanted to go to a different ice cream shoppe. So more deliberation had to take place. But eventually people started aggreeing one one of two stores. The healthy people decided to visit Big Chill frozen yogurt, and the exciting people went to Cold Stone. Mmmm! It was so good. Getting there was a chore, cause I had 3 backseat drivers in my car. We parked at the Westside Pavillion, and on the way out, we were looking for the stair to the roof, and some lady said there wasn't any. So I had to argue with her about it, because there MUST be by law! At the same time there was an old couple asking me questions about the Ice Cream I was so thourougly enjoying. They wanted to hang out with us, but there was no room in my car. So I now feel its necessary to write a letter to the city Building Department and complain about this extremly illegal, and deadly, fire hazard. It was also opening day of this building as well, Brand-newly remodeled.

After the great Ice cream adventure we watched 'Paycheck' at my place, and just hung out. It was nice.

On Sunday morning I woke up and my clock told me it was 9:30. "Oh that's great" I exclaimed. I don't feel tired, and I have time to do lots of my typical weekend chores. Upon sitting up and taking a second look, at my alarm clock, it told me it was 10:30! My satellite clock had lied to me. the one who should set itself! we exchanged words for a minutes, and then I had to leave the room. So, I didn't have time to frolic on the beach for a little while, so I decided to continue Fighting the Battle of My Life until it was time for church. This morning I defended the Galaxy from rebel invasion, and tried to restore imperial rule and order to the outlying planetary systems. I commanded my space fleets admirablly. I've begun to amass a large force to send into the heat of battle on the northern most systems. I only fought the space battle. The rebels threatened one of my space stations at one point, the next time I play that game, I will be sure to punish them for their insurection. I will make them bow before me! Then I ran off to church.

Church was nice. Lots of new people. Enchilada's afterwards. I wore a wonderful dark blue shirt accented by a darker bronze patterned tie. I didn't want that beautiful effect to be drowned out by light pants, so I wore charcoal slacks by Claiborne, and by black shoes.

After church the boys and I decided to arrive early to Trisha's b-day bash and make our dinner there. After all, they're the ones with the Barbecue. The food was good. The company was lovely. We watched the Best of Will Ferrell randomly between eating and talking. Then ate more food. Then by the end of the night we played Scatagories for a while. Josh was the time keeper, and to signify that time was up, he would shoot people in 'inapropriate places' (both guys and girls) with a nerf gun, while they were standing in front of the group. By the end of the night it got a little out of hand. Then after sitting around for a while, I realized it was past my bed time.

I hope I didn't leave anything out. If so, I'll amment it tomorrow. Work was a slow-busy today.

Lunch was sponsored by Socko's sandwitch shop.

I'm listening to Social Distorion right now, "story of my life".