Friday, October 19, 2007

Daily Update

When will the misery finally stop?! We just stopped working on the stuff from last night (we weren't finished, but the meeting started, so we just stopped working on it). Seconds later they tell me that the next deadline for this project is 'next week'. Oh, ok... but when next week. Oh, that would be Tuesday of NEXT Week! Thats not next week! Thats in 4 days! 2 of those days are Weekend days and I DON'T do weekends! So that leaves Friday night (tonight)(can't, I have football) and Monday, I wanted to carve pumpkins, but I guess after last year when I had to race a kid to the Emergency room for slicing his hand wide open, it might be ok if I don't

So having strategically informed the guys at work that I have an important Flag-Football Practice a few days ago, he begrudgingly let me leave early, at 7:30. I rushed straight to the ward building for our 'Team Meeting' and 'Carb Loading' event. There was a hungry team waiting there for the food as I pulled up. I was franticly working on 12 things at once so I wasn't much help, but everyone played basketball as I showed some people the rules and others ate. We didn't end up watching a movie, and I was just fine with that, although Jeff was a little miffed.

Last night as I got home from the day's events, I fell backwards onto my bed, or should I say my 'fluffy cloud nesting blankets'. There's something about my pillows that immediately render me unconscious and wisp me quickly away to dreamland. So last night after falling into my nightly nest, I attempted to read, but only remember that because I woke up early in the wee morning hours still fully dressed and with my had reaching for my nightly reading material. It was extra hard to leave my fluffy white sleeping cloud in the morning.

I'm listening to the latest European Techno right now.

I didn't have time to have a sponsor for lunch.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Daily Update

I got to work early today. I woke up 1 hour earlier and only got to work 30 minutes earlier than I have been. This morning when I got to work Collin was desperate to have me come to Stan's donuts with him, so I reluctantly went with him. Stan had his Halloween Donut selection out so I joyfully partook of their goodness.

Last night I went running. Kristen came with. She was full of energy. Maybe to much so in fact. But after all, her car was just totaled in some old person accident (some old lady ran into her car as she was at work). I ran like a wild Hyena from the southern most Outback territory. I feet only sifted through the flat red padded sand dunes this time rather than the hills and cliffs.

I had lots of errands to run for getting ready for our Thursday practice, and for Friday. What a headache.

Later I hung out at Cheryl's place and we gossiped and discussed what every one else in the ward should be doing right now. In case anyone is wondering, we have most of your futures all planned out.

I'm listening to Cold Play right now.

Lunch was sponsored by Jamba Juice.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Daily Update

Why are there so many people in the world who seem like they are trying to make my life difficult? Is it karma? Was it something I said? I'm not willing to accept that 'its me'. Someone must be out to get me. We had Flag-Football practice was last night. We were a good 15 minutes into practicing when it was pointed out. We had already done our warm-up stuff. I simply asked who the kid in white was. One of my players announced "oh I know him, he's from the Santa Monica Ward". "What! What the hell is he doing at my practice?!" I exclaim. "oh he's ok, he just wants to play" said my player. "Not with me!" "Hey, kid... where are you from?... oh Santa Monica... Get out of here NOW." (10 seconds of confusion follow) "Seriously get the F out of here." (don't worry I used the letter, not the word) My player wanted to 'vouch' for him, but I didn't care. I was still playing so I didn't want to make a huge scene so we kept playing. A few minutes later after noticing that he was treating all my players rather roughly, I laughed at him in the huddle, and announced his 'in-eligibility' for the Friday game. Thats fair, he is cheating by watching us play gaining an unfair advantage, and thus should be punished. My Player said I couldn't do that (My player was obviously on his side) So I had to pull rank and repeat my 'Activity Chairmanship' Credentials aloud to him and assured him that I would take my funniness to the 'next' level. So my player went and told the cheater/traitor and then they both left all upset with my authority and Just-ness. Hey, someone has to put their foot down and keep it honest. Turns out it was me sticking up for what I believe in this time. [At the end of the night I spoke with the SM activity guy and we decided on a smaller penalty that we'll enforce.]

After a heated and busy practice a few of us went to Penguins for Ice Cream. Good stuff I tell you. We planned out a bunch of stuff Football related of course. The others also helped console me in my anger.

Work is busy still. when will it stop!?

Lunch was sponsored by In N Out.

I'm listening to Britney Spears right now. Some of the new stuff.

I stayed up way to late emailing and playing silly computer games.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Daily Update

It took me all day to plan out the FHE that someone volunteered me for. I don't mind helping out but I've learned my lesson with trying to help out. (Note to self: don't offer any suggestions for any committee, i.e. the pep-rally.) So I felt like I had to map out the whole FHE thing, but the kids there helped and it turned out to be nice.

After cleaning up I finally left the building at 10. I was so exhausted. I have a new respect for all of the Co-Chairs for FHE and all they do. Then I didn't feel like going home so I started driving around. I ended up stopping at Jeff's house and I made him watch the "Hooters girls international Swimsuit Pageant". He was disgusted with every one of their 'outfits' and I made fun of all them and their 'minor' imperfections. I was doing great with my comedy. I think Jeff was mad at me for making him watch it, but only for two minutes.

Work is still busy. The guys here keep handing me stuff and tell me that they need it as soon as possible. Arrrgh! The headache. I think they have a schedule of giving me bundles of work right before Lunch and Go-home time, thus keeping me back from those very necessary things.

This morning I had such a craving for Stan's Donuts! Oh the soft succulent dough. The sweet oily taste of sugar flowing down my throat, filling my stomach with its goodness. I take one bite and then immediately need another. I can see myself overdosing on these addictive little morsels one day, collapsing on the street in mid bite, drooling, foaming at the mouth in some dark ally. But hopefully not to soon.

At work I have still been busy.

Lunch was sponsored by In N Out.

I'm listening to Guns N Roses right now. Axl isn't as exciting to me right now. I
feel like changing the station.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Daily Update

A few days ago Steve from my work (the swear-artist) gave me a new pen. It turns out that he was offended by my current Ball Point Pen situation. I don't use all my good pens at work, they are stored at home in a secret location until I can finish my Man-Box then they will be stored there. And Yes, the Man-Box will still be finished, it just took a time out for a little bit. So he gave me this pen that is sleek metal with a laser pointer and small LED light at the end of it. It was pretty nice of him. So I can't make fun of him for a few days.

In the last few days I had to stay at work till 9:30pm. On friday night I was so anxious to be done. As soon as we were done at work, they asked me to go and drop something off at the printer. I was annoyed, but did it.

At Football practice on friday night I played Ref. after showing up really late. Then it started raining pretty hard. It was kind of fun. but really wet. We all went to Jack in the Box afterwards, then to Jeff's to watch TV. It was funny cause none of the roommates were there. Just us.

On Saturday Morning I treated myself to French Toast after a well deserved Sleep In.

The USC football game was terrific fun, except for the nervousness that it brought me. I think I spent the majority of the time gossiping about people I know, and even don't know. They need to score more points for me in the next few games so I'm not so frustrated.

It was Jill's B-Day on Saturday. A few kids kids went to a Japanese BBQ with her and wow was it good. they just brought the food to our table and we would grill it on the built in table-grill. That was also terrific fun. Since it was kind of a B-Day party I got her some pink wrapping paper as a gift. It was the most perfect thing imaginable for her. I'm serious, absolutely perfect! But I did feel a bit weird giving only wrapping paper, and since I was at Borders I just picked up some random book to but inside the Wrapping paper. It was all good cause she really liked the wrapping paper I got her.

On Sunday we hung out at Greenfield. I made spaghetti, KA made Souffle. Oh it was sooo goooood. Then some of us hung Christmas lights inside, and then gossiped some more. There's a lot happening in the neighborhood lately, and since I'm the most sought after 'Trafficker of Information' in the region, I had a lot of calls.

Then at night, instead of going to bed like I wanted to I was up until 3am on the phone with Josh, working on our Ward T-Shirt design so Josh could submit it to be printed on Monday. It drove me slightly up the wall about 2:45am. It took a lot of effort to suppress the old Jim.

I'm listening to Bruce Springsteen right now.

Lunch was sponsored by The Acapulco Cantina, and the Fijita Buffet.