Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Our Apartment

Our Apartment:
Its been a while since I've put pictures on my blog it seems. So I wanted to make this one a special one. So, I decided to take you on a tour of our apartment, as its the first time its been Fully Clean! Its only 4 months in, but well worth it... or something.

This is the entryway. Its the scene we would see if we were to hear you knocking on our door, and IF we were answering. Just left of center is the passage that takes you to the other rooms, but on the right side you can see our stash of Coffee Table Books. Yes, we both had so many that we needed an entire bookshelf for our casual reading material. In the corner we (I) have 1 crate of magazines, 1 crate of sketchbooks, 1 shelf of travel books, and one shelf of other artistic and wonderful things.

Please notice the beautiful brown curtains, hung by the masculine curtain rods. The fluffy couch pillows were sewn by Cheryl too. Sure its the same ol' white couch but its comfy to lounge on.

Oh, look at that, more sassy curtains, and Manly curtain rods. Here you can see where I spend most of my time, in my computer chair, and you can also see my Sleek Gaming Station lit up in blue too. My computer desk separates the Dining room from the Living room. Its a lovely interstitial space, that provides a moment of relaxation between eating and sitting. No, that's not wall art behind my computer, that is our Air Conditioning unit.

Ah, the dining room. This area is pivotal to the space's coherence. The dining room is a very important room after all. Its where I eat!

Here is our Entertainment Center. Its hidden between our two indoor gardens. You can see our clever storage space below our Home Theater. Most of our (my) music, and extra stuff is hidden therein. The clever white wall is highlighted behind the entertainment center with four exquisite European Water Color paintings depicting my 4 most favorite sites in Rome.

As you may have guessed it, this is my side or the bedroom. You can see my two 'mostly' wood dressers; one pine, one fake-oak. Mmmm, you can almost smell that 'fake' wood aroma from being freshly sawn. In case I want to jam in the morning, I got my 'almost' antique Boom-Box on the tall dresser, towering over the bed, ready to rock out to any hit 80's Hair Band song. I'm king of sneaky, but you can still see a sliver of boxes and clothes hidden under the short dresser, and oh, whats that behind the tall dresser?! Oh, that would be more boxes, a suit case, and a few extra back packs and day-bags that I've secretly stashed out of Cheryl's sight. (shhhh, don't tell her they are there, otherwise she'll try to get me to 'put them away' :)

This is Cheryl's side. Sure its cleaner, but she's a girl, she's supposed to be cleaner. Do notice two of her purses right and large bag next to the night stand, ready to go at a moments notice.

Here's our Kitchen. Oh look, you can see Cheryl hard at work in the kitchen, cleaning up after one of her baking experiences. How delightful!
Now, I don't want to perpetuate any stereo types about women in the kitchen, and why they don't need to leave that room (our stove doesn't have a clock on it anyway). Its mere coincidence that She's there when I'm taking the picture. But yes, the picture was taken in the evening, and yes she is still wearing her pajamas having slept in quite late.

Then we have The Library. Its wealth of knowledge is indeed quite vast. On the south side of the Library we can learn about Botany and Herbology. On the bottom shelf of the library we can research Geneaology, Art History, The second shelf is more History. The Middle shelf is Romance, Drama, and other Girlie Stuff. The fourth shelf provides us with plenty of Girl Fiction. The top shelf is Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and more Girl Fiction. On the very top of you can study Art & Architecture, Astronomy, Painting, Drawing, Geography, Mechanics, and Fire Hydrants. You might be able to tell, this is the only shelf that 'The Librarian' can't reach, therefore, its exclusivly mine; and the only shelf I was given. Well, actually taken, cause I still think she's miffed that my stuff is there. And to the north of the library we have our Reserve section where you can find books on Government, Finance, and similarly related documents.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Jim's Movie Watching Schedule - 2009!

So I was just thinking of what kind of movies I might be interested in seeing in the upcoming future, so I put a little list together, and I've ranked them too, depending on how much I might want to see them. Check it Out!

key: 1=want to see
2=I kind of want to see
3=I'll see it if its playing at Fox (free)
4=I'll see it if I'm really bored

Jan 23:
Underworld -2
Killshot -2
Inkheart -3

Jan 30:
Taken -1

Feb 6:
He's just not that into you -3
Fanboys -3

Feb 27:
Street fighter -1

March 6:
Watchmen -1

March 13:
Race to Witch Mountain-2
The Horsemen -2

March 20:
Knowing -3

March 27:
Monsters vs. Aliens-2

April 3:
Fast & Furious-3

April 8:

April 17:
17 Again -3
Crank 2 -1

May 1:
X-men: Wolverine -1

May 8:
Star Trek -1

May 15:
Angels & Demons -2

May 22:
Terminator 4 -2
Night at the Museum 2 -1

May 29:
up -3

June 5:
Land of the Lost -1

June 12:
The Taking of Pelham 123 -2

June 26:
Transformers 2 -1

July 1:
Ice Age-2
Public Enemies-2

July 17:
Harry Potter- its about damn time!

July 31:
Funny People -2

August 7:
G.I.Joe -1

October 16:
Where the wild things are -1

Nov. 6:
Disney's Christmas Carol -2
Wolfman -1

Nov. 13:
Sherlock Holmes -2

Dec. 18:
Avatar -3

Then of course looking ahead to the future for more great shows-
The Smurfs
Harry Potter pt.1
Iron Man 2
Shrek 4
The A-Team
Toy Story
The Green Hornet
Hoodwinked 2
Alice in Wonderland
How to train your Dragon

Captain America
Harry Potter pt.2
The Hobbit pt.1
The Avengers
Cars 2
Spider-Man 4
Kung-Fu Panda 2

The Hobbit pt.2