Friday, January 19, 2007

Daily Update

Chris N' Pitts day has come. I'm so excited. I have my apron all ready. its
terrific! I think this time I'm gonna try to keep it off my face for a little
longer. I don't think I want to un-impress some(maybe one in particular) of the
attendees. (guest list withheld due to previous comment. at last count, there are
perhaps 16 on the list. I think last time we had 17 or 18. But I'm pretty sure I'm
forgetting a bunch of people who I told about this. Plewe volenteered the elders
quorm to help someone move into or out of my building. no one is really sure of
what the deal is, cause raquel just moved out, and some chick just moved in, I
thought. could this be a desperate attempt to get ou of a bad situation? oh boy.
Either way if I have to show up, I'm gonna be ultra funny :)
Last night we all went out for food before 'The Office', the Indian buffet was only
during lunches, so jeff stormed out angry. choice two after 10 min. of deciding was
a philly cheese steak bar-grille. I strongly suggested not eating bar food. There
is a difference between mediocre and hang-over food, and I would rather spend a
little bit more on mediocre food than hang-over food. so we went to some mexican
place. the Office was hilarious. that episode made me want to go and buy all
seasons of that show.
other than that, I'm planning on going to an ultra-gay store in west hollywood, and
start looking for wedding presents for Evan, (and maybe Kim Harrison- but I'll only
get something for her If I think it will make her really embarrassed, cause lets
face it, I'm never going to see her again and it will be super duper funny. Kami as
well said that she dosen't really get embarrased easlily - so I took that as a dare[
:) ].)
And I cant forget to call home again, my dad got pissed for last week. oops, I did
call. its just that i called at 10 or 11:30 their time. oh whatever. so when I
email my dad throughout the week and ask him stuff his stupid response is "lets talk
about it this weekend" No, I want an answer NOW!
I might clean my room, but then again, I also might end up fighting the battle of my
life, conquring the universe.

all my books came this last week, that I ordered few weeks back. now about that
bookshelf... plenty of reading material that I won't get to for a while. Kind of
feels like school.

Evan does nothing but plan wedding crap. I don't know if thats the wiseist thing
for him. but whatever. its his deal.

I forgot/didn't have time, but I was going to print a bunch of childhood pictures of
plewe and spread them around, cause they're so funny looking. and I was gonna have
a t-shirt made that says 'half-rack' and give it to scott. its an inside joke
between us and chris n pitts :)

I'm still trying to get over my sickness.

any good movies coming out this weekend?

then there's that one thing... but we'll see. If oppertunity permits.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Daily Update

Damage control done, problem averted. (and I've vowed never to talk about it
again.) I went to pick Jeff up from the lot, and we went furniture shopping for me.
unfortunatly I changed my mind at the checkout cause I thought it was just a little
to expensive. Then after going to three other stores I changed my mind back, so
I'll probably go tonight and purchace away. I think I'll get a bookshelf too. I'll
make sure it's the right color this time. then I stopped at Jeff's place after
visting Panda Express for dinner, to watch American Idol. Wow, what a bunch of
non-talent misfits! I can't believe that some of them actually think they have a
chance! harsh. then I went home to find my roomates, who had tivo'd am.idol, and
so I got to watch some of the highlights again. Then I decided to defend the
kingdom of Cyrodiil for a few more hours. I toured the map some more, and killed
bad guys. I then decided to put together my dresser, but after taking it out of the
box, I changed my mind. that's tonight's task. ya right, maybe on saturday or

I've never heard of Big Chill, where is it from?
I told carrie I'd go over then, cause they/she had something until 11pm, and I kept
telling her I'd go over and then never did. It had to do with delayed christmas
gift giving.
No, no, no! get that out of your head right now! Absoloutly not her, or anyone she
lives with! (her roomate looks exactly like my mother!) but come on tlh, it dosen't
matter, so don't worry about it. (Even if you were to guess, I'd deny it.)
ya, beward radio contests! Now all those times we played water uno on the mission,
who would have thought, we were playing russian roulette as well.
don't worry about chris n' pitts, we go every month. there's always next time.

bye for now.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Daily Update

Last night was boring. My computer game was being mean to me, there was a glitch in
the game so I can't finish one of the quests. I had to call my little brother and
have him consol me. he was only able to help very little. The current tasks are
becomming more and more difficult. as I switched from my utah compter to my
computer here, it didn't all transfer the same. but oh well, man does it look good
on my beautiful 22" widescreen monitor! a bit later I decided to go running. it
wasn't my best decision ever, but it was due time. my shoes felt so terrific. the
really cold weather didn't do my lungs well. after I was done I decided I needed an
oreo mcFlurry from mcDonalds. and at that moment I started caughing, and couldn't
stop. so I went over to Jeffs'. I didn't get a chance to start operation-damage
control, that had to wait till thismorning. After that at 11:30 I went to Carrie's
place. turns out it was only her there, AWKWARD. Its one of those deals where she
just wanted to talk for a while. so I had to listen, then she mentioned that
Brandon was mad at her, so then I had to ask more. Now that I know some of both
sides of the story, the plot thickens. She gave me a long talked about christmas
gift, a glass with my name etched into it. it was nice of her. I then went home
and tried cleaning up, but then quickly gave up.
then it was overcast in the morning. and started to sprinkle.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Daily Update

work was slow. You might have been able to notice that from the lenghty update
yesterday. I've begun project 'bring music to work' we don't use the hard drives
for practically anything, so I figure hey, why not. And some of the other guys have
already done it. it will refresh my memory on what I actually own; its been many
months, if not years since, i actually went thru it all. and I bought a cd shelf
for my room to make me look trendy and cool, in case that fateful day that a girl
would want to see how messy my room is(or maybe isn't). I'm listening to the doors
right this very moment. Last night I actually didn't want to go to FHE, but one of
my hometeachee's texted me and wanted to know if I was, and at that time I wasn't
sure, so I only said maybe. but then later Ryan called and was trying to recruit
people for his movie. I then had an idea to switch movies as well. a long story
short: the few people that showed went to Freedom Writers(I dislike that hilary
swank) but Jeff showed up and it was easy to talk him into seeing Children of Men,
and Danny Koonz came with too. our show started at 8. it was not as good as I
expected. a little let down. Josh would be glad he held out a few nights earlier.
Definatly a foreign film. There was one 7-8 min sequence where the camera didn't
cut once! it was fantastic. the characters needed refining, and I honestly don't
think the script was re-read enough times, if at all.
so then to Jeff's place so I could make fun of Plewe. it turned into girl talk, and
Evan's advice hour, the 'look how I did it' episode. it got old, so I went home to
play video games then to bed. wow, I love sleeping. Its so nice. work is still
slow. Chokchai's computer crashed, and I mean bad. Hard drive went out. No good.
Then during lunch, I forgot my wallet, so I had to run home, and luckily for me one
of the girls saw me, and called. they were going to BJ's. I showed up shortly
there after. Mmmm Mmmm good. Jen was the server. I think she remembered me from
last time. Oh Boy. I was on better behavior this time, cause of who I was with :)
tonight I need to reep a little damage control from last night's discussion. Also
on the table, is cleaning my room, doing laundry, and then I told someone I'd show
up at there place between 11:30 and 12. No not for that, just cause I said I would
today when we spoke. Thats all.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Daily Update

Friday evening: Phoned jeff on the way home, as I was trying to find parking to
investigate Rick's disapearance, but couldn't so I told jeff I was going to target,
so he wanted to come. so I go over there, and then all of a sudden three other
people needed to come, so we had to wait a bit, but we got josh to drive. while in
route Rick called me finally with a confirmation of life. It had been 20 phone
calls, one house visit and one attempted office visit.we tried to meet up with he
and silvia, but it didn't work out. we had a lovely evening. I finally bought some
bedroom furnature. halaluja. then capped the night off with eating at Del Taco.
ya, that place never has been my favorite, but its most enjoyable to watch jride
down 8 tacos and 4 burritos. they had to serve him two trays, not just one. then
we went to josh's place to look for a movie. I ended up convincing them to watch a
few minutes of Team America-world police. its done with puppets by the south park
guys. its pretty vulgar(but me thinks thats whats makin it so hilarious) then the
ryan/scott duo got tired and had to retire, so we all jsut left.

Saturday morning, I wake up to realize my pancake mix is over at 1609 Veteran. so I
have to get up early to go make myself breakfast over there. but before I did that
I had to kill some mosters via the computer. it was ever so stress releaving. food
was good. it was Ryans b-day. He called everyone in his phone book to let them
know. we then saw happy feet. I must say Happy Feet wasn't as much my thing as I
thought it would be. animation was really good, story needed more. then I went
home to clean up my room, but then the TV got in the way, so nothing actually
happened. then to a baptizm. it was ok. I've lost what respect for the
missionaries there. they are NUTS! I don't think they planned any of it out before
hand. It didn't seem like anyone was in charge, and at one point I thought that
some of the hard-headed sisters were going to get up and be witnesses, or more!
plenty of more issues that can't be discussed in this venu. lots of people though.
Kami has nice(soft)legs :) afterwards we went to Tito's Taco stand. It was only
mediocre, and Evan still owes me 3.50 from that. I rode home with sara collins, we
gossiped about Evan, and his high stress personallity. then to Ryans place to watch
a movie. we saw Get Shorty. It was a little rough for some of the audience who
decided to leave, which I felt bad about, seeing that some people don't like
R-ratings and The F-words every 30 seconds. But we're still working on that. Its
really not my fault, I only brought the movies, I didn't choose which one, thats
ryans deal.

Sunday, 11 am came a bit early. I was almost late for church. Thank goodness I lay
my sunday clothes out the night before. Jason stout forgets a lot of announcement
from the pulpet. I had to shake my head twice. Dinner was at Jeff's. it was nice.
then we watched another movie, zorro the gay blade, it was great.

The un-rumor mill. so you know how stanley brown was announcing his engagement a
few weeks back. well, I was talking with 'Someone Else' at ------, who said that he
asked her out! that retard! still stalking apparently. (i saw him last week at ross
with a new land rover) he just went down more in my eyes. Oh ya, she didn't want me
saying anything bout it to anyone either, (so don't tell anyone else JB.) (and
you're the third or fourth person I've told)[tlh, go ahead and ignore this paragraph
please, thanks]

Today a friend from work got back from Thailand. He was there for three weeks. he
got married there too. he had a lot of nice pictures. thai weddings are
interesting. we gave him grief cause they'd been dating for 13 years apparently.

well, thats it for now I think. what a weekend.

p.s. chris n pitts this weekend in case chicago dosent work out.