Thursday, August 13, 2009

Man-Box 2.0

Its finally happened! I have a Man-Box! Was it 2 or more years ago that Josh Jeff and I originally started our first version Man-Boxes... ah, I can't remember anymore. And I'm still planning on putting the finishing touches on that Box that I started carving on, made from a rich mahogany. But something better came along many months after. I was casually browsing the internet, and for some reason I was looking through Pirate Chests. And all of a sudden, this one website showed me the coolest thing that I'd ever seen (well, almost the coolest, but it ranks pretty high!). Once I saw it, I knew that it had to be mine, and I knew that It would replace the original Man-Box.

Here is my Man-Box

Here is my Man-Box with the lid open.

Here is the top of my Man-Box

Here is the side of my Man-Box

Here is the back side of my Man-Box.

It measures 27"X15"X15". And I'm far from finished with it. I plan to make inserts for all my super cool belongings. As Cheryl has so often suggested, I will have a pull-out shelving system for all my sunglasses, and also real glasses now, as well as a small bottle of cleaning solution and a small rag for wiping down the lenses when the occasion warrants such a need. On the other side I will have a series of racks for hanging my large supply of beautiful watches! You will be able to pull each hanging Watch-carousel out and twirl it around and see the many sparkly watches that I have. I will then be able to select which watch I will accessorize with that day. The middle portion is reserved right now for an undetermined number of things which right now rest on top of my regular dresser.
I was thinking of having cool top-secret stuff like my gun and loads of bullets in there too, but then I realized that if there was a break in it would be to hard to get to, so I'm still going to leave it under my pillow for now.
In addition, the insides, although nice, won't be left unfinished. I have selected a wonderful asian style fabric from JoAnn's that I will be lining the box with. Not that I need it, but it will be more like a Treasure Chest, similar to my Man-Box 1.0 idea.
It is so cool.
I got it from if you want to look further.