Friday, May 25, 2007

Daily Update

So the other day I was walking to my lunch appointment, and I was walking by DiddyReese. It was closed for re-modeling. I didn't really care, I was just suprised tosee it closed. But when walking by, there was another group of people staning infront of this ever so popular Cookie-Factory, and the girl/spokesperson for thegroup was absoutly outraged. She was almost ready to file a class-action law suit!No, I'm not kidding. She was on the verge of baligerance I tell you. It was not ahappy time for this lady. (I had to laugh cause it kind of reminded me of otherpeople I know who get upset when they arent' served quickly.) Who would havethought that cookies could to that to a person.

So the other day my car was reaching the end of its 12 gallon fuel reserve, so Idecided to replentish this supply by going to the 'gas-station'. This is wherepeople put Fuel in cars. I went to the 'gas-station' owned by some guy named'Shell'. He must like his name and that 'ocean' theme, because he also has asea-shell as a logo, (and the main reason why I went to this location) and he has acar-wash, or car-shower, just like at the beach. But there was a problem. Mr.Shell's Car-wash was closed, just like the beach closes at 9pm, so does thisShell-Car-Shower/Wash. I was left with little alternitives. I did however notice ahand held squeege device for cleaning windows. If it works on glass...; it works on Faded red paint, Hoods, Roofs, doors, trunks, tires, undercarrages, and so on,right. So I washed my whole car witht he hand-held squeege. It took a littlelonger than I wanted, but It cleaned most of the discusting tree sap and bird poooff my car. Appearently over this last weekend the local seagull brigade did areinactment of World War 2, birds being the alied bombers, and My car ended upplaying the part of Berlin.

I went running yesterday. It went just like the day before. I started out at myfaster pace. I assure you I wasn't trying to 'over-impress' anyone who I might havebeen running with. I started out like the Cheeta, fast, determined, and angry. Myankels would snap back with each graceful stride. My body was in perfect form(technique not physique), just like the well oiled machine I've trained it to be.After the first three minutes the spots faded and I settled down into the properLion Pride that I was ment to be in. I definatly felt better than yesterday, but mytime ended up being 19 seconds more than the last one, 17:28. The reason it wasslower than yesterday was because the local school was having a parent-teacher conf.and ALL the parking by the starting point was taken, thus throwing my checkpointtimes. Then on the second lap I slowed down a lot, but I still was able to shavethe overall time down to 40:40. I even decided to slow down and walk for a total ofthree minutes. I HAD to I tell you, except for when people were watching, then I'dact like I was a pro jogger. I saw the Vampires again. They are scary.

Later on that night I went over to watch 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid', with KA and Lincoln. I drank chocolate milk there. It was very entertaining. Rob andPaul do a good job in the movie. Then after that, as if it wasn't enough I waschanging from driving Josh's car to my own, and so I stopped by Greenfield. I sawlights on, and as I approached I heard laughing. So I stopped by. The kids werejust hanging out, eating cake, drinking milk, shooting eachother in the face withnerf guns, you know, the usual. Moments passed when I commented on an annoyingconstant beep. EmWin started punching numbers on a keypad, when suddenly a horriblealarm sounds! (it was around midnight) Evan2 went for the closet where the alarmwas hidden, and I start calling all the phone numbers on the keypad device. While Iwas talking with Jen, Evan2 found the alarm's battery power, so he cut the sound.Jen instructed us on how to permenatly disable the device. Poor neighbors. Itwasn't really our fault though. I ate more cake, performed in a short fashion show,gossiped about stuff, drank more milk, then gave Jam a ride to her car, and thenhome again. Then I went home.

I'm glad that American Idol is finally over, now I can stop activily hating it. theauditions are great entertainment, but the competition just sucks. They are alljust mediocre singers, and usually the good vocalists go bye-bye early on becausethey don't know how to wow the audience. Now my tv watching skills are leading meto a new show, 'So you think you can Dance'. Yes!I've promised myself to put in at least two hours of work on my Man-Box thisweekend. This work will be mostly drawing onto the wood, and then carving. I alsoplan to go to a Star Wars Convention down town maybe tomorrow morning, and maybemonday morning. It's going to be ultra-nerdy awesome.

I'm listening to Greenday right now. [Green Day is an American rock band formed in1989 comprising of three core members: Billie Joe Armstrong (guitar, lead vocals),Mike Dirnt (bass) and Tré Cool (drums). Green Day was originally part of the punkrock scene at 924 Gilman Street in Berkeley, California. Their early releases forindependent label 'Lookout!' Records earned them a grassroots fanbase, some of whomfelt alienated when the band signed to a major label. Nevertheless, their majorlabel debut Dookie became a breakout success in 1994 and eventually sold over 10million copies in the U.S. alone. As a result, Green Day was widely credited, alongwith fellow California punk bands The Offspring and Rancid, with reviving mainstreaminterest in and popularizing punk rock in the United States. Green Day's immediatefollow-up albums did not achieve the massive success of Dookie, but they were still successful.]

Lunch was sponsored by Marvin's Diner. The lady there is good with knowing what i want to order before I do. Cheeseburger combo please.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Daily Update

My whole evening was already planned out as I left the office. It was actually overbooked. I've been doing that a lot lately. I guess its better to be busy than bored. My to-do list keeps getting pushed back day after day. I think I need a vacation. I hope I can hold out until September.

In an effort to more organize my life's events, I bought a calendar book. Its so cool. Its a small leather book. It has months, days, and weeks, times tables, distance chart, unit conversion chart, Holiday dates, Clothing style lists, Calorie counting charts, and More. The only problem is that it dosen't start counting until mid June. I guess that it is an academic calendar, so it goes along with when people are supposed to be in school, or not. So I'll be using yellow sticky notes for a few weeks, until the printed pages kick in.

The whole evening was like a chess game. Every step was thought about in many different ways, and seeing multiple solutions for every action I was able to plan everything out sucessfully. So in a well stratagized move, at the stroke of 6pm I rushed home from work to go running. I was like Clark Kent in a phone booth I as so fast at changing. My shoes were the final piece of the puzzle and they were slid on as I ran down the stairs.

Running today was good. I started out faster than normal. I was geared up and ready to go. I didn't have time to waste, or to stretch my already aching muscles. As I got out of my car some other runner passed me by, I felt threatened, and after switching to run mode in my brain, I set off to follow that person. It was to my luck that I was much faster than them. My ego always needs massaging these days. The wind whisped by me rapidly. I kind of felt like an airplane that was gaining speed on the runway, building speed as it neared lift-off. But there was no lift off this time. My head stayed cool and clear, awaiting enemy attacks. I was roaring like a great lion on this day. my hair didn't move cause I gelled it to death this morning. My socks were clean. The shirt I wore was old, and a size or two to small. It didn't matter, I was going so fast that my shirt could barley hold onto me. Great-Lions don't usually don't wear old tattered T-shirts anyway. I felt like someone was chasing me the whole time. Particularly when I was leaping over tree stumps and dodging branches and tree limbs. By the end I was exhausted, but it was worth it, cause this time I remembered to bring a stop watch, and my time was 17:14. a full 45 seconds better than the previous noted times! I roared with glee. During this run I only HAD to stop two times to turn around to check out chicks.

I then went to jeff's place. Plans changed, so I helped with home teaching. Then a pit-stop at Panda. Mmmmm. Then planns changed again, had to cancel the 'Dance-off'. Then we just went to Greenfield for Cake. Mmmmm. Chatted, hung out, the usual. Meanwhile, I got a call from our resident trackstar, and he needed someone to move his car, because he left it in a neighborhood where he wasn't supposed to, again. So I had to go and track it down in the wee hours of the night. But then I went crusing thru ucla, to show them how cool I was.

I'm listening to Fastball right now. It reminds me of a long car ride I once took.

Lunch was sponsored by Noah's Bagels. Not to bad, a little spicy. I can still taste the seasoning on the tip of my tongue.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Daily Update

Another beautiful European Day. The wind was blowing gently thru the trees. The sounds of the leaves rustling rang through the air. The low roar of rubber tires whisped by constantly as I walked down the sidewalk of Westwood. The overcast skies provided ample ammounts of scattered ambient lighting for the early morning hours. 'Not to many people are up this early' I told myself multible times.

After my duties at the workplace were complete for the day, I excused myself, and I ran off to a scheduled meeting, that I thought was to take place. The scheduled meeting didn't happen. I showed up a little late, but no one else was there. No one at all. I felt alone and abandoned. So I just started chatting with the old guys that were there, at the designated location. oh well, maybe next time.

Re-gathering my thoughts back in the Bat-cave, I was prepairing the evening's agenda with Alfred, when all of a sudden I saw the Bat-Signal shining on the clouds. The ultra-bright halogen spotlight with the Bat-symbol at the center shined bright, it was noticable for miles and miles. Apparently there was a situation in Downtown Gotham City, and they needed my help. I hurried to the 'fire-pole' where I was able to jump into my newly referbished costume disguise. I just had to stand in front of the mirror and flex and pose for a few minutes. Its not easy to be a superhero, even I have to stop and admire myself in a mirror now and then.

At that time I recieved a call from Commissiner Gordon's assistant. He needed me downtown to officiate a meeting with the other 'Super-Best-Friends' group. I raced to the Batmobile, and sped over the Gotham City Hall.

As I arrived the meeting was already underway. Nothing important was being discussed. It has been a fairly quiet season in Gotham City as of late. Most of the Villans are tucked away in prison, or under deep cover and on the run. The superheros are doing a fantastic job in the city. So much so that Hulk and Dare Devil spent most of the time trying to repair a table that the other superheros broke before we got there.

At one point during the evening I noticed some of the other friendly comic book super hero taking an intrest in watching 'Dancing with the Stars'. Apparently they are fans of this dancing Julianne character as well. That show was ok, but he felt a little gay watching The Batchelor. I mean really, what superhero can watch that stuff without laughing the whole time. Normal people are so silly sometimes.

Toward the end of the evening as the discussion was dying down, one superhero, who we'll call... 'Emily' to disguise her true identity, tried to assist a few of us Super-Manly Superhero's in interpreting the intentions of normal, non-super hero type girls. How confusing. 'Emily' started talking about Rules, and Manners, and being polite, and stuff like that. Thats stuff I can do as Bruce Wayne, but NOT as Batman! It is to difficult to cross over rolls like that. We were partially there at City Hall to help train a rising star, who might soon qualify for superhero status, but there was decention among the ranks, some sudo-villan who obviously has been taking lessons from the angry Catwoman. So we as Superhero's were unable to assist this young bud as they grow into stardom. I think next time I won't be able to stop Hulk from just snapping her in two, I don't think anyone will want to stop him from doing it, if you know what I mean.

Batman went to Marvin's Diner for lunch to eat some of the best Cheeseburger-combo ever. He washed it down with an ice cold sprite soda.

Batman is listening so a cool punk band named Big In Japan right now. He borrowed it from a friend of mine. He better give it back before he takes off.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Daily Update

So apparently over this last weekend the two appartments below mine suffered from a water leak problem. Or more like a flood. So our manager came snooping around our apartment, looking for leaks. She found nothing, but sent a plumber anyway. Thats when I left town. So when I came back I noticed that someone had re-organized my stragically placed clothing piles that were beautifly placed on my floor. Well, I guess the plumber/manager/roomate(s) was nice enough not to trapse all over my clothing piles, so they just made a lumpy pile on my bed. So when I got home it looked like someone had tried on all my clothes and left them out.

The last 'regular' American Idol is tonight. Its the voting show. I'm not predicting anything, cause I was wrong last time and its only a guess between two people, but I heard that the chick will win.

Last night I finally decided to take back all the extra paint that went unused from the Renee Mural. I guess I got a little excited, but I had a LOT of extra paint. And after that, since I was in the area of 3rd Street, I also had decided that I needed to go shopping. How else would cheer myself up from a hard day's work? (and I had already been suit shopping.) I now feel prepaired for the summer ahead. After that excitement I went to FHE. I was really late. I hung out for about 10 minutes and then a group of us went to Denny's. As I was driving around last night
I was reminded of something that happened to me on saturday while driving around Salt Lake. While on the freeway driving toward the Wedding expedition, I had to pass a big car, a Yukon I think, like Josh's. Why I noticed it was because it was swirving back and forth quite a bit. It was morning so I didn't think that they were drinking, but I was luckily in my dad's big truck, so I felt like I could defend myself if the Yukon attacked me. As I was passing in the fast lane I glanced toward the driver, just to see if I would be able to make faces, finger guestures,
or stuff like that. It turns out that the driver was a short little latino yenta, on her cell phone with one hand, picking her nose with her other hand, and steering the vehicle with an elbow/chin/and or knee (her chin because her seat was about 5 inches from the steering wheel). I don't think that seats can possibly get any closer. I of corse thought twice about making rude guestures/actions toward a woman, but I decided that funny actions were appropriate. so I slowed my truck down to drive next to her, and mimic exactly what she was doing. I geared up my right arm and extend it out to be very visable and bend my index finger back and put my
knuckle up to my nose then start shaking my arm, like I'm struggling to mine for gold. Now because I was driving, I didn't thing I could safely perform this stunt and drive AND look right at her, so I started honking my horn as if it was in rythum with my right arm mining. After doing this for like 10 seconds, I felt my point was portraied, so I then accelerated into safety, ahead of the dangerous driver. This whole exchange only lasted about 30 seconds, but it was very memorable. Why I thought of this yesterday was because as I was driving to 3rd street, I passed another individual who I thought was swirving, only this time, I was in my little ol
car, and didn't feel like being funny next to an SUV.

I'm listening to Cinderella's Greatest Hits. All in the theme of my 80's hair-bands
kick right now. (also Inspired by Re-nay-nay)

Lunch was inspired by Socko's, the sandwitch shop around the corner.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Daily Update

So I slipped out of work a tad early on Friday. I was to meet up with Ryan so wecould get a ride to LAX from Jordan, the new roomate. Ryan in usual fashion, wasrunning super late. Instead of leaving for the airport at 6:15 he got home from thegym then, and then still had to pack. While he was packing he felt obligated tocall fellow dental buddies, read his mail, text his girlfriends, and talk withjordan about sports. Finally by 7, we went. I don't know if he got his Desire forlateness/slow-movingness from Evan, or Evan from him. But they both have it.

We flew into Utah late. My dad picked me up. He drives slow. My house hasn'tchanged since I left. The counters were all full. The sofa's haven't moved. Therewas still toast in the toaster. My paintings are still on the walls, Dave put someof his up too. He copied me. My mom ,anticipated my arrival, and made cookies.She's pretty good at that sort of thing.

Evan's big day. (I looked really good.) I was wearing my brothers clothes. I wentdowntown to go shopping before the wedding. Just in case there was anything Imissed last time I was there. It turns out that there was lots of stuff that Ineeded to buy, but I didn't because I had a stronger desire NOT to bring more than abackpack on the plane. The wedding was nice. I don't know if i'm allowed to talkabout this sort of thing, but here goes; during the cerimony, the sealer wasefficient and quick with a very rehearsed dialogue, but two of his comments reallyurked me! Its one thing to talk about/quote Sherry Dew in Relief Society or SundaySchool, but in a Wedding Sealing! unacceptable. I lost concentration, and becameannoyed. Then when he was quoting Huge Nibbley, a little of the same. Then when herecited a poem from his wife, which didn't make ANY sense, it weirded out my wholeexperience. She cried, he was giddy, it was nice. (I'll try to put a some of the pics on the internet for you all, by tomorrow). As we were hanging out, waiting for the couple, I started taking pictures. Then westarted taking funny pictures. Then Someone had the Bright idea to quickly create astory line and put together a movie about 'Jims Adventure to Temple Square'. Don'tworry, it WILL be in the film festival this year! It pretty much consists of ME inlots of pictures, lots of other peoples wedding pictures.

By the end of the day Jeff was getting pissed that Evan wasn't more appreciativethat he showed up. And he was mad that the people were serving food didn't servehim first. He was getting cranky, Jessica was getting 'fresh', Josh was gettingembarrassed, Jim was getting funny, and the other girls at the table were gettingnervous. The best part about sitting at a table with chicks that we didn't know waswhen I lifted one of their cameras, took super funny random pictures, then put itback. It was great.

In the evening, I dragged Brandjalina with me to Jeff's place. They have a lovelychateau in Sandy Utah. Jessica came over too. After chatting around their banquettable we went to this thing called a 'dollar movie'. It took place at somethingcalled a 'dollar theater'. Interesting concept, they only charged 'One Dollar' forviewing a movie there. We saw 'Music and Lyrics'. It was actually pretty good. I think that Huge Grant stole his characters pattented hip-thrusting action from me.He must have been at Renee's party. Then, like usual, we/I stayed up to late.
I had to get up early (8am) for the plane ride home. I borded the plane before theothers arrived. I didn't think the two stooges were going to make it. I sat towardthe front of the plane cause the emergency asiles were already taken. I need to beon moreThey evenutally showed up and sat next to me. I immediatly realized how bad of an idea it was to sit next to bigger fellas. Josh ran to the window seat like anexcited kindergardner. The wall kept him upright, which meant he was pushing into Jeff. Jeff was scrunched in the middle and pushing into me, and I only had theasile to expand into, unless someone was walking by, and they were, quite often. It might have been more comfortable in a straight-jacket. I worked on my chinese symbols for my Man-Box on the plane again.

KA was gracious enought to pick me up from the airport, and drop me off at my place. She's a champ. I only had an hour to change and go to church. After cleaningmyself up I leave my place and am on my way to church; but then I realize that mycar was over at Veteran because we went to the airport from there. So for the first time ever I had to walk to church. It took me 8 minutes.

After church Josh had to go to some performance of a 'friend' of his down inMurrieta (where he's from), he invited Jeff and I to come with. So right afterchruch, we drove down. I slept practically the whole way down (which felt sooogood) while jeff and josh talked politics. Josh seems like the local celebrity inhis area down there. All the kids would run up to him and want to catch up. It wasa lovely performance. Marvin Goldstein, the accomplished concert pianist, and hisfriend performed. One thing about trying to do quality performances in a LDSChappel, the speakers and microphones arent' the best quality, and wern't ment to beused a lot. So I wasn't suprised when the microphone kept cutting out during thesinging. We met his parents and all his friends too. It is a really nice area down there.

I think thats all. For now anyway.

Lunch was sponsored by In N' Out.

I'm listening to Bob Marley right now.