Friday, February 2, 2007

Daily Update

I went running again. I felt like an ostrich this time. Minus the wild flailing of
the arms and neck. It wasn't as champion of a run as last time. I found myself
speeding up when going downhill, or past other people. Other than that, it was as
if my subconscious had shifted into a lower gear. (oh, don't get me wrong, just
because I was slow dosent' mean at all that I was weak. I'm sure I could have
bulled a Mack truck to safety if necessary.) I was over by the Brentwood country
club. It was defiantly colder there along the south side of the course than any
where else. I could see my breath.

Scott's. After than experience, Scott was having a birthday celebration that I was
to attend. Instead of going out, it was just pizza and watching TV. eventually we
went to Chili's for cake. Our waiter was kind of lame. Partially cause it was a
dude, and not a sassy chick. After that it took me a little while to realize how
lame watching more TV(best of motorcycle crashes) and listening to Evan talk cheesy
to Mary.

Then I went home to fight the 'king of worms', he is the leader of the Necromancer
Society in the land of Cyrodiil. He was hiding in Echo Cave, just north of Bruma.
It went well. I gave him a great battle. Then it was late, so I went to bed.

I'm still home alone. Jim's expected back around Tuesday, and Eric is off filming a
'small part' in a movie so who knows when he'll be back. I'm expecting by this

Superbowl plans anyone?

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Daily Update

I was contemplating last night whether stuff happens to me becuase I report it here
in my Daily Updates, or just that I have the chance to report it cause it happens.
The later would mean that people who don't keep journals or diaries have boring
lives. Or is it just that people who don't write it down forget it, thus think
their lives are boring. Hmmm.

Kami phoned me at 5:40 last night, right before I was going home. Right then I
figured she needed something. I mean we've had lunch before, but that late?,
something was up. In our short 1 min. 31 second conversation half the time she was
giggling/laughing (trying her hardest to cover something up[pain]),and the other
half she was 'super-stressed/under lots of pressure/something was the matter' type
voice. She apparently couldn't walk due to an earlier incident with smashing her
foot in a car door. Ouch. (simillarly, kind of like the time by brother smashed my
left middle finger in the door of our old grey Oldsmobile station wagon when we
lived in Boise. Thats right Joe I still remember.) So I felt bad for her, and could
relate; car doors are painful. I drove her home.

Also last night Ewa called, (from school)and invited me to a get-to-gether they were
having for the old classmates. So I thought it would be cool, so I entertained the
idea. Then when I called for directions, I realized it was at a Bar. I've recently
tried to limit the Bar visits that i partake in, but it has been a while, so I
begrudgenly went. It turned out that it wasnt' everyone from my class, it was just
a random open invite that only the three girls showed up to. They're nice and all,
but ... you just have to know them to understand. (ps, the waitress had really nice
skin, and was showing a lot of it.)

Meanwhile, I had been texting and calling people to rescue me with an excuse as to
why I should leave this bar hopping girl party. Luckily Kristen came to the rescue
and said that she and Sara were going to be watching TV. So I abruptly left the bar
scene to realize that the Santa Monica PD are alive and well when it comes to
handing out parking tickets.

TV watching at KA's was fun. We watched American Idol. How teriffic. I now know
exactly why that show is americas favorite for the third straight year in a row.
Some people are just insane and shameless. I honestly thought for a second that I
could sing better than some of those people!

Eventually the girls got tired so I left, and on the way out Jessica and I chatted
it up out on the curb for a bit, you know, gossip.

tonight we're supposed to go celebrate Scott's B-day. I hope something exciting
happens so I can report it tomorrow to you all.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Daily Update

Renee was amazed that I had glazed over a few items that she felt were important.
First, that I have amazingly dexterious fingers. Again going back to Sun. night,
when I Rocked her off the stage with the Guitar Hero game. as well as fixing her
backseat seatbelt. (I wonder what was going on in the backseat, that would pull the
seatbelt all the way out, and then tie it in a knot? hmmmm.)

On the way home Ryan Called, we set up an appointment to go out to eat for later
that evening. NO, not a guy-date! just an arrangement to eat at the same place, and
jeff came too. It was research for the Book I'm writing, "Where to Eat-with a
commentary on life" by Jim Cunliffe. We went to Calif. Chicken Cafe. It was
packed. We also ran into Jeremy Coon there. So we asked him lots of annoying movie
questions about his stuff at Sundance/Slamdance right now and in previous years.
The topic then evolved into how LAME byu is.

Before I went over to Ryan's I tried out this new fad called jogging... or is it
yogging, with a soft J? I'm not sure but apparently you just run for an extended
period of time. It's supposed to be wild!
This is just one of the ways that I'm attempting to hone my animal like instincts.

After dropping the boys off. ( didn't stay cause they were going to move a Fridge) I
went to the house of this chick I know named Renee. Whey were 'nerding out' and
being obsessed with this TV show called 'Lost'. Sounds like they are lost for good
tv programing. In the 30 minutes they were there, they had just read thru the rules
once (1 time). [aren't games supposed to be easier than that?]

So last night I went to bed a little early, just after midnight. The only reason I
stayed up was cause I was sending this girl I know, Jessica, an email answering a
question she had asked me earlier in the week. After I hit the send button I then
thought twice, and immediatly regretted answering the way I did. Unfortunatly I
wasn't using Microsoft's Outlook, so I couldn't do an 'email-recall'. But oh well.
Lesson learned for next time. You know what they say... "When in Rome".

I don't think there's anything interesting on TV tonight. Bummer. I'll have to
kill more evil demonds that have escaped fromt he evil wasteland they call home.

Oh, yesterday some excitement came into my life when the parking guy told me I
couldn't park where I was going to park. During lunch time its always busy, and the
morning parking guy is an asshole. So he tried to tell me what I can or can't do,
so I had to remind him he was a parking attendant, and that the people who pay his
wadges, me, will come back when I feel it appropriate and move my car into a spot
when there is one. He suggested to me that there was at least one stall avail. in
the whole lot, but then I had to cut him off with a louder tone of voice instructing
him 'not ever to mock me, especially when I was scolding him'. He then walked away,
so I moved my car into an available spot. So now I check my car doors for key marks
when I get in it to leave.

Ewa just invited me to a bar after work, over by Laura's place. I wonder what time
they were going.

I brought my lunch to work for the first time ever. I ate left-overs and
snapple-kiwi strawberry.
I'm listening to Bruce Springsteen right now.

I gotta go now so I can write down all the thoughts of mine that you'll never see.
oh, ya, and work too.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Daily Update

I don't mind working, its just that when they give me a project and it has to be
done before I go home, that is when it sucks. I had to stay until 9 last night, and
it seemed like I was the only one doing stuff. So next time anyone asks, I don't
know how to use that program! On the way home, I called half the people in my phone
book. No one answered. so I went home and started cleaning up from Sunday. (Yes, I
said from Sunday. I'm just slow like that.)

Then I thought about going online and messing with the Dungeons n' Dragons kids,
pretending I was a 14 year old girl who wanted some personal 'D and D' tutoring; but
that would have brought me down to a whole new level of nerddom, so I opted not to.

So I sat at home and thought about what I should do with the rest of the evening for
a while, then I noticed that the clock read 10:30 or 11, and then started pondering
what I 'should have' done. And yes computer games were involved in there as well.
it wouldn't have been a well rounded evening if they hadn't. I have to do what I
can to defend the universe against monsters of all kinds! I also remember putting a
bookshelf together. I didn't think anything of it, until I started pounding nails
into the wood. Gee, I hope the neighbors downstairs didn't mind. He he. Then I just
sat on my bed for a second and the next thing I know I woke up and was wondering who
the crap left the lights on?! It took a second, but I soon realized that oops, I
did, and all those other lights were actually the sun.

My work computer has become more of a toy now. I now have 7.whatever gigabites of
music on there and that number is going up as we speak. I also have been doing a
lot of internet shopping lately. what a handy tool, thanks Al Gore. (aka

In reviewing yesterday's update I don't think I described enough in detail the ultra
cool game we were playing on sunday night at Kim's house. If you've ever played air
guitar, this is the toy for you! Its called Guitar Hero. Like playing guitar with
huge training wheels. Instead of strumming or plucking, its a button. Instead of
pressing and holding chords, you hit buttons. How cool is that?!

I just went to lunch with Someone in Beverly Hills, afterwards I lost my car and had
to do quite a bit of wondering before I found it. I usually park on certain
streets, but this time traffic was extra-super-bad so I had to branch out. Oh Boy.
I'll have to pay more attention next time. (1)

I'm listening to Neil Diamond right now. Work is quiet.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Daily Update

The weekend started out slowly. As I was leaving work, one of the girls there
informed me and Chokchai that we would be needing to stay 'as late as necessary' on
Monday, so we promptly responded that we will stay as late as she does. Having no
plans in particular, I decided to just roll with the evenings punches. Jeff and Co.
were going to drive down to the OC to pick up chicks there. Ryan got a message from
someone off of 'LinkUP' and wanted to see if there would be any 'fireworks' down
'south'. Having no interest to do that I decided to go to Big Lots, but en-rout, I
changed my mind and stopped by Floyd's Barbershop. I don't remember her name, but
she was from Whittier. Kind of plain looking, but she snipped my hairs with the
greatest of ease. I felt good about it.

Then when finished, I called and told Jeff that I would NOT be attending the OC
party, as disapointing as it was. I realized that the guys could have used me
there. Apparently they needed someone to humble some of the snootie braty chicks
down there. I would have been just the person to do it. Cause I'm all about havin'
fun. You know, start a fire in someone's kitchen, maybe go to SeaWorld, take my
pants off. You know, the usual.

After Jeff's phone call, I got a text message from KA, confirming movie watching
night at thier place. (Timing is important in this so Jeff doesn't pull an Evan and
feel victimized cause 'he wasn't invited'.) So anyway, I went over there. (lets face
it, I'd much rather hang out there than with a bunch of dudes and snobby chicks.)
We watched The Bourn Supremacy. Very Nice! (said like Borat). Then I made the
mistake of making a casual bet about who an actor was, and after the movie Kristen
had to prove me wrong by looking this dude up on so I had to buy her

I went home and started cleaning my appartment till really late into the night. It
was a prime oppertunity cause both Eric and Jim were out. Jim is in Hawaii, and
Eric is off to Sundance and/or filming stuff/or writing a screenplay in North
Carolina. Pretty boring stuff.

On Sunday 9:45 came rather early. I warned Ryan about early church meetings, and it
was 10:00 before I woke up. oops. On my way out the door Matt called and told me
we had someone to visit at 11, so I only went to the EQ meeting for about 30
minutes. I didn't think they minded, but I don't know since I wasn't there.

After church I went home and started fixin to make noodles for the crew. German
noodles(spƤtzle). Mmm Mmm good. A bunch of people came over. Jeff made 2
wonderful pies, and the girls brought a lovely salad. The only complication was the
2 other parties going on at the same time. Not a big deal, but something to

So, now I must ponder a situation that arose; 'what would you do' if someone you
knew told you they had a boob-job? What is the proper way to react? Well, Let me
just purpose one way to you: Being suprised, you can't look down at them, other
wise you'd be a perv. You can't say 'I didn't notice', casue might give them a
complex. You can't really ask questions (I didn't think) at a public function
because things could become awkward or so. So, what more appropriate than simply to
look away and say ' Ah, thats nice', and hold back the eyes popping out of your
head, or suprising 'gasping for airs'. However it was that I reacted, it was
apparently comical, and worth describing to everyone else in the room (12 times).

So after dinner wrapped up, people mozzied on to the other parties. I ended up
stopping by Firecracker's place. It was nice. (Most of the people there I had seen
only moments earlier) They were celebrating Sara Collins B-Day. The cupcakes were
terrific. Some of the kids started harrassing me and so I felt I needed to defend
myself, and then they thought I was over reacting, so they felt they had to explain
that they were only kidding, but I as well was kidding, but then got annoyed that
they wouldn't let me respond, in order to complete the funnyness circle. It just
didn't work.
One thing that ended up being great at her place was the playstation. They have this
game where you play this fake guitar along with the TV, Just like Dance-Dance
Revoloution, except with a guitar. it was the awsomeist. (it was at that moment
that Trisha called me and I was fighting with one of the girls who wanted to take my
spot in the 'guitar-off'. So that's why i was in a hurry if I was on the phone with

Then I went home saw the mess I had made, and just went to bed.

I'm sure i'm forgetting some exciting info, but if so, I'll fill you/myself in
later, when I have time. busy at work today.