Friday, July 6, 2007

Daily Update

One thing that I still wanted to mention about Sara being in the hospital; I don't remember talking about it at all. It happend this last tuesday, so its kind of old news, but still worth saying. So I get a message on tuesday morning from emWin as I'm on my way to work. At first I wasn't anxious to answer because whoever called, phoned me at the unheard of hour of 7:30am. It turns out that Sara went to the ER. So I'm at work, I text Em about SC. We converse briefly about stuff, and I determine that I will go over and visit at lunch time. It worked out for me last week anyway. So 10 minutes later I start feeling really guilty about not going over immediately. I mean, what if they needed someone to yell at nurses and doctors?! I suppress my guilt for another 10, but it overcame me so i took a super early lunch break and went over. Em was super tired, and Sara was drugged out of her mind. I've never seen a girl happy to see me before, it was interesting. We chatted about stuff for a little bit as she sat proudly upon her hospital thrown like Cleopatra of Egypt.

In another forgetful moment, I wanted to mention another thing from the forth of July. A few of us were sitting around the hearth, chatting about this and that. With the topic at hand, Kristen is describing some situation where a girl received flowers and how much that girl loved them. I, not knowing about flowers, questioned why someone would be so thrilled with something that is usually overpriced, beautiful for maybe 3 days, then whithers and dies. I think at that point her and her girl friends wanted to strangle me. She then described it in a way that guys can understand; she said "getting flowers for a girl is like a guy receiving football tickets." I then immediately respond "wait, girls like flowers that much?" It was an epiphany, I now know how Buddha felt at his moment of enlightenment. I think KA felt accomplished in getting her point across. Flowers make so much sense now.

It takes a little more to make a champion, and today I gave that little more. I went running today. And yes, I ran like a champion. Not the good ol' boy, pat you on the back kind, the real dedicated masterful kind. I made it around in 16:43. thats right, a stunning feat of the likes we've never seen before. I started out a little slow, only to build up the physical demand necessary to overcome adversity. Today I was the great leopard; no, they are to slow, a Lion, the great African Panthera leo who can over come his prey in a single bound, who started with a slow gallop, then moved quickly for the kill. I spend the first half of the race dodging trees and
rocks and such, but I soon sped up to a speed which let me ignore such distractions from my goal. I even started growling at people, just to let them know what I was up to. To bad the real KA couldn't have been there to see it. She had to take the night off due to some sort of 'big deal' going down with the mob. So she sent a stunt double in her place, it kind of looked like her, but when you looked closely I could tell it wasn't. I'm not positive but I heard the stunt double say something about someone messing up a big shipment of 'supplies' and she and the Hot-girl hit-squad had to go 'sort things out' at the port, if you know what I mean. After finishing the first lap I thought it would be the best victory lap ever if I was to go around again, like I normally do, but this time I was a little worried about the Replacement girl. I didn't see her by the beginning of my second lap, and I hesitated to just leave her on this violent and foreign track all alone. I even asked I The Pervie dude wasn't there again, thats two weeks now. The cops must have chased him away.

After running I spoke with Josh who was going to Chili's up in the village. Hmmm, OK. I didn't have to think about it long. It was someone's birthday. It was good.

We then decided to go and see Transformers, with an exclusive crowd. When we got there it was sold out so we saw Die Hard instead. It was super good. I originally thought it would be very mediocre, but it was very action backed, sure some unbelievable stuff, but thats to be expected.

I'm listening to NOFX right now.

Lunch was sponsored by Jamba Juice, and hosted my 'Smiles'.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Daily Update

Holiday Edition - Happy Birthday America.

So First off, let me tell everyone (who might not know yet) Sara is home and feeling lots better. She had a kidney stone, but it passed in the morning (of tuesday) so the hospital trip was just to Vike-up (as in Vicadin) and help in recovery. She's doing much better, but not better enough to go back to work (in case her bosses are reading).

So after work EmWin and I went to Costco to shop for the world renound BBQ. It was pretty busy, but not as busy as a Saturday. We loaded up on all possible Barbecue goods. A few 'hundie' later, we barley made it out alive. I think I saw a family of 'Jabba-the-Hutts' in there, and I think they wanted to eat me.

After that a phone call reminded me about Russ's B-day Bowl-a-ramma. Tired from the days' journey, I had to quickly recoup with a cold shower and meed the anxious kids to go bowling with them. It had been a long time sense I've been. There were 12 of us. The funnest part of the night for me was when I got to put everyone's name in the computer. I came up with the best nicknames ever! By the end of the night everyone was super exhausted.

In the morning I was rudely awakened by Mr. Plewe, again. He has found entertainment in waking me up in the wee hours of the morning, around 9am. I mean seriously, who does that?! who is even up at that time except for cops, and 7-11 employees? The morning was already off to a shaky start cause I also forgot to make myself pancakes. I was to involved with Fighting the Battle of My Life.

After Defending the Universe from hostile bandits, I found the time to go running. Running was great. I could feel the power running through my veins as I sprang to action from the hooves of my feet. It was blistering hot outside. The Saharan Sun was relentless on the Chief Gazelle. It was the sun who was the enemy of the day, as where the ninja are the enemies of the night. The sun heated up the pavement making it uncomfortable to be around. It would beat down on the dirt and dry it out making it dusty as someone walked over it; the danger comes from breathing the dust, clogging the airways and slowing the blood flow. It is a discrete yet evil design. It also shines down on each individual trying to toast the skin, and dehydrate them further. I ran under the cover of the trees as much as possible. And when I didn't I ignored the harassing rays of light from the evil sun device. I made good timing, finishing at 17:08, close to my record. I was trying to beat that record for at least half of the time; the other half of the time, I was just trying to survive. It was a battle out there I tell you.

The 4th of July party we had was terrific fun. Lots of people showed up with their party hats on. There was lots of talking, Wii'ing, grilling and eating. The upstairs neighbors had the nerve to tell us to turn off the grill (due to all the luscious smoke funneling up directily to their front room. Luckily for all of us American loving Patriots Nahum was there to tell them to 'Shove-off', and as soon as Evan found out he started screaming "Communists!". It was great. A few minutes
later I noticed that the grill had caught fire. Oops.

We later wandered down to the local golf course to watch the big firework display. It was exciting. They had to not shoot the mortars that high because of the cloud layer would cover the top half of the big explosions otherwise, and it still did on a few. They made up for it with turning the exploding sound up, a lot. We didn't make into the golf course to sit down (and have the glowing hot embers fall onto us) although emily was nice enough to save us all seats with her family, some of us landed at a bus stop at the corner of the fox lot, and others were just down the street away from stupid drivers and loud noises. After the main show, all the neighbors who had been to Tijuana or an indian reservation in the last 6 months started up their own show, launching many mini-mortars and noisy colorful exploding goods into the air.

After that I went over to Greenfield to help clean up. It was kind of left messy. It would have been just fine for an apartment like mine, but this was a girls apartment. they are held to a higher standard.

I think that was about it.

I'm listening to 'Finger Eleven' and 'My chemical romance' right now.

Lunch was sponsored by Jamba Juice.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Daily Update

In case you hadn't heard Sara Collins was rushed to the Emergency room at ucla early this morning by roommates after experiencing horrible side pain. They thought it was Kidney stones, but they did a ct scan, or a cat scan and 'it came up negative'. what ever that means. So she's just in pain now, legally using mind altering substances. Emily is probably with her.

So last night I was strongly urged to finish my day's task before I left. At times the bosses in the office treat us like a card game, no, like a chess game. We are all just pawns in the workplace here. Being used as pieces of strategy, just to make the company money, its what work is all about, right. I was passed from one project to another, and before I knew it, I was ushered to even another. (I wonder who my 'handler' is) I am also on the clean-up crew apparently. Fixing up the projects before they go out the door. That means I'm more than a pawn, I'm a knight
then, right? Jumping from here and there, over things and around corners. So anyway, I was rushing to finish this project so I could leave. I finished at the stroke of 6pm, ready to check out. But finishing is only part of the process, now I had to print it out. If we had projects that could be printed on simple laser printers life would be grand, but we don't. Our 'printers are 3-4 feet wide, and print off a roll of paper. It would take about 2 minutes from the send button, to the sheet is done. OK, so I have that to look forward to. But there are also 8 other people who might want to print at the same time, and last night it turns out that Tor had just sent 30 copies of a colored sheet to print. When color is involved, then it takes 3-5 minutes. We somehow finagled Tor to let us slip in one print job before his. As we did that, it stalled the printer for about 8 minutes. I think Tor had to stay really late.

I was going to FHE next. Marco was showing us all how to mix music. He is a music producer, and mixes great hip-hop, Techno, and house beats on a daily basis. How rad is that. At the same time Lisa Stout was holding auditions for a little play she's producing. I wasn't really wanting to be a performer, but I felt I needed to show up because she really needed guys to be in her Shakespearean rendition. But at the last minute a bunch of dudes showed up, so I didn't feel I needed to help out anymore, but then I had already told her that I would, so I had been trapped. I'm sure I am a better performer than the other dude want-a-bee's that showed up, and it would be funny to see how into it they were, and how much of a mockery I'd make them
into, but I just wasn't feeling it. Now that I've auditioned for something, the only thing I have left to do before I'm 100% Los-Angeliean is to start writing a script for a movie.

After that, and after chatting it up in the parking lot, I was going to go to someones birthday party, but was called away by the j's. They were on their way to Tommy Burger, and I needed to be there too, my stomach needed to be there that is. As I got there I quickly realized that I was definitely a third wheel (odd man out so to speak). I'm not going to tell you who all could have been there, in case I walked in on three secrets that didn't want to be mentioned, but there were 3 guys and 3 girls, and then jim. Hmmm, that isn't awkward (sarcastic). To me it was very
obvious, but when I asked them all about it they all acted surprised and denied my claims(how convenient). Messy greasy food that can melt thru paper is always good. After eating, the 'Date night' was going to watch 'a movie'. But I had my own way to go, back into the night for this lone wolf. I then stopped over at the B-day party, which had already wound down, so I just ate cake and left. The perfect get-a-way.

I went home and painted for a bit, then I fought the battle of my life for way to long. But it was good. I fought fiercely. I showed all the bad guys who's boss.

I'm listening to Nirvana right now.

Lunch was sponsored by Burger king, while hosted by Emily.

Happy Birthday America

Monday, July 2, 2007

Daily Update

On Friday night a small group of us went to see a showing of the new Die Hard movie. Our small group turned into a big group quickly. We got to the fox lot much earlier than we normally do, but it was still to late. there was still a huge line, hence opening night. KA and I were chillin' in line with Jeff, when there were about 20 people left until the doors and then they announced 'sorry, theaters full, go home'. :( so we went to jeff's flat to make smoothies with a minor detour at the grocery store for supplies. In the mean time I lost a bet with Kristen [again], betting the amount of blueberries she could eat. I was betting that she couldn't eat some 12 pound box of them. Confident in myself and in my opinion, I felt generous about giving her 90 minutes to finish the whole bucket; but after 10 minutes I was both angry and surprised to see the empty container dashed to the floor along with my self esteem; she was happy, and not even full. I can't eat more than 5 at a time before not wanting more. (I'm like that with Eggnog too.) She was like Ms. Packman chomping away on the little power pellets like there was no tomorrow, only searching for more and more. (in my defense, she didn't eat ALL of them; she didn't eat the moldy ones, and jeff had a few, and so did I, so there!) If I ever bet with blueberries again, its going to have to be a LOT more extreme. But anyway, back to smoothies: Jeff was the master blender chef, mixing whatever people asked him to. It was some pretty good stuff.

Then early the next morning I went over to Veteran to meet the boys before we went to see Shrek3. As I got there, I decided to make more smoothies for myself. At the same time jeff wanted me to make pancakes while he got ready. All that with only 20 minutes till showtime. Needless to say Pancakes aren't like toast, you have to prepare them, and that takes time. so long story short: we were late again. The movie was good. We stopped for food on the way home. As I was just diving into my delicious sandwich the boys showed up and asked if I was hungry. sarcastically I responded "uh, ya, and I'm looking to fix that if you don't mind" mid-bite, so they asked if I wanted to go to Wendy's with them. so I finished my bite and then agreed. (who could pass up Wendy's?) While there we ran into Jessica and Kami/Lincoln. We only noticed them as Kami came up and gave Jeff a really big 'Good Game'. As he was still in shock for a minute or two, I turned and greeted them. I was happy to see Kami 1)out of the hospital, 2)smiling/joking around, and 3) eating decent food (compared to hospital food) without puking it up. So that was fun.

After my double-header for lunch I went with Jeremy and Jessica and Carrie to her production/party warehouse to look thru stuff for decorations for the film festival. We came up with a few ideas. I was expecting more spectacular stuff rather than someones storage shed, but whatever, its all good. Carrie's company does a lot of parties for Elton John, so I feel ok about saying that it was pretty 'gay' there. (psycho mannequins, pink drapery all over, and extra large portraits of the boss in Drag).

After not resting from all the events till that point, I met up with jessica at the local 'smart & final' to shop for our Beach party supplies. We, with the help of Smiles Breezed thru the store like an angry whirlwind, and took no prisoners. From there we loaded jessica's car like a military caravan moving East.

The beach was cool. A good amount of people showed up too. We made (heated-up) hot dogs, smores, and ate other snacks, and just hung out. Some of us even played a bunch of volleyball. My team did fantastically well, which pissed everyone else off. well, maybe not everyone, just Josh and Jordan. They were down right bitter. We went thru like 5 games before the 'final' match came about. Josh was getting angry about loosing, and Jordan was practicing his smack talking, but I couldn't let my team down, so I didn't give into their anger. We lost the final game and they were pretty proud of themselves. In my view they won one out of five, but in their view they won the last match, which is somehow more important. whatever.

I went running in the morning. I had to go the long route because of the street
fair so it took me +1:34 on the clock. It didn't phase me though, I was like a
little Antelope that would spring over mountain tops at will. There were a lot of
people our wandering around trying to get in my way. It was hot.

Our Bishop commented on me wearing sandals in church for the first year I in the
ward. He said he wasn't sure about me because people who wore sandals were
questionable people in his mind. Tim B was there to immediately point out that he,
the most fashionable bishop in the region, wore a powder blue suit with a white
shirt and tie. So we showed him who was questionable, ha, take that.

In the evening we hung out at Greenfield and had Ice cream and treats. Lots of
people showed up. It got hot in the main room so a few of us formed a splinter
group and hid in Maggie's bedroom where it was cooler, her room is also known as
'Gossip Haven'. It was terrific fun, at times we would ask certain individuals to
join our group and explain their side of a story, or we would pry for information,
or spread information, or just tell lies, or just just gossip (jeff). So it was a
usual night for most of us. Joyce had a new look: ultra short hair. It was cute.
Jim also had a temporary new look, Joyce's very blond hair extensions. Not so cute.
I looked like a kid-rock mixed with Axl Rose with a headband on. I looked like a
true hillbilly.

Our new Bishop is announced in two weeks.

I'm listening to MXPX right now.

Lunch was sponsored by In N Out.

Work was busy I had to stay late. The weekend was long too.