Friday, June 1, 2007

Daily Update

Happy Donut day everybody. to celebrate, this morning I went to Stan's Donuts, around the corner from my work. OK, I'll be honest, I've been celebrating all week, and I'm not ashamed of it! Mmmm.

I went running yesterday. I felt like a piece of ground beef sitting on the side of the road, wishing I was a steak. Similarly to Tuesday, I wasn't able to reach my full potential. My times were 18:34 on lap one, and 38:05 for lap two. Its like I was a mid-sized zebra, running through the Serengeti's marsh lands knee deep in the muggy waters, dodging the same potholes that I was leaping over two ago.

Matt and I went over to Autumn's and visited with her for a little bit. Traffic sucked getting there. We ended up talking about nerdy stuff like star wars, and comic books the whole time. I'm sure Matt was loving it.

I started painting for a minute. It really didn't work out, cause the paints I have dry much to quickly, even in a sealed container. And the paint thinner I got doesn't work. I think water would clean my brushes better. this is different stuff that I mentioned before. Its a little annoying.

So, my next adventure is still confusing to me. I originally went over to KA's cause they were doing Yoga. Jill has a level 3 yoga black belt apparently. I thought it would be good for me to get back into stretching stuff, after all it has been a while. But ... about 2 minutes after I get there, Jeff and Josh call and decided they want to watch a movie somewhere. I informed them of the intentions of the apartment, (which didn't involve movies or TV) but they would have none of it, Their plans were to commandeer the apartment, and watch movies. I am sure of this because of the amount and level of insults they used (toward me about yoga[although they were kind of funny]) in our 5 minute phone conversation. I'm still confused of the details because THEY CHANGED THEIR STORY as the night went on. I knew it wasn't going to be good when they decided to try to break in to KA's apartment thru the side window, a half floor up. In the next 10 minutes they changed the story twice, and did what ever they could to make ME look like the bad guy. I did nothing I tell you, which may have been the problem. They left, then Kristen informed me that yoga was canceled and sent me on my way as well.

So eventually we all trickled over to Jessica's where the 'friendly' arguing and 'friendly' insults continued to fly LATE into the night, as the room ates and neighbors attempted to sleep. We also watched some old movie called "the Ghost and Mr. Chicken". It was the typical Don Knotts comedy. I finally left cause it was late, but I had reservations doing so, cause they/we were all still arguing about what had just transpired. (they changed their story again at this point). My eyes told me to go and sleep, but my reputation wanted me to stay and defend myself. The eyes won because they realized that the other two weren't going to stop changing their story of how things transpired.

I'm just mad at myself for answering the phone in the first place.

Today is my One Year Anniversary for working here at CSA Architects. Its been a long interesting year. Nothing like school at all. Its good for me though. Only two more years until I can get my own license. Which means this is the year that I need to start taking the eight 5-hour examinations that lead up to the 9th and dreadful 'Oral Exam'. The most difficult of all tests.

I'm listening to Pennywise right now. Its good uplifting punk music, hosted by the new Punk channel on satellite radio.

I am still looking for a sponsor for lunch. no, oh wait... Ok, I just lined something up. Lunch was sponsored today by Marvin's.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Daily Update

I was so excited yesterday. I got a call from some random number(not the exciting part) and it was from REI in Santa Monica, my third most visited non-food store in the area, My shoes had arrived. They are made by Keen. Have you heard of them? Wow, they are so wonderful. They are nice and comfortable. Its like they are giving my feet a hug with every step I take. They can be worn to work, to the movies, to resturaunts, around the house, and much much more. I don't know about church though. They aren't in the same class as my Rockports, but I might try it one sunday if its not sandel wether.

I went straight from work to REI, then directly to the Wednesday night Danceability Class. We were learning 'Swing'. It was interesting. I'm really not good with the 'reherse it as I watch' style. I'm better at 'let me watch you then I'll mimic and make fun of you' style, as well as the 'do whatever you want to' style. So at the dance off, I partnered up with three different people. They were all unique. Let me explain: The first girl was just as oblivious as I was, and she humored me and my clumsy-unknowingness. The second was Jill (who we all know). She actually knew what she was doing and was trying to help me most of the time, which was nice,
thanks JF. Then there was the last girl, who just wanted me to twirl her around like a merry-go-round the whole time. and when it came time to practice the 'throw her through the legs', and the 'pick her up' part, that wasn't so easy. The 'throw her through the legs' part turned into a 'sit her down-step over her-step back-then help her up' move. Not as throwable, or bounce-up-able as Jill, thats for sure.

After that adventure upon trying to exit, I noticed Natasha walking toward me. At the same time I also remembered that I promised Foxy that I'd give her a ride home. I didn't mind, its just that I thought she knew how to get there. And her russian accent was very thick, and she's only been in the country for two weeks. It was a short adventure.

Then I watched 'So you think you can dance' at Greenfield. Josh and Jeff came over, and were pissed that we were actually watching that. HaHa. I left before they did. They stay up to late.

I'm listening to The Scorpions right now. They are singing a song called 'Blackout', except with their thick german accents, it sounds like they are saying 'Big Nose'. The chorus line goes "I really had a 'Blackout'". I'm hearing "I really got a 'Big Nose'". I'm rockin out at work with metal bands of the late 80's. The loud fast music keeps my mind from wandering so I can work more effeciently. But then I write about it.

Lunch was sponsored by In N' Out, with adult supervision by KA and JB.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Daily Update

So now that I've recovered from illness, I've been staying at work till later. It's not always fun, but it is sometimes necessary. This Friday it will be the big '1 year anniversary' at my job. They'll probably start reminding me to take the Licensing exam tests, poop. But I feel that by me leaving early, I can't mope around my apartment as much, which still puts me on the same schedule, there's simply less down time, which leaves plenty of time for me to be productive. So staying at work a bit longer isn't that big of a deal.

So when I'm getting ready to send a well crafted Daily Update, I always re-read it, to cut down on errors, and also to make sure I correctly portray each and every story. But there are still items that still fall thru the cracks. For Example:
Ryan Plewe and I went running on Monday. (It completely slipped my mind yesterday.) I told him to call me to see if I was up when he went. (unfortunately) I forgot to silence my phone, so yes, he woke me up at 9am. I reluctantly went with him. We both did pretty good. My time was 17:05, the best recorded time at this track. I was like the great Springbok of the wild safari, leaping from knoll to knoll. The tall grasses and prairie-dog holes did not bother me, for I could jump over them all in a single bound. My keen Hawk-like eyesight also helped me spot each graceful landing. I conquered this feat today with ease, well, with 17 minutes of ease anyway. At the end, as I awaited Plewe to finish, I of course was greeting all the other runners that came by, especially the new 'Miss Brentwood'. I mean wow. I'm pretty sure she was flaunting it. Then as Plewe arrived he had to help me settle down, and stop drooling. Then, as a champ, while driving away, he started honking at her as we drove by bringing an annoying reality to my temporary dream girl. Thanks a lot Ryan!

And yet a gain, I went running yesterday, on tuesday as well. It was a little later in the evening. Not as many people. A little colder. A little harder to move my legs. I did see pirates there for the first time though, two of them in fact. One wearing red, one blue, I wonder if they were together. This time, my race was finished in a whopping 17:40. I now have timed checkpoints at each corner of the Country club, so I know if I'm fast or slow compared to each corner. The average times are 5min, 6min, 11min, and 16min. at each corner. I've been doing better on the uphill parts, and slower on the down hill parts. At the end, I think I saw Miss Brentwood again. I was going to say hello, but then I remembered that Plewe the obnoxious Perv ruined that for me.

Jeff was itching to eat, so immediately after running the kids picked me up, and we went to the Indian food place on Westwood and Olympic for 'Supper'.

Then we stopped by Selby cause Greenfield was avoiding us. Starting this Friday we'll be showing the Harry Potter movies at their place. It should be loads of fun.

I've started painting. The stuff I got to clean my brushes didn't work, turns out it instantly ruins them. And the paint I have dries really quickly. So I'm down two nice brushes. Its lots different than in Utah. So last night I had to try some new stuff, On saturday I'll have to yell at the people at Utrecht for selling me crap.

I'm listening to Lilly Allen right now.

Lunch was sponsored by Quizno's, and hosted by Rick & Silvia.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Daily Update - Weekend Edition

Friday I went shopping for watermellons at Costco. Then hung out at Greenfield...I think. Yes, I was going to go to a store with Plewe, but he was ULtra-Slow. EmWin let me Un-Tivo 'So you think you can Dance' from her TV. So far there are three girls in my five top favorite spots. Yes, its possible, one girl was good enough to take favorite spots 1, 2, and part of 3. I also spoke with the girl we used to know as Renee. She's in some place called 'Ore-E-Gone'. Sounds like 'Purgatory', or some place in 'Middle Earth'. Then later into the evening I started editing pictures for my movie. Also one thing that I can't NOT mention was that I slowly resumed 'The Battle of My Life'. It was almost boring because I am such a powerful warrior. I again found myself battling the demons and cursed creatures from the 'Nether World'. I stopped fighting when I decided that I needed to find some wax paper for painting.

Saturday was busy. After a wonderful sleep in, I set up for the Ward Activity. Then went to the ward activity, and then to a baptism. I car pooled with a few kids. It turns out it takes more than 5 minutes to drive across town, and also apparently bumbers fall off when you race into steep driveways at 20 mph. There were 4 spelling errors on the program, thanks for pointing that out Emily. I don't like to use the Spellcheck in Photoshop. Its so comlecated, and I was in a hurry. OOps. Then back to the activity. We watched an old movie. 'Arsnic and Old Lace'. It was nice. (Dinner was sponsored by In N Out this day).

On Sunday morning I drove all the way to Downey to visit with my Grandma and Cousins. They were in town for Memorial Day stuff. Grandma is getting even dingie-er. She would try to tell me stories, but in a volume so low that NO ONE could hear except maybe elephants or bats. We had breakfast in their hotel. G'ma got probably two of everything on the menu (buffet), and only ate MAYBE 5% of it all. Then half of the leftovers went into her purse, just so she could offer it to someone else later. My cousin then kept pointing at some guys 'package' and wanted everyone else to look too, even Grandma me and her 6 year old daughter. She even drug G'ma over on a tour of the dining area just so they 'both' could get a closer look at this dude's croch. (what a great roll model). It was probably just an extra pair of socks. And her daughter, Irelynd, was busy throwing food at me and racing up and down in the elevators (first floor to eighth floor) reeking havoc on the inhabatants of the hotel. The room they got was also a smoking room, so having been in there for only five minutes, my clothes stunk of smoke. Other than all of that, it was very nice.

After church I went to a lovely Barbaque hosted by the Fairburn girls. Then after that, there was Game-night at Greenfield. (A special thanks to all parties involved)

I went to the Star Wars Convention on Monday morning. Wow was it fantastic. I had to 'nerd-it-up' alone because both Sara and Catherine were out of town, and Autumn was busy. It was definatly a unique experience. I was walking toward the Convention Center in Downtown LA, when some British Toothed Rancor, who i was walking near, decided to attack me with conversation. Although defensive, I obliged. He had been there for all 4 days. Oh boy, we have ourselves a winner here. He was wearing Star wars everything, probably his 'darth vader tighty whities' too. Luckily I walk to fast for his 'comic book lifestyle', so I evaded any further conversation. Next encounter: I was on the street corner readying myself to cross the street into ultamate nerd-dome land when I guy approached me and asked if I was meeting anyone inside. Hmmm? I thought to respond that I didn't want any of his drugs, or to buy any of his hookers, but instead I just said no. He said that he had an 'Extra' 4-Day Convention Pass that he would sell to me for $35, $10 dollars cheaper than at the door. Hmmm, its not drugs or hookers, or anything illegal, just a piece of plastic with a picture and stamp on it. Ok, I did it. he walks me inside and then we exchange goods. He was very good not to hover, and to be inconspicuous. He was a pro at this. (Throughout the day I saw him doing it numerous times. He must have had a lot 'extra' passes.) Then, there I was. I found myself in the middle of another Galaxy. Nerds everywhere! They had childeren too! All these childeren were whapping eachother with these plastic sticks too. I just didn't understand it. As I moved into the main convention hall, I then realized that the kids in the foyer were just mimicing the adults inside who were also whapping eachother with plastic toys. Except the adults inside were decked out in fully detailed costumes, enter the Uber-nerd. They were everywhere! I took lots of pictures of them. I'll forward those to you all tonight or tomorrow. You might find my experience interesting. There were sections for: displays, toys, a store, an auditorium, food, build your own stuff, costumes, star wars art, Graphic illustrators, jedi-training, and actors from the movie. And those were just the places that I went. after 3 hours of checking stuff out, I decided it would be great if I got peoples autographs. So I got audographs from all the popular bad-guys from the movies. It was fun. It was there in line that I again realized that to many of these people took it way to seriously. Definatly a day to remember.

Later in the day I started painting. I started two of them at the same time. It has taken me longer than I thought it would, but whatever. Quality takes time you see. Then Josh called and He, JAM, and Myself went to Wendy's. All in all, it was a very fullfilling weekend.

Lunch was sponsored by a Chocolate shake at Fatburger.

I'm listening to Stone Temple Pilots right now.