Saturday, December 29, 2007

Daily Update - Happy Birthday Edition

Hello Friends. I've been on break as you might have noticed. Its been great. On friday at work they told us to leave, cause the bosses didn't want to stay. They also told us that there's no need to come into work on Monday or Tuesday for New Year's Eve, or New Years' Day. They figured that half the office would be hung over, and the other half would be blogging about what had just happened the night before all day, so they just told us to 'Keep it Real' somewhere else. That made it easier for me, cause I was planning a big elaborate scheme to get sick right before the USC football game on Tuesday, cause I didn't want to miss it.

As some of you know it was my Birthday on Saturday. There weren't to many people in town to help me celebrate. But thats OK, I'm used to being 'out of town' on my birthday, and those that were there still had a grand ol' time. Last year I was driving a U-Haul truck down to LA from Sacramento. This year I spent it decorating my Gingerbread Castle, watching college football on TV, and just hanging out.

In the evening a few of us had planned to meet up and go to Dinner at Chili's. I was tempted to go up to Pasadena with Renee and EmWin, but 'Something came up' and I just plain-ol' didn't go anywhere. At Chili's I ate a BBQ Ranch Bacon Burger. It was good, and much to large for any one person's stomach, and I could barley fit it into my mouth. Ahhh, it was heaven. I shouldn't have eaten it all, but I did. It was a pride thing I think. I think I'm still full from that meal (which isn't a bad thing, but it is something worth noting). Then Emily, the good friend that she is, did a good thing by telling Julio our waiter that it was My birthday. This means only one thing at any self-respecting restaurant, thats right, Free Desert! Oh, the Molten Chocolate Cake, thou delight of my day! How I love(d) thee, all the way to my stomach.

Thanks for all your love/ support/ tolerance/ understanding/ friendships throughout the years.

I'll try to let you all know when I buy my delicious Costco Birthday Cake (there 'might' be a few of them).

Friday, December 28, 2007

Daily Update- Merry Christmas Edition

Wow, there was so much happening this last week its hard to remember it all. (has a really been a week?) Last friday the bosses took us to lunch and then let us off early. What a great present!

Later that night I went Christmas shopping with Cheryl. We each still had stuff to get for people we knew, so I tagged along with her. We went to the Centry City Mall. Now, I thought that I had been there before, but apparently there's more than just a movie theater and a food court there! I've been there dozens of times, but never did I know that there were more than just the movie theater (and surroundings) there. I was completely awe struck. I'm going to have to go there again to check it out again, at least just to verify that I wasn't just dreaming it all up.

I flew to Salt Lake last Saturday (the 22nd). I got a ride to the airport, and arrived One and a Half hours early, but as the car pulled up, I thought to myself that I should have gotten there earlier. After I gulped in fright, I got my bags and charged for the front of the line. It didn't take as long as I had thought. And after it all, I ran into two girls from the Santa Monica Ward who I knew. We had a delightful visit. Rachel even saved us seats, cause she was the keenest one who got a better placement in line. One thing about Rachel, which I already knew, but would like to share with the world, is that she is a Rock Star. A 'Guitar Hero' Rock Star that is. You know how Hippies and Beat-nicks will tow their guitar around with them in airports and such (ready to play at any coffee shop or book store, or street corner)? Well Rachel Had 2 of her Guitar Hero Guitars with her in her back pack, and they were sticking out for the whole world to see. Now, I've never seen her play, but I've heard great things about her abilities. And in parting after the flight I found out that she went to my High School, and graduated a year after me. Funny.

As I arrived in Salt Lake I quickly realized that my meager LA sweatshirt, and stylish Flip-Flops were no match for the Utah Cold. In the two minutes that I had to wait for my dad to drive up and get me, I luckily found a heat lamp, and searched for the warmest part of it. The difference of Utah Cold vs. CA Cold is like tap water to Ice water. Luckily I am a little familiar with this, so I wore my Arctic Gray Coat that I acquired from my brothers closet last year (thanks Dave). (p.s. don't tell him that I have it.) While driving home I announced to my dad that we will be Dinnering at Crown Burger, and that I have reservations and we must be there in the next 15 minutes. He went along with it, but then started disbelieving me after I told him just to go through the drive-thru. It was so delightful to sink my chompers into a juicy, fresh, succulent burger, the likes of which have no comparison. I'm sure that upon my arrival in Heaven, that is what will be presented to me for my welcoming feast.

Another Joyous thing happened as I walked into my old house and noticed that my Mother had prepared almost every single cookie that I had instructed her to from my Christmas Wish List. I almost cried for joy, but I just started stuffing my mouth full of every variety of Christmas cookie. ( Note to all the Chocolate Chip Cookie Contest Committee: The next two contenders to battle Reigning Champ Jeff, are to be My mother, and Brandzilla. Oh, and Tiffany too. They both have glorious bits of heaven inside of each bite of Chocolate Chip Cookie. The type of cookie that wisps your memories away, back to your first birthday, your first steps, and even the first time you got your drivers license. Its cookies like that that make people who they are. And I ate a whole batch of them, and then asked for more. Then threw a tantrum like I was 8 when she wouldn't.

It snowed every day I was there. On the 24th I slept until 11. I went shopping and had to drive home in a blizzard. I had lunch at Gandalfo's that day. (My only mistake that day was NOT getting donuts at Banbury Cross. They're Grrrr-reat!) Most of the free time that I had while there at my house I spent 'Fighting the Battle of My Life' on my brothers computer(or was I fighting the battle of My Brothers life?). Its fancier than mine, so my battles were sophisticated and complex. He also had guitar Hero, so I spent a good amount of time Jamming like a Rock Star. I feel pretty good about my time doing that.

Christmas Day was lovely. I slept in again, till 9:30 this time, and only got up cause in our family our big thing is Christmas Morning Breakfast (its a buffet for a king). I woke up to help with that (although not to willingly). And my sister phoned (who's on a mission), so we spoke with her for a little bit. Then we ate. Oh it was so good. Just imagine a thanksgiving feast except out of breakfast goods, and thats what we had! Then we opened presents. Joe got me a gun rack for my bedroom. It may have been the highlight of the afternoon. Later in the day it got so boring! Brother left with the GF, and then the parents started doing their own thing, so I was left to my own devices. I didn't want to have to Fight the Battle of my life on Christmas day, so instead of me pulling my hair out due to boredom, or me streaking the neighborhood, I went up and hung out with Cheryl's family. They were definitely less boring than it was at my place. They had a grrreat big huge turkey dinner, just like at Thanksgiving time. It felt like I ate myself silly, which was awesome thing I might add (but only for thanksgiving, Christmas, and birthdays, or when at Chris N Pitts or Chuck A Rama.) I wasn't really hungry from my encounter with breakfast, but there was no way I could let all that good food go to waste. We also played some strategy game. They played twice, although I only played in the second game, which I had the glory of winning I might add. I should have told them that I have been a master Strategist for many years now. Although that info wouldn't have helped them, only making them more nervous perhaps. But it was a lovely time.

Then on Boxing Day (26th) it was a whole other adventure. I was at the Gateway mall for a minute, and there were so many people! mostly Big, and annoying, and their kids had their toys with them, swinging them around like they were made for 'heavy handling'. I wanted to start pushing them into large piles of slushy snow just to show them that I was better. But then their parents would need me to show them that I was better than them too, and i didn't want to make that big of a scene, so I didn't. CS and I went to a movie. It was crowded. It was Cold. I met up with some old college friends for a few minutes, which was nice. Then later we met up with Sara, Jessica, Jeff, Ricky, and Silvia, and my brother for dinner at The Roof. Now that was another great Eating Fest! The best buffet that I've ever had (although I need to test out the Bellagio in Vegas still.) It was an hour and a half of pure delight. I really ate more than I should have, its just that I got full on the real meal stuff before I hit the desert table! I couldn't stand for that, so I made myself eat at least one piece of every cake they had out, half of a creme' brulee, and some eight chocolate covered strawberries, and one mini-eclare just to name a few. It was good. And the lights at Temple Square were nice too (The people at the LA temple should take note.)

Last night after I got home from my travels, I decided he was hungry. My car took me straight to Ralph's, and I decided a Pizza would be the best thing for me. As I got home and was heating it, I got a little involved with The Battle Of My Life, and thus over cooked my Red Baron Pizza. But I was still determined to enjoy its crusty goodness, so I excitedly bit in to my freshly baked pizza. And what to my wondering eyes should behold, but Scalding hot oil, on the roof of my mouth! I tried to relieve this pain by spitting it out, but I think the sticky cheese substance had stuck to the roof of my mouth, so I had to use my tongue to usher this burning food our of my mouth. As my tongue squeegeed the pizza bite out of my mouth the tip of my tongue fell victim to the Sizzling oil, cheese, and Sauce as the bite stuck to my tongue too. I would have used my fingers to rip the violent pizza bite off my scarred flesh, but they were busy fighting evil trolls, and fighting off goblins at the very same time. Oh what a painful dinner/gaming experience. But don't worry, it didn't stall my battle efforts for that long, I whooped the Evil forces of Mordor soundly by the end of the evening.

So catching up with today, I noticed the most peculiar thing. I was just looking over my beautiful blog, and I happened to be scrolling back a few days, then weeks, then months, when I noticed that there was a comment posted by one of my wonderful readers. I clicked to read it, and it was from someone named Haley (Goodrich). An old friend from Salt Lake. How exciting! How on earth would she have found my blog? I must be more well known than I first imagined. (Haley, I would have responded to your post, but I don't know how to find your blog).

This morning I decided to go and say 'Hi' to Stans Donuts. I did so, but also that they raised their prices. I guess that's why the price sign was taken down months ago. Well, thats just another reason to Not visit there anymore. That and Stan's racist, bigoted attitude.

I'm sure there's more exciting stuff that I've either left out, or forgotten, so it will have to wait till I remember it (not that you'll care).

I'm listening to Bruce Springsteen right now.

Lunch was sponsored by Socko's.

Happy New Year everybody.